Pick Up 1

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Pick Up 1In this world where everyday is a new experience I’ve found someone true, a familiar face, loving soul a gentle heart. A person who hasn’t forsaken me and has shown me the utmost love and care. Well what do you with a girl like this. So special so unique. What I did was to show her the best night I can doing all I can to make her remember me. As I drove up to her humble home I felt like a prince waiting for the princess. She has shown me so much love now it’s my turn. As she came through the door a gentle smile arose on my face. She was dressed in the most appealing pink dress which revealed her bouncing bosoms with seductive cleavage. The length of the dress hid all her goodies but still kept interest. Lovely dress, enchanting smile and a deserving girl. What more could I ask for. After dinner I decided to take her to a spot in Manchester where you can see all the lights below. On a high plot of land sat my best friends house. The perfect place to just sit and watch the night sky. We sat on the patio for hours talking about our past experiences and love for each other. Time raced to 1 am and by this time it was extremely cold out. She came closer, with my heartbeat like music and her head. There’s no shelter for her out here so I brought her inside to warm up her body for what’s to surely come. In the house she took a keen interest in my bed which I didn’t contest. My body responded quickly to her call, “Scott, come to bed babe”. With my member hard and curved bursa escort I crawled into bed. The rain began to drizzle then moments later it poured. *Sounds of lightning and thunder*. The power went out but we were already engaged in lip lock kissing each other ravenously. Her body beneath mine, legs spread apart, caught up in the love and passion she moaned blissfully. Clothes became a forgotten topic as I had already released her zipper, pulled the dress from her body, ran my hand down her cleavage and ripped her bra from her chest. Her upper body revealed enticing mounds, upright and firm equal to her nipples. Panties were left for the main event. Her body fully engaged and ready to be fucked I continued by grasping her sides then slowly kissing her torso from her navel up to the peaks of her body and brought my lips to her love buttons. Oh how I pressed them, caressed them, massaged them while sucking her nipples ever so gently. She grabbed the sheets for a moment then brought me up to her face. She gazed into my soul and saw that I was genuine and true. In split seconds she arose and kissed me passionately; in a hushed tone she said “Fuck me Scott I want to giving my body to you”. Called to duty it was now time to remove her final garment. One now drenched in her secretions, as I brought it to the side and touched her pussy sounds of her body shocked us both. There was a knife on the bedside tables on which I utilized to tear both sides of her panties and pulled bursa escort bayan it from under her. The time was now more than ever, I laid on my side and she followed suit. Now as I raised her leg she looked into my eyes without shifting her focus. Meanwhile I grabbed my hardened cock and placed it at the edge of her pussy, she nodded with approval. Then…my cock went in, her faced changed from a large smile to knitted brows, teary eyes and an open whining mouth. Her body felt even more exhilarating after each stroke, her body caressed my cock even further and her sounds of pleasure grew louder. As the seconds passed she held my back and motioned me inward. I increased my pace and she let go of me, I raised her leg even higher and penetrated her even more. She swung around and looked at me in disbelief. I removed myself from her body, my cock covered and dripping of her. She plunged her head into the pillow and layer on her chest. Thus revealing her seductive ass to mine eyes. I mounted her and went in. She was shocked screaming words of “Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck” into the pillows. Her body shook and her pussy tightened. Without remorse I went full speed into her fucking her aggressively. Her ass slapped against my body with each motion. She held on to the head board and I anchored my knees in the bed. With all the energy in us we fucked like a****ls, some might say as dogs until she orgasmed with exploding pleasure. I felt her legs shake for over twenty seconds and escort bursa tears of content flowed from her cheeks. Her body fell from position due to exhaustion. My cock flickered out of her heated vagina. I allowed her to rest for a few minutes but as I laid beside her rubbing her body down I got even hornier than before. I reached over to her ear and whispered “Baby you ready again?”. Being the fuck loving woman she is she said “come nuh”. This was the final showing, if I was to achieve full satisfaction. I sat on the bed and she stretched her legs around me. I looked up into her eyes, there was nothing but endless love and happiness. She kissed me this time ever so softly, ever so gently. As our tongues met like roaring rivers I felt her hand take my shaft she then lowered herself unto me inch by inch until I was covered by her chambers. We started off slowly but as she rocked my cock and I braced my hand on her shoulder we just couldn’t remain in low gear. I worked her body over my cock in a rough circular motion putting my dick through its paces and her pussy through hers. I could feel her sweat running from her forehead onto her chin then dripping onto my chest. Her eyes were shut tight and her nails pierced my back. Going on like the adolescents we are, I gave the final push. Our sexual performance gave way to sounds of an ever striking hand on the surface of water. As I gave her the final stroke, I came inside her filling her pussy with my essence, releasing all the energy within me. I fell backwards onto the bed and she followed. Both of us tired beyond belief, she laid her her head on my chest and I kissed her forehead where we soon after fell captive to sleep’s final call.

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