Picking up at the lingerie shop

Picking up at the lingerie shopThat Saturday afternoon my sweet Ana asked me to go on shopping.She wanted to purchase some erotic lingerie there. She told me I needed some extra stimulation that same night; because I was not paying much attention to her sexual needs.We got into the lingerie local and Ana went to pick up some clothes.There was a young guy called Mark, looking for some erotic outfit for his wife. He approached me and commented how sexy my wife was and that he would love to feel her round boobs.Then I asked him to come into the changing room with us. He looked surprised; but I whispered to him that it would be fine to feel up Ana under her blouse… He followed me, but he was not convinced at all…Anita looked at him and she was pleased that Mark was a handsome man.She positioned herself in front of him so that he could reach around and put his hands up her blouse and on her bare boobs. He started squeezing her hard nipples and I covered Ana’s mouth; canlı bahis knowing he was going to cum loud very soon and we did not want to make a scandal inside there…I was right. Her sensual body soon convulsed and she came while her sounds were muffled by my hand. Mark slid his hands out. Then she told me she was going to show that guy her shaven pussy.She pulled down her tight gym pants and a tiny thong to her ankles. Then Mark fell on his knees and kissed her pussy, licking and sucking too.I knew my sexy wife would cum anytime; so, I stopped the guy and invited him to come home with us.When we arrived I opened the door and as soon as we were inside I ordered Ana to strip her clothes off. Mark looked at me and I told him he could strip also if he wanted…Mark dropped his pants and I could see he was as hard as a rock already. Then my wife dropped to her knees and started sucking that hard cock. It was as long and thick as mine. As Ana was giving him a very good bonus veren siteler wet blow job, I asked Mark if he wanted to fuck my slutty wife. He answered he would love that…Then we all went to our bedroom and Ana put some lubricant between her nice round boobs and she was ready to receive that big cock between them.While Mark did so, I rubbed my wife’s wet cunt with my fingers. I made her cum soon and at same time, that young guy came between her tits, pumping a full jet of sticky semen between her round tits.As he unloaded all his seed, he said he would need to rest for a while.While Anita took a shower, Mark told me that his wife had never taken his cock in her mouth. I told him that my own slut wife would fix that. I offered to share the shower with Ana. He entered there and my sensual wife sucked his cock again until it was hard as a rock.Mark asked me if he could watch while I fucked Ana with my hard cock. Then Ana got onto the deneme bonusu bed on her side and I entered her pussy from behind. I reached around and grabbed her boobs, taking care of her hard nipples.While I fucked her hard, Ana sucked Mark’s dick. She must have cum at least four times onto my cock, before his brand new lover filled her throat with more cum. I held her down and then I exploded inside her wet cunt.I was done for the day; but Mark still wanted more and also my slut wife was wishing more and more. So, the guy rested for a while and then Anita got him ready to continue…She got on all fours and Mark mounted her from behind.Ana gasped when she felt him invading her cunt with that huge dick. She claimed it felt too thick and he was going roughly in her wet stretched cunt.They fucked like crazy for more than an hour; changing positions every time. Anita had at least three intense loud orgasms. She cried and screamed like a bitch in heat.Mark continued fucking her like a jackhammer. His dick was really powerful.He finally cum deep inside of my sweet wife’s vagina and she cried loud for a last time as she felt his warm semen filling her womb.The young guy dressed up and left; but he promised to be in touch…

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