Subject: Peter and Dominik chapter 9 (youth -adult) This story is fiction and all characters are a figment of my imagination. Please don’t confuse them with real life people or events English is not my native tongue and I want to thank John for all the help he is providing in this regard. Thank you John Please support Nifty to keep these stories fty/donate.html I would love to get feedback from ail Chapter 9 It took a second or two for me to get to grips with what John just told me. I was in a very deep peaceful sleep a mere minute ago. Then it struck me, like a brick, right between the eyes. They were stealing my livestock. I need to act fast. I woke up Dominik while I got dressed and told him that I am stepping out. He asked why and I told him we have thieves on the farm. I could see he was scared in an instant. I am a real dumb shit, I have forgotten he is a city boy and I now needed to sit down and calm him first. There was not a lot of time. They can steal a thousand head of live-stock in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. I told Dominik that the cops are on their way and John is picking me up. He wanted to go too, but that would have been the most dangerous thing to do. “Dominik my love,” I started, and I could see that my words struck a chord, ” I have just found you and received you in my love. I refuse to put you in harm’s way, so you will stay here, where you will be safe. I need you to be safe.” I could see that he doesn’t want to leave my side, but he assured me he will stay in the house if I promise to come home safely. I promised. He did ask if the twins are coming with John, I could not answer him on that as I didn’t know myself. John would think of their safety first as well. Just as I stood in front of the toilet to have a quick pee, I heard the twins come in. They didn’t say much as they entered, but strange that they knew where to find Dominik. When I got from the toilet, I found Dominik sitting between the twins who were comforting him, as they saw that he was a bit scared as well. He never got dressed like I asked him to do. Donald told me his dad was waiting outside. I collected my rifle and side-arm and went to John where he was sitting on hot coals waiting for me. Trevor locked up the house behind me “There is something odd about this” John told me as we drove. There was no alarm going off, which is strange. The whole farm is fenced in with electrical fencing. John said that something woke him up and as he stood in his kitchen he saw lights shining into the air like search lights. They came from west side of his house. He wanted to go alone at first but he knew that is way too dangerous. He phoned the cops. He didn’t dare call people on the radio just in case the thieves had a scanner with them. We saw spot lights shining straight in to the air, which was very odd. What thief shows his location by shining lights into the heavens ? Normally they use a truck and drive it up to the fence, close enough to the live-stock but far enough away so the inhabitants of the farm can’t hear them. And they use as little light as possible. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a man running towards us. John didn’t see him right away as he drove without headlights on and navigating by moonlight only. Thieves love to do their things on a full moon. I indicated to John to stop, and got out the pickup with my pistol ready to shoot if needed. When I asked the man to stop I could hear that it was Andrew and he was a bit in panic mode “Please come quickly, there has been an accident and Mr. Jones and his wife are badly injured” he said and jumped into the back of the pickup. John turned on the headlights and was now driving like a bat out of hell. At one point I thought we might overturn. Andrew did hold on for dear life there on the back. As we got closer to the scene, things became clearer. It was not thieves, but a car accident. The car was turned on its roof and the front part came to a stop against an ant hill. That is why we had search lights in the air. We jumped out and ran towards the scene. John went to the driver’s side and I went to the passenger side. It was indeed the Jones’s from town. They were the owners of the local gas station. Both of them were badly injured. John called over the radio that someone must please phone for medical help here. We both knew it would be a long time for ambulances to arrive. Our town doesn’t have an ambulance service so it must be called out from 2 towns away. It will take at least 2 hours, so the next best thing is to call out our local doctor, which will take only about 30 minutes. Meantime John and I had to do our best to give first aid. Mr. Jones, or `Shorty’ as he is better known to us, had a gear leaver stuck in his upper thigh and we could see that the leaver took some of his thighbone with it when it exited the top side of his leg. His left arm was clearly broken and by the looks of things a few ribs as well. His wife on the other hand had a deep cut over both her breasts, her right leg was trapped under the