Pervert Boss


I would like to thank Tahrima Begum for helping me write and edit this. She has some great stories that I would recommend.


My life had been comfortable for most of my life. I was married at the age of 18 to a successful businessman. A life of luxury followed and I never had a need to work or worry about money. My name is Tahrima Ahmed and my husband is Abdul Ahmed. Our children had now grown and flown the nest and there was an element of boredom that crept into our lives. I was more bored than my husband as he at least had work to preoccupy him.

I was brought up in a strict religious household. My parents were conservative Muslims and I was never expected to work or see much of the outside world. After my marriage I was content with my life as a housewife, my husband was quite the sex freak when we were younger and had a voracious appetite for it, but recently everything changed. My husband controlled all the finances and I always trusted him but I recently discovered that the business was in deep trouble and our home was about to be repossessed. Out of need to keep our heads above water I entered the working world. He was clearly stressed with work which also explained his lack of interest in sex.

I found a job as an assistant. It was a fast-paced sales business but my job was simple and I assisted the CEO with managing general activities and organizing reports. I was kept busy and it was demanding work.

My boss was Roger Evans who was around 6 foot 2 and had a heavy build at the age of 62, the years were catching up to him. His belly was huge; the shirts he often wore seemed to be struggling to contain all that fat.

He towered over me as I was relatively short at only 5’2″. My body measured at 36-26-36. I was 44 but in many ways I never felt that I had fully experienced life. Even in my conservative clothes my breasts often received the most attention as they hung at 36E. My ass was getting bigger and I tried to cover it with loose clothing so it did not look so big but sometimes I felt there was no use. At work I had to wear clothes that were a bit more western, so I had to wear long pencil skirts, which rather irritatingly showed off my big ass even more. I had seen a few men stare at it whilst on my commute to work.

Roger was a gentle old man but I was always uncomfortable as I had never worked with or been so close to another man. I had lived a sheltered life and I knew it was a sin to be alone with a man. I had stayed late one evening as Roger needed me to process a number of invoices and put them on a spreadsheet. I had been hunched over my desk inputting the data when I felt a pinch in my neck and began rubbing it with my hand instinctively. Roger saw me rubbing my shoulder.

“You have worked so hard today. You have earned your overtime pay. Let me help you with that.” He said as he came over and removed my hand from my shoulder.

“No. Please, you don’t have to Roger.” I pleaded as another man had never touched me before. I had never shaken the hands of a male colleague before. It was a sinful thing after all, only my husband was meant to touch me.

“It is fine. Think nothing of it.” His voice was reassuring as he took control and began massaging my shoulder. His hands were a touch of heaven as I felt my body melt and the tension ease from my shoulder. A sigh escaped my lips as I began to enjoy the massage which pushed all thoughts of sin to the back of my mind. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensations of the shoulder rub. I thought to myself my husband never did this for me and it was so sweet of Roger to do this.

I was lost to the sensations as I relaxed in my seat and enjoyed the relaxing feeling. I had noticed Roger’s hands move lower down my shoulders to my upper arms but I paid no mind to this as it only seemed to relax me more. I had not initially noticed but I was certain Roger was feeling my breasts from the side. But the sensations felt so good I simply sighed in response. Perhaps it was only incidental as he massaged my arms.

My mind was lost to these sensual sensations and I was not fully conscious of what was happening. I could sense his hands move gently over my breasts and cup them. I knew this had happened but my conscious mind did not register it as my mind was lost to the sensations. My body began to writhe as I felt his hands move over my sensitive nipples over my shirt and bra. Why was I allowing him to touch me in this way?

I then felt him grope my breasts over my shirt and bra which brought an audible moan from my lips. This seemed to awaken my conscious mind as I became aware of what was happening and pulled his hands off me.

“Sir, I really need to go home. My husband will be waiting for me.” I said while hastily gathering my things and leaving out of the door.

As I sat in my car the sensations kept playing in my mind and it had put me in a horny state. I could sense how stiff my nipples were as they rubbed against the inside of the bra and eryamanda yeni escortlar I knew I was wet between my legs.

