Subject: PHEROMONES I: There Are Always Two Sides To Every Story PHEROMONES I: There Are Always Two Sides To Every Story 1 Awaking The Scents I woke up at 6:15am on that warm Sunday morning. It was the three-year anniversary of my divorce and it also happened to be my son’s nineteenth birthday. I was a little groggy and tense as I awoke from my sleep. I reached out with my arms and legs to stretch my stiff frame, when I felt my erect penis slide against the soft cotton sheets. A pulse. As I exhaled and relaxed, my cock throbbed and pressed up against the smooth sheet. I reached down and positioned my forefinger and thumb around the base of my dick and slightly squeezed. My other hand moved up my stomach to my chest. The sweat of my torso eased its journey. I slid my finger and thumb slowly up my shaft, adding each finger as I ascended to the engorged head of my penis. I could feel my whole cock expanding in my hand. A stroke. Another. I slid my hand down to the sweaty bush of thick hair that resided at the base of my cock. Gently, I caressed my balls. The morning heat had caused them to drop and hang down to my anus. I lifted and fondled them. They were so wet. Hell, I was so wet. It must have been 90 degrees that morning. I let go of my balls and brought my hands to my face. I could smell the musky scent of my own body. “Whew! I need a shower,” I said to myself. As I sat up in bed, I couldn’t resist bringing my fingers to my nose once again. In my 39 years of life, I have never found my “man-scent”- Or any man’s scent, for that matter- Appealing. For some reason, this day, I found my smell to be unbelievably intoxicating. I tried to put the thoughts out of my mind and stood up. I decided to rummage through my wardrobe. I opened the door to my closet and it brushed against the tip of my still-hard penis. I looked down at it. I noticed the beads of moisture glistening on the dark curls of my pubic hair. I don’t know what came over me, but I just couldn’t help myself. I reached down again and grabbed a handful of the damp bush. I quickly brought my fingers to my nose and with my left hand, I reached under and pressed up against my taint with two fingers. I inhaled. I felt my dick jut up and down as I pulled my left hand from my between my legs. My fingers were damp with night sweat. I brought them to my nose while I reached down for my cock with my right hand. Though the smell of my taint was musky and a bit sour, it put me in a daze. I stroked my hard prick as a thin, short stream of precum dangled from my piss-slit. I reached between my legs again. I rubbed my taint and then moved two fingers to my hole. I pushed up against it gingerly and could feel my asshole tighten and pucker. With that, i quickley withdrew my hand and savored the scent… My scent. I breathed it in deeply and let out a soft sigh when I exhaled. I heard some movement coming from the hallway and thought it might be my son. “What the fuck is wrong with me,” I blurted out. I shook my head and decided that I should stop this bizarre behavior and start getting ready for the big day. I laid out my clothes and then heard a mumbled voice coming from the hallway. It was probably Bobby just having a dream. My son had always had such vivid dreams and would sometimes talk or call out in his sleep. I’d check in on him before I took my shower. 2 Teenage Boy Funk I grabbed a towel from the door hook and wandered into the hallway. My son’s bedroom door was slightly opened. I peeked through the crack to check on him. All I could see were the sheets bunched up at the foot of his bed. I was just about to turn away and walk to the bathroom when I caught a whiff of “teenage boy.” What a weird scent! The odor seemed a bit musky and moldy… Kind of funky really. I could detect a hint of men’s cheap body spray and ass crack. It wasn’t like my spicy muskiness, rather, it had a slightly sweet smell. “Damn,” I muttered, “That boy needs to air out that room.” I thought about the shower and reached up to my face to feel how much my whiskers had grown in. I definitely needed to shave. Suddenly, the aroma reached my nostrils. The pungent scent coming from Bobby’s room had mingled with my own. I closed my eyes and leaned foreword to rest my head against the doorframe. As I did so, I could feel the tip of my rigid penis also pressing against the frame and then thrusting upward. I heard a rustle in from Bobby’s room. I stood up abruptly and then nonchalantly nudged the door and peered in further. Bobby was lying on his stomach with one leg out straight and the other bent up to his waist. He was sleeping naked and I couldn’t help but notice his firm, round butt and the generous amount of black hair that filled its crack. His hairless, pink balls squeezed out from under him. Then again… That smell. Unexpectedly, I grabbed my cock with my left hand and began stroking it. I inhaled deeply. With my right hand, I reached into the crack of my ass and rubbed my hole and taint. I brought my right hand to my face and savored the smell. I inhaled deeply again and my dick thickened. My prick was so hard I thought it would split in two. My eyes were fixed on Bobby’s crack and as I relished the smell of my own, I couldn’t help but wonder what his smelled like. Did it smell like mine? Would it be a sweeter scent? I could feel my balls beginning to tighten up and the odd interest with my son’s ass quickly turned to an obsession. I just had to know. I thought about it for a moment. Bobby was a heavy sleeper. I literally would have to physically shake him sometimes to wake him up. So, how hard could it be to simply walk in his room, gently put my hand in his crack, take a whiff and leave? 3 They Say, “Curiosity Killed The Cat.” The next thing I knew, I was on all fours, carefully pushing passed Bobby’s door and crawling into his room. As I crept alongside his bed, the “teenage boy” aroma became more noticeable and I began to quiver. I was so scared and turned on, all at the same time. I remained on all fours for what seemed like an hour, but was just mere minutes. I slowly raised my head to level my eyes with the bed. Right in front of my face was Bobby’s knobby knee, so I backed up a bit. Then, his hairy bum was in plain view. I swallowed hard, raised myself to a kneeling position and ever so carefully began to reach my trembling hand over his leg. I wasn’t but a few inches away from his ass when Bobby began to move. “Fuck!” I ducked down and could feel my boner instantly becoming flaccid. I was no longer quivering, but shaking with fear. What the hell was I doing? This is so unbelievably fucked up! I decided at that very moment that I was going to get up and get out of my son’s room as fast as I could. Quietly, I began to sit up again and was about to stand when I saw Bobby was now in a fetal position with his backside facing me. I couldn’t move. Bobby’s furry