Photo shoot goes so wrong or does it


Photo shoot goes so wrong or does itPhoto Session Not my story but to hot not to share Tony Photo Session.I wanted to do something nice for my husband for our first anniversary, and I decided that a professional set of photos of the two of us would be really nice to have. So I looked around and made some calls and found a studio that really caught my interest. It was a one man shop, the owner had been a professional photographer for 30 years, he did all his own developing in-house, he specialized in romantic couple photos, and the prices were right.Before springing the surprise on my husband I decided to go check the place out myself. His studio was over an hour from town, it was an old house that he’d converted years ago, with the downstairs set up with a small reception area, a room full of albums, and his developing room. I met Dean in the reception area and he showed me into the room with his albums. The walls were covered in photos, all showing couples and people smiling and posing; they were all really nice photos.As we talked he showed me some albums that were mostly couples, it all looked elegant and I was getting more excited about the idea, but there was just something missing. “These are all really nice”, I told him, “But I’m looking for something really special for our wedding anniversary.”“Ah”, Dean said knowingly, “I think I have just the thing. Let me show you some other albums.” He retrieved a small stack of albums from a cabinet and brought those to the table. “Tell me what you think of these.”I flipped the first one open and stopped immediately. The first page showed two photos, the same woman was in both, and in both she was posing naked. “Um…”, I didn’t know how he wanted me to respond.“Keep going”, Dean encouraged me. So I flipped pages, looking at photo after photo. There was a series of a single woman, posing naked, mostly tasteful. Another series showed a couple posing, both the man and woman naked, in a variety of loving embraces. The album was full of photos like that.“I… I don’t know”, I was now hesitant about the whole idea, “I’m not sure that’s for us.”“Oh”, he replied calmly. His demeanor was very professional, it was relaxing, “Well, please review the other albums here and I’ll get us something to drink so we can talk.”Dean left to get us some tea and I flipped my way into the next album. This one was more explicit, the women were in more pornographic positions, sometimes even with toys. The photos of the men were also pornographic, all of the men erect and handling themselves. Couples were actually fucking, sucking, fingering, and jerking. A few pictures even showed men cumming on their wives, semen photographed mid-air, on faces, and on breasts.That was definitely too much, and Dean wasn’t back yet, so I put the album aside and hoped the next album would be different. It was, flipping through the pages I saw photos of women involved in sexual activity with multiple men. Each woman was with two or three men, in a variety of positions, fucking, sucking, and getting cummed on. All of the women in the pictures were white, but I noticed that some of the men they were with were black. That was something unheard of in our small community.I wasn’t sure what to think, I’d flipped through hundreds of pornographic photos, and was confused about what Dean was suggesting. The only thing I was certain of was how horny I was. Looking at all the pictures had turned me on, my pussy was tingling.Dean came back into the room, carrying two cups of tea. “Oh good, you’ve finished looking through the albums”, he handed me one cup. “What do you think?”, he asked taking a sip.Needing a moment to think I took a sip of the tea, it was really good. “Uh, I don’t think my husband would go for this.”“Well, what about you then?”Startled by the question I paused, sipping some more tea, “Oh… I don’t think that I could… um… do that.”“We can discuss some prices then, for various photos sets, while you think things over”, he was so professional and calm about things, it really helped me feel relaxed. I finished the tea as he told me all about his prices, strangely the erotic photos were cheaper than the others, so I asked him why. “I get to use all the photos that I take, to advertise my business, like these albums, and some people are uncomfortable with that. So I give a discount. Besides, most people are nervous about it at first, but end up getting really into it.”“I guess… for some people”, I was feeling horny enough that I was trouble fighting the idea of people enjoying themselves sexually, and the more I thought about the pictures the hornier I was getting.“Why don’t you try a few photos, free of course, just to see if you like it?”, he offered. I hesitated to answer, so he added. “That would make a great anniversary gift for your husband.”That would be a good gift, something my husband would go nuts over, and the more I thought about the less resistance I had to the idea. Besides that it was free. “What the hell”, I agreed.