Pieces of Mom


You could say that Mike was advanced for his age. He was in his last year in high school, but his understanding of psychology, especially as it relates to the female of the species, was remarkable. Basically, he divided girls and women into two categories: strong and weak. Mike preferred the weak variety, and he pursued them like a lion running down a baby wildebeest on the Serengeti. His success rate was also remarkable, especially considering his average looks.

Around school, he had just about run out of prey, though. His reputation was such that his rich pickings were drying up like a bad year in the Sahara. Girls talk, and the word gets around about a guy who appears to be sweet and gentle until he’s talked your panties off and had his fun, and then suddenly turns to chase the next straggler. The landscape of broken hearts at Mike’s school looked a bit like bones bleaching in the sun out on the savanna.

Mike wasn’t particularly physically imposing, which was to his advantage. He could appear innocent that way, the better to lure his unsuspecting prey into bed. But no girl was quite enough in and of herself, and after a few encounters, Mikey headed for greener pastures, leaving the poor coed to wonder what had happened. He was even able to create in them the belief that the breakup had somehow been their fault, which was a real talent on his part. Many a young girl actually felt sorry for him when their affair ended. Mike never felt sorry for anything.

Mike had inherited his talents from his dad, Lance. Lance was and always had been a hound. Lance finally settled down with Nancy because of the advantages she brought him. She was trusting, cute, younger than him, and from a wealthy family. Lance used her connections to get a good position and her trust to obscure years of cheating. But he always took care of Nancy and Mike emotionally, superficially at least. Nancy was actually happy, in the sense that “ignorance is bliss”. In a way, it was a pretty functional family. It just wasn’t a Norman Rockwell kind of functionality.

As a trusting and weak-willed mother, Nancy had always been easily manipulated by her one and only son. She doted on him, and he learned early how to push her buttons without her knowing it. He got most everything he wanted through honey, not vinegar, and Nancy was quite happy with and proud of her son. After all, Mike was a good student, and he seemed to be very popular at school.

It’s hard to say when exactly Mike began to think of his mom as a potential outlet for his sexual desires. She was very cute. She was very handy. That he could manipulate her was without question. Maybe it was the drying up of the “new woman pool” at his school, the challenge of playing the big con on Mom, or some genuine Oedipal desire. But as Mike neared the end of his high school career, he began to set his sights on Nancy. From his initial incestuous thoughts, it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would have her. He remembered a little joke his father had told him once.

“Mikey, do you know how to steal another man’s woman?”

“Uh no, Dad. How do you steal another man’s woman?” Mike replied.

“One piece at a time, son. One piece at a time.”


The first bits would be a snap. Hugs and kisses, moving into extended necking and petting. His mom always hugged him and kissed his cheek, so he could ease her down that path to the first turn. To start off with, flowers.

“Mom, are you home?”

“In here, sweetie. I’m fixin’ supper.”

Mike walked in the kitchen and found Nancy cutting up veggies for the wok. He walked up beside her and kissed her cheek, his right arm hiding a bouquet of red roses behind him.

“Happy spring, Mom,” he said, pulling the flowers out of hiding.

“Mikey! You didn’t get those for me did you? Oh, you sweet, sweet boy!”

Nancy put her knife down, turned to her son, and grasped the roses, inhaling their scent.

“Just a little present for my beautiful mother.”

“But red roses, honey. They’re so expensive, and people usually get them for their sweethearts. Moms usually get daisies or something.”

“You are my sweetheart, Mom. I love you.”

“Oh, and I love you so much, honey.” Nancy put the flowers on the counter, hugged her son warmly around the ribs, and kissed him on the cheek. Mike brought his hands from around her shoulders to her face and put his lips on hers.

Timing was critical. This first little piece of Momma’s pie needed to be taken with a mixture of strength and subtlety. The kiss was on her lips, firm, chaste, and just long enough to make an impression and stick in her memory. A kiss to plant a small suggestion, not to over power her.

Mike pulled back and looked lovingly in his mother’s eyes. He’d used the same look in so many situations, and he knew it could begin to melt a female heart. It needed to be warm and sincere. Yeah, he could fake warm and sincere.

Pressing his luck, Mike couldn’t resist another lip-to-lip with Mom, and she didn’t ataşehir escort back away, though she felt a little tickle back in her brain warning her that something was not quite right.

