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It was March, but the winds of March were at a lull. It was two hours’ drive to Cape Hatteras. Dirty as the car was, it was running fine.

I listened to Jethro Tull on the way down. I made a playlist of his songs centered around sex. Sexual mischief, sexual hypocrisy, seduction, prostitution are all subjects, and Tull does a few love songs. Sings passionately about women and means it.

Coming to the little town I saw the lighthouse and found my motel. My room was fresh and dry, clean but a bit warm. I walked out the door and noticed flags dancing on steel poles. Cape Hatteras is fine until it gets blown apart by a hurricane. I washed my face and my hands. I took a shirt and some pants out for going out later.

I was at the beach. I wanted seafood. Fried fish was good, but fried fish and shrimp was better. Fried shrimp and I got more shrimp. That was technically easier to consume. Baked potato is better for me but french fries are finger food. I could eat butterfly shrimp one at a time and be on the lookout for a different kind of food. A female could whet my appetite then fill up that empty spot. I’d do it for her.

The seafood restaurant was full of people at 6 pm. It was March. I wanted to sit at the bar. Sitting at the oyster bar felt more sociable than sitting alone at a table. The bar looked full. Except for one barstool.

On the seat closest to the front of the restaurant was a mere slip of a girl, with yellow hair braided into a frothy ponytail. I thought I’d get my tobacco pipe and my bagpipes.

On the other side of the empty seat was a big farm boy who easily was over 250. He had on suspenders. As every oyster was opened by the burly clean-shaven black guy, the guy at the bar chased every crustacean with draft beer.

She looked far less a challenge. I almost tapped the girl on the shoulder but instead I said with some volume, “Ma’am, is this seat taken?”

She turned to look at me. “No, you can sit there, honey. If you wanna sit with these mice.” Then she grinned at me.

I superficially ignored the comment. I had to. I love a classic novel, but not one depressing as hell.

“Thanks” I said, and sat down. Her perfume smelled good and didn’t knock me off the stool.

I saw a similarity between this female and the beautiful Carol Kane. What a beautiful actress, in the TV classic Taxi, and beautiful was this girl. I supposed Julie was in her late 30’s. Her face showed natural signs of having a birthday every year.

The little TV up on the wall was on. I tried to act like I was interested in the usual goings on in India. I was slyly looking at her, eating her clam chowder. The woman-girl was nicely rounded. Her sweater stuck to her all over. So did her faded blues.

I wanted to feel how soft she was. I could not tell if she pulled her sweater on over her brassiere with nothing in between.

She turned her face forward again and took another sip of her clam chowder. She was fair-skinned. She looked across the room past me and I saw a I-haven’t-slept-in-three-days look in her eyes. Same as the sexy cab driver in Taxi.

Standing close and facing me, her eyebrows might brush against my nose. Her breasts would push her tight bra against my ribs. She would lift her face, her eyes shutting. My head would fall forward as I gazed upon her knockers. My hands would slip down her back to put my hands on…

“Have you decided what you’d like?” the waitress asked. Here again in the present, I said yes. I ordered my food and unsweetened tea.

When the guy left, the girl looked at me and said “You sure are hungry. You’re really going to eat twelve fan-tailed shrimp?”

“Oh, yes.” I answered. “And love every one.”

“Wow. Lot of food.” She was adrift on a piece of wood.

I didn’t know if I should ask her name. She’d think I was lost in the early eighties. She was almost through with her meal. She wasn’t wearing her name tag.

“Will you please tell me your name?” I asked with emphasis on “please” and the unsaid thank ya.

She reared her head, looking at me, and said “What is this? A pick-up bar?”

She turned back to her soup. Then she turned back to me and touched my arm through my flannel shirt. “I’m just kidding. Really. My name is Julie. What is your name?”

I told her. “Are you having another one of those?” I nodded toward the draft beer.

Julie looked at me with totally false shock. She knew I’d caught on to her clowning, so she appeared normal again. She said one or two was her limit.

“How many does this one make?” For a tea-totaler, I was pushing my limit. How I got this far with Julie, I didn’t know.

“This is one, Ray. But this was my meal.” She motioned toward the finished soup and crackers, and the salad leftovers.

The waiter brought my food. I was full of myself today, so I said “Would you please bring the lady another mug?”

She had just lit a cigarette, and smiled at the waiter. He promptly went away and came right back with a new cold mug.

