Peeping Tom


I would like to thank everyone for reading my stories and providing such wonderful feedback. A lot of the feedback has suggested that I give more detail about my Mom’s panties. I really appreciate the votes and feedback. And I promise I will try to do a better job at spell checking.

I’ve told you how my mom comes home everyday, stands in front of her hall closet and strips to her panties as she talks with my two sisters and me. Lucky me huh, two sisters and mom all with nice bodies that wear sexy panties. All of us siblings are over 18. My oldest sister does not live with us, but when she comes to visit she usually stays over night which affords me the opportunity to se her in just her panties and sometimes even nude when she goes from the bedroom to the hall bathroom. Lucky for me, My sister’s room, my mom’s closet and the hall bathroom are all accessed from the family room where I can sit in the right chair and get a pleasant view of all of them going and coming from the bathroom. Anyway, back to mom.

Today was no different she came home like clock work, we all kissed and hugged her then mom walked to her closet and began the strip. Mom is 5’7, 130, with 36D boobs with nipples that must be an inch long X ½ inch long and perfectly proportioned areola that serve to highlight nipples and the almost perfect globes of her breast. Even at 40 and after 3 kids mom’s boobs seemed to defy gravity the way they set so full and somewhat perky on her chest. Sometimes I’d get the pleasure of seeing all three women topless at the same time and often compared the 20-year-old breast to my mom’s. Mom would win hands down.

Imagine how hard my dick would be, being a panty man, seeing three sexy bodies in just panties with gorgeous boobs bouncing as they moved about the house. My sister’s wore the more sexy bikini style panties while mom only allowed me to see her in her full cut, nylon, pastel panties. I did not realize she had other much more sexy styles until I was sifting through her panty drawer one day after I had started wearing her panties. I went to her drawer because I could not find any of her sexy panties hanging in the bathroom. Seeing mom in only her full cut briefs was no disappointment though. Mom’s waist was so narrow and her hips so sexy and full, round, ass that made even the granniest looking panties look sexy on her sexy body. Many days she would strip down to her panties and leave her heels on as she moved around the house while talking to my sister’s and me.

I watched mom’s every step as she went to her closet and pulled the door open, reached behind her to unzip her dress. I watched that zipper go all the way down exposing the back of her white bra then the top of her pastel blue nylon briefs and her sheer to waist pantyhose. Today’s panties had lace trim around the waist. With her back still to me she pulled the dress off her shoulders then pulled it down over her ample, gorgeous, panty and hose covered ass. Bending slightly at the waist mom took stepped out of the dress then went in her closet to hang it up. When she came back out she was facing me as she asked me about my day. Still facing me giving me a full frontal view of her sexy body, with the lower body covered in the blue nylon lace top briefs and the sheer hose, and some sexy pumps. As she talked she walked in the room where I was and stopped in front of the door to my sister’s room. As she was walking she pulled her bra straps off her shoulders then pulled her bra off of her gorgeous tits. Mom pulled the bra clear of her boobs, then while still talking to me she took both of tits into her hands and massaged them as if relieved to have them released from the confines of the bra. She did this all while looking at and talking to me. She HAD to notice the erection in my pants. I am sure I was looking quite faint with all the blood in my body rushing to my dick. WOW mom was turning me on.

When she released her boobs it was hard to notice if they dropped at all. Mom’s nipples were hard by now and her boobs seemed fuller than any other time. She raised her hands to stretched and her gorgeous body looked like one for the pages of playboy. But all I could think was that I wanted her body stretched out on the floor with mine on top of hers and my about to explode cock buried between her big tits.

After the stretch mom turned the bra around at her waist to unfastened and remove it from her body. Just as she finished my sister stepped in the doorway of her bedroom wearing nothing but a sexy, brown, sheer, nylon, bra and panty set that clearly showed her tits and puffy pussy mound. She asked my mom to come to her room. They both turned to go in her room given me a full view of their nylon covered ass’s. Mom is taller than my sister and has a much fuller ass that always makes me hard no matter what she is wearing but especially in a dress and heels. My sister’s ass though not as full looks very nice and I can clearly see the crack of her ass through the sheer material of her panties.