For a week, Mike spent as much time as possible with his mother. He was oh-so helpful in the kitchen, cleaning house, shopping. He held her hand while they watched TV or shopped. He kissed her neck and cheek. A few times, he kissed her lips, and Nancy found herself relaxing more and beginning to enjoy the kisses and to feel that they were normal and good. Mike was careful to confine his extra affections to times when they were alone, though.

Mike understood his dad. He knew that those late nights and occasional out of town trips were not all about work. Maybe Nancy had an inkling of this, too, but she was not a woman to rock the boat. Lance would never suspect anything between his wife and son if Mike kept the signs hidden. And Mike was good at hiding lots of things.


On one of Lance’s late nights at the office, Mike bumped the game up a notch. One of his standard techniques involved getting his prey emotional and then taking advantage. Emotional women, especially weak ones, are easier to manipulate. They tend to put themselves into the hands of someone they trust and to interpret actions that should be warnings as concern and love.

Sitting on the couch with his mom, after a simple dinner and kitchen cleanup, Mikey complained, “There’s nothing on TV tonight. How about we just talk for awhile? I want to know all about your life. What was it like for you growing up?”

“My gosh, Mike, you know all about that. There’s not much to tell. I grew up in Pennsylvania with your Grandpa and Grandma. All very ordinary stuff.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know about how you were in high school. You’re so beautiful, you must have had a lot of boyfriends. Were you a cheerleader or anything?” Mike was probing for a soft spot. He wanted something he could use to flip her switch. Ideally, he wanted her crying and vulnerable.

“Gosh, Mike. I don’t think about those days much. I was pretty shy in school. My parents didn’t like for me to dress flashy or wear makeup. I didn’t really have a real boyfriend. There was a creepy little guy who always tried to get me to go out, but I couldn’t stand him.”

“Mom,” he said, “I can’t believe that. You’re the most beautiful woman. Dad is so lucky to have you. I hope I’ll find a woman just like you someday.” Mike kissed her tenderly, his lips slightly parted and damp, his hands holding her cheeks, his eyes gazing steadily into hers. She was melting, and she hugged him to her chest. Mike was so good to her. She loved him and wanted to show him that she did.

For an hour, Mike pressed into those areas of Nancy’s memory where the dark bits are hidden. All the time, he soothed her face and shoulders with his hands, kissing her cheeks, eyes, neck, hands and lips. The tears came as she spoke of the heartbreak she felt over her first love, and she sobbed into his chest a few times. As she sobbed, her lips parting, Mike lifted her head and kissed her deeply, and Nancy responded. To her, it was an incredibly intimate moment with her loving son. To him, it was the next piece of Mom, now safely his.

Mike was horny for his mom, but there was more at stake than just sex, although that was a primary objective. He also relished the chase. He was on a power trip. How many sons wanted to bed their mothers? All of them, maybe? How many actually succeeded? Some tiny fraction? Mike was determined to be in that elite group, and so he held his libido in check.

There was just one more move to make that night. One more thing to plant in Nancy’s memory. One more turn on that primrose path. As they sat kissing and fondling each other on the couch, Mike pulled Nancy’s legs across his lap. She was wearing shorts, and the feel of her thighs in his hands was exquisite. Then, with his right hand on her bottom, he pulled her up into his lap. Nancy interpreted this as her son wanting to hold and comfort her. But the reason Mike did it was so that she would feel his hard cock under her sweet ass cheeks. That would give her something to remember and plant the hint that there could be even more closeness in the days to come. It also gave Mike a bit of fuel for his fantasies. As he slid his hands over his cock in bed later that night, the tantalizing thought of it lying just inches from his mom’s warm cunt put him over the edge. In a deliberate move, Mike moaned, hoping his mother would hear and understand.

Nancy went to bed that night wrung out emotionally. She was indeed vulnerable, and she sought solace in sleep, dropping into dreamland soon after curling up on her left side in her bed. She had not had a good cry like that in ages. It was cathartic, but somewhat worrying. Why should she be so emotional? Things were fine, weren’t they? She had some suspicions about Lance’s activities, but he took care of them. He made love to her sometimes. She hadn’t kadıköy escort bayan ever wanted another man, surely. But now she was feeling so close to Mike, and yet a little bit afraid of him. He could get to her like nobody else could. Not even her guilt-tripping parents had the strong effect on her that Mikey was having lately.