butt was a mere foot away from me. I positioned myself so that I was at eye level and marveled at his pink hole and the damp, dark curls of hair that surrounded it. I moveded my gaze to the boy’s taint. His skin was pulled tight and I could tell he was sporting some morning wood. I looked closer and could see the distinct line of his urethra, budging above the girth of his taint and disappearing in between his pressed legs. Without thinking, I leaned forward and his funk permeated my nostrils. I could feel my semierect penis stiffening once again. I let out a stuttered sigh. A bead of sweat rolled down my spine to the crack of my ass. Bobby’s window was only a quarter of the way open and the morning sun was piercing through the glass and making the room hotter than hell. “I just need to do this and get the fuck outta here,” I mouthed. Then, ever so carefully, I reached my right hand toward his bum. I got so close that I could feel his moist hairs against my palm. Softly, I pressed my middle finger on his warm hole. I relaxed the rest of my digits slowly and eventually pressed my palm carefully into is ass crack. It was dank with sweat and I started to tremble again. My god, how I wanted to smell it! I delicately pulled back my arm and raised my lower palm to the tip of my nose. I inhaled deeply as I slowly moved my hand downward till my fingers met my nose. When I smelled the tip of my middle finger, I could smell the stink of his sweaty hole. For a moment, the effects of my son’s aroma intoxicated me and accelerated my morning lust. “Ok. You got what you wanted. Time to get out of here,” I thought to myself. The fact is, however, I wasn’t as satisfied as I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong… My son’s ass crack was probably the greatest thing I have ever smelled before. I have no idea why, but no odor has ever made me so out of control and irresponsible. Still, I wanted something more, but had no clue what that “something” was. 4 An Appetizer Never Truly Satisfies I looked at Bobby’s folded form on the bed. I gazed at his hairy crack again. I thought that if I could just get a bit closer, then maybe, I could be satisfied. Still kneeling at his bedside, I began to lean in toward him. His taint appeared to breathe for a second and his puckered hole twitched. I was not more than four inches away from his ass when the smell of him really hit me. It was like a shock to my system and then I closed my eyes as I breathed him in. I could feel myself easing… Closer and closer. I felt the warmth from his body on my face and my dick began to jut up and down. I dared not open my eyes. I just kept moving in closer. I stopped when I felt the his curly butt hairs tickle my nose. I grabbed my cock… I inhaled. It was in that moment that I did something- Something I could never have imagined doing before. My tongue slipped passed my lips and out of my mouth. It pushed through the sweat-soaked hair and fished around for my son’s hole. Once my tongue had found his opening, I stiffened it up and began to lick softly. The smell was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The taste of my son’s sweaty ass crack was even more surprising. Salty… Tangy… Sweet… Fuck! All I wanted to do was devour his young ass with such fervency, but I knew I must restrain myself. My dick was very hard and it throbbed in my hand. I started to gently stroke it. My tongue pressed into the boy’s hole. I remember thinking how badly I wanted to just shove it so deep inside him. I thought how I’d like to shove my cock deep inside him too. Suddenly, many thoughts started swirling about my head. “Wait! What the fuck?!” “What am I doing?” “I’m not a homosexual!” “Why is my tongue is in my son’s asshole!” I sat up with haste. Then I stood up and immediately went to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. “What the fuck did you just do,” I mouthed. “You just had your tongue up your boy’s ass! Are you fucking insane?” My hands were perched upon the sink and I looked down to see my penis was still fully erect. I tuned my head toward Bobby’s room and then back to the mirror. I couldn’t look at myself, so I turned and went back to my son’s door. 5 Precum & Bravery When I returned to the doorway, I saw that Bobby had shifted positions and was now on his back and lying all sprawled out on the bed. I was disappointed when I saw his balls were hanging so low that they covered his hairy hole. Then I noticed his morning wood oozing precum all over his belly. It was a bit smaller and lighter in color than mine, but they were damn near identical! I looked down at my own dick and began to stroke it. I smelled my hand again- The one that was in the my son’s ass-crack. I got weak in the knees and my balls began to tighten. The scent was feint, but I could still smell him. Bobby’s cock jutted a few times and his precum was making a puddle in the line of thin hair that streached up, right below his belly button. I looked down at my cock as it was making its own a puddle of precum on the hardwood floor below me. I scooped up a bit of the precum from the tip of my dick with my forefinger and tasted it. It had been years since I last tasted my own precum. It was much stronger in flavor than I remembered and I wondered if Bobby’s precum was as strong as mine. “Here we go again,” I thought. This time, I would be much more daring and quick about it. I would just walk in there, reached down and get some of that precum, taste it, leave and finally take my shower. I wandered into the room and stood at the side of Bobby’s bed. As I admired Bobby’s developing body, I leaned over and softly swirled my finger in the puddle of precum. Bobby didn’t flinch. I stood up straight and put my finger in my mouth. I was quite surprised to find that it barely had any taste at all. Unsatisfied, I knelt down and leaned over him. I stared at his hard prick and thought that maybe if I tasted him, direct from the source, I would experience his full flavor. Positioning his penis tip between my lips, I lightly sucked out some precum. I was amazed at the softness of the velvety head of his cock and I could feel the warm precum entering my mouth, dripping between my teeth and tongue. I cannot explain the flavor. All I can say was it was exhilarating and I knew I was about to cum. Slowly, I stood up as not to wake Bobby. I kept stoking my seven inches of rock, hard cock. My knees grew weak once again and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I quickly left Bobby’s bedroom and went into the bathroom. I left the shower running and steam was filling the air. I pressed my taint against the pedestal sink, never loosing time, as I stroked my cock. I put my hand to my face trying to find what scent remained of my son’s ass. I could feel the pressure building up and my taint began to pulsate against the porcelain. gaziantep travesti Within