Mom stops at the doorway leaning against the frame with her ass in my full view. I studied the panties covering her ass through the pantyhose. I had seen them panties before escort kartal I had even worn them. The last time I saw them I pulled them from her drawer. They are Vanity Fair; full cut, nylon briefs, with a ½ inch of tightly woven lace trim around the entire waist. I rubbed them in my hands, then over my face, my neck, then down my bare chest and on down to my hard cock. I wrapped those sexy panties around my dick as I fell back on her bed and stroked my panty-covered dick as I recalled the previous time I had seen my mother’s wonderful ass covered in the very panties that were wrapped around my hard dick. I stroked my dick fantasizing about spreading mom’s full butt cheeks, running my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. I dream of watching her hands spread her cheeks apart for me to open her puckered asshole so that my tongue may reach inside her asshole. Mother has her first orgasm as I tongue fuck her asshole. When she calms down some she taps me on the shoulder as her signal that she is ready for my to put my dick in her tight ass. I raise up running my tongue up her ass crack, over her small waist, then move up her spine as I grab hold of my dick to aim it at her tight asshole. Mom reaches back and takes my dick from my hands then guides it to her asshole.

Once my dick head comes in contact with her tight ass hole she releases my dick, puts both hands on her ass cheeks then pulls them further apart as she pushes back and causes my dick to slowly disappeared into her ass. Slowly she pushes back until my dick is fully buried in her ass. Only then does she release her ass cheeks, turns to me and demands that I fuck her hard and fast.

I lay on the bed stroking my dick covered in her panties until I am just about ready to cum. Since this is an anal sex fantasy I take the time to unwrap the panties from my dick so that I can find the back side of the panties and shoot my load right about where I figure her asshole would be.

I can’t hold back any longer and my balls erupt filling mom’s nylon panty crotch full of my thick, creamy cum. It does not all stay in the crotch but spreads to the backside of the panties that would be covering mom’s ass. It’s time for me to get to work so I rub the cum around in the crotch of the panties so and put them back as I found them in her drawer.

I like to cum in mom’s panties and bras then put them back in the drawer for the cum to dry and hopefully go unnoticed when she puts them on. I always imagine she puts them on and her juices mix with mine when she gets horny and her pussy juice drips in her panties. I also like to fill the cups of her when I fantasize about putting my dick between her big tits and tit fucking her until I cum and shoot my cum on her tits and face.

As she stands of the door my sister’s room with her back to me she suddenly stands straight up put her legs together with her heels touching. I take in the beautiful vision of mom standing with her back bare, wearing sexy sheer nylon pantyhose over full cut nlyon, lace trimmed, briefs that she makes sexy with that perfectly shaped ass. Mom is 5’7 mostly legs, with thick thighs that make your mouth water, muscular calves and thin ankles. She has on 5inch heels today so she is even taller.

I look at her ass and am immediately drawn to the light that is shinning through the VALLEY between her thighs at her crotch, below the glorious cheeks of her ass, she places her thumbs in the waist of her pantyhose then bends at the waist so she can pull them down. As she is bent over she pulls one leg of the nylons down, then the other as if to prolong the visual stimulation she was providing me. I got so caught up in the beauty of her legs and the sexiness of the moment that I almost missed seeing my cum stain on the ass and crotch of the panties she was wearing. My dick and my heart jumped when I realized that those were the same blue nylon briefs that I shot cum in just a few days ago. I did not realize there was such a large amount of cum on the panties when I put them back in her drawer. Obviously it was enough to soak through the cotton liner of the panty crotch.

Mom reached down and pulled one shoe off her foot which caused her to have to bend lower, causing her gorgeous panty covered ass to stick out further giving me more of a view of the cum stain on the back of her panties. Wow she looked sexy, I could not help reaching down and stroking my hard as nails dick that was about to burst out of my jeans. Mom was busy talking with my sister so she did not look back to catch me stroking my dick. I felt so horny I almost pulled it out of my sister’s panties that I was wearing under my jeans.