Julie straightened up on her stool. “Thank you. bakırköy escort I owe you one.” Her other glass was empty now.

“You’re welcome.” Much ado, thought me. I acted as I believed so, and went back to dipping a golden-fried shrimp into the red sauce.

“So, Ray, how far away do you live?”

“It’s about 2 hours north by northwest.”

Julie took another hit of her smoke, tapped it on the ashtray. “What if the train doesn’t stop?”

Too long since I’d seen the movie I just referenced, so I had to fake it. “Let’s hope it does. Listen, Julie, I cannot eat all these. Besides, you need to wash your beer down with something. Don’t you?” ………

Julie complained in earnest. In fact she only had two or three of my fan-tail shrimp, and I was full. I shared the golden hush puppies. I asked her “What is there to do here in winter?”

She made a corny grin and said “Oh, see the lighthouse and museum. You could get laid, if you can foresee it.”

Julie caught a glimpse of my expression and quietly laughed, putting out her cigarette.

With stopwatch precision the waiter glided up to the bar.

“Can I get you anything else?”

I looked up, said “No.” I raised my hand. “Can you give me the lady’s check?.”

I looked over at her plate. The girl-woman said “I don’t want you to do that.”

Let’s see those eyes in a bedroom, I thought. I looked at the waiter. He whisked himself off and came back with the other check. I already had the money out, and I swear nobody in the whole restaurant saw my wallet, including Julie.

My spontaneous date was over, and I paid the check. I said “I’ll see you around, angel.” I did not know what else to say to her. I wandered to the men’s room.

When I came out I didn’t see the woman.

I thought, Well, you lost her, bud. But if she really likes you…

Julie came up and pinched my arm, as I got to the exit. “There is one place I can show you. They just fixed the pinball machine.”

Magic fingers in the air. At the register I proffered a handful of ones.


Julie batted the silver ball against the backboard again, and the ball bounced against bumpers, through channels. The flippers were anatomically connected to hot Julie. It was the third game. She was 2-0 about to make it 3-0. Pinball was a fun icebreaker. I didn’t play all that much, so I didn’t take it hard. I looked down at the little memo pad I’d been keeping score on. I did not see the point. Her third game ended and I was stomped.

“Oh, come on, man.” Julie cried. “You are not playing the last game?”

“I’d have to score 880,000 points to tie. But I know I should play the game. I concede.” I rolled my eyes. I put my hand over my face.

We were in a hole-in-the-wall bar and the only patrons. The girl selling the beers was in the back, talking on the phone.

“Want to sit down?” I motioned over to a booth.

From the restaurant down the tiny street to the bar I did not touch my new friend Julie. We sat down. Nothing was on, even the bar TV was off. It was just me and her.

Julie was not on a bender. She was just drinking. I had the idea of taking her down far, far in the back of my mind. It was really cool the way we were together. We talked, but there were long periods of time we did not talk in the hole-in-the-wall.

“If you’re not from Nag’s Head, how did you get here?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t drive.” Julie’s eyes were very much those windows everyone mentions, yet slightly opaque. “My sister brings me when I’m off. Sometimes we hang out but she had to go back.”

That sounded okay. I thought that Julie had no car. I put my arms in my lap, then sipped on my soda.

We were both sitting on one side of the booth. Julie invited me. I felt Julie’s hand on my leg and she kissed my cheek. Then she took my arm and put it around her back. From the booth we could look out the front door to the street. The gulls were chasing each other in crazy circles. Julie started talking and I listened quietly.

“I’m gonna tell you why I don’t drive, Ray. A guy I dated died five months ago. He had a motorcycle. I never learned to drive a motorcycle but I rode with Nash a lot. It was fun. One day we were riding on a country road. It was a beautiful, day, no breeze and the sun was out most of the time. We wanted to stop at some friends’, and on the way we saw an empty cabin. It was surrounded by wildflowers and wisteria.”

“When we got to the trailer where our friends lived, Nash said he wanted to go back and take a photograph of the cabin. He went back to the cabin and right away I heard a crash. No horn, only tires squealing. We were all standing outside.”

“I looked both ways and ran. I ran as hard as I could. A man in a small truck had hit Ray coming from the other direction. The guy in the truck wasn’t really hurt. Ray was still alive but died in the hospital. So now I don’t drive anything, a car, a truck, or a motorcycle.”

