Picking up Sweet Thing Ch. 01


{Hello, this is my 1st time at this. I hope you enjoy my story! Please let me know what you think and if I should write part two of the story…. Thank you.}


I wait in the warmth of my car looking out across the icy car park. I see you, you are wrapped up warm with your black coat zipped up you have your purple scarf around you neck keeping in the much needed body heat. Your breaths show up as vapour as you lock the minibus away. The sounds from the gates are dampened by the coving of snow. You look up and search for me; a smile breaks across your cold face. As you say goodbye to the last of the group I open the car door and step out into the cold crisp air. The snow compacts under my shoes as we approach each other. I reach out and take your bags from you. I see that you are tired from your eyes; they are the eyes that I fell in love with.

We lean in close together, you rest you head against my coat. My free arm moves around you and pulls you closer to my body. I lean down and you feel my lips on the only part of your neck that is exposed to the cold air, I kiss you and whisper, “Welcome home, I have missed you. Lets get home and warm up…together,” into your ear.

We climb into the car; the warmth is a welcoming feeling to us both. Home is only a short drive but is a slow journey. As the rear tires slip and slide around I look over, your eyes are closed, you have time to relax a little after a trip away.

I pull into our drive way, I tell you to race ahead and open the door. I grab you bags and catch you up. You open the front door and greeted with a warm house. You take a deep breath as the smells from the kitchen reach you. You sense me behind you, my arms wrap around you as you feel my body get close to yours. My hands pull your hips and I let you to go up stairs and get ready for a bath.

You walk into the bathroom without any closes on to see me lighting some candles, I take a moment to take in your beauty, your eyes meet mine and we smile. You test the water and submerge yourself in the hot, bubbly water. I leave you for some time so you can relax; I am back within 5 minutes with a glass of wine for you. I move behind you and start rubbing your shoulders; I massage some bubble bath into your skin and then shampoo into your hair. As I move my hand over your shoulders I reach round and cup your breasts, I hold them and find your nipples, as my fingers gently squeeze each bud I kiss your neck. You moan and raise one hand to mine; you pull my hand away and slowly slide my hand down under the water.

You feel different; you feel my smile grow across my face as my lips are still delivering kisses to your neck. You have trimmed your hair that lies on top of the destination of our hands. I protest and tell you to wait. You let my hand move back up your body but you are frustrated. You want me to pleasure you, I will, but in my own time.

You sip your wine and I turn the shower on to rise the shampoo out of your hair. You enjoy the feeling of my hands rubbing the bubbles away escort eryaman from your skin. I ask you to stand so I have access to all of your body. I place the water jets along your body as my hands follow the warm water. I move the jets towards your belly and over the top of your neatly trimmed hair. I look at your reaction as the jets of water makes you tingle. I kiss you as I move the jets closer to you vagina, you jump as the felling of my fingers on your skin. I move a finger down the middle of your vagina, opening your lips so the water jets can touch the inside of you. I move your lips apart which expose your clit to the water. With this our kiss becomes move intense and we find each others tongues; they dance around each other as our mouths stay locked in a passionate kiss.

You are enjoying the sensations that the shower is giving you but as the last of the bath water runs away I switch the shower off and pick up the soft towels that are over the warm radiator. Playfully I throw one over your head, before you have a chance to complain I start to rub your head with the towel. Your protest is over before it starts with you enjoy my hands rubbing you dry. I see that your skin is starting to show goose pimples, I reach for the other towel and you help me wrap it around your body. I enjoy drying your body off and we slowly move into the bedroom.

As we enter our room you see that I have been busy, music is playing softly, and you can make out that it is a track from the Mumford and Son’s, you smile as you remember when you lent me the CD and I lost it more than once. The bedroom is dimly lit, light is dancing around the room from two candles, I move you to the bed and you lay down. I kiss you again and looking in to yours eyes my mouth starts to move down, I kiss your neck and move to just below your ears, I tell you to, “relax and enjoy, this is your welcome home gift. I am so happy you are back.”

My mouth kisses its way down your neck, my hands are in front on the kisses, rubbing and playing with your body. I continue my on going search to find any spot on your body that is susceptible to being tickled, my fingers dance over your right nipple as my mouth finds your left. I kiss it and suck it into my mouth, my tongue moves around it as it hardens. The right one is also becoming erect as my thumb and fingers play with it, pulling and pinching but not so that it hurts you.

My hand leaves and continues its journey down your stomach, I love your belly button and soon I am kissing around it. My hand moves so it is on the top of your leg, should I move my fingers between your legs to play with you there, or shell I tease you a little and pass over very close to your pussy but continue down your legs… You tense up as my fingers brush your hair and move to the folds of skin that were enjoying the jets of water.

