Phoenix Rising Pt. 03


I woke up and looked at the grey light of morning filtering through the windows. The sun wasn’t quite up which meant that Mom and Dad would be asleep for a while longer. I felt Paris curled up behind me, one arm draped over my hips. I felt her naked body pressing into my exposed skin and sighed. I grabbed her arm, gently. I wanted to enjoy this. To relish in it. I felt her free arm snake under my body and pull me close to her so that both her arms were wrapped around my midsection.

“You awake yet?” She whispered.

“Shhhh,” I whispered. “If I’m dreaming, I don’t want to wake up yet.”

She pressed her body into mine and squeezed against me. “Not a dream.”

I rolled on the bed to look at her smiled. Her hair was still a mess from last night, as I’m sure mine was, but even mussed and looking every bit as haggard from a not-quite-full night’s sleep, she looked more amazing than ever.

“Hey Baby Phee,” She said.

“Hey there, Big Sis.”

She pushed some hair out of my face. “Have a good night?”

I couldn’t put together the words to describe how amazing it was. “The best ever.”

“Any regrets?”

“Only that we didn’t do this sooner.”

She smiled and kissed me. It wasn’t the soul crushing kiss from last night, but it still made me hyper-aware of our naked bodies pressed so closely together. Well, almost naked bodies. I was still wearing the red bralette from the previous night, and I felt our combined cum dried and covering my belly and chest.

“Can I ask you something?” Paris said.


“When was the first time you fantasized about me?”

“Ages ago. You had gone out on a date with Tommy Borren and left a bunch of your clothes laying around. I went into your room to look for something and just saw them there. That was the first time I tried on your clothes too. I imagined you finding me like that, trying on your clothes and teaching me to be your little sister, before deciding that little sisters needed to learn to kiss.”

“That’s a while back,” Paris said. “That’s before,” she waved her hand in a vague gesture, “this.”

I nodded. “Yeah.” I grabbed her hand and held it between us. “And you? When did you first fantasize about me?”

“In college. My roommates were talking about fetishes and weird turn ons after drinking too much. One of them said she always got so wet for her brother. She knew nothing would ever come of it, but it didn’t stop her from fantasizing. And of course, I started to fantasize then.”

She looked down at the bra and ran one finger along the edge. I shivered at the touch.

“And the clothes?”

I shrugged. “As long as I can remember. Anyone else in the family?” I asked with a half grin.

“Everyone else. You?”

I nodded. “Everyone else.”

We giggled and snuggled together a moment longer. “How much do we tell Mom and Dad?” I asked after a moment.

Paris shrugged. “We don’t have to tell them anything. For now this is ours. Just us. And we should get cleaned up before they wake up. I need a shower and so do you.”

I pointed to my wash basin by the window. “I’m all set. Mom is used to me cleaning up in here.”

Paris got out of bed. I stared at her naked body while she put on her bra and thong from the previous night. She looked magnificent, still half covered in my dried cum and her hair an absolute mess.

“You’re beautiful,” I said. “Paris, do you think we could sleep together again tonight? Not fool around, not if you aren’t up for it, but just, sleep together?”

“Yeah, but in my room. Your bed is too small.”

That day I wore a dark brown thong and matching bra. My nipples seemed even larger and puffier than the previous day and I was worried that they would be oddly visible if I didn’t put on something to hide them. I put on a pair of jean shorts from the collection as well since none of mine seemed to fit anymore, and a simple dark t-shirt that would be sure to cover the bra. I didn’t realize that I had never taken the butterfly necklace off and it nestled itself over my shirt and bra right where my cleavage should have been.

Paris wolf whistled at me when I entered the kitchen for breakfast. It was an expression I was hard pressed not to emulate. She was dressed almost identically to me, except that she wore a tanktop that exposed her lack of bra quite clearly.

“Stop that,” Mom said. She looked at me and nodded approvingly. “At least the clothes fit you. I’m sorry there isn’t anything more your style, but you look good Baby Phee.” She turned to Dad. “Don’t you think so Dear?”

Dad I realized, had been staring at me the moment I entered the room. “Yeah. It looks good on you kiddo.”

The morning passed normally. Paris and I were trying not to flirt with each other. I could tell when she was thinking of last night, or some other fantasy because she got a glassy look in her eyes and whatever she was working on took a little longer than normal. For my part, I spent a lot of time hoping that my hard on didn’t ataşehir escort pop out of the shorts I was wearing. They were women’s shorts, shorter than what I normally wore and made to hug my ass and hips. My bulge would pop out the top if I let it get to hard pointing upwards, and it would absolutely pop out the bottom of the leg if I let it get too hard going that way.

