pennypenny by steve goldenThe morning was beautiful, bright and clear. She was the first up, and had the coffee on by the time anyone else emerged from the small group of tents. It was Gary, and together they sat and chatted and drank their black coffee in the sunshine.She wasn’t sure when the conversation turned to sex. Maybe it was when Gary gazed at her tits in her tight T-shirt and complimented her on her figure. She didn’t know him very well, having met him only once or twice before. And she was at first embarrassed by his attention. But she was soon smiling at his talk. And she found herself encouraging him.“You and Cal are good friends, I hear,” he said at one point, letting his eyes take in the lush flow of her cleavage.“Oh no! Has he been telling you all about that?” she blushed. Under any other circumstances, she might have been mad that Cal had been talking about her. But she was still horny from last night and her pussy was twitching and wet as she spoke.“He didn’t say much. Just that you and he had… gotten together a couple of times. I won’t say anything.”Gary really was very attractive, she mused, studying his muscles as they bulged out of his shirt. He had the clearest green eyes and wavy blond hair. And the way he was squatting there by the fire, he obviously had a huge cock on him. The mound of his prick and balls swelled out the crotch of his blue jeans.“We fucked, yesterday, in the bushes. While you and Ron were out fishing. I was so horny I couldn’t believe it.”“Do you often get that way? Horny, I mean?”“Lately quite a bit. And it seems to me, if a girl feels horny, she should be able to let her feelings out, you know? Just like a guy. I mean I don’t believe that just because a girl is married, she has to fuck only her husband. I think that’s really old-fashioned. Don’t you?”“Absolutely,” he agreed, his cock beginning to tremble. She was such a sexy little cunt! So young looking! And so dumb! It took all his will power not to unzip right there and slap his cock back and forth across her pretty face.“I mean sometimes Ron is tired, and doesn’t feel like it. What am I supposed to do then?”Gary had several suggestions, but he stood up quickly and gulped down the rest of his coffee. “Why don’t we go for a short trip in the canoe before the rest of the folks wake up? We could discuss this further.”Penny’s heart began to pound. She knew where this would lead if she consented. She knew that if she went off with Gary he would make a pass at her sure as hell. She finished her coffee and smiled at him, her pretty blue eyes teasing him. She stood up and moved toward him. Her lush tits rolled and jiggled loosely in her T-shirt.“I think that’s a great idea,” she purred, slipping her arm through his as they moved off toward the lake.In a matter of seconds they were out on the smooth water, and Gary was angling the canoe toward a secluded group of trees two hundred yards down the bank. The blood was pumping in his cock as he looked at the lush form of Penny’s body d****d across the other end of the canoe. She was smiling at him suggestively.“Do you mind if I take my top off?” she asked, already peeling off her T-shirt before he had a chance to answer. “I want to get as much sun as I can on this trip.”Her gorgeous tits wobbled free and the stiffening brown nipples pointed at him like accusing fingers. They were the most beautiful tits he had ever seen, not small and droopy like his wife Loraine’s, but full and heavy and lush, with flushed and full tips that ached to be sucked. He paddled more rapidly and brought the canoe under the shelter of the trees. He tied up and paused to stare at her.The cut-offs she wore were incredibly tight across her crotch. She bent her knees and spread her legs as she lay back in the canoe, and from beneath the ragged hems of her pants he could kaçak iddaa see blonde cunt hair peeking out. She pulled at the cut-offs with her fingers, pretending to make herself comfortable, all the time watching him closely. Her tits wobbled and separated on her chest.“Jesus Christ!” he murmured, his eyes glued to her crotch. She had tugged on the cut-offs so hard that the strap of denim hooking under between her legs and slipped inside the lips of her cunt. Two furry swaths of cunt hair bristled on either side, and her juicy cuntlips were folding themselves over the denim, swallowing it completely.“What’s the matter?” she teased, smiling at him. “You look really tense. Am I bothering you?”The wet folds of her pussy were gnawing at the loop of cloth between her legs in the bright morning sunshine her cunt hairs were glistening. And suddenly, as if by accident, the button beneath her navel popped open and there was a quick zipping sound as her fly widened. The bushy tuft of pussy hair below her belly came into view.“Oh my! Oh my!” she gasped, pretending to be shocked. “I’m not being very ladylike, am I?”Gary groaned heavily. And suddenly he could stand the silly cock-teasing game no more. He came to his knees and lunged toward her, rocking the canoe crazily. He was reaching for his belt and dropping his pants. His hard cock swung out lewdly between his legs. A pearl of pre-cum hung off its tip.