dashboard and her right foot was at a very strange angel, clearly broken. She complained about neck pain as well. We did what we could by stabilizing them and securing their necks. John knew Shorty well as they were good friends from high school days. Their son is class-mates with the twins and was luckily not with them. He was at home as he didn’t want to go when they went visiting family in the next town. That’s why they were racing home. He thinks he fell asleep behind the wheel. John said he will go pick up his son and will stay over at his place till we knew more. John and I looked over the whole accident scene. By the look of things, he did hit a mile post next to the road and it caused him to flip over and roll, clearing the fence. I told John to go and get the boy while I wait for the doctor and the ambulances. It might still be a while, and the boy must be out of his mind already. He didn’t hesitate at all, and off he went. The doctor arrived not much later and told us that what we did was good. The ambulance arrived just as the sun started to peek over the edge of the world. Luckily, we could get Mrs. Jones leg unpinned easily, and they were en route to hospital with the doctor in tow just before 7am. Andrew and the rest who were there went at 5am to do the morning chores, starting with milking. So at least the work is not falling behind. John had them trained nicely. As everyone was gone from the scene, I started walking home. It’s not that far, but it gave me time to think about everything, and I did need to think. Yes it’s clear I am gay, or was I just lusting after a boy? But thinking back over the years, I can say “yes, I am gay”. The boy only woke up those feelings in a manner I never wanted. I have been looking at men all my life but only realized now that I was looking at men in a different way. I was much more comfortable talking to a woman than a man. Why was I so stupid all my life? And why this boy? The twins were part of my life for years, and I have seen them nude so many times before. Never did I really see their nudity – I just saw them. Then I remembered my childhood friend who was ripped from my life for ever. I had the feelings I’m having with Dominik now, only with him in the past. Why now again? As I tried remembering my childhood, I started to see it; Dominik and he look very much alike – same body type, same eyes and same personality. Am I really in love with Dominik, or am I just reliving my past? Before things get out of hand, I must sort myself first izmit rus escort now. But how? I crossed the line last night. He is really in love with me, I think. I don’t want to hurt him, as I do have feelings for him. The boys were waiting for me when I stepped into the house. The twins were worried about where their dad is. I told them I will tell them over breakfast, but they don’t need to worry as their dad went to town on an urgent matter. Well, the twins didn’t like my answer and were clear about it. I walked into the kitchen and the boys followed. I found that the maid came in early as her husband told her about what happened this morning. She has not told the boys anything. While she dished up breakfast, I told the boys about the accident. Donald gave me a slap and told me never to do that to them again. He thought his dad was injured. I felt sorry for the poor boys and apologized. Trevor stopped us before we started eating, and he prayed. He prayed for the speedy recovery of their friend’s parents. He prayed for the safe keeping of us all. It was clear that this has hit him hard. When the maid left the room to do some laundry I took the opportunity to ask Trevor if he is ok. “No” he said and took a minute before he continued. “Our dad told us about why mom is only coming on Sundays and we don’t know what to do.” He started crying along with Donald. I didn’t know what to say, and Dominik was the one to speak up and tell them all will be ok and that most his friends at school have divorced parents and that his parents are divorced as well. That didn’t help much, so I had to step in. “Look here guys, I know it’s hard and I don’t know the reason for it, but it’s your parents’ problems All I know is that both of them love you and, no matter where you live, they will both support you and take care of you. I know that they will not stop you if you want to go visit the other parent.” Dominik and I stood closer to them and gave one big hug that included all four of us. Trevor cried even louder now and Donald tried to comfort him, but he was still crying. The phone rang and I excused myself to go and answer it. It was John. He phoned to say that he had arrived at hospital just before the ambulance did, that their son is ok and that they will phone as soon as the doctors finish with them. I told him that the twins are not doing so great as they are not taking the divorce thing easy. He told me that he will talk to me about that on his return. When I got back in the kitchen the boys stopped crying. I told them that their dad will be home later today with the Jones’s son. They