Subject: Physical Therapy – Chapter 4 Physical Therapy Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Physical Therapy — Chapter 4 I never mentioned to anyone what other things happened during my therapy sessions with Dr. Kennedy. I knew what he was doing wasn’t really part of the treatment, but I found myself looking forward to what would come next as I made my way to his office for my next appointment. “Hey Brian, go to room 1 please and remove your cloths” Dr. Kennedy said, and I could feel my heart racing as I quickly moved to the room to undress. I lay on the table almost trembling with sexual excitement. I could feel my dick rock hard and dripping precum under me waiting for Dr. Kennedy’s to enter the room. A few minutes later he entered the room and prepared the wet heat pack, wrapping it in a towel and placing it on my lower back. “Has your back been feeling any better?” Dr. Kennedy asked, as he moved around the room. “Um about the same” I lied, concerned that our therapy sessions might end if I got better. A few minutes later Dr. Kennedy removed the heat pack and began to apply the cold gel to my back. I took a deep breath waiting for him to run his hand down my crack and to my ass, but instead he moved his machine up my back towards the mid-part of my back. Frustration built waiting for him to move down my body and to my crack. With each pass of the wand, I had hoped he would get closer to my ass, but he never did. My breathing became uncomfortable, and my dick throbbed under me. Dr. Kennedy finished using the wand on my back then reached for a towel to wipe up the residual gel. “OK Brian, you can get dressed. Let’s see you back in a couple days.” Dr. Kennedy said, without doing any of his special treatments. Reluctantly I stood up, my hard dick stretching my briefs out. I turned to Dr. Kennedy so that he could see it, but Dr. Kennedy did not react. I found my clothes and began to slowly pull on my shirt, then my jeans, hoping Dr. Kennedy would come over to me, but he didn’t. “Ok Brian here is the appointment card, see you in a couple days” He said, handing me the card, then left to go back to his office. I stood there feeling frustrated and angry waiting for him to do something. I began walking to the exit then turned back to his office. My dick was hard in my pants and it began to hurt. Dr. Kennedy was on his phone when I got to the open door. He motioned for me to come in and pointed to a chair in front of his desk while he spoke to someone on the other end of the line. As I sat watching him move behind his desk, I began to feel a bit reluctant and stupid. What was I going to say to him? “What can I do for you?” Dr. Kennedy asked, moving in front of me and perching on the edge of his desk. My eyes were drawn to the bulge in the front of his Khakis. I opened my mouth to try to say something, but words would not form. “Brian are you ok?” Dr. Kennedy asked. His arms were folded over his chest, the navy-blue polo shirt stretched over his pecs, shoulders, and thick arms. As I looked at his face a grin formed. “I should go” I said standing up feeling very awkward, but before I could turn away Dr. Kennedy stopped me. He placed a hand on each of my hips and looked at me. He slowly pulled escort izmit me closer to him and I could feel the heat coming off his body. Then he rose from the edge of the desk. Dr. Kennedy was a couple inches shorter than me, but he felt so much larger at that moment. Slowly, so very slowly his body moved closer to mine. I could feel parts of him touching me, first his legs, then his lower body, then his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and drew me into a hug. His body was warm and comforting as it nestled against mine. I closed my eyes and relaxed against Dr. Kennedy. Then I felt his warm lips on my neck. The feeling was so soft, but it sent waves of goosebumps through my body and caused me to let out a very low involuntary moan. Dr. Kennedy then moved his lips further up my neck and to my ear, placing soft kisses as he went. Each kiss felt more intense, and my body began to tremble with anticipation. “You’re a good-looking boy” Dr. Kennedy said softly near my ear, and I felt my cock jerk in my pants. Dr. Kennedy brought his lips to mine and briefly touched his lips to mine, then pulled away and looked into my eyes. There was an intensity in his face that told me that there was no backing out at this point. Dr. Kennedy pulled away momentarily and pulled his navy-blue polo off over his head. His muscled torso was coated in soft fur across his chest and down his abs, then disappeared behind the top of his khaki’s. “Take off your shirt” He said, more as an order and I did as I was told. Dr. Kennedy reached up and placed the thumb and index finger of each hand on a nipple and gently squeezed them. Immediately a pulse shot through my body. Then he tightened his grip a bit more and there was a sharp pain that almost immediately seemed to fade away. Dr. Kennedy smiled as the expression on my face changed. “Get undressed” Dr. Kennedy ordered and opened his khaki’s, sliding them down his hairy legs. Dr. Kennedy wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his hard cock sprang back once it was clear of his pants. I stared at his body as I began to awkwardly remove my clothes. Dr. Kennedy placed his hand behind my head and pulled me closer holding my gaze. The look on his face excited me and scared me too. It was very intense as if he wasn’t himself and he looked half possessed and not himself. Slowly he brought my head closer to his, staring directly into my eyes with the same blazing intensity. Then his lips met mine, this time it was more than a peck. His lips touched mine and then they slowly parted. I remember his breath smelled of sweet mint as his tongue entered my mouth. I kept my eyes open as he began to kiss me, driving his tongue deep into my mouth. My body relaxed into Dr. Kennedy’s as the kiss became more powerful. Our hard dicks were grinding into each other making my whole body explode with sparks of sensation. Dr. Kennedy held my head with his hand while he continued to kiss me. He ran his free hand down my back. I had felt Dr. Kennedy’s hand on my back during our therapy sessions, but this felt wholly different, this felt more intimate. Dr. Kennedy’s hand slid over my butt then down the crack of my ass. His finger’s moved in between the crack and found my hole and he began to slowly probe it with his finger. I took a deep breath as izmit rus escort the tip of his finger entered me. Dr. Kennedy pushed his finger deeper inside my