I stroked my dick as mom pulled the pantyhose off one foot then put on her shoe before she pulled the shoe off the other foot, took the hose off then put the shoe back on. She somehow dropped the hose on the floor as she was rising to stand up straight. With her heels and legs closed together mom built straight over from the waist and gave me a full view of just her heels, her beautiful legs and thighs, the gap between her thighs and a full view of the back of her nylon, full cut, briefs spread wide by the width of maltepe escort her delicious looking ass. She held the pose for a second as she picked up the hose and brushed something off the front of her shoe. Mom then reached back and room the back of her leg from her ass all the way up to panty line. She put one finger inside the panties and popped it against her ass before she slowly stood up straight. She then place both hands on her waist as she continued talking to my sister a bit longer. They finished talking as my sister walked out of her room with jeans and t-shirt of her panties and bra. Mom turned to me with her hands on her waist at the top of the lace around the waist of her panties, wearing nothing but the shoes and her panties. She asked my sister and me what we wanted for dinner. Then she extended her hand to grab her bra off the back of the chair and stood straight again causing her boobs to jiggle so divinely. I could not think of dinner at that time and easily agreed to what my sister suggested.

Mom turned and went back to her closet hang her bra in there and then went to the bathroom. She moved quickly enough that it was obvious that she had to pee. As she closed the door behind her I quickly got up and knocked on the door to ask her a question. It was really so I could listen to her pee and hope she would open the door so I could watch. Mom would never allow me to see her pussy or pubic hairs, but I would always try so I’d often find some excuse to have her open the door when she went into the bathroom. The sound of a woman peeing really turns me on. So I tried to see mom on the toilet whenever I knew she was peeing. I’d knock on the door and she made sure her pubes were covered before she opened the door.

My fascination with women peeing began one day when my sister came in the bathroom while I was peeing. She stood and watched for a second then reached out and held my dick until I finished peeing. She then wiped it with a tissue before stuffing it back in her panties and zipping my jeans. Then she pulled her skirt up to reveal she was not wearing any panties. She stood in front of the toilet just as I had then pushed her pelvis forward and started peeing into the toilet. I was hooked since that day. Sis would often allow me to watch her pee either standing or she leave the door open so I could see her sitting on the toilet when I walked by.

Mom finished peeing as I asked her some goofy questions then closed the door so she could get off the toilet. When she emerged from the bathroom I got a quick glimpse of her tits before she pulled her short nightshirt down over her panties.

Mom turned past me and went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, I ran into my room to find a pair of panties to jack off into. I had to have relief. I used two pair that day, one of mom’s and one of my sister’s.

When I came from my room mom and my sister were sitting on the sofa, mom in her short night shift with her long legs extended in front of her.

After I ate dinner I took one more look at mom before I left the house to spend some time with a friend. Tonight though I would make it home before my sister went to bed. My sister’s bedroom window is directly across from the window in my mother’s closet. At least 3 times a week I make sure to be in that closet to wrap my mom’s bra around my dick and watch my sister as she changed into her pajamas. Often she would strip out of her clothes to her panties then sit and read or go through her closet for the next days clothing or talk on the phone. This would allow me a long look at her panty covered body as I stroke my dick wishing I was close enough to fuck her. Tonight she took her time undressing. I made it to my position just as she finished brushing her hair and faced the window to take of her blouse. She completely unbuttoned but did not remove as she brushed her hair some more. The light in her room was bright enough where I could see her hard nipples through the thin, sheer fabric of her sheer bra. She then unzipped her jeans and let them lay open showing her sheer panties but not taking the jeans off.

Suddenly the door of the closet opened. I was too busy staring as my sister’s body to hear the knob turning. Since I had turned the lights off before I entered the closet I could not see anything but a silhouette of the person entering the closest. I knew it was my mother. She quickly closed then door while keeping her eyes fixed on me. She then came over to see what I was looking at. Before she looked out the window she looked down and noticed my cock sticking out of my jeans with her bra wrapped around it. Mom pulled her nightshirt over her head and through it over my face. I enjoyed her delicious scent soaked in the nylon fabric and did not rush to pull it off. When I finally did mom was standing in front of me dangling her blue briefs on her finger offering them to me. I took the panties and mom pushed me back away from the window so she could get in front of me. There was not very much room in the closet so when she got in front of me and bent to look through the window into my sister’s room her ass was pushed against my hard, throbbing dick. Mom pendik escort bayan wiggled her ass, then reached back and took hold of my dick with one hand and stroked it as she used her other hand to spread the cheeks of her full ass. While holding her cheeks open she place my dick, length wise on the crack of her ass. Then she let her cheeks go which had my dick covered like a hot dog in a bun.