moments, I was shooting streams of milky, white cum all over the sink… All over the wall… All over the mirror. “Fuck yeah!” 6 A Hazy Shade of Dad I’m not sure what it was I was dreaming, but my dick was hard and there was a pool of precum on my stomach. When I opened my eyes, I swear I saw my dad leaving my room… And he was naked. I immediately crawled to the end of my bed and peered through the cracked doorway. I could hear the shower running, so I looked toward the bathroom. The door was wide open and I could see my dad facing the sink. He was glistening from the steam and heat of the hot summer morning air. I watched my dad as his butt cheeks squeezed and released repeatedly. Although I could only see him from behind, I could tell he was masturbating. I watched him intently as he began to grunt and moan softly. I knew he was about to bust and for some reason, I found this very exciting. I reached down and took a hold of my hard cock and began to stroke it in the hopes of catching up to him. Nevertheless, when he hunched over and started grunting more loudly, I knew he had beat me to the punch. I laid back on my bed and kept replaying the scene of my father leaving my bedroom. I focused on his hairy butt and tried to remember whether or not I saw Dad’s cock. I think I did, but it’s all a bit hazy. I thought about how he was up against the sink, almost as if here were fucking it. Those ass cheeks clenching. I was so entranced with the images flashing in my head that I almost didn’t notice the hot, spurts of cum shooting all over my torso. Look, I’m not gay. I wasn’t so much turned on because I secretly had desires for my old man, but rather, I just saw my dad in a different light. He was pulling one off, just like I did every day. It somehow brought him to a common level with me. The idea of my dad jacking, however, got me thinking. “Wonder what Dad’s dick looks like?” “Does it look like mine?” I mean, I have seen my father’s bushy dick many times, but always in a flaccid state- Never at full mast. As I lay there on my bed, dick still in hand and covered in jizz, I kept replaying the scene over and over in my head. “What the hell was Dad doing in my room, anyway,” I pondered. I reached over the side of the bed and picked up a dirty sock and wiped myself off. Then I got out of bed and moved to the doorway. The shower was still running and I crept to the bathroom door. Even though there was a haze of steam, I could still see my dad through the glass shower doors. His head was back and one hand was raised as he used the other to wash his armpit. I never noticed how well-built my father was before. He was no Adonis, by any means, but had a tight frame with a near perfect, upside-down triangle patch of hair on his chest. I followed the line of hair down to his pubes where his dick protruded out and arched downward. Obviously, Dad was still a little hard. He began washing his torso and then began to soap up his dark curly pubes. Then he grabbed his cock to wash it. He stroked it a few times and then reached down between his thighs and began to clean his taint. “Dude,” I said to myself, “This is really creepy. You’re watching your dad get a shower!” I turned and walked back to my room, all the while shaking my head. I looked at the pile of “clean” clothes on the floor and thought I had better start sifting through them to find something to wear. I knew dad had a big day planned and I wanted to look sharp. 7 Awkward What an awesome birthday! I almost felt like a kid again. Dad and I went to the zoo and checked out the animals. By mid-afternoon the heat was unbearable and we decided to grab a late lunch and catch a movie. Once the movie let out, we went back to the house and decided to relax together for the rest of the evening. When we got back to the house, Dad told me that he was going to make dinner after we took showers and that he had one last gift for me. I didn’t really care if he bought me anything or not. The fact that my dad let me move in with him was present enough. After the divorce, my mother and I didn’t fair well together. Dad told me that I was always welcomed and I left my mother and sister. “Who’s hitting the shower first,” I blurted out. “Don’t care… It’s up to you,” Dad replied as he started pulling ingredients out from the kitchen cabinets. Suddenly a flash of Dad’s naked ass leaving my room this morning filled my mind’s eye. Then another of him fucking the sink. Finally, a flash of his body in the shower. I don’t know what caused me to want to do what I did next. I guess, I just wanted him to know that I saw him jerking off this morning. So, I opened my mouth and said, “Maybe I should go first. After all, Dad, you like to leave the hot water running while you hump the sink!” It seemed like a funny thing at the time, but I could tell by my dad’s face that he was completely embarrassed and mortified. For a brief moment, I thought he was going to cry as he swallowed hard. “Uh… What? What do you-” I realized this was no longer funny, rather, I really upset my dad. I fished in my head for something witty to say as to laugh it off, but realized taht it was my wit that made things awkward. Then, for the first time in my life, maybe, I spoke from the heart and not the funny bone. “Dad, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable. I just remember waking up and thinking you had been in my room. I heard the shower running and got up to see if you were there. The door was wide open and you were- Uh- Going at it.” My father, still frozen, looked as if he was going to remain in that pose for the rest of his life. A couple times he opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I could see his face was flushed and he had beads of sweat forming on his brow. “Dad,” I added, “I think it’s cool that you were doing it,” I kind of chuckled. “You always told me, “all guys do it” and we are both guys. So what’s the big deal, right?” Dad finally broke his stance and looked over at me. He was still trembling, but there seemed to be a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He took a few steps toward me. We were the same height, but dad was a bit thicker build than myself. He put his arm up against the wall of the kitchen and leaned into it. “Bobby, it is true that we all do it,” Dad reiterated. “I suppose I am just a little embarrassed by the whole situation.” He continued on with a lot of philosophical analogies and metaphoric explanations of “man’s needs.” While I listened, my nose caught a whiff of B.O.