Perking Up


This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


My mom caught up to me at the back door going in the house. She said, “Mara, if you get a chance try and distract your father, cheer him up a little.”

I said, “Ok mom. Anything particular?”

“Oh, just anything,” she said. “A little company maybe. Interact. Normal stuff. Sit around and disturb him. He’ll be thinking about you and not his sister.”

My aunt, dad’s sister, passed away some months back. Dad’s been a little off his stride and moody since. Nothing seems to be working but mom and I aren’t particularly pressing him, just slowly moving things along hoping he’ll get back to his perfectly normal self. Dad was really close to his sister.

I got changed from work clothes. I’m a graphics designer with a really great firm. We ate dinner. Dad was talkative but moments of quiet ensued. Mom and I eyed each other, unspoken plans. Dad went down to his workshop. He’s overhauling an engine for his lawnmower. He’s a special kind of engineer, metallurgy, but he likes mechanicals too.

I finished up some stuff and went down to his shop. I’m there a lot. It’s common for me to be in and out. I’m always interested in what he’s doing. I learn quite a bit about quite a lot of things there. It helps in my job.

I thought the best way to distract dad was with sex. Not sex sex, although that’s a thought, but maybe a little sexual flavor. It would distract him. It would make him think. It would make him try not to think about his daughter that way. It might get him to say something to mom about my ‘displaying ways’ or saying something to me about it, which was more probable. Besides, displaying your wares to a captive audience is fun. Maybe I could tweak him a little.

I put on a top that left some of my waist open and a bra that showed a little ‘poke out’ in front for my nipples. The top wouldn’t diminish the effect and I put on crazy loose short shorts. He knew them. I’ve worn them before around dad. I know for a fact he likes them and enjoys the available sights while feigning father indignant. I left my pants off.

It’s very bright in his workshop. There’s a lot of space too. I got one of the big clean shop cloths and spread it out over one of the high back chairs and sat down. I didn’t want to get grease on my clothes. I always did that. I said, “You’ve almost got it assembled.”

“Almost,” he said. “Gotta hang all the outside stuff on. Carb, exhaust, etc., after I torque the head bolts.”

We chatted a while. He worked while we chatted. I had my knees closed. When I sat down I reached back and adjusted the shop cloth and at the same time pulled my shorts up my butt tight. I opened my legs and stuck my hands down and grabbed the edge of the chair between and leaned over to watch him work.

I could tell he noticed the heels of my hands against my crotch. Conversation with dad was always great but this one was still a little subdued. I opened my legs a little more and put my feet up on the rungs. The rungs were round so I could move my feet out and it looked normal. Earlier I brought dad some tea and some for myself. I lifted one hand up on my thigh and the other one over to get my tea.

That gave dad a nice camel-toe, not a severe one but defined ridges and a little tuff bump were clear. I was sipping tea and watching for a glance and got it. His eyes flickered back to the engine then he bent his head down to look closer and I could see his eyebrows lift and him look sideways for a moment or two. I picked up the manual for the engine and held it up to my face and let him build a long term image.

There was less noise from the engine work so I sort of swing my knees closer together and back out, squeezing my camel-toe together. I said, “Dad, how do you determine top dead center on the piston?”

“Oh, well,” he said. “I have a flashlight bulb and battery and I ground the battery to the chassis and I have a little rig across the top and when the piston is TDC it lights the bulb. I can raise and lower the bulb with a close threaded bolt to find the exact point.”

“Really,” I said. “That’s gotta be very accurate.” I started talking before moving the manual from in front of my face so he could glance away. I got off the chair to look at something then sat back down. I slid back making my shorts looser in front. There wasn’t a lot of material between the center of the shorts at my crotch and the bottom of the leg hems so they were fairly open.

With the right angle he could get a view up the legs but I was shaved there so all he could see was the skin sloping up, which were my ridges. I opened my legs back where they were and the gaps appeared on both sides. He could get nice views just by working around on each side of his work table. I sat there watching him work then sipped tea and got the manual again.

I could hear him get tools, moving around. I tilted my head back and lifted escort kartal the manual up and I could see a little under the bottom edge and dad was slowly getting to where he wanted. It looked normal but he had been working mostly in one place. He was getting distracted and I really hoped he was enjoying himself.