are just waiting on feedback from the doctors. That cheered the boys up a bit. I looked at Donald and I could see that he knows something. He is a clever boy with his ears on the ground, he misses nothing. I said that all 4 of us must go to the office, and told the maid to cook lunch for 6 people . At the office, I made a few calls. My first call was to the local gas station to get a tow truck. I am a dumb ass…they ain’t open yet as they are in the hospital. The boys had a good laugh with that. So I phoned on of my neighbours and asked if he can come and help with his low bed truck. He will meet me in an hour at the office. I just hoped that he has a winch on the low bed or it will be a thing of pure man power. I phoned Dominik’s mom. She answered on the second ring. She told me she did a lot of thinking yesterday and said I was right, but she will phone him tonight at 8 if it’s ok with me as she really needs to get back to work. Dominik did give out a sigh of relief. I don’t think he had the strength to add more drama to this morning. I spent the rest of the time waiting for my neighbour by doing some admin work. Andrew assured me that all the cows were milked and everything was en route to the dairy As my neighbour pulling up, the phone rang. It was John again. He just letting me know that the Doctors said that Shorty will spend at least a week in hospital. His wife will be kept over-night for observation. They are on their way back, but will stop first for some clothes for the boy and to arrange with the Jones’s neighbour’s son to open up the gas station. He is 24 years old and helped Shorty from time to time. They will be back in 2 hours’ time, more or less. Dominik and Trevor were outside chatting to the neighbour . What? Did he just give Dominik a friendly slap on the ass. I went outside and said hello and thanked him for coming to our aid. I told Trevor to stay here and answer emails and to stay out of trouble. Donald was coming with me. We decided that I will drive ahead in my pickup and he will follow with the low bed. I am glad that the fence was not damaged or that would have cost me a pretty penny to have it fixed. It was a short drive, but for me it was a very long drive with Donald in the truck with me. “So you saw how he touched your boyfriend on the ass then” Donald said laughing and pointing with his thumb in a backwards way to the man following us. I went ice cold, what did he just say? “I don’t know what you talking about,” I lied, but could see that he was actually enjoying my torture here. “You don’t need to lie Peter, I know everything, ” he said while having a grin on his face. “What do you know exactly?” I asked him, fishing for more info. “Well, when we got there this morning and you went out, we all climbed into bed with Dominik. Next time you and he have fun, make sure that you wash all the cum off. There was dried cum on his lower back.” he said winking at me. “Dominik tried telling me it was his, but I ain’t stupid. How do get your own spunk on your own back?” Trevor believed him but not me. I was silent, not knowing what to say at all. I just looked at him. “Peter, Trevor and I can keep secrets, especially secrets of our friends.” That is all he said about it, but I still couldn’t say a word. My mind was running over-time. I made sure he was clean, how did I miss that. What did Dominik tell them, and what is this secret he refers to that he and his brother have which John also talked about earlier. It was the longest 2 minute drive ever. As we stopped at the wreck, all I good say before getting out of the truck was “Thank you.” Looking at the wreck now, I can’t believe they got out of it alive. It was a total wreck. Donald started picking up all the property of the Jones’s that lay scattered around. We took all of their personal stuff from the car as well and put it in a bag so I can give it to John to return to the owners. It didn’t take that long to upright the car and to get it on the truck. Lucky for us, he had a winch to pull it onto the low bed. My neighbour restores old cars as a hobby and he uses the low bed to pick up new protects. And to put the cherry on the cake, he invited Dominik and me over for a few drinks and to let Dominik look at his 25 car collection. I told him maybe next week, as the rest of the weekend will be hectic. I think he could see that there is no way I will bring Dominik over to his place soon. I thanked him for the help and he said he will take the wreck and offload it at the back of the gas station. And he departed. Is that what I have become? I thought to myself as I watched him driving away. Have I become a perv that will do anything to get close to a boy I like. My head was spinning. It was as if Donald read my mind. “You are not him so don’t look so confused.” That made me feel a bit better. On the drive back, I stopped the truck half way – I needed to get things off my chest. “Look Donald: yes, izmit escort Dominik and I did some stuff in the shower, but there was no penetration of any sorts Well, I know that I’m gay but I am