- And it wasn’t mine. I looked at Dad’s armpit. His T-shirt had a large wet stain of sweat under each pit and when Dad had lifted his arm, it began to slowly waft through the air. I wanted to make a joke about it, but knew this was not the right time. 8 Just A Peek Once Dad had finished his lecture on masturbation, I reached in to give him a hug. I could not help but breathe in deeply when his strong arms wrapped around me and my nose was mere inches away from his sweaty pit. The smell was pungent and sharp and it gagged me slightly. We released and Dad said he would shower first. We both went up stairs to our rooms. I shut my door, but then opened it halfway. For some reason, I just wanted to catch a glimpse of dad naked one more time. Within minutes, Dad was walking into the hallway wrapped in only a towel. He moved to the bathroom and then shut the door. “Damnit!” I picked up a pile of “clean” clothes from the floor and tossed them on my disheveled bed. As I was routing through them, I heard the bathroom door. I looked up to see if my father was returning to his room for something… Maybe naked? No such luck, but the bathroom door was now ajar. I heard the glass shower doors open and close. I knew Dad was in the shower and my mind raced. “He is in the shower.” “When he washes his dick, I know it’s going to get hard.” “Hmmm? Just a peek.” “It’s natural curiosity.” “Just one little peek.” I moved to the bathroom doorframe and raised my right arm against it as to balance myself. As I leaned in, I could see my dad in the shower. His head was down and he was thrusting his hips back and forth. It was hard to see through all the steam, but I traced the outline of his hand jerking his hard dick. I leaned in further, pressing my lips against my raised forearm for fear of letting out any noise and then this smell hit me. The light scent of Dad’s sweat was on my arm. I watched as Dad turned to face the glass doors and I pulled in my arm and leaned back so he wouldn’t see me. I slowly peered back in. His eyes were closed as he leaned up against the shower wall, never letting go of his hard cock. I was getting moist from the steam escaping the cracked door and raised my arm to wipe the sweat from my brow. Again I could smell my father on my arm. I breathed in the scent and could feel my cock stiffening in my jeans. Watching Dad stroke his dick in the shower was making me so hard. I reached down and slipped my hand beneath my jeans. I started rubbing my cock. Fuck. It felt so good. I just wanted to cum with him- At the same time, I mean. I don’t know why, but the idea that Dad’s dick, sperm and DNA had made me caused me to precum. I closed my eyes and began to stroke my dripping penis inside my jeans. My eyes were closed for but a moment and when I opened them, my father was looking directly at me. Now, I was the frozen one. I wondered if he actually could see me. I had no idea what to do, so I slipped away and returned to my bedroom. I heard the shower turn off. “Oh shit,” I said under my breath. “What the fuck am I going to say?!” I look up to see Dad walking toward my room with a concerned look on his face. I couldn’t resist quickly glancing down at the outline of his still semi-erect cock underneath the white fluffy towel. “Bobby, I think we need to talk,” he said in that awful “dad way.” 9 The Twins Dad and I sat down on the edge of my bed and he asked what was going on with me. He wanted to understand why I was spying on him while he was jacking off. He wanted me to explain why I was fondling myself while watching him. I was now the mortified one and Dad knew it. He put his still wet arm around me and said, “Just talk to me. Be honest. There is no judgment here, buddy.” His voice was reassuring and comforting. I couldn’t look at him, but I did manage to let my forthright thoughts escape my quivering lips. “Honestly, Dad, I’m just kind of curious. Like, we look a lot alike. Does everything look similar, you know?” “Are you asking if our penises look alike,” Dad asked. “Yeah. I just would like to, you know, check them out… Together, you know?” There was a long pause of silence. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Dad was slowly pulling his towel from around his waist, exposing his semierect dick. I wanted to look directly at it, but couldn’t muster the strength. “Well, there it is,” Dad chimed. With that, I looked over at his penis. It was little bigger and darker than mine, but we both had the same greenish-blue vein running along the topside of our dicks. Dad asked me if I still wanted to compare them. I wanted to, but realized I was still sporting a full-mast boner. I nodded my head, but didn’t dare move. “Ok, well let’s see what your packing there,” Dad said. I wanted nothing more than for my father to take a look at my stiff cock, but I was so embarrassed that it was hard. I tried to think about other things. I wanted my boner to go away, but looking at my dad’s veiny dick was keeping me from the task at hand. Dad noticed something was up and told me that there was nothing to ashamed of. “Dad, I don’t know how to say this… Um… I think I got a boner.” Suddenly, Dad’s dick started to move and extend slightly. I could see his balls raise and lower a couple times before he said, “Bobby, it’s cool. Are you really hard?” “Yeah,” I snickered. “Do you think you are as big as me?” “I don’t know. Maybe? Almost?” A minute passed and I reached for the button of my jeans and unfastened them. I pulled down my zipper. The sound of it was so loud as it cut through the silence. As I opened up my jeans, my boner jutted up beneath my loose boxer briefs. “Damn,” Dad said. “You weren’t kidding. You are really hard!” I felt my face flush. I looked down at my hands and they stopped moving. Dad waited for a second or two and then reached over and took a hold the elastic band of my boxers. He slowly pulled them away from my belly and then downward as my swollen cock popped out. I carefully looked over to Dad’s dick with my eyes- Never moving my head. He was no longer semierect, but had a full-on, raging boner. “Alright. Stand up,” Dad blurted out. I looked up from his hard cock to his face. Our eyes met and we both stood. Dad faced me as I slipped off my jeans and boxers. I straightened up. Then he positioned himself so that our cocks were side by side and he slowly pushed the head of his stiff prick into my pubes. I lifted the hem of my T-shirt that had been resting on the base of my dick, exposing all of my penis and bush. I noticed Dad’s precum making strands of clear goo on my pubic hair and it made my dick jump. Dad grabbed a hold of my cock with his right hand and his own with his left. He steadied them together. “I’m a little more girthed than you,” he said. “But not by much and you are about as long as me.” “Yeah,” I stuttered out. “We got matching veins too. Think I will get any bigger?” “Maybe a little. I think in a few years our dicks will be like identical twins,” He joked. I pulled away from Dad’s grip on my cock. I asked him if he would mind me holding his in my hand. I just wanted gaziantep masaj salonları to see what my dick was going to feel like when I would be his age. He complied and I stood behind him and reached around to take a hold of his cock. When I did, I could feel my own dick press up against his damp ass cheeks and it made my boner bob up and down. Though I was a little nervous about it, I continued on and grabbed a hold of Dad’s damp prick. 