“What are you trying to do to me? You want me to come in my pants?” he panted. He had pushed his pants down below his knees and had taken his prick in hand. He leaned low over her and aimed the cock head for the oozing wet gash of her pussy.“Gary, what are you doing! Gary, my goodness!” she protested.She had known all along they were coming out here to fuck, but she was still a little shocked that it was going to happen this fast.“What a little cock-tease you are! Gotta fuck you right now! Oh yeah!” he groaned. He hooked his fingers beneath the denim strap looped inside her cuntlips and forced it to one side. Then he planted his swollen cock head in its place and fucked forward. The great purple mushroom head of his cock disappeared inside her soggy pussy.“Ohhh! My goodness!” she pouted. Her eyes closed with satisfaction as the great swollen hard-on fucked into her cunt. She drew up her legs and spread them wide for him.“Is this what Ron doesn’t give you enough of? Is this what you crave?” he leered, forcing his full weight behind the stiff spike of his cock. As soon as he had his cock buried to the balls inside her cunt, he began pumping it back and forth, pinning her to the base of the canoe harshly. He pressed his body down on hers and fondled one huge tit in his fist.“Oh yes! Oh God, yes!” she moaned, plunging her hands down his back and over his ass cheeks. She squeezed his ass in her fingers and urged him deeper into her pussy.“You’re so wet! You must have been wanting this for hours, huh?” he grunted, “Fuck, you’re greasy as hell!”“Yes! I want it! I’ve needed it for hours! I love it! I love cock! Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me till I can’t stand it!”“Well, to tell you the truth,” he said, feeding cock to her with strong, steady fuck strokes, “I fucked Loraine last night — and with you, I’d like to try something different. Seems to me you’re the type would try anything, right? Right?”When she didn’t answer right away he tweaked her nipple between his thumb and finger. The erect nubbin was nearly an inch long.“Yes!” she gasped. “Yes, I’ll try anything! I love cock! I love it!”“Good! Then let’s try this!” He pulled back, withdrew his huge hard-on from her steaming cunt. He grasped his cock in his fist and it glistened in the sun and dripped cunt slime onto her belly.The canoe rocked as he climbed up on top of her, leaving her gnarled ajid empty cuntlips molded in the shape of his canlı casino siteleri cock. He settled himself on her ribcage and lay his cock between her huge lolling tits. Grabbing a tit in each hand, he crammed them harshly together over his hard-on, making sure the stiff nipples scratched the blue veins running up the side of his cock. He began to fuck her tits roughly.Penny could scarcely believe this was happening. Her cunt felt cold and empty. But there was something lewd and exciting about what he was doing on top of her. She decided to lie back and enjoy it. It was kind of kinky, kind of dirty, but it thrilled her. He was actually fucking her between her tits! She could see the purple crown of his prick emerge each time he fucked forward. The piss-slit winked at her lewdly.“This ever happen to you before?” he smirked, gazing down into her lust-contorted face. “You ever been fucked between the tits?”“No! Ohhh God, no!” She writhed beneath him. His cock was oozing pre-cum from its tip and she could feel the wetness on her tits.“You don’t know what you’ve been missing! There’s all kinds of stuff you should be trying, a newlywed like you! Open your mouth!”“Huh? What? Mmmmmffffff!” she gasped. As she spoke he forced the big purple head of his prick between her lips.“Suck it! Suck the head of my cock!” he ordered, grasping the back of her neck with one hand and forcing her head back and forth on his bloated hard-on. Her lips folded around the pulsing prick and the pretty pink lipstick she had applied earlier smeared off along its surface.He still crammed her swollen tits to either side of his cock at its base. His balls nestled comfortably in her cleavage. But the head of his prick was solidly embedded in her face and he fed it back and forth, fucking her mouth, forcing her cheeks to balloon and then hollow strangely. Her dazed and lust-clouded eyes stared fixedly up into his.“You like this? You like sucking cock?” He could feel the soft velvet pad of her tongue supporting the weight of his cock. Her saliva was bathing him warmly.“Mmmmmffffff!” she slobbered, bobbing her head now of her own accord on his looming prick shaft. It was so strange, to have a guy fuck her between the tits and in the mouth at the same time! It was so kinky! She wondered how many other exciting and dirty things there were that she’d been missing out on.“I think I’m gonna come in your mouth. Would you like that? Huh? Would you like me to come in your mouth? Would you like to drink down all my hot jism?” His movements had speeded up and he was panting oddly.My God, she hadn’t thought of that! What about when he comes! He would probably drown her in cum! She might choke on his hot spunk!