After lunch, Paris came over to me and leaned down next to me while I was weeding. “Nice thong, Baby Phee,” she whispered into my ear. “Showing it off on purpose?”

My eyes went wide. I looked around in a panic.

“Easy.” She put one hand on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. “They aren’t close.” She sat down on the ground beside me, though careful not to sit on anything important. “Good thing too.” She gestured to my shirt.

I looked down and realized in the brighter sun of the afternoon what I hadn’t noticed in the dimness of the house: it was one of my old t-shirts and it was as see through as any of Mom’s. My bra was plainly visible. I didn’t panic, by some miracle. “Want a better look?” I teased. I lifted the hem of shirt to show off and shimmied my chest playfully.

Paris stared.


Paris nodded. Slowly, she reached out her hands and caressed the side of my breast. The backs of her fingers ran along the outside of the simple cotton material but the sensation, even through the bra, against my soft flesh made me shudder. Her fingers continued along the curve of my breast until her fingers bumped over my nipples and I moaned. Her eyes were transfixed on my chest. She couldn’t have pulled her eyes away if our parents had started shouting from right behind her. Curious, I looked down to see what she did and my heart nearly stopped. There, where my flat chest and puffy nipples had been just that morning, I had two, small curves with obvious nipples. I had breasts. I had breasts?


Paris stood up, took me by the hand and dragged me towards the barn.

“Come on,” she said.

The barn was where Grandad used to keep horses until he had decided he didn’t like them. Most of the other animals were in other pens or buildings and this old one had remained where it was ever since fallout — empty and useless. There was no one inside of course. There was never anyone inside. To be sure we checked the empty stalls before going up the rickety ladder to the loft. Which was insane. You can’t see the ladder. I’m telling you, no sane person would use it. But it gave us the privacy we wanted.

Paris hauled me up onto the loft and kissed me. Her kiss held passion, need, lust. I had questions but her kiss drove them all from my mind. What did I care about breasts when my sister was kissing me so perfectly? What did I care about anything when Her body pressed against mine like that? When her breasts pressed into mine?

At some point we both got our shirts and shorts off so that we lay on the loft nearly naked. She only wore panties and I in my thong and bra. I was putting my mouth on her breast, licking her nipples when we heard Mom down below.

“Marcus!” She whispered. Loud enough for us to hear. Loud enough for us to freeze. “Marcus, what has gotten into you?” There was a startled and muffled sound of surprise followed by a soft moan.

Then Dad. “I need you,” he said. “I need you now.”

We heard the sound of two bodies moving around the lower part of the barn.

“What if the kids see us? Or come looking for us?” Mom asked. Her questions didn’t seem very sincere.

“Let them,” Dad said. “Admit it. You want them to catch us. You’d love it.”

Mom Gasped, then moaned.

Paris put a finger to her lips and lay flat in the loft. She motioned for me to do the same, and we moved to the edge where random junk would hide us well enough that we wouldn’t be seen from below, but give us enough of a view to watch. I saw Dad, pressing mom against one of the stall doors. She had both arms wrapped around his neck. Dad had one hand between mom’s legs, although outside her clothing.

“Would I?” She asked. Mom got herself under enough control that she was able to put one hand on Daddy’s chest and drag her nails against him. “Is it me you’re thinking about? Or is it our two beautiful Baby Girls?”

I gasped, but thankfully so did Mom and Dad.

“You tell me,” Dad said. He pressed himself into Mama and we saw her smile. She must have felt his cock through their clothes. “Don’t tell me you aren’t just as turned on watching Paris walk around without a bra. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice Baby Phee’s new bra or how her ass looks so juicy in those shorts.”

Mama’s hand continued down from Daddy’s chest until it was between his legs. She didn’t grab his cock so much as she folded her hand around it. Daddy moaned. He slipped his fingers up the nearly non-existent legs of Mama’s shorts and judging by her moans, she was wet and ready for him.

“Tell me,” Mama said. “Which do you want first. Do you want to watch me with our girls, kadıköy escort bayan or enjoy them yourself?”

Daddy groaned as his free hand reached up under Mama’s shirt. He pushed it high enough that Paris and I could see her breasts in the clear light of day. We watched, awestruck as her brown tits with their large brown nipples stood on proud display. we listened to Mama moan as Daddy started playing with her fleshy tits, which were larger than I had imagined. He reached down to suck on nipple.