10 And The Truth Shall Set You Free Dad’s butt cheeks tensed every time I lightly squeezed his hard cock. The movement of them would brush against my own stiff dick and make it jut upwards along his ass crack. I started to stroke my dad. I moved the skin up and down on his veiny, rigged penis. While it felt slightly bigger than mine, it pretty much was like holding my own dick. I said softly, “Hey Dad, do you remember what your dick felt like at my age?” “Can’t say I do, Bobby,” Dad replied. I let go of his throbbing dick and stepped in front of him and then turned around. Dad took a step foreword and I could feel his hard cock up against my ass. Hoping his dick would jump as mine did, I began flexing my buttocks. I could feel his prick graze up against my crack and then back down where it got lodged underneath my butt cheeks. There it stayed as Dad reached around and took a hold of my boner. Dad moved in closer and I could feel his hair chest against my back. His face slowly nestled into my neck and I could hear him breathing deeply. He pulled me tighter to him. He was smelling me. His cock slipped in between my legs and was pressed up against my pulsating taint. As Dad’s hand was moving up and down my cock, he would stop every three or four strokes and smear precum all over my shaft and then would go back to it. I was mentally exploring the whole experience when I felt Dad’s other hand slip down between us. It crept slowly into the crack of my ass and I could feel his fingers fishing about for my asshole. Once he found it, he rubbed his fingers around my puckered opening and pressed up against it. Then Dad retrieved his hand and I could hear him sniffing his fingers. “Dad,” I questioned, “What the fuck are you doing?” With that, Dad let go of my dick and moved to the bed and sat down. He motioned for me to join him and said that he wanted to “come clean” about something. Dad explained what had happened earlier that morning. He said that for some unknown reason, the smell of my room- My smell- Caused him to become aroused. I don’t know why, but the thought of Dad liking my scent made me feel proud. “Um…” I stammered out. “I know this sounds strange, but if you want to- Uh- smell me, I am really ok with that.” “I don’t know, Bobby. This may be getting all a bit too weird,” Dad replied. “I know,” I blurted out. “But I’m really ok with it. What do you want to- Uh- check out?” Dad gently reached over and took a hold of my waist. He pushed slightly, as to let me know he wanted me to move into a different position. I laid back on the bed and he rolled me onto my stomach. He stood up and grabbed a hold of my waist again and then slid me to the edge of the bed so that I was bent over it. I’m not going to lie, this made me a little nervous and I felt my dick losing its rigidness. Dad knelt down on the floor between my legs. He ran his calloused hands up the back of my thighs to my ass cheeks and then spread them slightly. I was embarrassed as I knew I had a swampy butt. Then I concluded that it was the odor of my dank ass that Dad was actually interested in. I felt Dad’s warm breath breeze against my hole. I heard him inhale deeply and I knew he was ingesting my scent. My dick was at full mast again and I reached between myself and the bed and pushed it out from under me. It was now exposed, poking out and I could feel it pressing against the side of the bed every time Dad’s chest hairs tickled it. He raised his head and body. “I don’t know why, Bobby, but you smell so fucking good,” He laughed. “And your hole… It’s just so pink… And perfect looking.” His words made me feel so good about myself and then Dad buried his face in my crack. Without warning, I felt his warm tongue brushing back and forth against my tight, hairy hole. He would inhale deeply and then, as he sighed out his breath, he would try to force that tongue into my asshole. My god, it felt so strange… And yet, so good. I felt my back arch a bit as he was now gliding his tongue up and down my entire crack with smooth, long strokes. I wanted Dad to smell all of me, so I turned over onto my back, with my legs still hung over the edge of the bed. Dad just sat there for a moment looking dumbfounded and then slowly lowered his head between my hairy thighs. His nose nudged up against my hanging balls and he began sniffing about my taint. I took a hold of my cock and began to smear precum all over the head as his nose was moving up alongside my balls. I gently touched his face a few times on my downstroke. He looked up to see my raging boner in hand. I watched his eyes as they were fixed on the precum escaping my puckered piss-slit. I wondered if he wanted to smell that too, but then I knew… He really just wanted to taste it. 11 And Then “This” Leads To “That” My hand stopped jerking and moved to the base of my cock. With my other hand, I reached out to the tip of my dick and got some precum on my finger. Dad watched me intently as I licked my finger. He reached down to his own dick and retrieved some precum and tasted it. I sat up and looked down at my dad’s thick, dark penis and then extended my right hand to grip it at it’s base. I slid my hand up to the head, forcing out a dribble of glistening precum. With my left hand, I used two fingers to scoop up Dad’s goo and brought them to my mouth. I thought my father was going to be somewhat shocked, rather, he reached up and pushed my fingers into my mouth. The taste of his precum was much stronger than mine, but the flavor made me feel as if my cock was going to rip in half. I looked down to my dick and looked back to my dad. “Your turn,” I said. Now, I thought Dad was going to just jump at the chance to finger up my precum and have a taste, instead, he looked at me and said, “I want to taste it, but I want it still warm.” I wasn’t really sure what he meant by that, but the whole scene was unbelievably exciting and I was up for just about anything. “Taste away,” I smiled. Then Dad put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back onto the bed. He asked me to close my eyes and I did. Dad’s hands, once again, slid up my sweaty thighs and he took a hold of my boner. He gave it a few good strokes to get the precum oozing. Then he leaned in further and I could feel the tip of my cockhead slipping in and parting his wet lips. He began to gently suck the precum out of of me. I could feel my balls retracting and moving from my anus, up my taint. My dick was jutting about wildly and Dad had to keep a firm grip to control it. While the head of my cock was in a state of absolute bliss, the rest of my shaft was becoming increasingly jealous. Out of