I asked another question then got off the chair and bent over away from dad looking at some of his work so he could get a good rear view. I did feet out and squatted down slowly then lifted my backend way up before standing up and turning around. I took my time. I said, “Don’t forget one of your shows is on in about half an hour.” He said, ‘Ok.’. I said bye and went upstairs.

I saw mom in the kitchen. She was looking at my top and shorts and said, “Distracting your dad?”

“Uh huh,” I said. “I think it worked. He seemed ok with it, no words of wisdom. Actually I think he’s starting to think of me as a grown up. It’s kind of nice.”

“I remember when I got that feeling,” she said. “It is kind of nice.”

Dad used to have a cat that climbed on his chair with him so he got a wider chair, lounge type, so the cat could be beside him. Now that the cat is gone he has books and stuff beside him, both sides. My chair is a normal lounge type and I have it turned so the light doesn’t shine in my eyes. Dad’s view right in the front lets me tease him.

We watched tv then turned it off and cut the music on. Mom said goodnight and went off to bed. Dad was quiet most of the evening. I had been thinking about him and finally decided to try something.

I got up and went over and sat in his lap, full on. Dad is 5ft11 and I’m 5ft7. He’s got a nice build and I only weigh 126lbs, fairly slim. I’m not that heavy or imposing on his lap, nice and comfortable for both of us. I leaned back a little against his chest.

I said, “I know you have Aunt Bett on your mind. I’m trying to distract you and give you some company.” He put his arms around my waist and said, ‘Ok.’. We sat for a little while and I moved around getting a better fit. Dad had his long pjs on and the top. His hands were on bare skin on my stomach. I think he was amused with me getting a better fit but he let me.

I looked at him and, smiling, said. “I’m going to move my buns around to get more comfortable.” I felt him nod yes. I squeezed my buns which lifted my bottom up then I pushed down and splayed out a little. I did that two more times, a little differently, moving my bottom around in a circle, then the other way around, and said, “Ah, that’s better.”

I felt dad take a deeper breath, slow and quiet. I knew he was down there at about the right place. I felt him getting stiff and starting to fill my butt crack. I opened my legs a little more when I was getting ‘comfortable’, giving him room to grow. Every now and then I worried my buns against his lap.

Son of a gun but that felt good. I was trying to estimate how big he was but couldn’t actually do that. I really didn’t know. I almost saw him once but he moved before my eyes did. He didn’t see me. I said, “How am I doing?”

“Well,” he said, “you’re certainly distracting me. You sure it’s not too much for you?”

“Not yet,” I said. “I’m having a lot of fun. Would you mind if I distracted you a little more?”

“If you would like to, sure,” he said.

“Ok,” I said. “Here we go.” I didn’t do anything for a moment or two then slowly pushed his right hand slowly down in the front of my pants until his fingertips were in my bush. He quietly said, ‘Ohhhh.’. He lifted his lap and I felt him push up against my butt crack, then he settled back down. I had to fight not to squeeze my buns but I wanted him to get where he got.

His fingers were playing with my bush. I gave it a while and slowly pushed him down on my clit. At the same time I opened my legs up enough that he could tell. Permission and expectation. It really was feeling very good. I was breathing like he was. I slowly pulled my hand out and pushed his other hand up under my top. No bra, I took it off after leaving the workshop.

He palmed my breast, fingers out some and his fingers on the other hand started exploring my hood and clit area. He got a finger or two down between my folds above my vagina then pulled them back to the bottom of my hood. He knew what to do with a clit and did. It was almost as good as what I did. He was casually working me right above the nib when all of a sudden he slid right down and dipped a finger fully in my vagina.

I got out my own ‘Ohhhh’ and lifted my own lap. I wasn’t expecting that. I worked upwards into his finger twice and he pulled back up to the hood and rubbed his finger all around. He was lubing my clit. He did that a couple of times and he let me work up into his finger each time before pulling back. The tables were getting turned but I didn’t care. This was very good.

I wondered what the protocol was for giving your own father a passionate kiss but with his hand in my pants that seemed silly. I was trying maltepe escort to figure a way to get my hand in his pants but I certainly wasn’t going to disturb what was going on. We kept it up for a long time. I said, “If you keep going I’m going to have an orgasm.”

