Plain Jane Ch. 03


He holds her in his arms, caressing her till she comes to, after passing out from her last orgasm. When she opened her eyes, and see’s him laying next to her.

“Wow, that has never happen before.” she said.

“Let’s shower, and get something to eat then I’m going to make love to you.” he said.

“Maybe you can make a baby inside me?” she asked.

They shower together, and when she tries to suck his cock, he tells her no to wait until after dinner then she can have as much of his cock she wants. They slip on some robes, and he asks her what she would like to eat. She tells him that he’ll laugh, but she want’s a big cheeseburger, and fries with a big chocolate shake. He laughs and calls room service and orders two of everything.

He close’s the door after putting their tray out. He locks the door, and smiles at her. His robe floats to the floor, and he walks toward her. She stands and takes off her robe, meeting him halfway. He pull’s her into his arms kissing her hard. She takes his hand, eryamandaki escortlar and leads him into the bedroom pushes him down, and kneels in front of him.

“I love your cock, he’s so big, thick, and he’s going feel wonderful inside my pussy, but first I want to suck him.” she told him.

Slowly she runs her hand up and down the length of his cock. Loving the soft, warmth of his skin. The hard ridges pulsate.

“Mmmm, I love to feel your soft lips wrap around my cock squeezing. Your ass is something special, but I know your pussy is going to be the tightest I’ve ever felt. Oh god baby you can suck cock better than my ex wife ever did, and your ass is the tightest ass I have felt in a long, long time.” he said.

Her hand rubs and twists his cock head, as she lick’s the base of his cock.

“Oh yea baby! Suck my cock, suck me good, and hard.” he groans.

Slowly she moves her mouth down his cock till she has all 10 inches in. His cock head is buried so deep in her throat. He can etimesgut bayan escort feel her sucking and swallowing his cock head hard.

“Oh fuck!!, Yes deep throat me I love it.” he yells.

Soon her head was bobbing up and down his cock faster, then she slows down, and she takes her mouth away.

“Oh baby that was incredible.” he groaned.

Moving her to the middle of the bed, he moves on top of her. He cup’s and squeezes her breasts. Brushing his tongue across her hard nipples before taking one in his mouth sucking deeply, then moving on to the other nipple. Then he slowly licks, and kisses his way down her body stopping at her pussy mound. Using his hand, he rubs all around the outside of her pussy lips. Placing a kiss on her clit as he moves a finger in, only to find she was soaking wet. She was ready, moving back up. He hold’s his cock head on her pussy rubbing up, and rubbing down making her groan. Her hips try lifting, but he’d pull’s away smiling ankara escort at her.

“Patience baby, patience.” he said, pushing in a little.

“Oh god please fuck me! Fuck me now!!” she begged him.

He smiles and lift’s her legs to his shoulders and thrust. All 10 inches buried deep inside her slick, hot pussy.

“Oh baby hold still, or we’ll be done now before we’re even started.” he told her.

She lay still. He grips her hips, and pull’s out slowly, and slams back in. He repeatedly did this making her scream in pleasure. He lifted her to meet his thrusts. He bends her legs to her head, and sucks a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard.

“Oh fuck!!!, fuck!!! fuck!!! fuck yes!!! fuck me!!! fuck me hard!!!!” she cried out.

He move to her other nipple sucking on it hard. She could feel his ball’s slapping her asshole hard with every thrust he made. She had so many little orgasms that she had lost count, and suddenly she could feel his cock swell, getting even harder, and thicker.

“Oh fuck baby!! I’m going to cum.” he scream.

He plunged one last time, and his cum blasts deep in her pussy. He could feel her pussy squeezing around his cock milking all his cum from him.

“Mmm, Baby if we didn’t make a baby this time we will next time.” he said smiling.

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