I had not had sex in the last 2 months ever since I discovered my husband’s financial woes. We would usually have sex once a week and I needed it tonight.

As I got into bed I tried kissing Abdul but he kept saying he was not in the mood. I put my hand on his cock but there was nothing there. He was flaccid and there was no life at all. I was burning hot with desire and desperately needed to be fucked but he was giving me nothing. I tossed and turned that night as I dreamed about Roger groping me and touching me. I felt so hot and my body was all sweaty. I woke up in the middle of the night as I looked over at my snoring husband.

I began to touch my breasts as Roger had but it was not the same. My hand went under my t shirt as I groped my 36E breasts. I bit my other hand to contain any moans that escaped my lips.

I could not believe my nipples felt so stiff and erect already. They felt practically engorge in my fingers but I was so horny right now.

I slid my hand into my pajamas and began to rub myself over my panties. I was so wet already that the panties were practically soaked through. I bit my hand harder as I thought about my horny state; my need to climax was increasing exponentially.

I placed my hand under my panties as I began to rub my clit with my fingers. My biting becoming harder as I feel my orgasm getting closer.

I am thinking of Roger and I wonder about his cock. How big is it? Did he enjoy touching me? Would he be hard for me if I wanted to fuck?

As I thought about Roger I inserted a finger inside of myself as I struggled to contain my moans, there was something about him, his manner, his voice, despite not being that attractive he carried himself with such confidence and authority that I found quite attractive. I was becoming beyond horny as that hunger began to rise. I began to buck against my fingering hand as that need grew inside of me. My back was arched as I thought about Roger and my orgasm getting close. Finally it was here as I moaned, “Ya Allah.”

My husband began to stir as I came down from my orgasm.

“What was that? What happened?” He asked without opening his eyes.

“I had a nightmare. Go back to sleep.” I said as I imagined what he would think if he knew his wife had just masturbated to the idea of her older boss. I knew this was wrong and I had to support my husband. I had to make sure Roger behaved himself. I was not going to let him treat me as some office slut.

The next few weeks I was more guarded and things were pretty normal. There was nothing from Roger to suggest he was interested in me and I began to think I imagined all of this in my horny state. My husband had still not tried to make love to me and I found myself thinking of sex more than a Muslim woman should.

A few months had passed and I had been enjoying working. The best part of the work was interacting with other colleagues. I spent most of my time with Roger and I found him funny and sweet in his own way. He was divorced and he would often joke that he would have retired long ago if he had a good woman like me at home. I found it flattering that he thought I was a worthy wife and I sometimes wished my husband thought I was good enough to keep at home.

My husband’s business began to pick up and as we were more financially stable I asked if I could now quit my job but he was reluctant and said we needed the income. I was disappointed as despite enjoying working I also longed for someone to take care of me.

My husband’s libido had not returned and it affected me as my mind turned to horny thoughts on a regular basis in the absence of sexual relief.

It had been a couple of months since the incident with Roger and nothing had happened since. I began to put it down to my imagination as my eyes were closed and I had a horny imagination of late due to my lack of sex.

I needed a notepad and went to the stationery closet. It was a relatively small space and it was a squeeze for 2 people to be in the closet.

The notepads were awkwardly positioned above me and I was struggling to reach when I heard someone enter.

“Oh Tahrima. I needed a few pens as they keep disappearing from my desk.” I heard Roger ask from behind me in the dimly lit closet.

“I am having trouble reaching the notepads also. Can you help?” I asked as I struggled to reach for the notepad.

He was taller than me and I felt his presence behind me. I could smell his cologne as he pressed up against me. It was strong and only got stronger as he moved closer to me

“Here, let me get that for you.” He said as he reached over me for the notepads. I backed my ass into his crotch without conscious thought as I felt him take a deep breath. I could feel his cock become erect in his trousers. He had paused as he attempted to judge my action and whether this was just incidental.