“Great!”, he smiled wide and got out a contract. He showed me all the details of the contract, and I signed it happily. There would be no cost, he completely waived the fees, and I filled in all the details about where to send the pictures so my husband would get them. After that he led me upstairs to a studio, and left me to get his cameras. “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”Now that I’d agreed I was excited, but butterflies were building in my stomach. Dean was gone longer than I’d expected, but he came back with another cup of tea for me. I sipped on it as he hooked the camera up to the computer and adjusted the lights. While I wasn’t sure what to do, he knew exactly what to do. With the camera loaded and lighting just right he started posing me and snapping pictures.Dean took a couple normal shots first, just to get the perspectives correct. After that he started getting me to undress, encouraging me by telling me how beautiful I was and how each shot was perfect. A couple of shots of me unbuttoning my shirt, then a couple as I slid the shirt off and tossed it away, and then a few of me posing shirtless.Time kept ticking by and I started to get more and more into it, Dean was right about that. His encouragement kept me going whenever I started to have doubts. I started to feel like a super model the way he was talking to me. By the time he’d finished the first set I was wearing only my socks, and he’d snapped almost fifty pictures.“Alright, let’s change around the background a bit, try a different studio”, he said. As I was picking up my clothes he handed me a robe instead. The other studio that he took me bakırköy escort too had a bed in a fake bedroom. “Alright, let me get some sheets for the bed”, he said looking around, “And you can change into something else here…”, he opened a closet full of lingerie, “Something should fit, and feel free to get creative.”He left to get sheets and I looked through the lingerie in the closet. Some of the items were rather raunchy, crotchless panties and front-less bras, but I picked out a nice corset, stockings, garter, panties, and heels. Then I waited for Dean, he was gone longer than I’d expected again, but when he returned he had sheets and some more tea for me.After he made up the bed, he adjusted the lights to make it look like the bedroom was dark. I finished the tea and started posing, needing less direction this time, and feeling more confident. The first set of photos were erotic, but not pornographic. I’d kept myself at angles to prevent exposing too much. This time though Dean was encouraging me to get into poses he called sexier, where he could get clear pictures of my bare breasts and pussy, and though I was hesitant I still did the poses. He assured me that my husband would love these pictures. For one picture I was on all fours, and even went so far as to spread my pussy lips with my fingers, as he snapped a picture from behind.We spent nearly an hour taking pictures as I changed outfits, stripped them off, and posed lewdly. By now all my inhibitions were gone, he was treating me like the most beautiful woman on the planet, and telling me how thankful he was that I’d pose for him. Before I knew it he had me in a toga, ready to take a series of pictures as if I were Cleopatra herself. “Something is missing…”, he said thoughtfully.“What?’, I couldn’t imagine what it was.”I think we need some slaves for our Queen”, he answered as he left the room.He left too fast, I didn’t get a chance to ask him what he meant, but I soon found out. Dean came back into the room followed by two black men. “Here we go, they’ll pose with you a bit”, he made it sound like I had no choice. The two men moved to the closet and undressed. I felt embarrassed watching them get completely naked, but I was shocked at their cocks. Both men were really hung, their long, thick, black dicks hanging free.I couldn’t help but stare. They had amazing bodies, and their dicks were so much bigger than my husbands that it was a marvel to me. Thankfully they both donned togas, so their dicks were hidden beneath the folds of fabric, but my imagination wouldn’t let me forget they were there. The previous series of photos had me dripping wet, and I’d been feeling more horny as we’d been going.So despite the logical parts of my brain telling me to stop and go home, my body compelled me forward. He had us pose with both men at my feet, their hands on my legs, them looking up at me for a few shots. Then we moved so I was sitting, one rubbing my shoulders and one rubbing my feet. It was rather intoxicating, having these two studly men serving me. There were shots with them holding me in the air, one standing on each side of me with our bodies pressed together, and countless others.At one point their togas had slipped down around their waists, leaving their chests bare, and before I knew it mine had fallen open showing the sides of my tits. With our next pose one guy was on his knees in front of me, hands on my legs, and the other was behind me with his hands around my waist. Shot after shot their hands moved, higher up my legs, and higher up my chest. Until finally the guy behind me had his hands on my tits and the guy in front of me had his hands almost all the way up my thighs.I didn’t know how much farther they would take things, how much farther I would go, but I soon found out. The guy behind me slipped his hands inside the top of my toga, his palms on my bare tits. As he started massaging them and tweaking my nipples, I let out a small moan. Everything else was forgotten though when the hands up the skirt of my toga found my pussy and started rubbing my clit. Thinking that