Peeping Tomcat


Peeping TomcatYour wife looked in the mirror, she thought she looked really sexy, Black PVC dress, black stockings and black court shoes.Reflected in the mirror she could see out through her bedroom window, she noticed the curtain twitch in the house opposite, she turned round and looked. She thought she could see someone watching her, from the house opposite; in fact she was certain she could see the outline of some one. ‘I’ll show them’ she though, and rather than pull the curtains she decided to put on a show for him, so slowly she begins to lift the bottom of her dress up, bending over to give him a better view of her ass & cunt she spreads her legs She lifted the dress up until her pussy gaziantep escort bayan and tight ass was exposed for all to see, the watcher now seemed oblivious to being caught, and your wife could see him quite clearly, except, it wasn’t a him, it was a her, Lulu had moved in with her husband quite recently, Lulu was staring straight at your wife’s pussy, Your wife could see Lulu’s hand move down in between her legs as she started to frig herself, lulu is wearing a pair of thigh length PVC boots and – well that’s all! Your wife looks straight back, dress pulled up, pussy for all to see.As Lulu seeme to be enjoying the show, your wife turneds round to show Lulu her arse, she spread wide so Lulu could take in her wet pussy and arsehole, just to make sure that Lulu gets the message, Your wife licked a couple of fingers and jams them into her wet pussy and one, for good measure in her tight ass hole.She then withdraws, licks them again whilst staring straight at Lulu, Lulu now finger fucking herself for all she was worth.Your wife calls out, ‘Do you want to give the slut from number 18 a treat? Come up here, now!’ You come up the stairs, ‘What do you…’ You don’t have time to finish what you were going to say saying, Your wife grabs you, unzips your trousers pulls out your cock licks the tip, cups your balls and begins to suck it for all she was worth, she runs her tongue down your shaft to your arse and back to cock sucking so deep she gags, she fingers your arse with the gag juice. You pulled her round and thrust your cock up her from behind, pushing into her soaking wet pussy. Your wife turns over to let her see you fucking me, You shoved your cock into her wet cunt, fucking her as hard as he could, Your wife is writhing in pleasure spreads her arse cheeks so that your cock stretches her arsehole as it rams home Eventually, You can hold back no more and explodes your cum into her, you withdraw and cum spurts over Your wife’s arse, Your wife cums and cums and cums, she holds her her gaping arse apart to show Lulu, her pussy full of cum.She looks but Lulu is no longer there, the room opposite is empty.Then your wife hears the doorbell ring…..

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