nowhere, I realized that I just wanted my whole dick in my dad’s mouth. Then Dad lifted his head and gave my cock a few more tugs, trying to get me to precum more. “Well,” I questioned, “How’s it taste?” “Fucking good,” he replied. “Looks like that tap may be running dry though,” he added with a smile. I reached both hands down and with my forefingers, middle fingers and thumbs, I gripped the sides of my dick and moved up and down quickly. Within seconds, precum was leaking out and running down the bottom side of my prick. It was a neat little technique I figured out last year. This action was like a spigot to turn on the flow of my precum. “Go on,” I offered. Dad lowered himself once again and took my engorged head between his lips and sucked the clear liquid out. As he did, I raised my hips slightly, pushing the whole head of my dick into his mouth. Oh my god! It felt so fucking good, but I wanted it all in there. I raised my right hand and gently placed it on my father’s head. “I really want you to smell my pubes, Dad.” 12 All Of Me, All Of You My mind was racing as I tried to comprehend what was happening. How did two, normal, straight guys- A father and son comparing their cocks- Turn into “dad” tasting “son’s” precum? Why the hell was my son’s dickhead in my mouth, anyway? What is more important, why was I enjoying this and allowing it to continue? I stopped and sat up thinking that this has all got to come to an end. That is when my son asked me, “Well, how’s it taste?” My mouth answered before my brain had the time to process the question. “Fucking good, son,” I answered. “Real fucking good.” I stroked his cock a few more times trying to get it to precum, but barely a dribble seeped out of his piss-slit. “Looks like that tap may be running dry though,” I joked. Then Bobby reached down with both hands and moved the skin of his shaft up and down quickly. Within seconds, precum was leaking out and running down the bottom side of his prick. “Go on,” he offered. I wanted to stop. I swear I did, but the offer to taste more of that sweet precum caused my judgment to be skewed. I complied and lowered my head once again. I took a hold of my son’s rock hard cock and placed the head between my lips and began sucking the juice out of him. Then Bobby raised his hips slightly, pushing the whole knob of his dick in my mouth. His velvety head expanded as did the shaft and base. I was thinking that Bobby’s prick may actually be as thick as mine now, when I felt him place his hand on my head. “I really want you to smell my pubes, Dad,” Bobby whispered. I was about to sit up when Bobby started to gently press down on my head. He raised his hips a little more, pushing the swollen knob in further. Suddenly, I realized that Bobby wanted me to take his whole cock in my mouth. I wasn’t really sure if I could… I mean, I’d never had a dick in my mouth before. However, I wanted to please my son and I wanted to ease my own curiosities. So, I complied. I felt my lips slowly moving down his solid shaft and within minutes, I could feel his engorged dickhead pressing against the back of my throat. One more inch and I would have my nose buried in his bushy, sweaty pubes. I started to pull back, but Bobby pushed my head down harder. His smooth prick thrust into my throat and the smell of his pubic hair’s perspiration met with my nose. I tired to inhale, but my son’s cockhead was pressed so far in the back of my head that I couldn’t gasp a breath. I sat up quickly as Bobby’s dick smacked against his stomach. “I think we had better stop right here,” I said. “I fear this is going a little too far.” 13 The Rhythm of the Jerk Bobby sat up on the edge of the bed with a look of disappointment on his face. I couldn’t bare to look him in the eye. I stood up to walk away when Bobby reached out and took a hold of my still hard prick. He looked at my penis and then started moving his head closer. Clear strands of precum were dripping from the head of my cock when Bobby’s tongue escaped his lips and licked my piss-slit. My boner jutted upwards and my ass cheeks tightened. My son steadied my bobbing dick and then slid his lips past the crown. I let out a slight, whimpered moan and all I could think about was pushing my cock further into my his warm, wet mouth. Bobby started gently sucking on the head of my cock and I could feel the light vibrations of his muted moans. I nonchalantly moved my hips forward a bit. My dick was near halfway in his mouth. Bobby pushed my cock further in and then sucked, creating a vacuum as he slowly pulled back until the tip of my prick broke free from his lips. “Dad, I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing here,” Bobby said sheepishly looking up at me. “Does it feel good? Am I doing it right?” Yes, it felt good, but was my son giving me a good blow job or simply just teasing about with my cock? I didn’t want to leave the poor kid hanging, so I answered him, “Yes… Seriously, that feels really good, Bobby. As for doing it right, I’m not sure if there is a right or wrong way to play with a hard penis.” Bobby inquired, “No… I mean… Dad, I know what a blowjob is. I just want to know if i am doing it the right way?” I began to understand what Bobby was actually pondering. He wanted to know if he was giving me a blowjob… A good one, at that. I thought about it while Bobby’s hand was still griping my dick. A question formed in my head and I asked Bobby if he had ever had a blowjob before? He explained that a girl once put his dick in her mouth, but that was all. I thought about all the women who had given me blowjobs and what I liked about each one’s skills. “Scooch over,” I said with a wave of the hand. Bobby let go of my dick and moved over an inch or two and I sat down next to him. I looked down between his legs at the younger version of my cock. I reached over and started to stroke it gently. “I can honestly say that I have never actually put thought into blowjobs until this very moment. I think I may have an understanding though.” I could feel warm precum pooling in the crease where my hand met Bobby’s firm prick. I began to stroke my son’s cock just as I would do my own. My son closed his eyes and I began to jerk him a little more aggressively. Bobby’s breaths came deeper and faster and as he started to lie back on the bed, I let go of his cock. “Dad! What the fuck,” he exclaimed, sitting up with a smirk. “That felt good to you, right?” He shot back sarcastically, “Um.. Duh!” “Alright,” I laughed, “So, I was stroking you just how I like to stroke. My theory is this, you treat another penis just how you would want yours to be treated.” gaziantep escort bayan “Oh my god, Dad,” he joked, “You just made up the Golden Rule of Cock!” We both chuckled and then Bobby reached over and took a hold of my arched penis. He awkwardly started stroking me and then got into the rhythm of the