I was going to strip down again for another photo session I hadn’t worn any panties or bra, so these strange men had free reign at my body.The camera clicked as I put one hand over my pussy, trying to stop the fingers probing me, while I held my other hand to my chest to try and stop the hands groping my breasts. When neither man stopped I looked down at the man on his knees in front of me and grabbed both his wrists. The result was a lifting of my skirt, exposing my fingered pussy for the camera as it clicked again. With my hands otherwise occupied the man behind me slowly pulled the front of my toga open, exposing my breasts, which he immediately covered with his hands.Not knowing how to stop either man proved to only confuse me, which they took full advantage of to spread my toga open in the front and play with my body. The camera kept snapping pictures as I turned to try and hide myself, neither man intent on stopping his explorations of my body. “Please no…”, the sensations building in my body were intense, my horniness was overwhelming me, “I’m married…”They each took hold of one of my hands and guided them. First to their bare chests, running my hands down their muscled bodies, moving lower, and finally to the togas bunched around their waists. I glanced down, looking at both men now standing on either side of me. Their togas were opened in the front, their hard cocks sticking straight out. I gasped in surprise, shock all over my face, their dicks were huge.Again the camera clicked, catching my moment of surprise. Dumbstruck with awe I could only watch helpless as their put my hands on their dicks. Instinctively I wrapped my fingers around their shafts. They were warm, rock hard, and the skin was soft on my palms. More pictures snapped as I slowly started pumping each dick, fascinated by the contrast of dark skin against my pale hands.I couldn’t help myself really. The way they were rubbing my tits, teasing my clit, and fingering my pussy had me so hot I was losing control. Forgetting that the camera was there I started stroking harder and faster, intent on seeing how hard each dick could get in my hands. There were two fingers in my snatch, filling me up, with a finger and thumb rubbing my clit. The guy behind me started kissing my neck, biting it lightly, sucking occasionally, all my rubbing my tits and tweaking my nipples.The fire was building inside me, and I was getting close to having an orgasm. “Oh no. No…”, I was fighting the sensation as much as I could, “I’m beşiktaş escort married… my husband… oh no…” I broke into orgasm, bucking my hips against the fingers probing me, moaning and squeezing both cocks as hard as I could.When I’d finished cumming one man sat me down on the bed and spread my legs, dropping to his knees in front of me. My toga was now bunched around my waist, and I could see the camera positioned to take perfectly clear pictures of the action, as the man in front of me leaned his head toward my snatch.Getting my pussy eaten was exactly what my body needed, and though I knew how wrong it was, I just couldn’t fight myself anymore. His hands spread my lips, his tongue found my clit, and a finger slipped inside me. I fell back on the bed, pleasure running through every part of my body. As I had my second orgasm my back arched, my eyes closed, my hands gripped his head, my body shook, and I let out a loud moan.His tongue was soft and warm, his fingers were thicker and longer than I could have imagined. I could have laid there for hours and let this talented man eat my pussy to orgasm after orgasm, but I was distracted as the other man climbed onto the bed next to me. He knelt by my head, his long, black dick hanging inches from my face. Unable to help myself, I licked my lips with anticipation.I reached up one hand and grabbed his shaft, pulling him to me, I couldn’t believe how horny I was. The head of his dick touched my lips, and I ran my tongue around it. Licking down the shaft I could taste the saltiness of his skin, feel his warmth on my face, and when I sucked the head into my mouth I tasted his precum. For a moment I wondered if maybe there had been something in the tea to make me this horny, but the thought quickly faded.It was the most erotic thing I’d ever experienced, having two men. One eating my pussy, fingering my holes, while moaning and jerking his cock was enough to make me cum, but the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth and hands made my orgasm intense. I moaned around the dick I was sucking, stroking it harder and faster, trying to take as much as I could into my mouth and throat.After my third orgasm the man between my legs stood up, his huge dick hanging over my stomach, and I got nervous. The size of his cock was unbelievable, I’d never be able to take it, and the thought snapped me back to the reality of my situation. Glancing over I saw Dean still taking pictures, now operating two cameras. One camera was situation at the end of the room, taking overall shots of the scene, while he held a second camera to take pictures with as he moved around us.Panic gripped me then. These two black men were using my white body as a sex toy, and it was all being photographed. My husband would kill me if he knew, I had to flee. All I could managed though was to drop the cock from my mouth and moan, “No…”The man between my legs