“Oh Daddy,” Mama said. “Oh Daddy, suck my nipples.” Her voice was higher pitched, a perfect imitation of Paris. “Suck your baby girl’s nipples. Ah!”

“Baby girl you are so fucking beautiful. Daddy loves you so much.”

“Oh fuck Daddy. I love your fingers in my cunt. I love feeling you in my hot pussy. Oh! Oh fuck, Daddy!”

“Is Daddy making you feel good, Baby Girl?”

Mama moaned in the affirmative. Her pitch was so perfect I had to look at Paris to make sure that she wasn’t actually moaning. I wondered if Mama had listened in on my sister masturbating or having sex before.

“So Good. Oh Fuck. Stop. Don’t make me cum yet. Please.”

Daddy’s arm, which had furiously pounding Mama slowed and stopped.

Mama smiled. “Let me take care of you.” She took off her shirt, then fell to her knees before him. She pulled his shorts down and Paris and I sighed as we enjoyed the view of our Father’s massive ten inch cock. “Close your eyes, Daddy. Imagine our girls sucking your cock. Imagine one of them licking you,” She stuck out her tongue and ran it from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. When she pulled her tongue away, a thin line of precum stretched between her tongue and Daddy’s cock. “Just like that, while the other is licking me.” She folded her lips around the head of Daddy’s cock.

“Oh Baby,” He moaned. “Oh your mouth is so good.”

“Tell me,” Mama said. She twisted and teased his cock with one hand. “Who do you want to suck your cock first? Paris? Or Phoenix?”

“First, I want them to watch us. I want them to see us having sex, making love. I Want them to know what it’s about. Then I want Phoenix. I want to show him how good a cock feels. I Want to show him how a man feels pleasure and how to offer it while you do the same for Paris.”

Mama moaned around Daddy’s cock as she took more into her mouth. She took her time, bobbing on his cock slowly. We could tell even as far away as we were, that she was really enjoying it. Judging from the sounds he was making, Daddy was enjoying it too.

Then Mama pulled her mouth away and gently stroked Daddy’s cock. It glistened in the afternoon light. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. “Do you think our girls are so innocent?” She asked. “Do you think that Paris doesn’t know how to feel pleasure or to pleasure a woman? Or that Phoenix hasn’t known as much about men?”

She stood up. Somehwere in the process she had unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down enough that they fell off of her as she stood.

I looked at my naked parents and thought I had never seen something so absolutely brilliant and majestic before.

Mama leaned in, to kiss Daddy. I watched their naked bodies press into each other. Mama’s soft, curvy body against Daddy’s hard, lean one. Watching them touch each other through the kiss I looked over at Paris. She had one hand on her tit and the other inside her panties. I grabbed her wrist and shook my head.

“No way you can be quiet enough,” I whispered in her ear. “Wait. I’ll make it worth it.”

She bit her lip. “Get naked with me.” She whispered. “Now.”

I nodded. I took off my bra and felt my small breasts sway a bit. She looked meaningfully at my panties. I wriggled out of them. She did the same and we lay together naked. We stared at each other for a moment. Our parents forgotten. She took her hands away from herself and we looked back down at our parents. They were on the floor now. Daddy was on top.

“I want to watch you fucking our kids. Both of them. I want you to watch me while I’m fucking them.” Mama was breathing hard. She had her legs wrapped around Daddy’s body and her hands were digging into his chiseled ass. “I want to feel Paris bouncing on me, while you fuck her doggy style and she and Phee fight to eat me out. I want to ride Phee while she sucks your cock. I want to watch you fuck her ass while Paris and I suck on her nipples. I want to watch Paris ride you. I want to watch them make love to each other. Oh fuck. Oh that’s good Daddy. Fuck me like that.”

“Imagine, while you’re riding Phee, I come up behind you and fuck your ass.”

Mama moaned.

“Imagine Paris and Phee sucking on your tits at the same time while I fuck you.”

She moaned again. “Oh fuck. OH yeah.”

“I can’t wait to see our girls in some of that lingerie your Mom left us. Oh fuck, I’ve missed having the two of you together.”

“Oh fuck baby,” Mama moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me like the first time you had me and escort maltepe Mom together. Fuck me like the time Dad filmed us by the lake. Fuck!”

I don’t know what happened at the lake, but Daddy picked Mama up and pulled her into a sitting position atop of him.

“No,” Daddy said. “Let’s make some new memories. Ride me like you’re going to ride Phee. Show me. Show me how hard you’re going to make him cum.”