jerk. This kid was really jacking me off and did it with the tenacity and impatience of an inexperienced, hasty, young man… Which he was. I cautioned, “Whoa, dude! That’s awesome, but I don’t want to nut yet.” “Was it really that good, Dad?” I laughed, “Yeah… It was really ‘that’ good. I paused for a moment then said, “So, I think a blowjob is no different. I think you just do what you have liked and had done to you.” “Yeah, but I never had a BJ before,” Bobby reminded me. “I get that,” I said with a sigh. “I’m going to try it first. Look, I have no idea what I am doing either, but I’m going to try some of things that have been done to me. You have to let me know if it feels good, ok?” 14 I Feel Good… Duh-Na-Na-Na This was all so surreal. My father and I had just compared our dicks, tasted each other’s precum and now, we are jerking each other and contemplating how we are going to successfully give one another blowjobs. Dad knew I had never had a blowjob before and realized I would have no real understanding of the mechanics of it He also knew that he had never given a blowjob before and was a little unsure of himself. He said that he was going to attempt to do what had been done to him. It all seemed like a sound plan to me, but quite honestly, I just wanted my dick in Dad’s mouth again. I excitedly moved to the center of the bed and laid myself out flat with my legs slightly spread. Dad looked me up and down and gave an affirming nod. “Bobby, you have to let me know if it feels good, ok?” I anxiously replied, “Yeah… Ok.” I could feel my Dad’s hard cock brush against my shin as he climbed in between my legs and knelt there. He asked me if I was ready and I gave a resounding, “Yes!” Dad took a hold of my cock at it’s base and then lowered his head. The warmth of Dad’s mouth enveloped the head of my stif prick. He slowly worked his way down and I let him know that it felt really good. He started to pull back- All the way to the very tip of my cockhead and then, without warning, he quickly thrust his skull downwards, forcing my cock into the back of his throat and his nose into my pubes. Once again, he drew his lips back, this time right below the crown of my dick and dropped back down. He did this motion over and over again…. Each time getting faster. Then I felt his hand beginning to move in unison with his mouth. Oh man, my dick was so hard! Nothing I had ever experienced felt this good. As my father kept thrusting my cock in and out of his throat, I could feel my balls tightening and my dick thickening. “Fuck, Dad,” I breathed out, “That feels so good!” No sooner had the words left my mouth and Dad started to ease his pace and eventually stopped his amazing blowjob ability. My rigid dick was still in his hand and he started stroking it slowly as he spoke. “So were you paying attention to what felt good to you?” “Dad,” I laughed, “It all felt good.” Dad smiled, “You know what I mean, Bobby.” “Yeah, I got this,” I replied. “Let’s just get to it.” 15 Medium Well As I was pushing my son’s veiny prick in and out of my mouth, I couldn’t help but feel my own cock jumping about. Why was this so exhilarating to me? Was I latent homosexual? Or was it that I just loved knowing that I was making my son feel so good? Maybe I was just turned on by body odor or the fact that I was tasting the fruit of my loins, so to speak? I sped up my pace. I could feel Bobby’s cock plumping up in my mouth. His balls tightened up and he said, “Fuck, Dad, that feel so good!” I knew Bobby was getting close to busting a nut, so I slowed down and eventually lifted my head from his crotch. I questioned him, “So, were you paying attention to what felt good to you?” “Dad,” he laughed, “It all felt good.” “You know what I mean, Bobby,” I said with a grin. “Yeah, I got this,” he replied. “Let’s just get to it.” Now, the only blowjob that Bobby had ever had was from me. This notion caused two thoughts to form in my head: 1) If Bobby’s blowjob abilities are less than adequate, it is my fault… As I am the teacher here. 2) If his blowjob abilities are stupendous, this teacher must be one hell of a good cocksucker. I chuckled under my breath and laid my head at the foot of his bed. I sprawled out and spread my legs as my son positioned himself between them. I raised my knees with my feet flat on the bed. Bobby looked down at my penis and grabbed it by the base, just as I had done to him. With his other hand, he cupped my balls and lifted them. “Dad,” he asked, intently staring between my legs, “You said my hole was pink, right?” “Yeah… Yes, I did. Why do you ask?” “Well, yours is kind of like filet mignon,” he laughed, “Brownish with a pink center.” I laughed too, “Remember, I told you as you get older your junk starts to darken.” Bobby nodded and then moved his head downward. He stretched out his body and the laid on his belly. He must have been eye to eye with my asshole when he asked if he could touch it. Of course, I agreed. At this point, we had gone far beyond taboo. I could feel my son’s finger pressing against my asshole repeatedly as if it were a door bell that didn’t work. I reached down and took a hold of his hand that was wrapped around my bulging cock. Guiding his hand up, I moved it to the head of my penis and took his first finger and smeared it into my oozing precum. Bobby knew what I wanted him to do. He retrieved his hand and put the gooey finger against my hole and rubbed it. It felt so good and then the sensation of his finger pushing in past my sphincter caused my cock to rear back with such force it smacked against my abdomen. Bobby asked, “Do you like that, Dad? I do that to myself, you know? Sometimes.” “Um, yeah,” I answered as he shoved his finger in further. I closed my eyes as Bobby lowered his head and used his other hand to steady my dick. I felt his tongue lick the precum from my tip and my hole tightened around his finger. As Bobby put my cock in his mouth, I felt my back arch. My son started to bob his head up and down. Before long, his hand was moving up and down with his mouth in perfect time. The finger, still in my asshole, began to wiggle back and forth. Grabbing his head with both hands, I cautioned him, “Slow down there sport, you’re going to make me pop.” Bobby pulled away from my prick and looked me right in the eye. It was unnerving and yet, somewhat tantalizing. His finger was still lodged in my hole, but was motionless. “Dad,” Bobby muttered out very seriously. Then silence. “Dad, I think… I mean… I want…” “What is it? What do you want, Bobby?” “I want to make you cum,” he said nervously. “Please, just do it. Just cum in my mouth. I want to taste it.” I shot back with a crackled, “Seriously?” 