removed his toga, and dropped it on the floor. Next he climbed up on the bed and knelt next to my head, opposite the other man. Now I had a hard cock on both sides of me. I grabbed the new cock, trying to retain control, and moaned again, “Please, no…”I didn’t know what had made me so horny, perhaps something really was in the tea, but I was finding myself less able to resist. Without thought my hand started stroking the new cock as the other man got off the bed. He removed his toga, and then slowly removed mine. Now I was laying naked on a bed with two naked black men, one hard, black dick in my hands and the other hovering dangerously close to my pussy.The man by my head ran his dick across my lips, my tongue instinctively slipping out to taste him. I tried to use my hands to guide him away, but it only served to stroke his dick as I licked it. Fearfully I looked down at the other man, he’d been standing between my legs as they hung over the edge of the bed, posing for the camera. My eyes were glued to him, trying to convince him not to go any farther by just looking at him.He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs into the air. Again I heard the camera click. Then he stepped forward, his dick now inches from my pussy, and another picture was snapped. I pulled the dick away from my mouth and pleaded one last time, “No… I’m married…” As he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit I moaned, and then tried to convince him, “My husband…” He rubbed the incredible length of his shaft between my pussy lips and against my clit, teasing me with his heat, and one last time I pleaded, “I’m married…”That was when he pushed his dick inside me. Although it was only the first few inches, I felt full beyond anything I’d experienced before, and I screamed loudly. Dean kept snapping pictures as the black stranger pushed more and more of himself inside me. Fire ripped through my pussy and burned through my body. I was helpless against such sexual potency, able to only scream and moan as he violated me.Another orgasm was building inside me, fueled by everything that had happened so far. When he finally pushed the last of himself inside me, and I felt our bodies touch, I shivered as a small orgasm took me. All he was doing was holding himself inside me, filling and stretching me to my limits, and the sensations were amazing. It was more cock than I knew existed.I’d never thought I could feel this good, with a hard dick in my hands and a hard dick filling my pussy. Lustfully I started licking and sucking the cock in my hands, loving the sensation of having two dicks inside me. The man in my pussy started stroking in and out of me, slowly at first, but quickly building speed. When he would slam his dick into me all the way, our bodies would smack together, and a wave of pleasure would surge through me. It was incredible, and I found myself moaning louder with each stroke.When I finally came I thought I would rip in two, the sensations were so overpowering, and I shook so violently that I felt certain I would spasm myself into oblivion. I popped the cock from my mouth, leaned my head back, and yelled in pleasure. The camera was there when I opened my eyes, but I no longer cared. If these men could make me cum like that, Dean could take all the pictures he wanted. It was one hundred times stronger than any orgasm I’d ever had before.Amazingly the man fucking me didn’t slow down, even as I orgasmed, he just kept pounding into me as he held my legs wide apart. “Oh yes”, I heard myself moan, “Fuck me. Make me cum.” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth, but having another orgasm that strong was all I could think about. I didn’t have to wait long. Just a few more beylikdüzü escort strokes and I broke into another orgasm, longer and harder than my first. “Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Oh Fuck! That’s so good!”My orgasm subsided and he withdrew his dick from my pussy. “Oh shit…”, I breathed deeply as he climbed onto the bed beside me positioning his cock near my mouth. Eagerly I grabbed it and sucked as much of it as I could down my throat. It was so hot, tasting myself on this strange dick, gently rubbing the prick in my other hand. Dean snapped a picture of my wet pussy, then one of me with the heads of both dicks in my mouth as I swirled my tongue between them.If Dean wanted slutty pictures, that was fine by me, as long as I got to have more orgasms. Neither of the ebony studs was moving away from my eager tongue though, so I prodded them, “Come on boys. Fuck me. Give me a cock.” The one that hadn’t violated my pink snatch yet moved down the bed and stood between my legs. He leaned forward, putting my ankles on his shoulders, and the position caused my hips to rise up off the bed. As he slowly sank his cock into my hungry cunt I encouraged him, “Yes! Fuck me! Fill me up with that hot cock! Give me your black meat!”He did too. Holding himself over me he slammed down into me hard, only to pull up quickly and slam back down. It was unbelievable how hard and fast he fucked me, his cock was like a jackhammer pounding my pussy into another orgasm. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”, I chanted as he fucked me through another orgasm.I don’t know how long we fucked like that, the two of them taking turns while Dean kept taking pictures, but it was a long time. Eagerly I would suck one cock while getting fucked by another. The way they made me feel was amazing, and it just made me try to be more slutty. Never before had I sucked a man’s balls while jerking his dick, but I did with these two.Unbelievably the two men found ways to make me cum even harder and harder. One fucked me from behind, I was on all fours on the bed, and he stuck a finger in my ass as he did. The feeling was so naughty that I came harder and screamed louder than before, and from then on I begged them to finger my ass while they fucked me.Dean had us change positions a few times, and when I was sitting on a cock I got a surprise. I’d been riding the man beneath me for a few minutes, sucking the dick in my face, when the guy withdrew himself from my mouth and moved behind me. A bit scared I looked back to see what he was doing, and got my expression caught on camera for it. The man was positioned his huge, black dick at my asshole.“Oh no”, I pleaded with them, suddenly scared again. Anal sex was never something I enjoyed, and though their fingers were nice, their dicks were too big, besides that I already had a cock in my pussy and knew I’d split in two. “No please”, I felt his head press against my asshole, it was impossibly large. “Not there”, the camera snapped a picture of my worry.My protests didn’t matter at all, he slowly pushed forward and his dick slipped inside my ass. He was slick with my saliva and pussy juice, and my asshole was lubed from all the fucking so far. That didn’t diminish the pain though as he pushed deeper into me. Thankfully the other guy had stopped fucking me momentarily, just holding himself inside me. For a few long minutes the cock violated my ass deeper and deeper.I felt so full, each dick stretching me and pushing against each other, causing parts of me I didn’t know I had to get rubbed like I never knew they could. There was a grimace on my face, my eyes squeezed shut, and when I heard the camera click in my face I had to open my eyes to see what Dean was doing. Sure enough he was capturing my expression as I was filled by two dicks for the first time.Pictures snapped of my face, our bodies, my pussy and ass being stretched, everything. When the dick was fully planted in my ass I was breathing heavy, hoping for a few minutes to adjust to the feeling. The two black men using me had other ideas though. After just a moment they started moving, and I exploded into the loudest orgasm anyone has ever had.Quickly I realized that every sensation I’d had so far that day was nothing compared to having my ass and pussy fucked at the same time. I lost track of time as they double fucked me. One orgasm lead into another and another, until I was ready to pass out. There was nothing left in me, I’d cum more than I had ever, the sex was better than everything else I’d ever experienced combined.And still the two men weren’t done. I was almost a rag doll, so spent that I was limp and tired. They rolled me over onto my side, one laying behind me and one in front of me, and they fucked my holes like that. Finally I had to beg them to stop, breathless and afraid that I would pass out if we continued.So at Dean’s direction they climbed off the bed and I rolled onto my back, pleased to have a respite. Both men stepped up by my head and started jerking their black dicks over my face. Dean snapped more and more pictures, and then finally both men exploded in orgasm. Their cum landed on my face, my neck, my tits, and my chest. I brought my hands up to rub it in and some landed on my hands.Dean took a whole series of pictures of me splattered with cum, and then had me lick it off myself. Finally he had me lick the two dark cocks clean, all while smiling for the camera. I was in absolute sexual bliss, but as I started to come down off the high it struck me what I had just done. The two black studs were getting dressed and leaving the room, Dean was putting his two cameras away while studying the pictures, and I was left laying naked and well fucked.So I dressed, suddenly feeling ashamed, trying to figure out how to go back to my husband knowing that he could never make me cum like I just had. Nearly three hours had passed since I first started posing, it was unbelievable how those men could fuck. As I was leaving Dean thanked me for the photo session and asked me if I enjoyed myself. Part of me wanted to blurt out, “Fuck yes!”, and part of me wanted to tell him off for bringing out the cock slut in me like that. All I managed was to nod and whisper yes.He smiled big, shook my hand, and as he closed the door said, “And don’t worry, the photos and video will come out great. He’ll love them.”Not thinking about it I struggled back to my car and drove away. I was so weak all over, every ounce of energy I had was gone. As I pulled into the driveway I started to recover a bit, trying to muster up some sense of normalcy for going inside and facing my husband. That was when it occurred to me, Dean had said photos and video, that meant his other camera was capturing video right to the computer, probably sound and all. Worse than that was the last realization I had, Dean would send the pictures and the videos to my husband as I’d requested before things had gone too far, and I had no way to stop him!

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