Pitching a Tent Ch. 04


Once we got to the car, I went back to pretending to be more exhausted than I felt. The sun was climbing high in the sky, so there was hardly any shade to be found. Nora spotted a tree on the edge of the parking lot for us to sit under. It was only mid-morning, but the day was already getting hot and we were starting to sweat. I noticed little droplets forming on Nora’s temples. Even sweaty and exhausted Nora was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.

Amy caught up with us a few minutes later. We all hopped in the SUV. The girls sat up front and I stretched out behind them. Amy rolled down every window and cranked the volume knob. The SUV roared down the winding rural roads. With the wind whipping through my hair and across my face, I closed my eyes. I had a moment where I realized that I was experiencing one of the best days of my life. One of the last hot and sleepy summer vacation days of my youth, spent hooking up with a gorgeous girl in secret and filling her mouth and pussy with my cum as often as she’d let me. It was literally the summer vacation of my dreams.

I woke up when Amy turned into our campsite. Mumbling a thank you, I slid out of the seat. I was still so tired, so I only had to sell it a little as I dragged myself into my tent. Inside the tent was a little stuffy from the heat of the day, even though it was set up in the shadiest part of the campsite. I unzipped the flap in the tent to get some air movement passing through the screen mesh. With that, I collapsed on the slightly deflated air mattress with my sleeping bag as a blanket.

I had settled in for only a couple minutes when I heard someone pull the zipper on my tent. I jolted upright. Nora was climbing into my tent.

“Nora? What are you doing?”

“You are too good of an actor, Grant. Your sister was really worried about you.”

“Oh no,” I laughed, “Did I sell it that well?”

Nora nodded, “She asked me to stay at camp with you while she went back to pick up your parents. It was a big sacrifice, but I said yes.”

“Oh, I bet. You’re a good friend, offering to keep a close eye on me.”

“Definitely,” She pulled her top off over her head, “Just to be safe, I don’t think I’ll let you out of my sight.” I pulled her down on to the bed with me, both of us laughing.

Nora straddled me. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, soft and slow at first. I ran my hands up her hips yalova escort and back until I ended up at her bra’s clasp. Our make-out session was quickly heating up. Nora’s lips broke free from mine and travelled down my neck. She wanted to kiss every inch of me. I knew the feeling. My hands were fumbling with her bra straps and having Nora’s kissing and licking my neck was making it hard to focus.

Nora let me struggle for a minute and then said, “You must not have a lot of practice undressing women.”

“What do you mean? I’ve unhooked a million bras,” I pretended to be offended.

“Mmhmm, sure,” Nora sat up and did it herself. I had seen it plenty over the last couple of days, but I didn’t think I’d ever get used to seeing Nora topless. The only word I can think of is stunning. She has such a tight little body and her tits are a perfect handful. I love her nipple piercings too.

Nora felt my cock twitch underneath her and she grinned. “Maybe I’ll let you practice taking off my clothes.”

I smiled back, “Yeah, a little practice never hurt anyone.” I wrapped an arm around her waist and flipped her over on her back so I was kneeling over her. She let out a little yelp of surprise. I wasted no time pulling her yoga pants down her hips and tugging them off her legs.

With my thumb, I rubbed her panties over her pussy. She was already wet for me.

“Oh fuck, Grant,” Nora moaned.

“What?” I said, like I had no idea what she was getting all worked up about.

“I love when you pick me up. Your arms are so fucking sexy.” She squeezed my bicep. “I think your arms are my favorite thing about you.”

“Your favorite?” I pulled my pants down and my cock sprung out. Nora’s gaze snapped to it, already hard and throbbing for her.

“Ok, second favorite,” she amended.

“Better,” I said and pulled her panties off. She let out a little gasp. She seemed to love me taking charge. I decided to keep going. In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought that Nora would be this obsessed with my cock. I leaned over her to kiss and lick her nipples, rubbing the tip of my cock against her pussy while I did.

Nora melted into me. She ran her fingers through my hair, pulling on it a little because she was getting lost in the moment.

“Grant, please. I need you. Please fuck me,” she moaned.

