Subject: At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (16) This is a fictional story about the hot guys that work at the pharmacy I now work at. After the hot guys I had seen working in one. And how much they got paid, I wanted in. So now I work for one that does infusion injections for patients with all sorts of conditions And it is my luck and joy to have a buttload of hot guys that are there certain days if the week. Its a wild romp if me getting slammed my the pharmacist and male nurses that do the injections. This story does not in any way suggest their sexual preference as all but one I know are married and with kids. So it’s purely fiction Do enjoy it though.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (16) … I was in my knees here in the room at work. Me, Nate and the huge hung Alex. Both i and Nate had just been back and forth sharing in the worship of the nurses massive dick. Each taking turns sucking on the very big cock that Alex had. Getting the man excited and rock hard for fucking. And as Alex asked who was first, Nate quickly volunteered me qs I was still gasping for air from the throat raping Alex had just given me. I was unable To say a word, so I was to go first. I was the one to get that huge dick in my ass first. “Great” Alex said “Was hoping for that” “Nice fresh pussy hole” Nate was pulling at my clothes to get me out of them. He was at my pants as Alex pulled off my shirt. Then Alex picked me up in his strong arms. Then he pulled me over to the desk nearby. He pushed me face down to it. Then he moved in behind me. I could feel his big hands on my butt now. He rubbed and squeezed at my butt. Saying how nice it was. “Yeah buddy!” He huffed “Gonna love this new hole” Then he dropped to his knees behind me. His fingers moved to my hole as Alex rubbed at it with them. Around the asa ring and over the bud of the hole. Then Alex thrust his thumb into my ass. I grunted at the suddenness of his action. Feeling that meaty thumb in my hole ss he pierced it. “Ughnn” I grunted as it went in “Yeah man” alex stated “Definitely a nice right little kocaeli escort hole” “Gonna feel great on my big dick” He moved in and out of my ass with his thumb. Digging it in my ass as Alex fucked me with it. And it did feel good though. I moaned in delight as Alex did this. Giving me hus finger to feel out. Readying my ass hole for a much bigger digit than his thumb. He pulled the thumb out and then moved in close to my butt now. Then Alex flicked out his tongue as he pushed his face to my rear. I then felt his wet tongue move iver my hole. I cooed as it raked over my ass. “Awe fuckk. Yeah man” I moaned “That is soo good Alex” He then started to eat out my hole. His tongue moving over and the against it. Eating up my hole as he licked at it. Then he shoved it into me. ‘Ughn’ I gasped as I felt his wet tongue go into me. “Ohh God. Alex!” I crowed “More stud. Give me more” “That is soo great. Fuckk” I looked over and saw Nate standing nearby. He was stroking on his small 6 inch cock. It seemed smaller. But probably because I saw Alex massive dick and compared it to the schlong the nurse had. He came around the front of the desk and offered me up his hard dick. Telling me to suck him as Alex readied my ass for sex I opened my mouth and Nate pushed his cock into it. Quickly feeding me his small dick as I felt Alex’s expert mouth in my hole. I sucked hungrily on Nate as I felt the hit mans tongue working my ass to get it nice an sloppy. Nate moaned as I feasted on his dick. Slurping in his cock as he humped at my face. Liking my mouth on him as my ass was wet with another mans drool. “Its ready” alex then said after a bit longer He had sucked and licked and fucked my hole with his fingers. And I knew my ass hole was ready for dick. And I figured it was Alex who was gonna get behind me and slam that huge log into me. But Nate pulled from my mouth and then he came around as Alex stepped back. I looked back to see him get out if the way for Nate to get behind me. Now nates dick was all nice and good to suck and all. But it was not the dick I wanted buried in my ass. But he was the one now behind me. I felt his dick at my hole kocaeli escort bayan and then he plunged into my ass. I heard him grunt as his cock went into me. I grunted to as I felt his dick move passed my sphincter. He then just started the motions of sex. Pushing amd pulling his dick in and out if my ass. “Awe fuck. That is good man” he said “This guys ass is pretty tight” “Gonna loosen it up for this minster for a bit” He thrust into me harder as he grabbed hold of the big cock Alex had. Nate stroked on Alex as he fucked my ass. Keeping the man horny as he stood there next to Nate. “Yeah buddy” he said to Nate “Open up that tight pussy hole for me” “Right now its too tight to try and cram my dick in there”. I thought about his statement. Even though I had not wanted Nates dick in me. Alex was right. His dick was very big. And my hole was not used to anything like it. So more than likely it would hurt real bad as he thrust his monster into me. So it was good that my hole was getting used to the much smaller dick in Nate. He huffed and started panting harder as Nate fucked me. His hips moving faster on me as he fucked me. Giving me a very nice fuck. It felt good and my hole was loving it. Nates cock was a nice safe size for sex. No worry of him hurting me. I looked back as I saw the two start to make out. Alex grabbing Nates fave and they kissed. Nate rubbed at Alex’s big meaty chest. Saying how incredible hot he was. “Sexiest man here” he said “And this cock..” He was still holding on to Alex’s big dick. Stroking it lovingly as he continued to fuck me. I wanted more than his fucking though. I still wanted Alex. So I called back at them. Telling alex to let me sick him off some more. He smiled and came around the desk to my front. “Sure buddy” he said as he now stood before me as Nate had done a few minutes earlier. “Here ya go man. Suck it” He waved his dick at me and I looked at it. It seemed almost double the size of Nates. So big and beefy it was. I opener my mouth and he slipped it into my face. Sighing on his huge dick as I did. Slurping in his mammoth cock as he moaned mouth moving over his cock. “Yeah izmit escort buddy. Awe fuck!” Alex groaned “That mouth is soo nice” “Suck it man for some sex” “Get me all nice and hard for it” I slurped in his dick like a kid in a lolli. And hummed in Alex as I felt the cock in my ass continues to slam me all up. I was skewered at both ends as I was in a state of bliss with all this sex I was sandwiched between. “Fuck him Nate” alex stated “Get his hot hole ready for me” And Nate did. He sped up has ass fucking on me. Thumping in and out of me like a man possessed. Huffing an puffing behind me as he continued to give me that dick. But I wanted him to finish already. For I wanted to get Alex’s cock. The huge dick i was currently slobbering all over. The delicious big cock that this stud possessed. “Fuck me man. Fuck me!” I shouted back at Nate “Gimme that fucking cum man” “Fill me the fuck up!” Nate reached for Alex. He pulled him to his mouth and the two made out above me. I heard their face sucking as the two both fucked each end of me. Alex’s massive tube prying into my throat as he thrust into my face. Causing me to gag as he drove it deep into it. Then i heard as Nate gave into his body. He started to moan and stab harder at my ass. Then I felt the warmth of his cum as it shot into my ass. I cooed on Alex as he pulled back from my face some. Only the head if his cock barely in my mouth now. “Yes. Awe fuck man” Nate moaned “Take my cum man. Soo good” He humped a few more times as he finished dumping his cum into me. Then he just held himself there behind me a bit before pulling out. Alex also took his huge dick from my mouth. I looked at the massive pink salami before me as it got farther from my face. The big bull head of his cock looking very swollen. I licked at my lips as I saw him grab hold of his schlong. It looked very big in his already big hand. “Fuck me Alex” I then chirped “Gimme that huge fucker man” “I need it stud” “Oh. I will buddy” he said as he stroked his dick “I will fuck that sweet new hole in a sec..” Then nate pulled out of me. I sighed as I felt him leave. Alex then moved around me and now behind me. Taking Nates place at my backside. Nate came around to my front. He offered me up his drool covered dick to clean up. So I did… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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