still figuring things out for myself. So please don’t ask Dominik what we did, it’s not fair on him or you.” he nodded his head in agreement and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Back at the office I found that the whole work-force was standing outside looking at the old wind pump in the bull’s pen. Yes you guessed it – Dominik and Trevor were sitting in it and the bull standing below them. What the hell are they doing there? Donald immediately went in to fits of laughter and I had to remind him to breathe. I asked around about what had happened and all said that they saw the boys running through the pen as if they were racing each other, but the bull won and chased them up the windmill. They had been up there at least 30 minutes now, and the bull was still a bit angry looking. I screamed at the boys to stay there till we can get them down. Dominik screamed back that they ain’t planning to move at all. I told Donald, even though it’s easy to free them, we will leave them there to learn their lesson. I told the workers to get back to work and to leave them: they must learn their lesson. Trevor ought to know better than going in there in the mating season. When I turned back, Donald was standing next to the truck and urinating. “Sorry Peter, but I was laughing so much I started leaking.” Then I started laughing so much that the tears were running down my face. All the drama was forgotten for a few moments. It felt good. Donald and I went into the office to do some admin worked. I sat behind the PC and saw that Dominik never logged out his email account and it was open on a picture I think his mom sent him. In the picture, she was standing with his friend Frankie and they had a poster in front of them saying that they miss him. I wanted to read the mail but decided it’s his private life and I needed to stay out of it. Donald started laughing again and called me over. Think the boys could not hold it any longer and had to pee. They made sure to turn their backs to the bull, who in turn walked around to face them again, so they turned again. They were peeing in circles. I think Trevor did get Dominik on the leg as we saw him pointing to his leg and he gave Trevor an earful. With that, I was in stitches. I told Donald that we must go and get them, but he begged me not to it was funny as hell for him. His dad just drove up and I could hear him laughing as well – a new voice laughing. I looked out and saw John standing there with this kid who looked like he was only ten. A short little blond boy, with blue eyes that one can see from afar so big were they. He was not thin, but more of a muscular build. Donald ran outside to greet his father and I followed him. They two boys greeted and started laughing again as Donald pointed to the two trapped on the windmill. John greeted me and introduced me to Jr. He was clearly his father’s son. Jr was 12 years old but short for his age He has dirty blond hair and is clearly a wrestler of sorts at school. I told them what had happened and why they up there still. Donald started telling them about the boys peeing on each other. I invited John and Jr over for a late launch and they gladly accepted. John said he will get the boys while I lock up. It’s Friday anyway, so we normally lock up early. We arranged to meet at my house. John and the boys arrived not long after we did. They both went straight to the showers, still going on about peeing on each other. John and I went to the kitchen while Donald and Jr ran after the other two. They were giving them hell about smelling like urine. John took the opportunity to tell me that Shorty will not walk for a long time. They were getting him ready for an operation when they left. They have to put pins in his leg. The mother would most likely be released in the morning, but she will stay behind for a day or two till her husband was feeling a bit better. Jr will be staying over till she gets back home. He will go fetch her as soon as she is ready. Just as I wanted to talk about the boys and all the crying this morning, Donald came in. He said the others will be here shortly. He went straight to his dad and hugged him. The rest came in with only shorts on. I saw immediately that Dominik put on the tight fitting ones he didn’t like but I liked. His Butt looked so perfectly in it. As we sat down for lunch, I told Donald he can remove his shirt if he wanted. It was off before I could finish. It was an awesome lunch – Sausages with mash and gravy. I really enjoyed it. The boys wanted to go swimming immediately, but I told them not for another hour. They settled for a board game. I told them they can play here in the kitchen as I want to talk with John privately. I took a couple of beers from the fridge and John and I went outside to sit under the tree next to the pool where we could talk without Donald eavesdropping. I told him all about this morning and wondered why he had strayed off the plan to tell them on Sunday when his wife will be here. He told me that Donald phoned his mom and she blurted it all out, even the