Mama gathered herself, rested her hands on Daddy’s shoulders and pulled his head to her breast. “Come on Baby,” she said. “suck on Mama’s tit. Make mama feel good.”

Daddy obliged and Mama started riding him. We could hear how wet she was as Daddy’s cock slid in and out of her. We could hear the sounds of their flesh slapping against each other as Mama whispered into Daddy’s ear.

“Just let mama do the work Baby Phee. You enjoy. Suck on my tits, feel my hot pussy wrapped around your cock. Enjoy it Baby Phee. Let Mama make you feel good.”

Paris whispered into my ear. “Do you want Mama to make you feel good?” I nodded. She pulled me so that my back was against her, like we had been that morning. Once again I felt her breasts pressing into my back. I felt her soft body pressing into me and I felt the heat of her cunt against my ass. She was so hot and wet I thought she was going to burn me. With one hand she sneaked around and started massaging my budding breasts.

The feeling was intense. I bit my hand to keep from moaning as I watched Mama ride Daddy, knowing she was pretending it was me. Knowing that Daddy was pretending she was Paris. Every caress and pinch set my flesh aflame. My body was on fire with pleasure and desire. When she ran her hands over my nipples I nearly screamed it felt so good. I arched my back and fought to keep my voice down. A quick worried look down. Mama and Daddy were too wrapped up in each other to hear me.

“I want to make you feel good,” Paris whispered into my ear. While her one hand played with my breasts the other snaked over my hips. I felt her fingers reaching over and across me. I felt them on my belly as she worked her way down. I felt her fingers twine their way through my pubic hair. I felt her fingers brush against the base of my cock. I felt her fingernails drag against my balls. I shivered against her.

“Don’t cum,” Paris said. “If you can hold off, it will be better.”

I nodded. I had one hand reaching up and behind me. My fingers were in her hair, holding her close to me. I needed to feel her close to me.

As we watched, Mama’s pace quickened. We watched her breasts bounce around and her nipples looked hard enough that I thought they were going to cut Daddy’s mouth.

“Oh fuck you’re so hard,” she said. “You’re so fucking hard. So big. You must be as big as Daddy. Oh Phee. Baby I need you to cum for me. Cum inside of Mama. Cum for me.”

“I’m about to cum,” Daddy said. “I’m cumming. Oh fuck. Oh fuck I’m cumming.”

“Cum for me. Cum for me!” Mama was shouting at this point. Then she screamed and was twitching on Daddy’s cock. Daddy adjusted them so Mama was underneath again and started pounding into her hard. Fast. I didn’t know a man could move his hips that fast.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” Mama moaned as the orgasm continued to ride through her. Then she and Daddy shouted together as he came inside her. It must have been a huge load for Mama to respond the way she did. It must have been something extra for her to have felt it the way she had.

“Don’t move,” Paris whispered into my ear. We froze. Her fingers just grazing the side of my cock. Her other hand playing with the soft curve of my new breasts. I had one hand in her hair, the other in my mouth to make sure I didn’t moan.

Mama and daddy slowed down eventually. Daddy rolled off of Mama and Paris and I could see his cum dripping down her thighs. Mama didn’t care. She rolled onto her side and cuddled into Daddy.

“Fuck Baby,” Daddy said. “I needed that.”

Mama laughed. “I bet you did.”

They didn’t lay like that for long. In the loft Paris and I lay perfectly still, our naked bodies pressed close together while we watched them. We watched their skin, glistening with sweat, shine in the afternoon sun. We watched their chests heave as they caught their breath. We watched their naked bodies, Mama’s deep brown, Daddy’s lighter tan intertwine. We watched Daddy’s cock slowly deflate and we watched Mama’s ass as their combined fluids dripped down her thighs.

“We should get cleaned up.” Daddy said.

“I’m surprised the girls haven’t come looking for us.” Mama stood up and put on her shorts and shirt. It was only then that I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties.

“You really think Phee is trans?” Daddy asked. He didn’t move. He lay on the ground watching Mama get dressed. Paris and I were watching her too. My mouth was dry at the sight of her amazing body. I wanted to go down there and lick Daddy’s cum from her thigh.

“Mom was psychic, Honey.” She pulled her shirt on and the show was over, although I could still see a bit of cum dripping down her leg. “Ugh I love the feel of your cum on me.” She shook her head. “If Mom left her women’s clothes, it wasn’t by accident. I just wish Phee would have picked up the Tarot cards. That might have made things easier.”

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