My mouth is near; you can feel my warm breaths millimetres away from your sex. I see your hands move, one moves to your breast the other to my head, you play with my hair, maybe to try ankara escort and persuade me to move closer to your pussy so that you can feel my tongue on your clit. My fingers move around your inner thigh, moving closer and closer to you pussy. I place my thumb over where your clit is hidden, very softly I apply the smallest amount of pressure, letting you know that I am no longer going to tease but I am going to go down on you. Your fingers are playing and pushing my head closer to where my fingers are, as my thumb starts to move round and round one of my fingers moves up and down in between your lips, I feel your arousal, you centre is wet and warm, I push my finger in a little more and tickly the small area of skin just below the opening of your vagina. As my finger dances around I let it move inside of your pussy a tiny amount. You moan and welcome the invasion to your body.

My mouth is now next to my thumb, I dart my tongue out and it replaces where my thumb had be moving. You pull my hair to move my mouth closer to your body, you enjoy me going down on you, and you pull me closer into your sex. I taste you, so clean and sweet. I love doing this to you, I love the way I can make you move with my tongue and fingers. I let my tongue lick down to where my finger is playing just below your entrance; I lick back up to your clit and again back down. I put my tongue at your warm opening and start to lick with more pressure, as my tongue starts to move in and out of you my fingers move your lips apart giving my tongue full access to your hot sex.

I move my tongue up and home in on your little nub, if feel it with my lips and kiss it, I clamp down around your clit as one of my fingers moves inside of you. You feel so warm and you tease up as my mouth begins to suck on your clit. My finger moves in and out and after three strokes I add another finger at the same time I let my tongue swipe over your now raised clit. Flicking fast, moving up and down, left to right and around and around. I am licking you as much and as hard I as can with my fingers moving in and out of you.

You hands are still playing, one with your nipples and the other with my hair. I replace my tongue with my other hand, my fingers find your clit and rub it firmly by smoothly. I let my mouth kiss all around your sex, you are wet and I hope close to climax. I continue to rub your clit, changing from fingers to thumb and then to mouth and tongue. I love making you feel good, I love that you trimmed your hair; it tickles my nose as I continue to eat your pussy. You push me away a little you want something else, not my hands fingers or my tongue. You have been away and not had something that you enjoy for a week. You want me; you want my penis inside of you.

I resist and push you back down on the bed. You moan in frustration but it turns to a moan of pleasure as my tongue flicks and licks your clit again. I know you like me making you wait before you get to feel my cock slowly enter your pussy inch by inch. I want you to elvakent escort get close to climax before you get me inside of you. You feel my shift slightly and then you hear something, you have heard the sound before, you smile as you remember my like for gadgets and toys, as soon as you work out what it is you feel it on your clit, right there where you like it. It is the small bullet from your rock chick.

That was the 1st of many toys that I bought you, you wonder if I have bought anything new during the week. As the small bullet vibrates on and around your clit my tongue keeps moving, I am now kissing your entrance, you are enjoy the sensation coming from the buzzing as well as my fingers moving in and out and now with my mouth kissing you sex, you again pull my hair and I hope that you are close.

I can not hold on any more, I have been waiting for this all week, my body moves up, I keep the vibrator in place ageist you as my mouth finds yours, we kiss and you can taste yourself on my lips, I never know if you like it or not, but I wanted to kiss you and see your wonderful eyes for this moment. I place the very tip of my cock at your entrance; I move slowly and place the tip inside of you. We look into each others eyes, we do not need to say it, we both feel it, and I move my head down to the side of yours my palm caresses your face, I whisper, “I love you.” You say the same back to me as I slowly move all the way inside you. You are so warm inside; your body holds me just right. You adjust to my size and you tell me you are ok, I start to pull out; just the tip is inside you still as I pull your hand down to hold the vibrator.

My pace quickens so that my cock is moving in and out of your tight pussy faster and faster. We move to kiss each other, and my hand moves to around your neck, as I tell you how good you feel. My penis is thick and hard and you enjoy how it is moving inside you. You are in control of the vibrator and I hope that this will help you climax.

You wrap you legs around my body and place an arm around my neck, you tell me to go harder, I try to move faster and harder for you. I am getting close already, I have missed you for the week and I am in need of release. I am holding back but I fear that I am too close. You feel my body tense up and tell me to cum inside you, you said that you want to feel me inside of you. That throws me over the edge, I start to cum, my arms hold you tight and I move into you as far as I can, my body jerks, I kiss you and hold you until my body stops jerking around.

We hold each other and cuddle, we both need to shower. I leave to check the dinner as you clean up. I join you in the shower, I stand in front of you and step into the water jets, and we lean in to kiss each other. This is when you do something that surprises me, you move down my body as the water cascades down and you take my soft cock into your mouth. This is an instant turn on for me. You hold my hips and start to suck my cock into your mouth. You do this for about two minutes until my cock is nice and hard, then you let it pop out of your mouth, you get out of the shower and turn the water to cold!

You run away before I can spray you with the cold water…..

{Let me know what you think… should I write more?}

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