Philippines Vacation Pt. 04


I’d like to continue by saying this. The Philippines with all of its problems is a beautiful country. The people are very friendly and despite, or maybe because of, the poverty level is a great tourist destination. It’s also a place that offers anything you want if you know where to look for it.

After our last bout of sex we were too exhausted to go on. I didn’t mention the person on the beach to my husband. I really just wrote it off in my head.

We both stumbled into the shower when we had the strength and hosed ourselves off. Scrubbed the shame off and passed out in our cum covered sheets…lol. To our fortune they cleaned up and changed he sheets daily.

The next morning we made our way down to breakfast, both still a little wobbly. Our server brought the menus over, she was a cheery one for it being so early, it was nearly 9 am. She took our order and after she brought the food was very attentive and chatty while we were at the table.

After breakfast we made our way back to the room. Once inside, my husband grabbed me and spun me around, he slipped my clothes off, tho since I was only wearing a tshirt and shorts it wasn’t hard, and we were at it again. A vigorous half an hour and we collapsed on the bed again.

We lay there panting and giggling and decided we had to get out of the room for a while or we were going to kill each other. It was a perfect day outside, so it was decided we go out and take pictures. My husband had brought our DSLR and wanted to take some pics of me in my bikini. After a quick shower and some recovery time we made our way out into the day.

We started out in the sand, then moved to the water, then I wanted some pics of the two of us so I shanghaied one of the workers to take a few snapshots of us. I splashed around and he was busy clicking away like Ansel Adams, or some other more appropriate photographer reference.. The sun was bright, the day was warm, everything was fun and relaxing.

At the end of one of the piers the resort has bungalows out over the water. Unfortunately they weren’t available due to renovations, but we worked our way down the pier and into them anyway. They didn’t have doors or windows and only some wicker furniture was left behind. We would find out during our stay that some of the worker bees would sleep out in these at night. It was cooler over the water than it was in their rooms and they had a little more privacy. For what you may ask, but we didn’t…lol…

However, they were empty now. They made for interesting backdrop tho. My husband taught me a bit about how to use the camera, or at least escort numaraları eryaman how to set it on automatic and press the button. We took turns taking pictures of each other which turned into general silliness, at least until the naughtiness took over.

Before too long I was in various stages of undress, which wasn’t had since I was only wearing the two piece. Then I was posing naked, looking around nervously for anyone that may walk up on us. Then I wasn’t so much nervous when I saw the bulge in his swim trunks.I was quickly on my knees in front of him with his cock in my mouth while he took pictures and video. Gotta love video capability on our digital gadgets now. This, of course, led to the camera being set down and me being bent over some questionable wicker furniture and given a quickie. Ahh, video vacation memories…lol…

We stayed out until lunch then made our way back to the room to stow our gear before we went back for some food. Did I mention there wasn’t even wifi in the rooms? Austerity! The only place you could get anything close to a signal was in the pavilion. A weak signal at best.


We had the same server, still cheery, still chatty. We learned she had been there 6 months, liked her job, was trying to save money to go to school. She gave us the scuttle on what was going on on the island. Which wasn’t a lot. The area behind the ‘Do Not Go’ sign was mainly not landscaped and where the staff quarters were. The majority of the workers were indeed in their 20’s except for some of the senior positions. They worked for about a month at a time before they got some time off. She said a little bit later in the evenings they have some activities in the main area, movies, karaoke, the bar is open. The kids have a Playstation they project on an outdoor screen and play games, usually some of the dancing games. We learned a lot…lol..

After lunch the sun and fun had gotten to us, so back to the room for naps. I woke up after an hour or so. I tried to rouse him, but he was out for a while. I decided to take advantage of the spa area and go see what they were offering. They had it all. A menu of manicures and pedicures and various massages.

There weren’t many people as I approached. The girls were sitting around talking, but stirred and scrambled as I walked up. I noticed our server sitting among them. She perked up and pushed her way in front of the rest. She was all smiles and greetings initiating more small chat and talking me through the menu choices. She eventually talked me into a manicure, pedicure, and massage.