I sat with Julie and did not speak for a few minutes. Neither of beşiktaş escort us spoke. I stroked Julie’s hair a lot, my arm around her where she placed it. Finally I said “I think it’s time for a little cigar. You want to walk?”

Walking over to my car and the motel, Julie said “There are sharks about.”

I picked up her cue. “I’ve never seen a shark that was a blonde. In the water, at least.”

Julie was good-looking and really down to earth. I knew she was down to earth. I wasn’t reading about it. I was right here with the woman. My own feet were trying to touch the ground.

We got to my car and I got a cigarillo. Julie said “Where is your room?”

I pointed up. No matter where I get a room, I climb the stairs. I don’t make an issue of it, because I can climb and it’s just me.

Julie said “Can I use your bathroom? The beer. I need to get rid of it.” She laughed.

We went up, and I was fishing the key out of my jeans. I had nothing on my mind. I was not thinking of seducing Julie at the moment. She was fun to be around. Besides, she shared something private back there at the bar. The story brought her up close.

“This is nice and comfortable.” Julie said. I left the door open. It was in the upper 60’s outside. Neither of us had a jacket on.

Julie went into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed, flipping through a fishing magazine someone had left. She was in the bathroom long enough to pee and primp. I was sitting in the one chair by the door, facing the bed.

“Thanks for letting me use your facility.” Julie said, opening the door. I was looking at a guy holding up a string of perch.

“Your very welcome.” I said, and looked up. Julie was naked, completely. Quickly I shut the front door, and stood up. I still held the magazine.


Already naked, the magnificent woman-girl was now under my bed covers, waiting for me to take off my clothes. I was thinking, you just need to get out more, Ray.

The most beautiful woman I had been with, up until the day I met Julie, was a curvy BBW. She was an escort. I saw her multiple times, and she made me feel better than the law allowed. No other woman could hold a candle to Charlene. But that was because I attracted women who were usually unattractive.

Naked I sat on the bed and kissed Julie. She saw I had a few questions, one or two anyway. In her domestic way, Julie was all business. She said “Whatever you want, I want to too, darling. But you’ve got something, don’t you? Love protection?”

It only took a second to find my stash in the Samsonite suitcase. Tried to appear nonchalant, and found something on the small TV. I turned the set to the perfect volume. It masked out the outside noises, and plus let us have more privacy. Cooking TV was fine for our purposes.


We had all afternoon. Julie turned off her little blue phone and laid it back on the nightstand. “Didn’t you think you could wait until after dark?” She asked, propped up again on a pillow.

“You took off your clothes. I didn’t feel like waiting so long.” I sat cross-legged, my knees almost touching the headboard. I kissed her again, more passionately than I did the first time. I focused my eyes on her face, pulling the sheet slowly down. Julie was fair, with a slight tinge of bronze. Her breasts came into view.

She got up, pulling the snow-white sheets off her. I sat on the bed, my back to the other pillow, and then the woman-child got on her knees. She put my floppy dick behind her buttocks and sat in my lap. Julie held her breasts up to me like an offering.

Julie’s tits were splendid and very noticeable when we met; She bought small plus-size intimates for them, I figured. I wasn’t on the lingerie sites that day. I was faced with a real woman, in all her glory.

I placed my hands under her shoulder blades securely. Lovingly I kissed the incline of Julie’s breasts, rubbing my nose at the same time against the soft and creamy skin. Julie pulled me closer, her arms encircling me. I let my nose fall into the gorgeous woman’s cleavage, my arms going around the woman, holding her.

Julie pulled her hair from her face and looked over at the nightstand. I held her steady while she picked up the condom. She looked at me as she put the package in my hand.

Julie said “You are lucky today. Special, too.” Julie smiled at me, warmly and lustfully. “I want to with you.”

This one opened easily. I held the open package, my hands outstretched on the bed. Julie got up and sat back down with my phallus standing up in front of her vagina. Julie stroked me a little, then was masturbating me in earnest, making me harder. I never felt her put the condom on.

She rose up from the bed and I placed my erection under her opening. Julie firmly engulfed my cock in her vagina. Julie was slick with juices of her excitement. My raging erection went all the way in. Julie’s mouth was shaped in the ancient “O”.

Julie and I faced each other, watching each other’s faces graced beylikdüzü escort with ecstasy. I had to see it all. Most men are said to be that way. I can’t seem to help it. My partner was beyond beautiful and I looked.