hole and pain shot through me. My body tensed and it caused me to let out a painful “ouch”. Dr. Kennedy held me tight to him as I tried to pull away, but he wasn’t letting go. His finger continued pushing deeper inside me as waves of pain shot through my ass. Dr. Kennedy’s strong hold on my body and his thick finger invading my ass, made me feel scared and uncertain. What had I gotten myself into? But then his finger stopped moving and he just held me in place while the pain seemed to wash away. Slowly I allowed myself to relax, however I was still a bit scared of what Dr. Kennedy had in mind. In our previous encounters he hadn’t displayed an aggressive side. Dr. Kennedy brought his lips back to mine and I moved closer so that our bodies were in full contact. His kiss was sometimes soft and other times firm, gentle and yet passionate as if he knew what it was doing to me. While he kissed me, he began to slowly move his finger around in my ass. I involuntarily clenched anticipating pain, however pain did not come. It was replaced by a more pleasurable sensation, one that I felt not only in my ass, but seemed to trigger sensations in my dick and balls. Dr. Kennedy began to move his finger faster and with more intention and I found myself pushing back on his finger to help drive it deeper inside me. The feeling was incredible, and I never imagined something that started so painfully could feel so wonderful. As he continued, I began to pant as my body ground against Dr. Kennedy’s body as his finger continued driving into me. With his lips still on mine I took a deep breath as my dick began to swell and cum began to shoot out between us. My body twisted into waves of intense orgasm as Dr. Kennedy continued to finger fuck my hole. I tried to breathe, but Dr. Kennedy locked his lips on mine, not allowing me to be free as more cum shot between our bodies. As the intense orgasm finally subsided my body jerked and twisted, and I felt like my knees would buckle under me. Dr. Kennedy slowly drew his finger out of my ass and held me as I regained some control. “Did you enjoy that?” Dr. Kennedy asked, softly into my ear. His warm breath sent chills over my skin. I was still too lost in the orgasm to answer. Dr. Kennedy placed kisses on my neck then over my shoulder slowly releasing his grip on me. As our bodies separated, a great puddle of cum clung to both of us. Dr. Kennedy’s hairy abs were matted with the thick load running down to his hard cock. Dr. Kennedy smiled as I looked at his body and his cock and the huge load I had sprayed on him. Then he placed his hands on my shoulders and began to push me down to my knees. At first, I didn’t know what he was doing, but he continued applying pressure and driving me further down. Once I was on my knees, he took the base of his thick wet cock in his hand and pointed it at my mouth. “Suck it” he said softly. I looked at the hard cock coated in my cum. The strong smell of warm sperm on his cockhead filled my nose. I had never tasted my own cum and I was uncertain about how I felt about it. Dr. Kennedy didn’t give me much kocaelide escort time to think, he began to rub the tip of his cock over my lips and began to push it into my mouth. “Suck it” Dr. Kennedy said, again, but this time he sounded serious. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as his warm, wet cock slid past my lips. The taste of slightly sweet, slightly salty cum filled my mouth and it didn’t seem too bad. It felt a bit slimy, and it had gone a bit cold, but definitely not as bad as I had imagined. Dr. Kennedy leaned back with his dick in my mouth waiting for me to start. “Watch your teeth” He said softly. With my right hand I held the base pulling it down so that it was level with my mouth, than I began to move my head closer to his body driving his cock deeper into my mouth. I was careful not to go too deep as I didn’t want to gag on his thick cock. As I felt a gag coming on I pulled my head back, allowing his dick to ride against my tongue and roof of my mouth as my lips gripped the base. Dr. Kennedy gently ran his hands through my hair as I slowly became more familiar with the feeling of his dick in my mouth. There was something powerful about sucking his dick; something that excited me that I couldn’t explain. “Suck it boy, don’t play with it” Dr. Kennedy said, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back causing his dick to slide from my mouth “He bent down and looked at me as a lustful demanding expression came over his face, then he placed his mouth on mine and gave me a quick, deep kiss. Then while still holding my hair he pulled me back to his cock. I grasped the base once more and began bobbing my head back and forth on the warm thick tube of flesh. “Yeah, that’s it Brian. Suck that cock” Dr. Kennedy moaned, and he seemed to settle more on the edge of the desk as I continued to feed his cock into my mouth. As I continued sucking, I began to adjust my pace as well as move my head and mouth in different positions. I closely monitored Dr. Kennedy’s reaction; if I did something he liked, he would moan, and his body would seem to vibrate. I tried to remember those things and use them more often. “Oh, fuck kid I am going to cum” Dr. Kennedy moaned. I continued sucking his dick and I could feel the mushroom head swell on the back of my tongue. I slowed my pace just enough for him to grab a cup to shoot his load in, but Dr. Kennedy never reached for a cup. As I tried to pull my head away, he grabbed my hair as warm cum began to shoot into the back of my throat. “Swallow it” Dr. Kennedy grunted, as more cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but there seemed to be so much of it. Some of it even leaked out of the corner of my mouth. Finally, I felt Dr. Kennedy’s body seem to relax and his dick slowly slipped out of my mouth. I looked at the semi flaccid dick coated in saliva and cum. Dr. Kennedy’s hairy muscled chest rose and fell as he regained control of his breathing, then he looked down at me and smiled. Dr. Kennedy reached under my arms and pulled me up and to his body. His lips met mine as he wrapped himself around me pulling us together. Dr. Kennedy’s mouth devoured mine as if he wanted to taste his own cum. “Fuck boy that was amazing” he said, then slowly let me go. “You better get dressed now” Dr. Kennedy said, then went to find his clothing and got dressed. “I will see you back in two days” he said with a wink, then I left his office to go home. Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/

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