Pete’s Mom Ch. 02


Pete had been expecting a lot to happen between him and his mother after the events of the previous night. Certainly a lot of words and he had been rehearsing in his head what he would say – basically, accusing his mother of being responsible for everything that had taken place. He had not been given the opportunity, though.

His mom had said nothing to him. It was as if nothing had happened and Pete began to wonder if anything had happened at all. But he couldn’t forget the grip of his mother’s cunt around his stiff erection – he couldn’t forget that, and he could not possibly have imagined the unique sensation of that, or the shock that he felt when he had unloaded his spunk deep inside her. That was naughty, that was very naughty, and Pete felt so good about feeling so bad about what he had done and what his mother had let him do.

Pete sat on the sofa in the living room and, undoing his jeans, got his cock out and started stroking it. His mother could easily come in at any moment, but Pete did not care; in fact he hoped that she would and be provoked into saying something, then he felt he could respond, but he was uncertain of what words he could use to start a conversation which he expected to be awkward.

Pete had never talked to his mom about sex. He wanked his cock just thinking about talking in such a way to his mom, and maybe using the words that Dave had used towards her the previous night. Dave had been fucking her in such a crude and nasty way. Pete could not believe that Dave would ever treat his mom like that, forgetting momentarily that he had too. In fact, when he thought about it, Pete had forced himself upon his mother – he did not know that Dave had, but Pete had pushed Dave ataşehir escort off and taken his place. The thought occured to Pete that was possibly rape. Dave may have had permission, but Pete most definitely did not. The thought scared him a little.

His mom came in and, ignoring her son’s masturbation, she asked, ‘Is Dave coming over later?’

‘Don’t you know?’ replied Pete, his right hand slowly stroking his fully erect penis.

‘Of course I don’t know, Peter,’ said his mother, ‘Why would I ask if I knew?’

‘Can I fuck you, Mom?’

‘No, Peter, and you mustn’t think of me in that way. It’s not right. I know what happened last night, and I know that you are excited by it, but you must not believe that it is normal, or the way that things are now going to be. I also don’t think you should be jerking off like that while you are talking to me. Please stop, Peter.’

‘How should I be jerking off, Mom?’

‘Don’t be cheeky, Peter. You might have lost some respect for me last night, but you invited yourself into that situation and you must take some blame for that. There was nothing wrong with what David and I were doing. You were the person who stepped out of line.’

‘And I don’t want you treating women the way that you saw Dave treating me. Dave may be fucking me, and I like the way he does that, but I don’t want you behaving like that, especially to me – understand?’

Pete nodded. This was far more like the mother that he knew, except for some of the language. His mother was an attractive woman. Pete felt rather jealous of Dave and how he got to fuck her when he wanted to. Pete, it seemed, was not going to be that lucky.

‘It hasn’t been easy for kadıköy escort bayan me since your father left, but your friend David has filled an important need for me. You need to respect that, even if you cannot understand it properly.’

‘What about Uncle George?’ After his Dad had left, his Uncle George had often come over and taken him fishing. Peter had not seen him for some time.

‘Uncle George got his kicks fucking me in the ass, and that just wasn’t my thing, dear. I don’t expect we will be seeing him again, except possibly at family get togethers.’

‘I think that’s just a bit too much information, Mom.’

‘Peter, you need to be careful before you get into these kinds of adventures. Things aren’t as simple as you might think they are. I don’t mind Dave calling me a slut and treating me the way you saw, but I don’t want you involved in any of that, or necessarily listening to Dave when he might be talking about me. Dave might be your best friend, but I am your mother and you need to get your mind straight about what all that means.’

‘Yes, Mom.’

‘And that was very rude, what you did last night, pulling Dave off me like that and just so you could fuck me instead. I don’t remember either of us inviting you. You just invited yourself!’

‘Yes, Mom, I’m sorry, Mom!’

‘And I think you owe Dave an apology, too.’

‘Yes, Mom!’ (Fuck that, he thought)

His mom looked at him. Although she had been telling him off, treating him as a naughty little boy, his cock was still standing proudly to attention.

‘You young boys are always so horny,’ she said, ‘that’s one of the reasons I like Dave’s attention. He’ll fuck and fuck like you, again escort maltepe and again. He has so much stamina. You still want to fuck, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Mom!’

‘Well, Peter, I don’t think that would be right, not here right now. I was very excited last night, but I can’t pretend that I did not like having you come so forcefully inside me last night, or that I don’t like looking at your cock sticking up stiff like that, but you will have to try to control these urges.’

‘Yes, Mom.’

‘Well, I can’t have you going around like that, and I would love to have the taste of your creamy cum in my mouth, so if you stand up, I will help you with that – but this is my choice, not yours. This is not your right, understand?’

‘Sure, Mom!’

Peter got up from the sofa, letting his mother sit down taking his place. He stood with his hard erection pointing at her face. He knew some semen was leaking from the tip. He could feel much more building up inside.’

‘Suck it, Mom, please.’

‘You naughty boy,’ she said, taking it in her hand. ‘You naughty horny boy.’

She licked the precum from the tip. His mom had such a pretty face and such a pretty mouth, thought Peter. He wanted to fill it with his spunk.

His mom took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking it gently. Peter tried to hold back, but all he could think of was shooting his load of semen into her mouth and down her throat.

Mom took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. ‘Come in my mouth, Peter’ she said and Peter, unable to control himself came suddenly in her face.

His mom smiled, wiped a dollop of his cream from her nose and put her fingers in her mouth. She put his cock back into her mouth, cleaning the sticky residue, and then Peter came again, though not so much as the first time over his mother’s face.

Mom got up, putting Peter’s cock back inside his pants. ‘Thank you, Peter,’ she said, ‘that was lovely.’

Peter did not know what to say.

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