I teased her by pressing my cock against her, barely letting the tip inside. yalova escort bayan It was driving Nora crazy. She seemed to be holding her breath, waiting for me to give her what she needed. I whispered in her ear, “I kinda like it when you beg.”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, “Please, Grant. Please fuck me with your big fucking cock. Please?” She was so fucking cute, reduced to begging and moaning for me. I swear to god she was fluttering her eyelids at me. After all the years I had wanted to fuck her like this, I have no idea how I kept myself from sliding my whole cock inside her right then and giving her every inch like she was begging for.

I had an idea. She was really getting into begging for my dick. I wanted to push it a little further. “Suck my cock first,” I told her.

She didn’t waste an instant. She pushed me down onto the air mattress and took my cock all the way down her throat in one motion. It was a lot and she was gagging trying to take it all. I held the back of her head and pushed her down on to it. Her eyes were starting to water. God, I loved the sight of Nora sucking my dick. She was trying her best and still struggling. I was starting to believe that maybe she wasn’t just trying to be nice when she said I was big.

I pulled her head up softly and she came off my dick with a slurp. I said, “Good girl.” Nora looked dazed, like she was still overwhelmed with need for my cock. I desperately wanted to fuck her. She was probably dripping wet for me by that point.

“Lie down,” I told her. She did what I said.

I leaned over Nora and slid my cock into her pussy. She was just as wet as I had expected. Nora gripped my arm while I filled her pussy up. She was taking these shallow, quick breaths. I slid my cock in and out with slow thrusts and kissed Nora deeply. I wasn’t in a rush. For once, we had a little bit of time. I wanted to enjoy it and drag it out as much as we could.

A few minutes later, Nora pulled away from our kiss. She looked so serious. I was suddenly concerned that I had done something wrong. I stopped mid-thrust.

“Grant, can I be on top?” I wasn’t expecting that and I almost laughed. She was so sweet and desperate to ride me.

“OK,” I conceded, “but you have to ask nicely.”

Nora smiled, “Can I please ride your cock, Grant? I’ve been thinking about it all week.”

I nodded. Nora pushed me off her and down onto the mattress. escort yalova She was all business, guiding my cock into her pussy with her hand. She seemed desperate to have me inside her, filling her up. As soon as she got the tip inside, Nora lowered herself down on my cock, letting out a soft moan as she did. She seemed to be in heaven.

“Oh fuck, Grant,” She whispered, almost to herself, “I can’t believe how fucking big you are.” Nora started riding my cock. She was taking time to adjust to having it inside her. Every time it went all the way in, she would close her eyes and let out a breath. I reached a hand up and grabbed her tits, pinching a nipple with my finger.

Nora was starting to really get into a good motion. She was picking up speed and taking these long, deep hip thrusts down onto my cock. She became more vocal and her breathing got heavier. “Don’t you dare come until I get off,” she gasped.

“OK,” I said and rubbed her other nipple between my finger and thumb. Everything I did and everywhere I touched her made her moan and say my name a little louder. I hoped no one was near the campsite, because we were no longer being quiet. Anyone in the next campsite over would easily hear what we were up to.

I tilted my hips up to get a slightly different angle as her wet pussy slid onto my cock. “Shit, right there,” Nora panted. Her hip thrusts grew more intense. I felt my own orgasm start to rise to the surface. She felt so fucking good. Nora looked down at me. We stared into each other’s eyes. I was completely lost in her and that moment. “Fill my pussy, Grant.” She told me that right as she was ready to come, falling over the edge herself. Her eyes snapped shut and she said, way too loud, “Oh fuck, Grant, I’m coming!” It was too much for me. I felt this wave of pleasure as I came inside her. I shot my whole load into her pussy and filled her up. It was so hot even though it felt so wrong.

Nora collapsed onto my chest, both of us sweaty and gasping. We stayed there like that without moving for a few minutes. My cock was still inside her. I watched the shadows dance on the canvas of the tent. I was still buzzing from the orgasm and I have never felt more content in my entire life.

Nora stirred. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “I love you, Grant.”

This huge grin crossed my face. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. “Me too,” I told her, already drifting off to sleep.

Nora climbed off my cock and set about getting dressed again. I watched her through my heavy eyelids. I don’t remember hearing the zipper. I think I was asleep before she even left the tent.

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