With my dick snug between her butt cheeks mom wiggle her ass and flexed the muscles of her cheeks as she told me she was aware of the cum stains in her bra and panties and they her and my sister knew that I would often come to the closet to watch my sister change clothes. Move started moving her ass up and down and squeezing her cheeks to stroke my dick.

Mom asked me if I had ever fucked woman in her ass. I said that I had not. She then asked if I would like to fuck her ass. Of course I said I would. She then asked me if I would first fuck her pussy because she was very horny and needed my dick inside her. I did not argue or stop mom as she reached back, dragged my dick down the crack of her ass past her tight, puckered asshole. She rubbed the head around her ass before she moved my dick down and positioned it against her hot pussy lips. Mom’s pussy was soaking wet. All the juices allowed my dick to enter her and slide all the way inside her hot pussy as she pushed back until her ass was ground tightly against my crotch. Mom told me to keep my eyes on my sister as she began to grind her hips around my groin with my dick buried completely in her hot, juicy pussy.

Mom and I both looked through the window as my sister first took her blouse off then turned her back to us as she bent over to remove her jeans. Mom felt my dick jump in her pussy as my sister was bent over taking off her jeans. Mom said, we ALL know that you get hard looking at our asses. Then my sister, still bent over, put her thumbs in the waist of her sheer panties and pulled them down giving mom and me a full view of her smooth naked ass. Mom asked me if I wanted to fuck my sister in her ass. I responded by pushing harder in her pussy. This caused her head to hit the window. She hit hard enough that my sister heard the sound. She kept her back to us as she turned head then waved at mom and me. She smiled then blew us a kiss.

Moved waved back and squeezed my dick tighter with her pussy walls. My sister then turned to us as she reached between her ample cleavage and unhooked her bra. She did not take it off, but put hands on her waist then shook her shoulders until the cups of the bra fell off her tits. She continued to shake them as mom pushed back harder on my groin. I was ready to explode.

My sister reached up with both hands and squeezed both her tits. She gripped them full then grabbed both nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled her nipples as mom pushed back on my dick. My sister then let go of one of her tits and used her finger to invite mom and me to join her in her room. With my dick still buried in her pussy mom turned and opened the closet door. She stood up slight but clamped her pussy hard on my dick and telling me to stay in her as we walked to my sister’s room.

I could not believe all this was happening and as mom lead me by my dick deep in her pussy I shot a thick load of cum in her pussy. This triggered my mom’s own orgasm and we stopped to enjoy the feeling. Once we calmed enough to head to the room, she squeezed her hot pussy tighter on my dick to keep my dick and my cum inside her. We made it to my sister’s open bedroom door without losing a drop of my cum from mom’s pussy. Mom turned my back towards the bed and pushed me back with her still attached till we were sitting. We had barely sat down when my sister kneeled before us and started licking my balls. Mom grabbed both my hands and put them on her tits showing me how she wanted them squeezed and caressed. My sister was doing such a good job of sucking my balls I just took my hands wherever mom guided them. I had started going limp but with my hands full of mom’s tits, my dick buried in her cum leaking pussy and my sister sucking all the cum off my balls, it did not take long for my dick to again grow hard in mom’s pussy.

When I had completely hardened, mom slid back to give my sister’s mouth access to the shaft of my dick. She sucked on all she could get of my dick and mom’s pussy lips and clit. Mom slid completely off my dick, pressing her ass into my chest and sat on my chest as my sister stroked my dick and rubbed it against her tits while she buried her face in my mom’s pussy to suck out the remaining cum. This brought my mom to her second orgasm. My sister let some of that juice run down over Mom’s asshole. She then stuck two fingers in mom’s pussy got a good amount of mom’s juice on her fingers before she pulled them out. She held them up so we could all look at them, then my sister buried those fingers into my mom’s tight ass. Mom raised her legs up high pushing her ass harder on my chest and allowing my sister’s fingers to go deeper in her asshole. When my sister felt mom was well lubricated she then pulled the fingers out wrapped them around my steel hard dick and held it there as mom slid down my chest and lowered her tight asshole down the length of my dick. Just as mom had buried my dick deep in her pussy, she made sure that I was now DEPP in her tight asshole before she started moving up and down riding my dick.

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