Julie’s eyes closed and opened. She focused away, concentrating on keeping me inside her, keeping me turned on and hard. She pushed down on my shoulders, but not very much. Her legs were strong. I only added balance to her with my arms.

I had no one to compare Julie to, she was amazing. My hands were fastened to the girl’s waist, guiding her back down and boosting her. I rocked my hips and Julie said “Damn, don’t, baby don’t, not like that, easy baby. Yes honey, like that, yeah.”

I was entwined, perfectly, with a woman in a position I’d never been in. It was a lover’s position that Julie could carry out. I was not a spectator and so glad of it.

In a subtle battle of power. I tried to slow her tempo. Julie’s was fucking me too fast. I wanted Julie to plateau often, and I meant to keep making love with her a little longer. I put my hands around her ass, and held the girl momentarily in the air. I was completely rigid when I slipped back in, all the way in, sweetly.

We were together in delicious sexual union. Julie was enjoying herself, and enjoying me. We were more than moving parts. When I was at my hardest, Julie bent over and kissed me on my mouth. I took her breasts in my hands and kissed the center, then brushed against her nipples with all of my face.

My mouth pressed against her neck and I looked up to see Julie’s eyes were closed. She rubbed my arms, and she squeezed my cock with her pelvic muscles. When Julie came, I felt her contract around my shaft, thrilling both of us.

Julie was at the helm, I wanted her right there if it was her wish. But Julie’s hands hooked under my shoulders, upturned. She pulled me forward until she was on her back.

I was now above the girl, holding my body up in the air. She relaxed now, her legs spread out across the thin quilt. I pushed in and out of Julie steadily. I pulled Julie’s knees up and pushed one of her legs to the side. I placed my left foot beside Julie, and banged my my cock into and out of her fast, feeling that I was getting near release. I wanted to come badly.

Julie looked at me and I felt so close to her. She pulled our bodies together, almost possessively. Julie brushed my neck with her lips, then my ear. I felt Julie’s channel spasm, and she yelled out in the little motel room. Some of the sweat from my face fell on Julie’s chest.

Seeing the droplets roll down Julie’s own perspiring body, I felt the hot surge impending. I put my lips on Julie’s and pushing my tongue into her mouth. My eyes were shut. Julie’s tongue met mine, and my lips felt Julie smile. I had a tremendous climax. I pulled my mouth away and moaned loudly “Oh baby”. I turned my head from my lover’s face as I hollered.


Julie wanted fresh fruit. We settled for crackers and soda in bed. After the snack we took a little nap. Julie sprawled out on her back. I went to nap in the chair. I would get wound up again if I didn’t get away from the woman. I nodded off while Julie snored quietly.

After our siesta I let Julie have some phone privacy and took a shower. She came into the bathroom while I was bathing. “It isn’t far to where I live, Ray. Can you take me home?”

“When do you want to go? I’m done here, done what I wanna do, seen what I want to see.”

Julie backhanded me across my stomach. She blew smoke in my face. I looked for a long precious moment at Julie. It was tough to determine what she was feeling inside. She met my eyes, no comment. I leaned over and balanced against the small wall. I kissed her, both our mouths open.


I didn’t want to stay down at Hatteras now. Not by myself after being with Julie. So I did what little packing I had to do and Julie stood outside on the walkway. We did not talk a lot in each other’s presence. We were comfortable with each other’s silence, and did little interviewing.

Julie came back inside and we saw each other again. We could do what we pleased. Julie did not have to be back to her little North Carolina town just now.


“It’s just a few miles up ahead.” It started raining. “You are a good driver, Ray. I feel safe.”

“Thanks. Will I ever see you again, Julie?” I did not hide the way I felt. I was a blue man. But I had a banner day in the Outer Banks.

“What about right now?” Julie asked in a low voice.

Julie told me to look for a road and I turned right. On the left a short way down the cracked road was a dirt path or road. Julie said to turn. I drove down to the end and turned the car facing back the way we came. There was a pond after the path ended. I could barely see it through the bramble with the rain falling.

We got into the back seat of the car, making all those coats into pillows. I did not want a blow job. Not from her, not now. I wanted to make love but Julie said no.

Somehow in my car, not much bigger than the Escorts of the eighties, we got into sixty-nine. My tennis shoes were against the window as Julie gave me head. I licked and kissed Julie in the center of her womanhood. I fingered Julie and she held onto my leg, loud in her wails of pleasure.

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