Pizza Girl From Heaven


A few weeks back I experienced the best sex possible, it all happened last week Thursday. I came home from a hard day at work, without any food in the fridge and nothing on TV to watch, so I decided to order a pizza from an area pizza place and pop in one of my porno movies that I owned, after all that was the only movie I owned which is pretty pathetic. The movie was about a women who had sex with anyone, sort of like a Debbie does Dallas, one scene in particular made me really horny, the women had a friend over at her house who she was eating out, she was eating her pussy so good, it made me just horny as hell. I began to feel my hard cock, I stroke it up and down, it felt so good, and it had to happen, a knock on the door, it was the pizza delivery person. I was so not ready for that happen. Problem is that I have a huge picture window next to my door, the pizza delivery person had to have to seen me.

I went and open the door, It was a escort numaraları eryaman girl who was delivering my pizza, she had a huge grin on her face, from ear to ear, I couldn’t even look at her I gave her the money, grabbed the pizza from her hand, and told her to keep the change. As I was closing my door, she said with back turned, nice cock, I was like excuse me. She turned around and said to me nice cock, I became red in the face, and looked down in embarrassment. Stupid me, I forgot to turn down the TV in the back ground, u could hear the women on the TV saying fuck me wildly, the pizza girl came into my house and looked at the TV screen, the women was getting fucked by two men, train like, one in the pussy, one in the ass.

The pizza girl could not take her eye away from the screen, then she turned to me and said, “ That must feel nice to have a guy fuck you, god I would love to be that girl, just the thought of getting fucked ankara bayan escort makes me horny as hell.” I walked up to her, kneeled down and pulled down her pants and wet panties, and started eating her out. She was moaning with delight, telling me eat to her pussy. Her pussy tasted so good, with her clit in my face I wrapped my tongue around it and tongue fucked her, she moaned with delight, she kept on saying, yeah, yeah, eat my pussy.

As I tongue fucked her, I inserted my finger into her pussy, and played with it. I looked up and she was playing with her nipples through her shirt, I came up and pulled her shirt of her to reveal her big 36c tits in my face, I pulled off her bra and wrapped my tongue around her hard nipples and sucked hard, she was moaning like crazy. As I sucked on her nipples, I was fingering her juicy wet pussy. She backed up and sat on my couch, she pulled my zipper open and pulled out my hard elvankent escort cock and stroked it with deep motion, she looked at me and said I want you to cum in my mouth.

She got between my legs and started to suck my hard cock, I was so into her, I must have told her a thousand times to suck my cock. She was very good at what she did, she deep throated me and played with my balls. She came up from my hard cock and said to me she was ready to be fucked, she lowered herself down to my hard cock, and moaned as she put my full cock up inside of her. She began to go up and down, just seeing her on top of me made me horny even more. Her tits was going up and down, I sucked on them as she rode me. I turned her over and spread her legs apart and began to fuck her like crazy. I fucked her so hard that she screamed “ yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

I could feel my cock filling with cum, I yelled out, I’m about to cum, I pulled out and put it up to her mouth and shot into her mouth. She stroked my cock for more cum to come out. She got up and put her clothes on and thanked me, and walked out the door. After that I never saw her again, I never got her name. I believe that was the best possible sex I ever had.

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