He said, “Ok. If you don’t want one just say stop.”

I tried to answer but it took a couple of moments, then I said, “Mums the word.”

He started pulling my hood, right at the bottom, about four times then running a finger down in my vagina as far as he could, then pulled back to my clit. My hips were ready each time and I pushed up. After about four or five times he started using two fingers and it got crazy good.

I must have been distracted because it took a few times to notice he was thrusting up through my butt crack, working with me thrusting. I wish I knew how to get his pjs down and let that thing out. My orgasm starting coming on with a bang and I reached both hands backwards around his buns and pulled whenever he thrust.

The orgasm was much better and longer than the ones I do. Much more intense. My first with someone else. I don’t know why I was trying to wait. With sex this easy I had to have more, it was too good to pass up. Between deep breaths I managed to say, “Would you like to have an orgasm?”

I felt him smile against my cheek and he said, “Its ok, I’ll save it for mom.”

I said, “Lucky her.” I didn’t know how to give him an orgasm anyway unless he took my virginity. I could try jacking him. That might be fun. He might like that. Maybe he just took my finger virginity. I’ve never heard of that but still.

Dad said, “Would you like to keep this between us?”

“No,” I said. “Mom asked me to distract you. Maybe not this much but that’s our out. Besides, she might enjoy knowing all.”

It took some time to get settled back to normal. We hugged and snuggled and eventually went to bed. Dad seemed happy with the results of my distraction. I thought he did quite well too. I certainly wasn’t thinking of much else.

Mom was hopping on happiness the next morning. “It worked,” she said. “Your dad was, well, a lot more powerful in bed last night. He said you accidentally had an orgasm last evening. Some accident with his hands in your pants. You guys must have had a lot of fun.”

“I had mountains of fun,” I said. “Sounds like dad did too. Do you think I went too far? Dad is dad you know. He might not want to go there.”

“Dear,” she said, “You’re almost 20, won’t get pregnant, in your prime. He’s having fun, you’re having fun, I’m having fun, its private family. Why not. It’s a thrilling thing, a special thing. Do as much as you want that he’s ok with. What can it hurt? If I see a problem I’ll let you know and you can let me know. We’ll adjust.”

We stood looking at each other, smiling. I said, “Ok mom. Sounds good.” My mom gave me a kiss on my cheek. Just leaned over and kissed my cheek.

Dad hasn’t mentioned our little adventure and other than being a little looser and more talkative everything was about normal. Since mom knew he had his hands in my pants everything seemed to be above board. I thought I would give it a few days and see where it went. I sure was itching for another session. That was way good.

Three days later dad showed up in his chair with his pjs on. Those thin knit ones with the deer heads all over. Mom made the point of giving me the eye and half smile. Dad never wore boxers to bed, just his pjs. I showered and changed into bed clothes. I put on my nightgown. You couldn’t see through it but it did mold itself somewhat to my body shape. Not totally because it had some embossed images all over it. Kind of hid my nipples and pants line usually.

I didn’t put any pants on and no bra either. I put a little apricot lube on since I washed the usual stuff off. Of course I would probably make more but just in case. I settled down in my chair and read and watched tv. Dad worked on his chemical books. Mom did her usual going to bed routine and she was off. She turned out her light when she left. That was unusual.

I don’t think dad noticed mom turning her light off or me in my bed clothes. He usually got lost when reading books. I got his glass and mine and got us some more tea. That way I could interrupt him without interrupting him. When I came back I said, “Would you like to snuggle some tonight.” I gave him a nice smile.

He looked at me out of his work thoughts and said, “I would love to.” He noticed my bed clothes but tried not to stare.

I gave him a peck on the lips and said, “In a few minutes or so.” He nodded and I went to the kitchen. Nothing to do there, just letting him have a few minutes to think. I heard dad going to the bathroom, a good sign, then back. I waited a few more moments and went back in. His books were stacked down beside his chair. It was clear on both sides of his legs.