At 4 AM, she woke suddenly from a dream. It was a naked flying dream. She had been gliding along on her back, no more than a foot off the ground, down an unfamiliar path in the mountains. Maybe there were others gliding along with her, but she couldn’t really remember. Ahead, she saw a man standing by the path, and that’s when she realized she was naked. She felt afraid as the man stepped into the path and approached her, and she tried to get some altitude to get away from him. In her agitated state, she woke, sweating.

Lance had not come home. She remembered that he had said he might stay at work if things ran late.

Immediately worried, Nancy got up and walked to Mike’s room in her nightgown. Carefully opening the door, she peered into his room, lit as it was by a waning moon. She walked to the side of the bed. Mike had kicked off his sheet and was lying on his left side, his face away from her. She felt a pang of shame for gazing so openly on her naked son, her eyes following the curve of his back and ass, his left leg extended and the right bent slightly at the knee. She remembered the feel of his cock on her bottom. She couldn’t see his cock now. He must have known she would feel it, yet he had lifted her onto his lap. Was he so unaware, or had he been trying to show her that he was aroused? “Nonsense,” she thought. “Young guys are always horny like that. He probably didn’t even think I’d feel it.”

Nancy went back to bed, satisfied that all was well. But the flying dream, the fear she’d felt, and the sight of a young naked man, had all affected her. To get back to sleep, she did what she’d always found helpful: she masturbated. The visions in her brain shifted from one image to another as she probed her pussy and clawed at her clit. The gentle hovering flight of her dream. The ominous figure coming toward her on the trail. Lance making love to her in the early days of their marriage. Her son’s naked body in the moonlight. The feel of hard cock under her bottom as she and Mike kissed and petted. With a moan and a lurch of her hips off the bed, Nancy came.


It was Saturday morning, and Mike was stroking his cock, thinking about the events of the night before.

“I had Mom sitting right on my dick. Soon, I’ll have it right up in her. I can do this, I know I can. All I have to do is take my time. I could use some insurance, though. Dad has been knocking off pussy left and right for years, and it would be great to have some evidence of that on hand, just for leverage.”

True to form, Lance was around a lot in the next few days. After he “worked late” he would usually make up for it by being present at home for awhile. That put a halt to Mike’s moves on his mom and his chances of getting the goods on Lance. It was a good time for Mike to make plans, and for Mom to pull back.

“Mike, we need to talk about the other night,” Nancy said to her son one evening as they cleaned the kitchen after supper. Lance was messing around in the garage.

“I’ve wanted to talk with you, but Dad’s been around all the time. I mean, you and I have gotten closer recently, and I don’t think Dad would understand,” he replied.

“Right. I agree with that. Dad doesn’t need to be involved in this. It’s between you and me. Not that we’re hiding anything or doing anything we, uh, shouldn’t do. He just, like you say, wouldn’t understand.”

“I can get home early tomorrow. I can cut my last class, since they are just going to be reviewing for the test. We’ll have plenty of time to talk,” said Mike.


The next afternoon, they were side by side on the couch, turned toward each other and holding hands. Mike was ready to head off any suggestion that they should pull back from each other.

“Mikey, I’m sorry I got so emotional the other night. I let myself go, and I didn’t mean to lay all that on you. You were so sweet and understanding. Your Dad is not so understanding anymore, and I just took advantage of your good nature. I’m sorry, Son.”

“Okay, that’s what I wanted to hear,” thought Mike. “She’s blaming herself and not saying we went too far.”

“Mom, please don’t apologize. I loved it that you opened up to me that way. I feel so close to you now. Closer than I ever have. I love you, Mommy. I want to be someone very special to you. I want us to share everything with each other and be completely open.”

She immediately noticed his use of the word “Mommy”, which she hadn’t heard for a very long time. It was very endearing, and she felt herself soften.

“But Mike, we got a little carried away, don’t you think? I was crying, and you were kissing me like I was your girlfriend, and escort maltepe I was up in your lap like a little girl, hugging you. It felt nice, but it would have looked weird if your father or someone had seen us.”