reason why. She told him that we had to get married because she fell pregnant but was never in love with his dad. He was very upset with what she said, so he had a sit down with both boys. He told them that he can’t carry on with their mom in a marriage that is not working as it should, but that he still loved her like the day they got married. He made sure that they knew that no matter what the feelings were between him and their mom, that both of them loved them very much and that there is no greater love than what a father and mother have for their kids. I could see it was hard on him, but I understood his reasoning. “Peter there is something else I must tell you, but the time is not right and I know you will hate me for it” he stated. I knew I had to just listen. He doesn’t need advice today, just a friend. He continued to tell me that every time she went to go visit her parents, she was actually threatening him with a divorce. This time he decided it was enough, and unfair to him and the kids. They are old enough to decide where they wanted to live now and he will respect their decision no matter how hard it might be. We had a long chat – or rather he talked and I listened. I so wanted to tell him that I am gay, but as he said, the timing is not right. He called Donald to bring 2 beers as they came to swim. It was less than 2 minutes and all four boys where outside ready to swim. The twins and Dominik were in speedos and poor Jr. had these shorts on that was almost covering his knees. That will not do so I shouted “Why the dress up guys!?” It ended up with speedos scattered on the porch. Jr was still not sure what to do, but one look at John who nodded the ok, and he was with the boys nude in the pool. All I saw was this little cut penis that looked like a thumb sticking out of his groin area before he was in the water. Was it hard or just looked that way because it was jumping up and down as he was running? John and I had a few more beers. I was wondering what we going to get for supper. John told me he did get pizza for lunch but we ate here instead, so we can just warm it up. He bought enough for all of us, so that’s supper settled. We will have it when the boys get hungry and by the look of things it will be no time soon. Eventually the boys started nagging us to join them. We had the give in. kocaeli escort we stripped down and jumped in. The twins made a sound of disgust pointing at John’s pubes “You know you are the odd one out dad” Trevor voiced himself while still pointing at his dads pubes. “Well then, I will have to shave it when we back home” he said. The twins smiled at him and then looked at each other while grinning. I knew what they had planned this. I started laughing. We swam a good few hours before we climbed out the pool. We all sat in the porch to get air-dried. It was nice in this hot weather and having a cool breeze blowing over your wet body. Dominik sat on my lap and Jr was sitting on John’s the twins sat next to each other. We told some jokes. I went inside to fetch more beer and sodas for the boys. Dominik offered to help me. In the kitchen he came from the back and hugged me, telling me that he loves me. I turned around kissing him fast, I was scared John might see, and told him to behave as I don’t want our secret to be outed. He replied that Donald knew already. I told him that Donald had informed me. “Buddy why did you run in the bull pen today, I told you it not safe?” I asked him. “Well I had to do something. Trevor was crying again so I dared him. I knew that we will never make it to the other side of the pen and that the windmill was the safest bet.” “But I told you that you can be killed by an angry bull?” I replied. “I know, but do you see him crying anymore?” He told me as if it’s a normal thing to put your life in danger to comfort a friend. We went back outside to sit with the others again. As I walked out, the four of them started to giggle. I had a semi and Dominik had a hard-on. We didn’t notice or we would have not have come out before they subsided. As I sat down, Dominik sat on my lap again. The 3 boys were eager to point out our erections. John was looking at me with his eyes asking what happened inside. I looked away not knowing what to say. Donald saw my discomfort and broke the whole giggling thing. “Dad, I have decided” he said while taking his dads hand, “that I will stay with you”. Then Trevor said the same thing. John stood up and put Jr on the empty chair next to him and went over to his sons crying. He took both in his arms and lifted them from the ground hugging them. One could see that a weight was lifted from his shoulders and they were not looking at me and Dominik anymore. We sat outside for about half an hour more before we retreated back inside. I convinced John it will be best to stay over for the kids’ sake, so they can watch a movie before bed time. It didn’t take much convincing from my side. To be honest, I think he had the same idea as well. I sent the boys to shower 2 at a time while I and John took turns in my shower. I