Subject: Peter and Dominik chapter 4 (youth -adult) This story is fiction and all characters are a figment of my imagination. Please don’t confuse them with real life people or events Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html I would love to get feedback from ail chapter 4 I took the opportunity to phone his mother while he was getting dress. I received the opposite reaction from her that I thought I would get. She was not mad at all, she even laughed. “Yip , sounds like a normal day for my son” she said I had permission to do what ever is necessary, not only for for the blue dye incident, but what ever may follow still. Now that just made me a bit stressed. What is next, will he survive the 2 weeks here. It was only day 2 and he has tried petting a bull and dyed his hair blue. And to top it of. the twins will sleep over for a few nights. Is it to early to start drinking? We got into the pickup and set of for town. I thanked him again for a superb breakfast. As we drove past John’s house we waved to the twins and I told Dominik that they will stay over for a few nights. He was not pleased at all, he told me he liked them very much but, if they find out he wets the bed, it will be his end. We immediately started making plans. Well he will be sharing my bed and the twins will sleep in the room next to mine. Yes I know I have a 2 other bedrooms not in use, but with him sleeping next to me I can wake him up to go to the loo without the twins over hearing. But we needed to buy him a set of sleeping shorts as we don’t want want the twins seeing us together nude and most likely with erections. We also agreed upon that we will restrict nudity to the bathroom only. Dominik was not that happy about it. He hates wearing anything while sleeping, but he understood why it was necessary. When I talked about undies I could see I will not win this one. He absolutely hates them. I tried the angle that boys looks sexy in them, nope didn’t work. First stop, the barber. Well he gave us 3 options. We either cut his hair, dye his hair or leave it as it is. The blue food coloring will wash out in a few days time. I would have cut it, easy and done, but Dominik like the last one more. I asked him if he was sure as I am not coming back to town till next week. He was up for it, who is going to see him anyway, we on the farm the whole time. . Next stop was for clothes. O MY WORD. It was not as easy as I thought. We spend 2 hours there. I think he tried on everything that was on the racks. There was a few I liked as it showed his bubble butt of so well, but he didn’t like it. So we eventually got out the shop with 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 t-shirts, 2 button up shirts, one pair of silky boxers for bed time and a speedo for swimming. I promised him I will teach him to swim. I phoned the dinner to order 2 cheese burgers and fries. We will pick it up in 30 Minutes time. I first had to go get some groceries for us. Dominik was the celebrity in the store. Everyone looked at the blue headed boy. One boy said out load to his mom he wants blue hair as well. His mom told him in no uncertain terms that it will only happen over her dead body. A few people greeted and started a small conversation, mostly about who the boy was and why the blue hair. I just told them its a family friend’s son on vacation. As to the hair, the word “twins” explained it all. There was even a few that said that they can see he has met the twins already. We all had a good Laugh about it. Dominik asked me if he could go sit in the pickup, he saw here is signal and he can use it to get in touch with his friends on his cell. I told him its a good idea, just don’t walk alone in town. People might think he a alien from planet blue and shoot him. I offered that he get his friends email addresses so he can contact them from the work office. That the only place on the farm where there is fix line internet. He thanked me and of he went. I bought a lot of extras because izmit rus escort I have 3 teenage boys visiting me now, I stopped at the board game section as well. I had to get a few of that as we only had TV as entertainment at home. I finished my shopping and went back to the pickup. I found that Dominik was not alone. Mrs Kathy was with him. Poor child. Now Mrs Kathy was our pastors sister. She walked around with the bible always close at hand. If she sees something she don’t like, she will walk up to you and give you a ear full. I saw poor Dominik was getting it. His face was screaming help me when he saw me. She was about to do a exorcism on poor Dominik. “morning Mrs Kathy” I greeted her with a grin “How can you allow this Peter, this boy has the Devil working inside him” she shouted at me with wide eyes. ” Why Mrs Kathy?” “Look at him.” pointing at Dominik “his hair is blue” I started laughing , she was not amused at me laughing. ” Twins, Mrs Kathy, Twins” is all I said. ” O ” she said while looking from me to Dominik, ” I’m really sorry, didn’t knew you have met the Smith twins already.” She was looking at Dominik while saying that, she stood straight up, set her boutique bought hat straight, then walked. It looked like she swallowed a broom stick so upright she was . I was laughing so hard when I got into the pickup. Dominik’s face said it all. “Who was that and why did she keep pushing a