Picking up a Stray

Picking up a StrayAs has happened many times before the little woman and I had a “domestic dispute” that ended with her telling me to “Get Out!!!”. Usually I tell her to fuck off and settle in to the couch for some loud TV to drown out her bitching until she shuts up, but this evening was warm and it had been days since my last blow job,,,probably why the arguement started in the first place. I hit a couple of sleezy bars where the blow queens hang out, you know , the sluts that will suck cock for a couple shots in your car or the mens room. My phone kept going off, the bitch just couldn’t leave me alone long enough to cool off, leaving message after message threatening to toss everythng I owned into the street if I didn’t answer. Sometimes she forgets the deed is in my name and it’s her ass that’s in the wind if it comes to that, so I continued my trek. The four beers I had at the last stop were hitting my bladder pretty hard when the sign for the rest area came into view so I wheeled in, headed for the woods and whipped out Mr. Willy. I hadn’t drained the second beer when I heard a whisper from behind a nearby tree…”Need help with that?”. I’d gotten my first blow job from a guy, years before a woman had found her way to my cock and I’m not put off by a guy who likes to suck, but in the woods in the dark does make me think twice. “What did you have in mind?” I answered and from around the tree I made out the form of a small man as he came into the dim light. “Anything that make that happy” pointing to my cock, still dripping out the last drops of recycled brew. “Right now it needs a good shake” chuckling a bit as I started to whip it up and down, “sure” he answered and slipped over to me, took hold of my cock and gently shook it. “I don’t think that got it all” he whispered, with that he leaned canlı bahis şirketleri over and took it into his mouth and began to nurse on it. I could see he was young, in his mid to late 20’s, well groomed and wearing loose shorts and a hooded sweat shirt. Looking around I saw the place was deserted, as a matter of fact I didn’t remember seeing any vehicles when I pulled in. By now I was hard and he was definately enjoying himself, easily taking my 7 inches to the hilt with every third or forth pump and holding it there. With no one around I figured I’d rather be comfortable in my pick up than standing here in the woods so I pulled him off and told him to follow me. As we came out of the woods I looked around again and sure enough, no other vehicles. “How did you get here?” I asked, he stopped in his tracks “I was stranded by a guy who brought me here to suck him off”. That opened the flood gates to a whole sob story as we got into my pick up, seems this guy was tossed out of his GF’s place, needed a place to crash, hooked up with a guy on the internet that said he would let him stay with him if he sucked his cock as often as he wanted…yada yada yada. Long story short, I have a camper on a quiet spot I want to build a cabin on. The little woman hates the place so it’s been on a back burner for a while. It has running water, and if you like to rough it you can stay there comfortably so I took him there to see what he thought. Needless to say he was very appreciative, as soon as we arived he stripped naked, layed on the couch arching his back and offering his ass. He had a tight little body, smooth and shaved. His cock swung half hard as I slipped my hand under him and cupped his balls, they tightened in my grasp and he moaned into the cushion. I squeezed a little tighter, his face came perabet giriş off the cushion”oh yes” he whimpered. Right then I knew I had a prime candidate for relieving my pent up stress. I grabbed his shoulder, flipped him over and put my other hand around his neck, tightening my grip on his balls a little more as I held him down. “You’ll suck my cock until I tell you I want your ass”. With that I stood back, pulled off my pants and sat on the seat, he crawled in between my legs and went to work. He must have sucked a lot of cock because he knew his business, I held back as long as I could before dumping a huge load into his mouth, all of which he swallowed without hesitation. He licked and kissed my cock and balls like a good little slut until I pushed him back, it was time to piss again so I headed out the door. He followed me out away from the trailer, “may I hold it for you sir?”. “Go ahead” I answered and with that he knelt before me and pointed my cock at the ground. I had never pissed with anyone’s help before but there’s a first time for everything so I let loose, he guided to flow until the steam dropped to a trickle, then took my cock into his mouth and gently sucked the last few dropps out. This was enough to start my cock on the path to recovery, he took the swelling to mean he was doing a good job and continued to suck and lick until I was hard again. He stroked as his tongue worked it’s way around my balls, making it’s way to my crotch…I knew where he was going next. I pushed him back, grabbed his neck and lifted him as I pushed him toward the trailer. I pulled my shirt off and layed face down on the couch, spreading my legs so my cock and balls were exposed. “Go ahead” as I reached back and spread my ass cheeks, he dropped to his knees and I felt his tongue on perabet güvenilir mi my ass, licking in circles until he hit my hole. His talented mouth worked my balls, cock and ass, tongue fucking me as deep as he could while his hands massaged my cheeks. I got up on my hands and knees so he could milk my cock as he licked, looking back I could see he was hard as a rock himself. I pushed him back, he hit the floor on his back and I straddled him, my legs pinning his arms as I manuvered my ass over his face. Now I could grab his cock as I sat on his face, I leaned over and stroked it as I blew my breath against it. His licking became intence, his moans felt like a vibrator in my ass as his tongue darted in and out. I broght him to the edge and stopped, he groaned but kept licking, I did it again, same results. I could see his balls pulse as his cock throbbed, after several edgings I finished him off. His cum squirted on my chest, splattering onto my shoulders and stomach. I stroked until he was limp and his tongue stopped, I got up to my feet and admonished him with”Look at the mess you made!”. He got to his knees and began licking his cum off me, I stroked my cock until it was hard again as he cleaned me. He spent the rest of he night sucking until I fell asleep, I woke up the next morning and he was still between my legs, naked. We cleaned up, he sucked another load and I took him to get his car at his X gf’s house. He returned to the trailer and I went home. After explaining to the little woman if she didn’t like the situation she could pack it up and hit the bricks, she “forgave” me and had a different attitude about taking care of my needs. Of course my friend at the trailer took some of the stress off her, he stayed there for most of the summer before heading back to his home town. He continued to do all that stuff the little woman wouldn’t, rim jobs, swallowing loads and evtually some anal once I stocked up on condoms. He even looked pretty good in some of her outfits she had asked me to drop off at the salvation drop box…they made it there eventually.

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