“What a mouth you’ve got! All pouty red lips and even white teeth! Shit, you could drive a guy out of his mind with this little mouth of yours!” he groaned.He suddenly let her tits roll back on her chest and lifted off her, forcing, his cock into her mouth at a new angle. He clasped his prick tightly midway up its trunk and began to jerk off furiously. Only the cock head remained between her lipstick-smeared lips. It sat on her tongue and trembled like a great bloated mushroom.She gazed up into his eyes with mild panic, wandering what he planned to do. She was helpless, pinned beneath him in the bottom of the canoe, his weight spread across her tits and ribcage. A strong hand gripped her behind her head and helped her buck up and dawn on his thick hard-on. She couldn’t have escaped if she had wanted to.I’m going to come in your mouth, he explained patiently. “Just relax and everything will be all right. Keep your mouth open so that I can leave the cock head inside. I’m just going to jerk off into your mouth.”Penny did as she was told, cranking her jaw open and letting him pump his cock between her casino şirketleri lips. This was so weird! And so exciting! She’d sucked cock before, but she’d never had a guy jerk off into her mouth. She wasn’t really taking part in this at all. She was just being used. He was simply going to use her mouth to dump his jism. She found the idea dirty and tremendously appealing.“Pretty close now, sweetheart. Pretty close,” he gasped, his fist a blur of motion on his prick. He could feel the heavy jism boiling in his hot and swollen balls. The sight of her innocent and pretty young face, swelled out with his thick cock, was too much to bear. Her pouty red lips and smooth cheeks trembled and vibrated with the motion of his jacking off.There was a wet exploding sound and his cock was bursting between her lips. The cock head twitched, seemed to expand on her tongue, and a great greasy wad of steaming spunk blasted into her mouth. Prepared as she was, it still caught her off guard. She coughed, she gagged, and her eyes rolled up at him in surprise. In an instant, her mouth had been filled to capacity with sizzling hot jism.She gurgled, swallowing and spitting up at the same time. His cum was wriggling to her stomach like thick soup, but there was so much of it that she couldn’t swallow it all at one gulp. Cum squished about between her gums and cheeks, coated her tongue and hung from the roof of her mouth. And it overflowed her lips and flowed in thick white trails down her chin.“Ohhhhhh yeah! Feels so good! Ohhhhhh yeah!” he crooned, emptying his cock contentedly into her mouth. “Suck it all down! Eat that cum!”Penny tried her best, but no sooner had she gulped down the first wad of jism than a second blasted free, and a third, filling her mouth and clogging her throat in seconds. She had quit gagging, but she gasped and snorted, and soon she had sucked up jism into her nose and was blasting it from her flared nostrils. White bubbles snapped above her upper lip.“Ohhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh yeah!” he yelled, thrilled at the sight of her snorting cum. He loved the sight of the thick streams of silver spunk drooling from the corners of her mouth and oozing down her chin. And he decided he wanted to see more.He pulled back just enough to free his spurting cockhead from her cum-drenched lips. Then, with the cock tip no more than two or three inches from her open, drooling mouth, he proceeded to jerk out the rest of his cum-load. He aimed the jets carefully, shooting one after the other into the gaping white hole of her mouth. He wanted to look inside and see how much cum she could hold.“Sssppplllfff!” she gurgled, her lovely eyes wide with panic. There was so much cum! She would never be able to swallow it all!“Keep your mouth open! I want to fill it with cum!” he said, still jerking off steadily. The spunk sprang from his prick in thick white ropes, firing straight and true into her waiting, overflowing mouth. A great wall of silver wetness had formed across her jism-soaked lips, and as each new jet spurted inside it began to drool in huge creamy globs down her chin.Her moved forward, plunged his cock back between her lips, forced the escaping jism back onto her tongue and into her throat. Then he withdrew once more and rubbed his cockhead from side to side on her lips, smearing the jism in wide swaths across her face. The cock was still oozing cum.“Drink it! Drink it all down!” he grunted, marveling at the way her lovely face shone with cum in the morning sunlight it Penny gulped and gasped, sucking down as much spunk as she could. But there came a time when she lost all fear and started to relish the taste of the stuff. While she still had a huge amount of cum in her mouth she started squishing it between her teeth and playing it back and forth on her tongue. Then, realizing how much it turned him on to see the cock cream ooze from her mouth; she let it seep slowly from her lips onto her face.He groaned, daubing the silver jism back and forth across her chin. And she knew that fucking with his wife would never be the same again.The End

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