wooden cross in my face” he asked me with a confused face. I told him all about good old Mrs Kathy, she is a wonderful person but at times her head tents to loose a bolt or something, she is just as famous as the twins in town. We picked up our burgers and fries from the dinner and set of home. We ate on the go as we where real hungry. Entering the north gate I saw that John’s car was packed already. We stopped to pick up the twins and greet John and his wife, wishing them all the best. The boys jumped on the back of the pickup and Dominik told them about Mrs Kathy, they where is stitches. I drove up to my house. The boys helped me get everything from the pickup and into the kitchen. I gave Dominik the bags with his new clothes and ask him to put it in my room together with his bag that’s in the twins room still. With the boys putting their stuff away, I packed the groceries in. on their return there was a glass of ice cold soda waiting for them. I had to get out and get some work done. The boys asked if they could not stay here as they wanted to play the game Risk that I just bought. I agreed on one condition only. They are not allowed to do anything except play the game. They are not allowed to swim as Dominik can not swim. I must teach him first. They agreed to my terms. I drove all long the fence to make sure everything was still in order before I went to the office. All the time I was thinking about this strange feelings I had the past few days. Today I got so hard with that pair of shorts he tried on, the nice tight fitting ones that he didn’t like. I bought it and put it in the same bag as the rest of his new clothes. I hope he will put it on, maybe. I read my emails and answered a few. No matter what I did I could not get my mind of Dominik, I ended up relieving my erection in the office toilet. I’m feeling embarrassed of the things I’m thinking. Am I turning into a sick minded person. Just before I set of back home I made sure that everything was cleaned and ready for the morning. The farm hands I had has been with me for years and they knew what to do. I didn’t had to stand behind them to make sure they do their jobs. John had them well trained, plus with the extra bonus they get from profit sharing at the end of the year made sure that they will always act to the best of the what the farm needs. Its a win win thing. I closed up and went back home. I saw smoke coming from the house, I started sweating immediately, what was I thinking, leaving the twins together with a accident waiting to happen, alone izmit escort at home. As I got closer to the house I saw that it was a barbecue fire they started. I got out the truck and walked to them. Dominik started that they where hungry and would barbecue some meat for us. I asked him what meat and he said that he took some steaks and unfroze them in the Microwave. I was pleased that my house didn’t burn down. They have just lit the fire basically so I offered to make some potato salad. It turned out to be a nice barbecue. Dominik told us all about the big city and all the things he gets to do there. I could see he missed being phone, but he was a gentlemen about it. He also told us about his accidents he had and why his mother calls him a accident in the happening. How is this boy still alive with all these stunts he pulled. He must have a guardian angel with him. He had us in stitches when he told us that he and his friend dared each other to run into a cactus plant in the nude, and how his friend’s mom had to take out thorns from places on them where the son never shines. He told the story very explicit, my belly was hurting by the time the twins had the meat ready for us. Their dad did well teaching them how to cook a steak. We had a good meal. So far this is turning out much better than I thought it could. The boys said they will do the dishes and I can relax, huh, what is this. The twins hates helping at home and here they volunteer, one for the books. I made myself a cub of coffee and went to sit outside again. I had a few smokes before I realized that the boys are way to quite. I went to go investigate. The kitchen is nice and clean, but they are not there. There is some gigging coming from my room. Geez what they up to, I walked to my room expecting the worse. Just as I wanted to enter my room the 3 boys walked out of it. The each had a towel wrapped around their waist, no shirt or shoes. “You guys on your way for a shower?”i asked them. “No, we going swimming and u going with us as well” Dominik said. “OK, brilliant idea, just give me a sec to get my trunks on” nope, the boys had other ideas, they dragged and pushed me to the pool side, and before I could say anything they were in the water, nude as the day they where born. I just saw 3 butts as they jumped in, 2 with out any tan lines and on cute bubble butt, white as snow. It was a perfect time for swimming on a hot summers night. The sun was setting in the west and and the full moon was already up in the sky. I striped and jumped in, I did it as fast as I could because there was 3 boys looking at me. The water was wonderful, it was not cold, but cold enough to cool me down right away. The boys looked at me and then the twins said “Yes Dom, we see what you mean. He even bigger than our dad” I was shocked, and I was blushing at the same time. ” Hey!” I said ” Why