She ankara bayan escort directed me over to a comfortable lounge chair, I was wondering if they worked on commission the way she persuaded me into spending money, she was quite good. She directed a few of the other girls to do some prep work and grabbed her tray and took my hand and began the manicure. Commission and tips I was thinking.

She moved from hand to hand then to my feet. She would do an appendage, then give it a massage before moving to the next. She was full of questions, asking about me and my husband and our lives. It was light small talk, but if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was being interrogated…lol..

When we were done with my fingers and toes I was directed over to an open area with massage tables set up. Curtains were hung for privacy and you faced the beach while you got your massage. I was not regretting my purchasing decision by this point.

I received a towel to wrap around myself and laid face down on the table She folded the towel down to cover only my butt. I will mention I still had my bikini on, so for you dirty-minded people it wasn’t THAT kind of a massage (…or is it? Keep reading…). She started with my back and shoulders then moved down to my arms and hands. She was quite good. I felt myself start to just melt.

For the next hour she gave me the full treatment. All of my recently acquired soreness and stiffness was being worked out. I felt myself perk up when she untied my bikini top and even more when she stated massaging my butt and inner thighs. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening and I tried to keep myself from squirming, but again…It wasn’t THAT kind of a massage. Regardless her hands felt really good. When I rolled over and she massaged my front I waited to see what would happen, what I was hoping would happen, but it was all above board. The voice in my head was disappointed saying, “Awww, I guess it’s not THAT kind of a massage.” It would have been kind of cool, out in the open like that, and she was a really pretty girl. I wouldn’t have minded it at all.

The massage went on for a little over an hour. At the end I tipped her, thanked her, and gave her a hug and told her I’d see her later. Yeah, she was cute. You know women will hug you sometimes just as an excuse to feel you up? Noooo, that’s not what I was doing at all. Yep, cute, 20’s, firm.

I got back to the room and my husband was still asleep, poor exhausted baby. I was tempted to wake him up, but thought I’d let him recover a bit more. We still had a while until elvankent escort supper, so I grabbed my iPad and sat out on the balcony and read a bit. As I walked out my mind flashed back and I stood there smiling watching our naughty shenanigans of the previous night.

I sat down on the bench and leaned back. I admired and wiggled my newly done fingers and toes for a few minutes, then settled back to read. Cute, 20’s, firm. She contrasted, or complemented, my cute, 40’s, and not as firm as I was in my 20’s, but still pretty damned good.


The wind blew, the clouds floated, the day went on. My husband finally woke up. We spent some time laying around and reading. The crew came by and tidied up the room while we sat out on the balcony. He and I looked sheepishly at each other when they started stripping the sheets off the bed. We grinned when we had fresh linens again. A relaxing afternoon passed, our bacchanal on temporary hiatus with our urges currently sated.

Suppertime came along and we made our way back to the pavilion. Our table faced the main beach. Off of it the water, of course, and beyond was a neighboring island with its mountains. Beautiful. I was no longer surprised when we had the same server again and looked forward to seeing her. I showed her my nails and thanked her again for the afternoon spa. Our food was ordered and my husband and I made small talk while we waited. We had taken our iPads with us to try and check our email and other things. The signal was ridiculously weak, so we took pictures of each other, then I shanghaied one of the wait staff to take some more pictures of us…lol…It’s ok they like it. Everyone does it. My people are very photographic…lol…

The food came and we ate, our server came by several times to chat and check on us. The sun started going down and the wind picked up a bit. a nice cool evening breeze. Something we hadn’t noticed the night before was the sunset. The most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen. The sky was white, blue, with an explosion of orange and red behind the purple mountain. It reflected in the water and the beach was being illuminated by a couple of lights they had out there. It was simply stunning.

We sat and marveled at it for a few minutes before remembering we had our iPads with us, so we snapped a couple of pictures. My husband re-remembering he had the DSLR back in the room excused himself to run and get it. Ultimately, he would be too late to catch it, but that isn’t the most interesting thing that happened.

As he was walking away our server strolled back over. She inquired after him and I replied about the sunset and the camera back in our room. She stood and we chatted admiring the sunset, then the conversation took a lull for a moment. She was smiling at me then leaned in a bit and lowering her voice a bit. She whispered…

“I saw you.”

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