16 Sibling Cannibalism I had just told my father that I wanted to make him cum- Not only did I want to be the catalyst for his orgasm, but I wanted him to do it… In my mouth. When the words hit the air, they sounded so weird and foreign to me. Really though, how much weirder could this get? I mean, I am having a conversation about eating my father’s jizz while my finger is first-knuckle deep in his hairy, brown hole. His face showed reluctance, but nevertheless, Dad agreed. His jutting cock and twitching asshole let me know he was definitely down for this. I put Dad’s throbbing prick in my mouth and began to really go at it. I could feel every bulging vein… Every solid ridge and ripple on the sides of his shaft… I could feel his swollen urethra sliding up and down my tongue. The taste of Dad’s precum permeated my mouth. Dad placed his right hand on my head as to guide it and keep a steady pace. He started to move his hips slightly and his balls began to tighten. When I pulled my finger out of his ass, he let out a grunt and arched his back, forcing his dick far into my head. With my hand free, I reached down to my bouncing cock and slowly stroked it, but for only a moment. I realized I was close- Too close. I didn’t want to cum yet. I was more concerned about making my father bust. I wanted to be fully aware of my Dad shooting his hot jizz in my mouth. “Fuck,” Dad breathed out, “I’m getting really close.” With that, he steadied my head and began to fuck my face. At first I thought I wasn’t doing a good job, but then realized he was just at his peak and going to nut any second. He started thrusting so hard that he was gagging me, but I didn’t care. A few times, I actually pushed down harder just so I could feel that cockhead ram deep into the back of my throat. Faster and faster he thrust… His breaths were short and deep… He grunted… He moaned… My father was full-on face fucking me. His cockhead was busting in and out of my mouth as his body tensed and shook. Dad was about to give me his load. I couldn’t help but groan and grunt myself. The vibration of my muted moans on his prick made Dad actually cry out in ecstasy as I felt the first shot of Dad’s cum hit the back of my throat. I gagged. My father stopped thrusting. His cock was buried deep into the back of my throat. I couldn’t breathe, but I never moved. He drew back and then rammed that hard prick of his back in and I felt the second blast of hot cum and this time, I could really taste it. Dad’s jizz had the slight taste of what ammonia smells like. It was an odd taste that made me wince for a moment, but then my tongue quickly acquired the taste. My dad shot at least four distinct streams of jizz in my mouth. There was so much cum that I could feel it running out the sides of my mouth and onto my hand. My father laid motionless as he held my head firmly in his hands. I tried to move, but he let out a light laugh and kept me locked in position. I figured it out pretty fast. He was over sensitive. Dad eventually let go of my head and his hands fell to his sides. I lifted my head, releasing his throbbing cock from my mouth and looked at my father. His eyes appeared closed, but I could tell he was peering through their lashes. I was still holding his cum in my mouth and as I stared at my father, I made a loud swallow. Dad’s eyes opened wide immediately. He quizzed, “Did you just swallow my nut?” I nodded. He paused, then smiled. I got up and laid back on the bed and grabbed my dick and positioned it upwards, as if it were an offering to a god. Dad slowly got up and crawled between my legs. I let go of my penis and he reached up his hands and placed them under my armpits. His hands dug in a bit and it started to tickle. He smiled and apologized. With a light touch, Dad ran his hands down my sides to my hips and said, “I want your cum too, son.” 17 Pheromones As I knelt between my son’s hairy legs and gazed at his rigid penis pointing toward the sky, I realized that I wanted to taste cum… My son’s cum. I wanted to swallow it just as he did mine. “I want your cum too, son,” I said confidently. The look on my son’s face was like no other. He beamed and watched me get on my belly and grabbed his bobbing cock. I pulled it downward, toward my mouth and it tried to fight me. I could feel his rigid prick trying to rear up and so I gave it a little leeway, before gently pulling it back down again. “Dad,” my son whimpered out, “Please… Just suck me, Dad. I’m so close.” So close? Of course. My son had never had a sexual experience of this magnitude. Though he wasn’t a virgin, he had only had sex with one girl… One time. Ashamedly, he admitted to me that he didn’t last for more than a minute or two. I had explained to him that it takes time to gain control of your orgasms. This situation, however, was way beyond any of that. I heard my son’s plea. I licked my lips and pressed his dickhead passed them, forcing it into my mouth and taking it all the way, till my nose was buried in his dark, musky curls. I could smell the essence of my son mixed with my own. Sweat and precum… Pheromones. With my other hand, I reached underneath myself and retrieved some of my post-cum. I rubbed it on Bobby’s asshole while I sucked his prick. I began to work my index finger into his tight hairy hole. I was rather surprised when he bared down, taking my whole finger deep inside him. “Dad,” he cried out. “Oh man… I’m gonna cum!” My son brought his legs into the air, forcing his asshole down to my fist. I could feel his warm, fleshy insides begin to pulsate and throb. His hole tightened and loosened around my finger and then warm, flavorless wetness filled my mouth. Bobby growled out a moan and a stream of his hot cum shot against the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and forced it down to his abdomen and began to thrust. He filled my mouth with his cum and it tasted so good. I began trying to swallow with his pumping cock pressed against the back of my throat. I didn’t want to loose a drop of him. With every swallow, Bobby arched his back and cried out. A few moments had passed with Bobby’s dick lodged in the back of my throat and I slowly started pulling my finger from his still throbbing hole. As I did, my son sighed and pulled his cock out of my mouth a bit. I swallowed once more to make sure there was no cum left and then got up. I sat on the edge of the bed. Bobby eventually rolled over and got up to join me. “What are you thinking, Dad?” “I’m thinking I should feel bad for what just took place- On so many levels.” “You mean- Yeah. Got you.” I asked, “Do you feel bad… Or weird?” Bobby smiled and said, “Fuck no. Seriously, Dad, that was awesome.” I asked him, “Do you think this makes us gay?” Bobby paused for a moment and said, “No… Maybe a little bi, though.” We both laughed. Bobby laid his head up against my arm. He placed a hand on my thigh and slid it down to take a hold of my softening dick. After a minute or two he asked, “Who knew what a little sweat could do to a person?”

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