are you looking at my junk,we all male in here and if you don’t stop it right now, I will get out” “Sorry” the 3 singed in harmony. Yea right I can see you guys are not sorry. I swam over to Dominik where he was standing in the shallow end “and further more boys, the next one that calls Dominik Dom , will get the belt. He don’t like it and it means something ugly in a African language” They both said sorry. I told the twins that they must swim a bit while I show Dominik how to swim. They kept getting out the pool and did bomb dive back in to see who makes the biggest splash. I took Dominik and started showing him, man this is getting awkward. I did hold him under his tummy while I tough him. Holding his smooth naked body in my hands, and sometimes feeling his his penis bumping against my hand made me a bit hard. It was not long before he was hard as-well. I could not let the twins see it. So I did make Dominik hold on to the side so he can learn how to kick and we don’t have to touch each other. We did that for a few minutes and then Dominik let loose of the side and swam under water. Man he was like Aqua man. I saw kocaeli escort he could help himself nicely swimming under water. He knew how to come up for a breath and even to trot water in the deep side. We started playing Marco Pollo. The twins took advantage of Dominik, he was caught so many times I started to feel sorry for him. But I must say, it felt to me that Donald was feeling me up sometimes when he caught me. We where in the water for more than a hour before we got out. We laid on the paving next to the pool enjoying the nice evening breeze. At first I thought that it is so wrong for a old man laying nude with 3 boys who is only starting with puberty, but then why is it wrong, we are all males here and it not like it’s sexual of any sorts, or was it. I looked at the twins and they where truly identical. They had 4 inch dicks, no pubic hair yet and they where almost as thick as Dominik. I turned over to my tummy, why is this getting me hard. We laid there till we where nice and dry, I told the boys time for shower. Dominik asked is it really necessary to have shorts on for bed time. I told him that John would not like it. The twins immediately let me know that they always sleep in the nude. I looked at them . “We promise we will not tell” both of the twins said at the same time. To be honest, the thought of me and the boys nude in the house did not sound that bad, but I was a bit scared. I agreed only if they never will tell a soul. We went inside, the twins showered together in the main bathroom while Dominik showered in mine. I waited till he was finished before I showered. I did relief a bit of my tension in the shower as I don’t want to get a erection with the boys around. When I got out there was a nice cup of coffee waiting for me. I told them to get the game scrabble ready while I go have a smoke while having coffee. I normally smoke inside the house as it’s only me living there, but with kids around it safer to go outside. Donald came stand outside with me for a bit. I could see he had something on his mind. “yes Donald?” I asked him. He looked at me but with a troubled mind. “Peter, I’m sorry about the blue hair, it was my idea” I took his hand with a firm grip, thanking him for manning up to it.” he promised me he will not do it again…yea right I thought. We played till 10 pm. The boys tried some cheating with some weird words. I kept them inline with spelling. At sometimes I just let it slide, especially when it came to Dominik. I could see as well what where on their minds, so many words had something sexual about it. I told the boys that they can sleep late in the morning, but its time for bed. We all stood up at the same time. My gosh, the twins where both rock hard and Dominik had a semi. That made me hard in a second. All 3 saw, but said nothing. But they did stare thou. I saw Dominik go rock hard as well. We said our good nights and went to our beds. The twins to their room and Dominik to my bad. There was a good space between us. It was not long when I heard both twins going to the toilet, no secret what they where doing in the room. I fell asleep with a boner. At about 1 am I woke up with Dominik spooning against me. My arm was around him and my hand resting on his hard penis.. I took my hand away fast, what am I doing. I went to the toilet and on my return I woke him so he can go. He went and when he got back in bed , he went straight back to spooning. I could feel me go hard and decided to turn around. He turned as well, his hand resting in my tummy. I could not help it, I moaned at his touch a little. We did fall back to sleep in that possession. I was hard and leaking. At 3 am I woke up again. Dominik’s hand did go lower and was laying on my rock hard cock now. I took his hand slowly from me. Hoping not to wake him. I went to the main bathroom and had a good wank. I was horny as hell, after I did my bit I went back to my room, founding Dominik in my rooms bathroom. I first thought that he went for a pee, but then I saw he had a good wank as well. Clearly the 2 of us need to talk. It was clear that there is sexual tension between us, I sat on the side of the bed and called him closer. “Buddy? What is this between us?” to be continued

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