Subject: At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (8) This is a fictional story about the hot guys that work at the pharmacy I now work at. After the hot guys I had seen working in one. And how much they got paid, I wanted in. So now I work for one that does infusion injections for patients with all sorts of conditions And it is my luck and joy to have a buttload of hot guys that are there certain days if the week. Its a wild romp if me getting slammed my the pharmacist and male nurses that do the injections. This story does not in any way suggest their sexual preference as all but one I know are married and with kids. So it’s purely fiction Do enjoy it though.. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ At the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Injections (8) … The next day there was no Terry. He was off that day. And it was Alex’s day to nurse the patients. Alex was a decent looking guy. He had a meaty sticky body. Blonde and a great ass. Big thick and so tempting to get at. It didn’t matter what he wore. That ass was awesome in just about anything. His upper body thick and meaty. Some muscle trapped under his heft. And he has a could voice. Its like Matthew MccConahy. Deep southern, but kinda sexy. I saw him in the morning in the nurse office. It was the one that he and a few other nurses shared when they were in the office. Terry used it as well as other female nurses. “Hey Alex” I said when he came in “Hey buddy” he said back “Having a good day?” I nodded at was always a busy day. Not necessarily good. Just busy. I looked at the beefy guy as he came by me. He was in his blue nurses scrubs. And the things looked like they were having trouble containing his big bubble ass. ‘Wow’ I had huffed to myself as I saw it in them. I just wanted to shive my face in it. It sure was the best damned ass in the building. Then as he came back up a bit later kocaeli escort I saw the front of the scrubs. I got an instant hard on. It appeared (at least to me) that Alex was going commando under them. His obvious dick was seeming to just bounce around in them as he walked by. “Holy fuck me” I mouthed “Alex looks like he may be hung” I had seen Alex’s ass many a time and liked that above all else I. He was average looking with a beefy body. But I never thought too much of him save for that ass. Although I dug his voice. Kind of a Matthew McConahey tone to it. His arms were meaty and full. His chest somewhat meaty as well. But mostly he was thick and stocky. His hair dirty blonde and straight. So yeah I was now just noticing that Alex was a delicious looking fuck. At least his body was. Or at least today he was. I don’t know. Maybe it was all the recent happenings with both Jimmy and the hot Terry that made me realize Alex was also pretty doable. “When you get a chance later” he started to ask “I wanted to ask you something” “Okay. Yeah sure” I chimed back The day was like I said, very busy. And I didn’t have much chance to talk to Alex. I did see Jimmy about working with one of the girls in scripts. They were discussing the dosage for a patient. Jimmy saw me as he passed and cocked his head at me. I looked at him and he half smiled. But no acknowledgement other than a work greeting. I did glance at his butt as he walked by me. It was okay. No where as big and hunky as the one Alex had. But I noticed it regardless. “His dick is the true weapon” I said to myself I saw Jimmy go into the nursing office where Alex was situated.they were talking I imagined about a patient. So I thought nothing of it. Then as the day wound down and I was gonna get ready to get the heck home. I remembered alex wanted to talk with me about something. At first I went to the infusion room to see if kocaeli escort bayan he was in there as I didn’t see him in the office. He was usually walking around if not working. I did also notice Jimmy had apparently left. And as 5 o’clock hot closer I thought I may just turn around and head back to my desk. But as I passed through the corridor to the offices again I thought I heard voices in the patient lounge. “There wouldn’t be patients in there now” I thought “They should all be in the suite getting their meds.” I figured it was just me as the largest patients usually in the lounge were gone from it by 4 pm. But them I heard what sounded like Alex’s voice. So I stopped. “Maybe he is talking to a patient” I surmised. Then I heard another man in there with him. So as my curiosity took over I knee I had to know who he was in there with. And the other male voice had a gravely sound to it. “Is that Jimmy in there with him.” I said to myself. I felt my loins twitch at the possibility of what was going on in there. My mind pondered the two in there doing it. Jimmy feeding Alex his big fat dick. Alex talking in the sexy tone of how he loved Jimmy’s fat dick. I imagined him slurping down Jimmy. Opening wide as he tries to swallow that big thick cock in Jimmy. Jimmy groaning with the pleasure if the guy sucking in his dick. I felt my dick throb in my pants as I pictured this. “I should clock out” I said as I looked at my watch “Almost 5.” “Maybe come back here to see if they are still here” So that was my immediate plan. To go back to my desk prep the last items I had and clock out for the day. Then I would creep back here in hopes that they were still back there and in hopes that something filthy was happening there. I signed out for the day and headed back to the patients lounge room. I walked down the corridor to see no one was around. Then I passed by the door go the izmit escort lounge. Stopping there and putting my war to the wall next to the door. “Yeah man” I heard Alex say behind the wall. “That feels soo good dude” “Awe fuck yess Jimmy” “Fuck yess stud” My dick near punched through my pants. There was something going on in there, and it was with Jimmy and Alex. I needed to see it. And as Alex’s heavy groans escalated I figured they were already deep into it. So I reached for the door and carefully turned the knob. I could feel my heart begin to beat harder as the excitement of catching these two studs in the act if something sexual had me in the verge. It thumped in my chest as I pushed slowly at the door. Sucking in a breath to quiet myself somehow. I felt the dior give and I pushed it opened more. I know there was a desk to the left of the door. I was hoping to rush behind it so as not to be seen. But I had to make sure they could not see me. “Fuck. Shh!” I hushed myself Even though I was super quiet I shushed myself. I pushed the door opened more. To the right I saw someone sitting at the couch that was on that side if the room. The thick pale legs suggested Alex. But where was Jimmy? I pushed more and peered through the opening in the door. I them saw Jimmy I the couch next to alex. He was butt naked and laying on it. His face I. Alex’s lap. And he was sucking on a very big pink dick. “Holy fuck” I huffed quietly “Alex is hung” Alex’s hand was rubbing at Jimmy’s very hairy ass as the guy sucked on his big cock. The bearded fave moved up and down his long dick. And Alex’s eyes were closed in his pleasure. This was my chance. I pushed through the opened door and crawled into the room. Then pushing it closed ever so quietly. Then I scrambled to the check in desk. Moving behind it so as not to be seen. And that was good that I moved so fast. For Alex’s eyes opened and he looked around. Maybe he had heard my movements. But he did not see me so he sat back again and let Jimmy go to town on his big dick….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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