was done first, so I heated up the pizzas while I waited for the rest. When they all were finally in the TV room, I popped in the movie and we ate our very late supper, almost a midnight feast if you ask me. John and I didn’t bother with shorts – as if the boys would allow it! “I see you fooled your sons and shaved it off yourself?” I asked him. “Yea sorry I borrowed a razor. I knew what they were planning as they have done it before” he replied laughing ” I lay on the one couch and John did the same on the other. The boys were laying on the carpet – but not for long. Dominik came and snuggled up to me. Jr did the same with John. The twins were fast asleep already. I think the whole divorce drama took more out of them that I originally thought. It was dark inside the room with only the TV monitor giving some light. Dominik kept going at my dick in secret and I kept removing his hand. I guess we all fell asleep except John and Jr because when I woke we were covered with blankets and they were not in the room. I thought they went to bed. I woke Dominik silently to use the toilet. He was so confused I had to lead him to it. He finished and got in my bed. I wanted to follow but heard a soft moaning coming from the other room. Dominik was in dream world again and I decided to go have a look. I moved silently to the room where the twins sleep normally. The moaning got louder a bit as I came closer. I thought I might want to turn around as it was clear that John was having a good wank. But no I wanted to see it. I peeked into the room and could hardly see so I switch on the lights…. big mistake. Here in front of me was Jr and he sitting in between John’s legs. He had the whole of John’s cock in his mouth. John had a big fright and Jr just sat there looking with big, big eyes, and he was as white as snow. I had to act quickly before the whole house woke up, so I closed the door behind me and stood facing them. “Peter I can explain” he started. I sat down next to him on the bed. I was in shock. What must I say? What can I say? Dominik is a year older and we did it, sort of. “I like boys Peter. Jr and me … we have liked each other sexually for a few years. I can’t help it” He just looked at me, pleading forgiveness with his eyes. I didn’t know what to say as I was doing the same with Dominik last night. My mind was spinning and I could hardly hear what he said next. All I could think of was that John is like me. I put my hand up asking John to be silent for a minute. I was trying to get my mind in order so I can talk sense. The silence was torture for a minute or two. John was freaking out inside himself, Jr was hanging on John for some comfort. “John” I started. “I can’t say anything as I did the same with Dominik last night. He was not sucking me, but we had sort of sex last night in the shower” I could see John looking at me in disbelief. I continued to tell him everything that happened during the past few days. Even about the shaving incident. I told him everything except the secret of his sons being gay. A secret is a secret. Jr sat wide eyed listening to me. It felt good getting everything off my chest. “My friend” John said while looking at me with tear-filled eyes.” You are not alone. It was his turn to tell me everything. He told me how it started when the kids were 8 years old. That Jr was sleeping over and how he was turned on by Donald and Jr playing with each other’s dicks. About how he eventually gave in to his urges about 3 years ago and seduced Jr. About how his kids caught him in the act and that it was the big secret they have been keeping. Then Jr told me that when John and he did it the first time, it was not his first time. His dad’s friend had played with him ever since he was 6 and that he liked sex with men. John carried on in telling me that his kids started joining in with the sex play when they were 10. I told him that they told me that he caught them and told them to stop as they are brothers. He informed me he wished he had said it 2 years ago, but that between them and Jr here they had a good time. That’s why the skinny dipping was withheld from me till the other day. That were times they could do it secretly without their mom knowing, and they have kept it secret all the time. After we both told our stories, we just sat there not knowing what to say or do. It now made sense to me that Jr was sitting on John’s lap the whole time and not one of the twins, and why the twins took so long showering together. Eventually we agreed that the twins and Dominik must not know of anything that happened or what was said tonight. As John said earlier, the time must be right. I went back to Dominik in my room and crawled in next to him. I don’t know what John and Jr did when I left the room but I do believe the moment was too big and they were not turned on anymore. I remembered thinking about how my whole life changed over the past week and how confused I was after tonight. I fell asleep with all that running in my head. to be continued

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