I sincan escort bayan was surprised by my own actions and my body seemed to be acting of a will of its own as I moved as slowly up and down against his cock rubbing it. The atmosphere in the closet became heavy as we both contemplated where this was going. There were no words exchanged but our bodies were communicating in their own language. The only audible sounds were our heavy breathing as time seemed to freeze.

I then felt Roger push his cock against my ass cheeks. There was a conflict within me as I was a good Muslim woman, I knew this was wrong that I should immediately put an end to this, but my horny desires were more evident than ever before.

I felt Roger’s free hand began to roam over my ass as his other hand feigned some interest in reaching for the notepad. As my lack of protest was becoming apparent Roger became bolder and squeezed my buttock. I sighed as he did this, my horny state becoming evident to him. I could feel wetness between my legs already at this perverted situation.

I wore a long ankle length skirt with thick black pantyhose underneath, a buttoned up shirt and a cardigan over it. I wore a hijab as always outside of my home or when I was around unfamiliar men.

“Oh Allah,” I moaned as the sensual feeling between us began to grow. Roger was beginning to thrust against my ass as I pushed back against him. We were both complicit in our actions.

“Oh Roger”, I moaned as in one swift motion he had lifted my skirt over my ass so that he was now pressing against my pantyhose. I knew this was wrong but I could only moan like a slut in response.

He began to run his hand over my pantyhose and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise as I felt his intimate touch. He then ran his fingers over the seam of the pantyhose as he began to push his fingers against my pussy lips. I was sopping wet and his light touches were making me crave a harder touch.

The hand reaching for the notepads had dropped and was cupping my breasts over my clothes. I could feel how erect my nipple was in my bra. My body was on fire as I had never been this horny in my life. I was no longer thinking like a good Muslim wife as my focus was on this man with a cock that was hard for me.

He began to pick at the seam of my pantyhose as he continued to gently massage my pussy lips.

“Sir, please,” I begged like a slut wanting more direct contact. I could hear the tear at my seam as I became more exposed to this man who was not my husband.

I moved a hand back trying to stop him from tearing my pantyhose but he easily moved my hand away and I was not showing much resistance. There was a deeper yearning inside me and I knew he sensed this as his groping of my breasts grew rougher. He undid his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor. I felt his cock against my panties as it was now my last layer of clothing protecting me against this invading cock.

He began to wedge my panties together as he turned it into a thong.

“Sir, we must stop. Anyone could walk in.” I moaned but my protests not having any conviction about them.

“I am only trying to help you grab the notepads.” He said with all seriousness despite the only thing he was grabbing were my tits and ass. I never imagined him being so perverted but I needed this attention at the moment.

In a swift motion I felt him tear my panties from body. My mouth was open as I could not believe what he had just done. I then felt his hand on my back as he pushed me forward against the shelves bending me over.

My hands were on the shelves for support as I felt his big white cock rub up and down against my wet pussy lips. He then began to slap his hard cock against my wet pussy, the flapping sound filling the small room.

“Do you want this fat white infidel cock in your horny Muslim cunt?” He asked his tone becoming more demanding.

“Sir, please.” The only words that I could muster. I then felt his big cock at my entrance and it was so big that I could feel my pussy lips widen like never before. A panic set in and I could not do this with an infidel. I broke us apart and as I turned trying to move him away I had hold of his cock. My breathing began to return to normal as the panic began to subside. I was still holding his cock and I was unable to let go. In fact I had begun to stroke it as he looked me in the eyes. He was confused as I had stopped him when he was so close but now I was stroking his cock. He must be thinking I am some kind of cock tease but he did not understand the conflict within me between my desires and my faith.

I was mesmerized by his fat white cock as I began to roughly stroke it. He seemed to take this as permission for him to continue and he began fondle my breasts. He lifted my cardigan, and opened the buttons of my shirt and began to grope them over my bra. I was becoming so horny again as he began to roughly pinch my nipples through ankara escort my bra. I had never been in such a perverted situation before.