I went over and sat beside him. He had to scoot over a little but there was enough room in that wide chair. pendik escort bayan He got an arm around me and I got my head into his chest at his shoulder. I tilted up and we kissed nicely, a couple of times. I skipped a little time and tilted and kissed him again. At the same time I got my fingers lightly on his thigh and slowly let my palm down. We kept kissing, not heavily but really nice.

I did what I really wanted to do. I slid my hand right into his lap and felt his penis. It was hard so I wrapped my hand around it, mostly. I was so ramped up if a pin dropped I would hit the ceiling. It was the first penis I ever held in my hand. It was huge. Large huge, and long. I found the head and slid all the way down until I couldn’t go any further. It was really long. I went back up to the head and squeezed it.

Dad let me play some and he reached his hand over my shoulder and down to my breasts. He took a good breath when he found I didn’t have a bra on again. I had my right leg over his legs. I wasn’t that open but he could see a lot of bare leg. I was really worked up touching his penis and I said, “Would you mind if I got a little more active than I did the last time?”

He said, “Whatever you’d like. I’ll try and follow you.”

I got up on my knees and started to straddle his thighs. He slid over in the center of the chair and I wiggled in place. He slid down in the chair, putting him right against me right in my crotch. I took a deep breath and let it out. I got my arms around his neck and kissed him very hard. I think he knew he got me right where it counted.

There was just his pjs between us and they were not very thick. I could feel him very realistically. He was pushing against my outer lips and clit and on up. I could feel his balls way down some. I got settled in a little more and started tilting my hips right up the shaft, slowly. He waited a few rotations and got his hips working, just a little bit. He was letting me soak it up.

I did that for about five or ten minutes. I couldn’t tell. He had his hands on my thighs above my knees but hadn’t ventured further yet. I got my nerve up and said, “Dad, if I lift up would you want to push your pjs down some? Maybe down around your thighs or knees.” I wanted to feel skin under me.

“Yes,” he said. “Whatever you wish.”

I lifted up on my knees, my breasts up near his lips and felt him reach down and work his pjs down. When he lifted up he poked me right in my butt. He put his hands back on my thighs and I sat down, right up against his penis. Now he knew I didn’t have any pants on. I could hear some forced breaths and he pushed his middle up some, pushing his penis right against me.

I said, “I’m going to do about the same thing but I may work at it a little to get you down in between.”

“Ok,” he said. “Let me know if you want me to do anything different. That’s quite a wake up.”

I nodded and started with my hips. It took about three or four times before my outer lips were down either side of his penis and the lube was spread up and down. After that I could tilt into him and slide way up and way down while pressing harder with ease. My clit was right against his penis the whole time. I could do this for at least a decade.

For my first penis play dad was a hit. I was so turned on I could hardly see straight. I had been thinking about this for more hours than I can remember. About 15 minutes later I whispered in his ear, “Dad, if I lift up some could you get it started. I’m too nervous.”

He slid his hands along my thighs and around my buns. He lightly pushed me upward and then his hands slid down between my thighs in front. I felt his penis riding down my clit and down in my folds. He had a finger rooting around and then the head of his penis was right there. I felt him rotate it around the entrance. He pushed up just enough to anchor it and pulled his hands out and back to my buns.

I was really breathing different but held it together. Dad started thrusting upwards ever so lightly and I rode him up and back down when he did. When I could I starting resisting his thrust and he starting going into my vagina. I had my arms tight around his neck and my cheek against his.

I wasn’t squeezing and I was so excited I seemed to be pushing my vagina outward so he was going in smoothly. I was getting spread as he went. Not uncomfortable at all. What we needed was a brass band. His penis got hung up going in and he had to move it back and forth and it finally plopped in. It was a surprise. I think that made it go in further than his normal thrusting.

I didn’t say anything. It was just too good. I wished he would do that again. I was absolutely beside myself. I was fucking. Well, so was he. We did some lover kissing and I worked my hips into him as he came at me. His thick penis kept penetrating for the longest time. I was finally almost sitting fully down on him and he was almost coming out before we went at it each time.

Finally we were there. He must have decided I could take it ok because he got into a more solid thrusting and didn’t hold back. He got faster too. I whispered in his mouth. “Orgasm, don’t stop. Keep going.” He nodded and I said, “You too. Have an orgasm. Stay in. I’m good. It’s great, don’t stop. Take my gown off.”

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