Just a short walk after a late dinner. It had been a long, boring day at work but that was all she expected. Funny, but the walks at dusk (or even a bit later, sometimes) usually left her feeling refreshed and ready for sleep. Not tonight. It just did not seem as good as it should be. Humid, still around 85° F. and too little breeze to cool her skin.

Aimlessly strolling past dark porches, dreary alleys, and coffee shops overrun with spiked hair and black leather. Drifting towards the open-air mall of closed shops, a couple of empty storefronts and, finally, the theatre. A little noise from behind heavy doors erupts into laughter and conversation as the last performance of “Phantom” lets its admirers return to their realities.

Leaning against a marble pillar, she easily fits into the rush of formal wear and gowns. Still dressed in the modest but attractive Pierre Avaroni casual she had worn to work earlier, she is every bit as alluring as any other woman escort eryaman in sight.

He departed the lobby slowly, appearing to be deep in thought or, perhaps, remembering a scene. He would have noticed her had he been buried in his studies for tomorrow’s classes. And, stunned as he was by her sheer aura, he still thought to slide his gold Loren timepiece off his wrist and dump it into an inside pocket of his vest.

She saw him almost as he reached the walk he’d (hopefully!) take past her. And, as he skillfully removed his watch, she knew he was going to, indeed, intentionally walk past her. The ‘no watch trick’, huh? Well, this would be easy…

“Excuse me”, he said with a voice like a mix of melted butter and honey, “but do you have the time?” He had a soft face that almost self-destructed as she replied, “Maybe. How much did you want?”

Keeping the slightly disinterested look on a straight face is the hard part but she had no problem. He, ankara escort on the other hand, seemed to be having a mental ‘civil war’ in the space of 30 seconds. He did manage to surprise her with his reply:

“As much as you’ve planned for me.”

‘Whoa’, she thought. ‘Does this guy know what I didn’t know 20 minutes ago? Was it a good guess or just a humble plea for a mercy fuck?’

Winging it, she replied, “I guess that depends on what the watch in your pocket says.”

Surprised again by his reply: “It says, ‘it’s time to ask your name’, but I say that it’s time for a walk in the park.”

Her reply was to stroll up to him, still amongst a sizeable crowd, look into his deep brown eyes, and say, “Walk?”

Clearly feeling ‘out of his league’, he hesitates then decides no verbal response is better than an arm around her waist as they slowly walk down the path towards the cool and inviting park.

He smelled her perfume elvakent escort – no, shampoo – as they walked.

She felt his slow, deep breathing as his upper body expanded with each breath.

He felt the warmth of her body under his arm and against his hip.

She wondered what she was doing and realized she didn’t care.

He realized that he had no idea what he was doing and couldn’t begin to get his mind to work properly anyway.

Slowing gently, she turned to him in a large grove of bamboo, slipped her hand into a pocket of her dress and removed a small blue scarf. She eased her fingers to his lips and, as he closed his eyes and parted his lips, she pulled the scarf taut first her truly violent, gasping release, then his thrusting, spasmodic ejaculation, and finally her sweet, quiet second release, kissing him deeply without the scarf.

They both slowly relax and lovingly separate as he drops his arms, embracing her.

“Wow! That was the best thing I’ve ever felt!” she exclaimed with a full smile that rivaled the lustre of the moon.

“Aw, what’s up with that, honey? You always say that!” he teased.

She playfully punched his chest and said, “I’ll see you at home.”

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