Per request… a story about sucking john’s c


Per request… a story about sucking john’s cWe met at a reception being held at the local farm. You are a distinguished looking gentleman– let’s call him “Chase Hunter”. Chase and john sip your drinks and talking about global economics. I’m bored. So I enjoy looking around the farm. The farm a****ls are so cute. I especially like the white goats the best as they play and munch on grass. I walk around and glance back and see my man chatting away with great passion. Finances the topic of discussion no doubt. I watch as the two men talk. My mind drifts as it always does. I imagine taking both men home. I imagine them desiring me. Wanting me. I feel their hands working to take off my clothes. As I lay their naked before them I become aroused at having two men desire me. I watch as they take off their clothes. seeing their sexy manhood hanging between their legs. I wonder what they will do to me together. the older gentleman says he enjoys both men and women– he can go both ways. john smiles and responds well I have always enjoy women. But then he said that he always wondered what it would be like to touch and enjoy another man’s cock. What? I’m over here guys. naked and starting to get wet… Chase says will then you should explore a bit. Chase touched john’s strong manly chest as I watched. John’s cock started to grow as Chase caressed him. I could hardly believe my eyes. Soon john’s cock was throbbing before chase. Chases cock was also getting hard and soon chase moved closer to john and their cocks touched… like two swords dueling. I saw john’s cock start to drip clear pre-cum and chase seem to enjoy letting the fluid drip on the tip of his cock. Chase then moved his hard cock under john’s and into his ball sack and started to move in and out. I watched in total amazement as the two men enjoyed themselves. I found myself getting turned on watching john and chase. John’s hand moved down to touch chase’s cock. I wondered what was going on in his dikmen escort mind. John then dropped down to his knees and started to caress chases cock which was starting to drip glistening pre-cum from his tip. John stroked chases cock. His hands move and cupped Chases balls… they looked big and heavy. The were hanging low. John stroked chase’s cock and fondled his balls. He seemed to be a pro… well I guess men would know how to handle a cock right? I was just staring at john enjoying chase’s cock and balls. John moved his hand behind chase’s balls and looked like he was touching under his balls and into his ass. Chase’s cock was throbbing at the attention. I was getting turned on watching this unfold before me. I watch as john moved his face to chase’s throbbing cock until he had his cock touching his lips. I saw john’s mouth open slightly and his tongue come out to touch chase’s hard dripping cock. John took chase’s tip into his mouth and move slowly over his tip. I was amazed. John seemed to know what he was doing. Chase was watching. Occasionally, Chase closed his eyes as john sucked on his cock and played with his balls. Chase moaned occasionally. John’s cock was hard as ever and throbbing and dripping. I hated to see such wonderful pre-cum go to waste, so I moved over and put my head underneath john’s dripping cock. Chase saw me and smiled. I let john’s pre-cum drip on my lips as I watched him sucking on Chase’s cock. He was taking chase in and out of his mouth. Was john going to take Chase in his mouth? Chase was looking at me laying in between them as I reached up and touched john’s balls and cock. Chase pulled john up and said it was his turn. Suddenly Chase straggled me while on his knees placing his balls right above my face and john right in front of him. Chase then proceeded to lick and play with john’s cock and balls. I looked up to see Chases big heavy balls hanging above me. I reached over to eryaman escort the sofa and grabbled a pillow. I reached up to touch Chase. His legs were strong. His balls huge and heavy. I saw his cock jump when I reached up to fondle Chases balls. Now it was chase’s pre-cum that was dripping down for me to taste. hmmm lightly salty and very silky. I watched as he sucked on john’s cock and I stroked Chase’s hard cock and played with his heavy balls. I grabbed a couple more pillows from the sofa and put several of them under my dripping wet pussy. I could not believe what I was thinking… but I shimmed forward and placed my pussy right before chase’s hard, throbbing dripping cock. I reached back and guided chase’s manhood to my pussy… I let him drip on my clit and started to rub his cock around my clit. Then I would guide his cock down to my virginal opening. I pressed his cock tip to part my folds and slowly guided him to enter me. He started to move his hips forward and soon his tip and entire shaft were stretching my pussy… I felt his balls touching my ass as he moved in and out of me. I watched as he was sucking john’s cock.Soon Chase’s was sucking harder and stroking john’s cock with his hand. I could see john’s balls starting to pull up… it would not be long now before john began to moan. his climax building with chase’s mouth taking his cock and his hand stroking his cock. I felt Chase’s cock moving in and out of me.. I was playing with my breasts and nipples. Chase was thrusting deeper, faster and harder. Chase’s balls were slapping against my ass. I let one hand reach back and feel his balls… they too where getting tighter and pulling up as I caressed and pulled on them slightly. So big and so heavy. I was so turned on and excited. I always want john’s pleasure and for him to cum. I certainly enjoyed watching other women fingering themselves or making love with another woman. I so enjoyed the variety etimesgut escort available on xhampster. I so enjoy watching men’s videos of them stroking their cocks, hearing their different voices. Different moans and orgasms. Enjoy imagining loving a girl, feeling her body, or a man’s body, hands on me, his cock and balls… hearing and seeing someone climax with pleasure is a turn on for me. But never thought of john and another man. Now here I am imagining another man’s cock in my pussy. Thrusting away, banging against my clit. I reach down and start to touch my clit. feel my wet pussy. imagining chase’s cock inside me, filling me as his balls hit against my ass. All while he is sucking john’s cock. My nipples are tingling. My clit throbbing. I could hear john moaning. Chase was moaning too. Imaging being with two men like this is so exciting. Chase is going to shoot his cum into me soon. I wonder what it looks like? What does he sound like when his climaxes– shoots his thick cum out? John is going to cum soon too. From his moaning I can tell. I’m rubbing my clit… my pussy is so wet. I’m going to cum now. Suddenly I hear john saying he is going to cum. Chase pulled john’s cock out of his mouth and continued to stroke his hard cock. Chase them told me to take his cock and start to stroke it… he pulled out of my dripping pussy and moved to the side of me. He stroked john’s cock as I stroked his hard dripping cock. Both cocks were over my face and breasts. I stroked chase’s cock as fast as I could. Suddenly john moaned as he looked down at me below him… his started to shoot his massive thick cum all over me. I shut my eyes but I could feel his cum his cum hitting my face, mouth, breasts and stomach. Then I heard Chase moan and say he was going to cum. I kept stroking and pointed his cock down toward me… yes, cum on me. I want to see you cum so bad right now… I suddenly feel your hand over my small hand and guiding my stroking and you tense and tighten and yes… cum all over my breasts… cum please… I want to feel your hot thick cum hitting my body… oh yes… can I now let your last drop of your seed, your very essence as a man drip into my mouth so I can taste the cum your cum?i’m catching my breath now. xx linda

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