Pia’s T-girl adventure


Pia’s T-girl adventureI met Pia a couple of years ago when I was out with friends at a transgendered night club in London. Originally she was born in Finland but she has lived in London now for several years. Her looks are typically Scandinavian with platinum blonde hair and a beautiful, friendly smile. Although I had never had sex with her or seen her naked, I could tell that she has a lovely, shapely body. After chatting with her I discovered that she is bisexual and really only interested in meeting other woman or couples after enduring, what she calls, too much ‘vanilla sex’ with straight men. I also discovered that she has a fascination about transvestites and shemales but that is was something that she had never taken any further other than talking with people like me. Usually we meet in Tgirl friendly or gay club in London and just talk and dance and generally have a nice time together. Pia knew that some of the clubs had a different function during the week and that they became venues for very hedonistic and raunchy evenings for Tgirls and other like minded people. I had been to one of these evenings so Pia often pestered me with questions about what had happened and what I had done there. After a couple of minutes of questioning I simply said to her ‘why don’t you come along Pia and find out for yourself what happens?’ That suggestion made her stop and pause! But after a minute of thinking she replied ’OK, I would like to try that’. ‘Why don’t you come with me next Tuesday night then to Candy Girls?’ Pia again paused, obviously thinking about the implications then replied ‘OK but what should I wear?’ I decided to get straight to the point so that she understood exactly what would happen if she went. ‘You need to wear either some very sexy lingerie or something kinky under your clothes and maybe you should buy some kind of cheap, trashy party outfit that you won’t mind getting slightly damaged or torn’. She looked at me with a knowing smile and then simple said ’see you next Tuesday then Tania!’The following Tuesday I drove round to Pia’s house in my car. I had half expected her to cancel but when I arrived at her house she was dressed in a tight black mini-skirt, silky red blouse and black stockings and a pair of very sexy high heel shoes. She had also put on more make-up than she usually did giving her a very sultry and sensual look. Pia seemed a little nervous so I asked her how she was feeling. She replied ‘I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since last week! I have been dreaming and fantasizing about this evening and now I simply can’t wait any longer!’ Unknown to Pia, I had also arranged to meet couple of sexy Tgirls called Simone and Rebecca at Candy Girls, with whom I had had lots of fun with in the past. We dropped our coats off in the cloakroom and then made our way to the bar where we met Simone and Rebecca. After the introductions were made and buying a round of drinks, Rebecca suggested that we should go and check out the dungeon. Walking through we discovered that the dungeon was empty bahis firmaları but I could see Pia’s eyes open wide as she took in the equipment and facilities in the dim, red lit room. There was a set of shackles fixed to a raised platfrom that would force anyone clamped in them to adopt a ‘doggy style’ position. Next to that was a bondage chair and on the floor beside it a small cage. Around the rest of the room very various devices including two thick heavy posts, a big X form fixed to the wall and various other benches and restraining devices.Now I already knew that Simone was a bit of a domme and I had explained to her about Pia so she decided to take control. She said to Pia ‘you look like a trashy little slut’. Pia looked taken aback but she quickly realised this was all part of the way the evening would unfold. She replied ‘I’m sorry I can’t help it, I have always been like this’ ‘Well tonight we are going to teach you a lesson slut’. Before Pia could react, Simone grabbed hold of the lapels of her cheap blouse and ripped the material apart making the buttons pop open. Within seconds the torn blouse was lying on the floor. Much to everyone surprise Pia was not wearing lingerie underneath but a kind of thin, black leather harness with steel chains which dangled across her pert boobs. ‘Get the skirt off the slut now’ Simone commanded. Rebecca quickly unzipped Pia’s mini-skirt allowing it to fall around her ankles. The leather harness that Pia was wearing also went around her waist, from which more chains dangled over her hips and her naked, shaven cunt. I was very surprised to see what Pia was wearing, I didn’t expect her to own a fetish outfit like this but I found it incredibly sexy and I felt my cock stiffen and harden in response.Simone probably felt the same way as me about Pia’s fetish outfit but pretended to take a different point of view. ‘You absolute and utter slut’ shouted Simone. How can you wear something like this!’ Simone then gave Pia a slap on the face that made Pia flinch and which quickly turned her cheek red. ‘Now get on your knees. Simone pulled her flaccid cock from underneath the skirt she was wearing as Pia lowered herself onto her stocking clad knees. ‘I bet a slut like you loves sucking cock don’t you? asked Simone. ‘Yes, I absolutely love cock sucking’ Pia replied. ‘I thought you would somehow, now make me hard’ Pia reached for Simone’s cock with her hand and slowly began kissing and licking it before taking it fully in her mouth. Simone gave a low moan as her cock slowly hardened under Pia’s expert ministrations. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun so I also removed my already hard cock from underneath my skirt as did Rebecca, who is the proud possessor of an awesome 9” cock which is also particularly thick. Pia’s eyes lit up as she was surrounded by three rampant girl cocks. She took each of us in her mouth in turn although she struggled to get her mouth around Rebecca’s magnificent phallus. The next time she took Simone in her mouth, Simone pulled on the back of her head forcing canlı bahis her cock deep into Pia’s throat, making her gag and choke. After holding Pia in that position for a few seconds, Simone released Pia, who began coughing after the unexpected intrusion into her throat. ‘Now what are we going to do with you? Simone scanned the room, looking at each bondage device in turn. Her eyes settled on set of shackles fixed to the platform in the corner of the room. She looked at us questioningly and Rebecca and I nodded our heads in agreement. ‘OK bitch, stand up’ Simone instructed. As Pia stood up Simone asked her ‘have ever done anal?’ Pia replied shyly ‘I have only done it twice but I found it difficult to take’. ‘Well tonight you are going to be trained as an anal slut, what do you think about that?’ Simone asked. ‘I would like that’ Pia replied quietly. ‘Louder bitch’ instructed Simone. Raising her voice Pia replied ‘I want you to train me to be an anal slut’. ‘That’s better now bend over and hold your ankles’ Pia did as she was instructed and as she did so Simone took a small steel butt plug and a bottle of lube from her purse. Simone then began to work her lube covered finger in and around Pia’s asshole, gently massaging her fleshy ring until it slowly began to part and open under the pressure of her finger. Simone then took the butt plug and began pushing it against Pia’s anus. Pia shuddered at the feel of the cold steel in such a sensitive area of her body. After some initial resistance, the plug quickly slipped into Pia’s tight little hole. ‘Now stand up and come over here’ Simone instructed. ‘I want you to get on your hands and knees into these shackles’ Pia got into position and then the three of us clampled the shackles shut so that Pia was held immobile in the doggy position. Simone then took out two pairs of nipple clamps from her purse. Pia gasped in shock as her left nipple was tightly clamped. Simone then fed the chain underneath the steel bar of the shackle on the floor and then clamped Pia’s right nipple. The chain was only just long enough to reach Pia’s nipple so as soon as it was fixed in position, Pia’s nipples were pulled and stretched to make them unnaturally long. Simone took the other set of clamps and fixed them to the lips of Pia’s cunt, again feeding the chain around the steel bar on the floor. Pia’s lips were now stretched and pulled open and walking behind her I could look into cunt which was like a delicate, fleshy pink rose. I couldn’t resist inserting my finger into Pia and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was dripping wet and obviously very excited by what was happening to her. As I gently stroked my finger in and out of her cunt Simone came up behind me and took my hanging cock and balls in her hand and began to stroke them, driving me crazy with desire. The more Simone stroked my cock, the deeper and harder I inserted my fingers into Pia’s cunt until both of us were moaning with pleasure. As this was happening, Rebecca began working the butt plug in Pia’s ass, slowly pushing bahis siteleri it in and out, stretching Pia’s tight anus until is began to slacken and loosen. Rebecca pushed my back down so that I was lying on the floor behind Pia. This gave Rebecca space to stand astride Pia’s immobile body and gently lower herself in position. When she judged the moment was right, Rebecca removed the plug completely and nudged the tip of her enormous cock against Pia’s hole. Gently as first she pushed the tip inside Pia and then gradually pushed deeper until the whole of her 9” was buried up to her balls inside Pia’s ass. Pia moaned and cried in both pleasure and pain as she took Rebecca’s full length inside her. From my position inches below I had a perfect view of Rebecca’s big, hanging balls and her thick cock buried deep in Pia’s ass. It seemed to be completely natural to kiss and lick Rebecca’s balls before moving my tongue onto Pia’s stretched anus lips and Rebecca’s hot cock. I kissed and licked both of them simultaneously until both cried with pleasure. At the same time I continued to insert more and more fingers into Pia’s dripping cunt whilst Simone kissed and licked my cock from behind. Simone then stood up and walked around to the front of Pia. Taking her cock she pushed it into Pia’s mouth and began slowly to push it in and out, forcing it deep into Pia’s throat. Pia was now penetrated in all three of her holes and, because of the shackles around her ankles, wrists and neck, completely unable to do anything about it. Her cunt was so wet now that I was able to turn my hand into a fist and push it past her cunt lips. As I worked Pia’s cunt with my fist I could feel Rebecca’s hot cock through the thin wall between Pia’s ass and her cunt. I could feel Rebecca thrust harder and faster and, having been fucked by Rebecca before, I could easily imagine how Pia must be feeling to have such a huge cock deep inside her now very stretched and abused ass. Her body was now shuddering with pleasure and she gave a scream as she reached a huge orgasm. I could feel her cunt tighten and release around my fist as her orgasm continued. Slowly her orgasm subsided and we released her from her shackles. ‘So how do you feel now?’ Simone asked. ‘That was amazing, I have never experienced anything like it before’ Pia replied. ‘Are you ready for us now? We need to cum on you’ Simone asked. Pia simply smiled and knelt in front of us. Slowly the three of us worked our swollen cocks until we each had a major orgasm within seconds in each other. Our cocks spurted hot, sticky cum all over Pia’s face, hair and breasts until her upper body was slippery and wet with our cum. Pia’s mascara began to run down her face as it mixed with the sticky substance around her eyes. It ran down her breasts and dripped off the end of her swollen nipples onto her stocking clad thighs. ‘So Pia, would you like to come back for more training?’ Simone asked her. ‘Give me time to recover from this but I will definitely be back for more!’ Pia replied. On the way home in the car Pia fell asleep and glancing sideways I could see that her hair was still sticky and matted from our cum and her make-up was a real mess but I don’t think that mattered to Pia as she had a very contented smile on her face.

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