Picnic Play


I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch when I heard the TV. When I finished my cleaning and came into the living room, Chris was longing on the sofa, watching another baseball game.

I stood behind the sofa, watching Chris watch baseball. Lately, this was how we spent our Saturday afternoons. I cleaned the townhouse, and he watched baseball. Today, something snapped inside me. I wasn’t going to let him lounge away another Saturday.

“Let’s do something together,” I shouted over the TV.

Chris turned down the volume, turned to me and smiled. “You can come lie on my lap. I’ll fondle your tits.”

I folded my arms. “My tits are not your play toys. I want to do something besides clean and watch you watch TV.”

Chris shrugged his shoulders. “Ok. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.” Shit. That always sounds so indecisive when I say it out loud. Now Chris has an excuse to not suggest anything.

Chris thought for a while. “Tell you what. How about we go on a picnic tomorrow afternoon?”

I beamed. “That’s a great idea. Let me go in the kitchen and see what we need.”

“Great.” Chris smiled, and went back to watching the baseball game.

After a few minutes of checking the refrigerator and the cupboard, I came up with a small grocery list. When I went back into the living room to give Chris the list, he was still watching the game. I gave up and lay across his lap. He mindlessly fondled my tits through my shirt until after the game finished.

We went to the grocery store together, and bought what we needed for the picnic, as well as what we needed for work and weekday dinners. After we brought the groceries home and put them away, we went to a nice local Italian place down the street, and had seafood penne together.

That night, lying in bed, we cuddled. I tried to get Chris interested in something more, but he pushed my hands away from his escort eryaman cock. Sighing, I settled for his spooning me until we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up eagerly. As I was putting the picnic basket and cooler together, Chris came up behind me and squeezed my ass.

“Oh,” Chris remarked casually, “Could you just wear a blouse and a skirt? No bra or panties.”

I smiled. “Sure, sweetie.” Now I knew why Chris was so reluctant last night. He wasn’t half as clever as he thought. I had a pretty good idea what he wanted to do on the picnic.

We ate a late breakfast, packed up the car, and headed out. We’d been driving for almost an hour, passing cornfield after cornfield, before I thought to ask, “Where are we going?”

Chris smiled. “You’ll see. We’ll be there in a little over an hour.”

I lost count of the number of cornfields we passed. I wasn’t paying attention when we turned off onto a dirt road. We bumped down the road for about fifteen minutes before we came to the edge of a lake. Trees and grass surrounded the lake.

Chris unpacked the car while I walked over to the lake. When he came up behind me and grabbed my tits, he startled me so much I almost jumped in the lake.

I went over to where Chris had spread a blanket and sat down. I decided to have a wine cooler, and I handed Chris a Budweiser. After we’d been sitting for a few minutes, my hand wandered over to his pants. I felt his sexy bulge for a moment before he took my hand away.

“We’re not doing that now.”

I sat up and folded my arms. “If we’re not doing that, then why did you ask me to dress in just a blouse and skirt?”

Chris smiled. “I like seeing your nipples poke through your blouse. I like being able to easily put my hand on your pussy.”

“If we’re not fucking, then you’re not playing with me.” I still wasn’t happy.

“Chris shrugged. “Suit yourself. ankara escort I’m going to enjoy the scenery.”

Chris had something to eat. He finished off another Budweiser, and lay down on the blanket looking at the lake.

I was still miffed. Why did Chris bring me all the way out here if he was just going to ignore me? I had something to eat, and had a couple more wine coolers before I felt a little better. I lay down in front of him, and we spent the next hour spooning in the shade of a large elm tree, looking at the birds and the water.

I must have fallen asleep, because it seemed like no time had passed when Chris said it was time to go. I looked at my watch, and we’d been lying on the blanket for over three hours. Chris packed up the car, and I took one last look at the beautiful lake.

I was still a little miffed as we bounced back down the dirt road. I expected that we would fuck, and all we did was sleep on a blanket. Were we getting that old?

We made it back to the main road, and passed cornfield after cornfield on the way home. I must have been daydreaming, because I was surprised when Chris stopped the car next to yet another cornfield.

“What’s wrong?” I hoped we weren’t having car trouble.

Chris didn’t say a word. He got out of the car. I watched him as he walked past the front of the car, over to my side. He opened my car door, unbuckled my seat belt, and pulled me out of the car. He pushed me to the front of the car, grabbed my blouse with both hands, and ripped it open. Buttons flew everywhere.

Chris pulled my blouse open, leered at my tits, turned me around, and pushed me down on the hood of the car. I felt the warmth of the car engine against my naked tits, heard him unzip his pants, and felt him lift up my skirt.

I took my arms and reached behind me, trying to feel Chris.

Chris barked out, “Put your elvakent escort arms back on the hood of the car bitch, or I’ll tie you there.”

I turned around to look at Chris, grinning. He wasn’t smiling at all. He went to the trunk, and brought back two lengths of cotton rope. I put my arms on the hood of the car like a good girl. He got behind me and fucked me like an animal.

I wasn’t all that reluctant. I get so wet when Chris gets so forceful. I love the feeling of being taken, of being ravished. He was definitely taking what he wanted from me, and I wanted him to take what he wanted.

I probably came two or three times before Chris came in me. I love that feeling, when he stops pumping so hard and relaxes. He pulled out of me. I tried to stand up, but he pushed me back down on the car hood. The hood still felt warm against my tits and I enjoyed the warmth until he pulled me up, turned me around, and kissed me.

I threw my arms around him and held him. I looked at Chris’ face, and he was smiling now. I laughed, and kissed him again.

“So, how’d you like the picnic?” Chris was grinning now.

I smiled. “I loved it. Thank you for picking out such a pretty place for a picnic. I’m sorry I was such a bitch to you, but I was horny and you didn’t want to do anything.”

Chris smiled. “And you understand why, now?”

I kissed him again. “Yes silly, I understand now. This was the best ravishment surprise you’ve ever done. And yes, I really appreciate it and all the effort you put into the picnic.

“I get scared sometimes. We both work all week, and on the weekends you watch baseball and I wind up cleaning. I don’t want us to be an old boring married couple.”

Chris smiled. “I don’t think we’re quite that old yet.”

“Nope, we’re not.” I kissed him again. “We’re not boring either. Thanks again. This was the best picnic ever.”

I finally let Chris go. We got back into the car and headed back to the main road.

I took Chris’ right hand and put it on my left tit. I’d been too much of a bitch lately, and he deserved to have fun fondling me. I enjoyed his squeezing all the way home.

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