“I loved kissing you, and I want to go on kissing and holding you. You’re so much more than a girlfriend to me. I love you, Mommy. As for someone else seeing us, no one ever will. That’s one thing that makes it special. What we do together is just between us, and no one will ever know about it.”

“You don’t feel strange about this? I mean, I love the closeness, but I don’t want you to feel weirdÖ”

“Mom, let’s just relax and enjoy being with each other.” Then Mike played his trump card. “You know, I’ll be done with school and out of here before you know it. This time we have together may never come again, so we should enjoy each other’s company while we can. When I’m gone, there’s no telling if I’ll be back very often.”

Nancy shuddered at the thought. Her baby gone, forever. Then it would just be Lance and Nance. How could she face that future? Suddenly, she wanted to grab Mike and hug him close to her breasts, smothering him in motherly kisses.

Mike saw the concerned look on his mother’s face and knew he had gotten to her. Seizing his chance, Mike went in for a big kiss and hug. He didn’t bother to start slowly this time, with their history of French kissing already established. As he pressed her into the couch, he came up on his left knee and put his right over her short-clad thighs. His hands became more adventurous as they kissed, touching now down her sides, feeling the outline of her bra and her ribs. His cock was extending down the left leg of his shorts, and he pressed it into her upper thigh with his leg.

“Feel that, Mommy?” he thought. “That’s going up your cunt one of these days.”

“Mommy, you’re so beautiful. I feel so close to you. I just want to be even closer to you. You taste so good, I want to just eat you up.” Mike kissed down her neck and pulled her collar back to expose more shoulder to his wet lips and tongue. His gaze fell on her blushing cleavage as his right hand moved into her arm pit, the heel of his hand resting on the side of her breast. He kissed her collar bone and moved just an inch lower, onto the top of her left breast. With each move, he gauged her reactions.

Nancy was aroused, and it started to scare her a little. But before she could press Mike away, he cupped her face and gave her the look. That look that stopped her in her tracks and melted her heart. Why should she worry about where this was leading? Mike was her loving son. They were meant to be close. He had come from her body. Her body had nurtured him. He was just coming back home to her body. It was the most natural thing they could be doing. And one day, she knew, he would be gone, and with him would go any chance for such closeness.

“Mommy, can I see them?” he asked, like a child.

Nancy understood. She was in no doubt what her son was requesting. He wanted to see her breasts. Somehow, it was not shocking at all. They were just breasts, after all. Women have breasts to feed their babies, and he was her baby. It seemed like the most reasonable request.

She looked down to the row of buttons on her white blouse. Her hand came up and opened the top one. Then the next, and she continued. In a place where time doesn’t move, she and her son sat on that couch, both staring down at her open blouse and unhooked bra, exposing two lovely, soft cones, capped by dark pink, pointy nipples. As she watched, Mike’s hands came up beneath them, weighing them, thumbs softly gliding over the points, and finally bringing the right one to his mouth. Moving from her lap, Mike lay across her and nursed.

“Baby, my baby.” Nancy petted her son as they replayed his infancy.

Mike was enjoying the ride, but his mind was on something else. He was feeling the need to satisfy his cock, but he was thinking that now was not the time to press forward. “One piece at a time, Mikey,” he thought. He continued to suck one tit and play with the other one. His hand went up to her face. He moaned, and he thought he heard her moan, too.

What time was it, Mike wondered. He got his answer when he heard the garage door opener engage.

“Your father’s home!” Nancy whispered. Moving out from under him, she clutched her blouse and bra and fled down the hall to her bedroom.

Mike rolled off the couch and headed to the bathroom. His dad might be home, but that didn’t end his need to jack off. Mike ignored the voice of his father calling for Nancy as he lay on the bathroom rug pounding his cock. In his mind was burned the image of his mother’s tits, along with fantasies of what her pussy must look like. With a grunt, Mike’s cum shot into the air, landing on his stomach while more trickled over his fingers.

“I’ve gotta get her soft hands wrapped around this pole soon,” he thought, as he stroked his softening cock.


Within a couple of weeks, Lance began showing signs of renewed adultery. He called to apologize and say he would be “working late”. Usually Nancy would complain mildly, but he noticed that this time, she just accepted it. He dismissed the thought that she might be up to something. Nonsense.

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