Pink Orchid for Women-Centric Erotica 2022 – The Stories


The Inaugural Pink Orchid Story Event for Women-Centric Erotica

Please see this announcement for full details about this special themed story event.

And now – the stories!

* * * * *

A Different Proposition – 750 Words by Lifestyle66

A Naked Swan Maiden by mandywoods

A Nanny’s Secret by Erozetta

A Pink Orchid for Diana by Grendelpuppy

Andrea, From Homeless to Happy by greenday0418

Bamboo by Aptery

Bang, Bang, Mr Finch by Raazor

Bloom by Thefireflies

Bow Before a Lesser God by cleoallyson (poem)

Brenda Bragton – Dreamwife by yowser

Cindy and Roxanne Connect by Dutchboy51

(Dirty) Talk Therapy by InsomniAL

Expanding Horizons by Omenainen

Golden yalova escort Penis Syndrome by Trionyx

Her Bucket List: Strip Club by Lifestyle66

Hog in the Ground Day by PennameWombat

I Like to Watch by Aurora_Dickenson

I Say Ass, You Say Arse: Brighton by Kumquatqueen

Influencers: Clear Air Turbulence by oneagainst

Influencers: No Such Thing as Free by oneagainst

Just A Little Gangbang by Sams_Island

Katherine’s Earthly Delights by gunhilltrain

Ladonna’s Quandary by PennameWombat

Lisa – Mistress of Minette by yowser

Mother & Step-Daughter Piss Fetish by nylonpunkie

My Wife’s Favorite Lover by rosebudliquor

No Brand on My Pony by NotWise

No yalova escort bayan One Notices the Hired Help by YDB95

Officer Jocelyn by oliver57

Orchid – A Midspring Night’s Dream by AwkwardMD

Paul and Paula – Her Story 01 by Kalimaxos

Paul and Paula – Her Story 02 by Kalimaxos

Paul and Paula – Her Story 03 by Kalimaxos

Paul and Paula – Her Story 04 by Kalimaxos

Pink Orchid – The Penis Prophecy by Lovecraft_Lore

Pleasure After a Frustrating Day by meandmywife

Roxanne and Cindy Connect by Dutchboy51

Therapy by OldSchoolMillenial

Oyster River by MelissaBaby

Rum and Co-cah Co-lah by JuanSeiszFitzHall

Selfie Seduction by AuroraErotica

Serve Us Now! by wildflower2176

Terms escort yalova of Repayment by BarracudaSwordfish

The Mermaid in the Boathouse by TarnishedPenny

Therapy by OldSchoolMillenial

Throat Goat Pt. 03 by rosebudliquor

Throat Goat Pt. 04 by rosebudliquor

Toxic by SisterJezabel

Under the Knife by stickygirl

Women watching Woman (750 words) by Kumquatqueen

* * * * *

If you’ve got an idea for a themed writing challenge, feel free to contact us anytime!

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A big thank-you to Omenainen for creating and organizing this challenge.

Thank-you also to all the authors who contribute both to this themed challenge, and to Lit readers every day. We hoped you enjoyed these tales of Pink Orchid!

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