He then pushed me down from my shoulders to my knees. I was initially taken by surprise but then I realized what he wanted. He grabbed my hijab from the sides and forced his cock into my mouth. It was so large that I struggled to take it all. I could feel my mouth stretch to the limit as he forced it deeper and deeper into my mouth. I began to gag and then he stopped and pulled out slightly. I began to lick his cock as I used one hand to massage his balls and the other was fingering my wet cunt. Despite struggling with the size of his cock I continued to take it deeper, the dam had broken and the pent up lust was starting to break free.

I was so horny and a part of me wished I had just let him fuck me so I could orgasm all over this fucking huge cock. He began to push his cock in again and my throat began to relax as I took more and more of his cock. Roger started to thrust his cock deeper and deeper down my throat as he throat fucked me.

“You fucking horny Muslim cunt. You love the taste of infidel meat.” He groaned as he throat fucked me.

I was gagging on his cock but it only caused me to be more turned on. I then heard Stella outside ask “Where is Roger? We have a meeting.” His throat fucking took on a new intensity as I began to finger myself harder and faster. He then grunted as he thrusted hard against the back of my throat triggering my orgasm causing me to moan on his cock as he came down my throat.

We both got dressed and I was setting my hijab as Stella pushed the door open. Luckily we looked normal and Roger was picking up the notepads.

“Where were you? We have a meeting in 5 minutes.” Stella asked rather rudely. My throat was still hurting from the fucking it had received.

“I just had to pick up some pens and I was helping Tahrima pick up some notepads. Who put the shelves so high? It is ridiculous.” Roger asked in an authoritative manner as Stella said she will look into it.

He passed the notepads to me before leaving with Stella.

It was a disgusting situation I was in, how could I behave so wantonly with my boss of all people? I had to leave this job and I had decided that on Friday I would tell Roger I would be leaving. I was no longer going to wait for my husband’s permission. I knew I had to act fast before something like this happened again.

It was Thursday and Roger had not spoken of the incident in the cupboard and to everyone else he was the sweet old boss but I saw a different side to him. The pervert within. But I had also seen a different side to myself and that disturbed me more than what Roger had done.

It was around midday when my husband called me. He never called me at work and I found this strange. He said he would be dropping by and I thought what on earth is going on. It was an hour later when he turned up. He came over to my desk to announce himself.

“I have meeting with Roger as my company is tendering for the contract to update the IT infrastructure”. He announced in a cheery manner. I thought to myself what game could Roger be playing or was this just coincidence. Whatever it was the one thing I was sure about was the fact that luck was most definitely not on my side. I did not speak to Abdul again until I saw him at home and he was in a cheery mood.

“How was the meeting?” I asked curiously. Abdul had a gleeful expression plastered across his face and I knew I was not going to be able to leave as planned.

“Roger is such a great guy. He invited me on a golfing weekend away next week. He wants to discuss more details of the plans we have.” Abdul announced smiling from ear to ear. I hated the idea of him being alone with Roger. What if Roger told him what we did?

“I will join you. I don’t want them thinking I am not supporting you.” I said trying to work my way into the trip. This seemed to pull Abdul in too deep thought as I mulled over the idea of me coming along, it was obvious he was thinking about how this could help with the deal.

“Roger knows you well and it will help me win him over. You should come with me.” Abdul said like it was his idea. If only me husband knew the truth he would not have such a happy expression on his face. But he could never find out, that’s why I needed to be there.

Roger was completely normal at work and there was nothing out of place. I mentioned to him that I would be joining Abdul on the trip and he seemed please.

“Tahrima, you know I prefer your company to anyone else in the office. Also you will enjoy the accommodation. It has a private swimming pool and hot tub.” He said winking at me and I wondered for a moment what was I getting into by agreeing to this. There was an undeniable sexual tension between me and Roger.

A part of me felt it was due to our time in the closet. Maybe if I let him have sex with me then the tension would be gone and not drawn out but I was also happy I stayed loyal to my husband in some way. It made me think of myself in a positive way, I started to believe that I had a strong resolve, that despite the minor sinful act I had not committed a major sin that Allah would surely forgive me for that.

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