Play date memories..


Play date memories..My memoriesIt’s been a few weeks since I’ve been with her..I think of last few times we had been together as the delicious details are still fresh in my mind combines the days into one day of total relaxation and sexual frenzy.As I write, recounting those wonderfully sexy days spent, I feel myself swell, my pants restraining my growth, the familiar tingling inside my body..I write this throughout 2 days, adding little parts and edits, whenever and wherever idle circumstance allows…The extended writing time is mentally stimulating, as my mind is captive to my memories as I try to arrange the feelings, sights, and emotions of those days in a coherent I try to express how I felt during those times with her..I left for work as any ordinary day, but that day she was awake and kissed me goodby at the door..I know she doesn’t have anything she can’t reschedule for her day, Most of her days are filled with household responsibilities, doctor appointments, and scheduled play dates for our c***d and her friends.I ask her, can WE have a play date today?With her expected hesitation I can still see a twinkle of naughty ness in her eye.. But you have work today babe..I’ll go for a little while to make it look good, then tell them I don’t feel well and come home by 10:00am..that will give you enough time to get our daughter on her school bus and for you to shower…She agrees…my pulse quickens at her approval..What do you want me to wear for you? My cock twitches by the flood of possibilities racing through my mind like a river breaking it’s banks.. She is offering her sexual submission to me.. I must tell her what to wear..I know she will shave herself of every hair for me, so there will be no restrictions of my touch or sight of her.I want her nude right now, in the worst way..but I have to wait..I’ll scare her off..she is is still timid..she is not ready yet..whatever she wears, I want her to be easily exposed.. I want to make her feel exposed in my presence…but slowly, by seducing her over time…I don’t want her to wear anything that covers her bottom half..Wear one of my dress shirts sweetie..And what else?Nothing but my dress shirt..and have some drinks made for us..I hug and kiss her while gently pushing my groin to her body, so she can feel my intentions for her..and I whisper in her ear, all I want baby, is your orgasms…It’s only 5:30am..I drive to work imagining what the day holds for us.. I can’t help but let my hand rest upon my crotch as I drive …hoping to gain some relief, but the pressure continues to build within me..I arrive at work at 6:00am, and try to adjust the swelling in my pants so I can face the world without everyone knowing what I’m up this re adjustment I can feel my own dampness in my shorts, and this only excites me further…I sit at my workbench counting the minutes…time moves ever so slowly.I rest my head down into my folded arms and close my eyes, so I appear to not feel well..but with my eyes closed, I only am lost in the lustful thoughts of her..I can’t get the image of her swollen for me off my mind..It’s finally 9:30am and time to spring my plan into action. I squirm in my seat and try to inconspicuously adjust myself so my swollen cock is not obvious when I get up..Gota go home boss, I’m not feeling “right” today..let’s make some sick time for today..I immediately shove a hand into my front pocket to try to disguise my bulge and walk out of the shop to my truck..As I walk I’m groping myself.. I’m stiff as a’s uncomfortable getting into my truck.. All I really want to do is take my pants off for the ride home, able to grow unrestricted and to feel the cool breeze on myself, but I’m wearing jeans and boots, way to difficult of a task to get back on in an emergency..I wish I was wearing a pair yahyalı escort of loose fitting sweat shorts..I pull into the driveway and approach the front door, where she lies just beyond…I enter our home and there she is , exactly as requested, wearing only my dress shirt..drink on the counter..her nerves busy herself by doing the dishes..I first take the initiative to set the mood by closing the d****ries of the living room, I know she is watching me.. I find a quilt and begin covering the glass of the front door, and set some candles out on the table… I want to set aside a private portion of our home so we can completely relax and indulge in our uninhibited pleasures.I come upon her from behind and gently grasp each of her breasts in my hands, and gently kiss the very bottom of her earlobe, I know that’s her start button.Pulling gently backward on her breasts and straightening her back. I press my waist to her ass letting her feel how swollen I am, my hands and waist firmly holding her in position. Her nipples are already swollen.. Each of her breasts fit perfectly in the palm of my hands, such that my thumb and forefinger can softly have each breasts stiffened nipple between …I’m going to take a quick shower and I’ll be right out my love.. You know what I want don’t you?She looks to her side and back up at me, yet avoiding my eyes. You want my orgasms…And what else do I want?Slightly embarrassed, she replies,You want my cum…That’s right my love..Your such a perfect wife to me..I want as many and as much as you can give me..But one thing, will you wait and hold out untill I tell you to start? I want to just relax, let go, and see just how swollen we can become for one slowly build our orgasms..can you do that with me?Again, confident but still somewhat self conscious, yes, I will do that with you..I’ll do anything you want me to..I want you to allow me to help you experience as much pleasure as possible, to pleasure each and every of your senses..I release my grasp of her and strip all of my clothes in front of her in the kitchen so she can see me and hopefully relax her inhibitions in being half nude in front of me…and I go to the shower..Have another drink while I’m gone ..I’m in the shower before the water warms, feverishly washing myself as quickly as possible, only slowing down slightly when I shave my privates and ass..I’m actually out of the shower before the water warms, put my Perfume on, and grab one towel to cover my bottom portion…I’m in the kitchen again, still wet, making more drinks for us, I move two dining room chairs to the sliding doors in our kitchen that lead to our deck, this time opening its door and curtains..I know she wants to feel the sun on her nude I do..but today I’m going slow with her.. I’m going to slowly help her gain the confidence she needs to allow herself this pleasure..The back of her chair faces the door, but the chair is also slightly angled so that the side of her body is chair faces her and the outside, but just to the side of the door..We both have a few vodka drinks in us, and the pace of our drinking is quickening..I casually let my towel fall off my legs so that I am exposed to her..but she is still shy ..Look at me…see how excited you make me??She hesitates, her eyes slowly drop to look, but quickly looks away..No my love..keep looking at me..I slowly rub myself to make my cock stand on its own so she can see..I watch her eyes drop again, and I focus on their movement..don’t look away..Once her eyes are fixed on me I grasp her hand and replace my hand with hers..rub me hand is over hers, guiding her keep watching sexy…I take my free hand and open her closed knees, as wide as her legs allow…move forward sexy.. I want to touch you..She complains that she feels rude, her knees resist, but this time with both of my hands I pull her chair closer to me, open each knee, and then pin them open with my opposing knees inside hers..and then I prop her shirt tails up away from her sex ..she now sits on the edge of the chair with her shaven sex completely exposed to meDon’t stop looking I extend one hand to her, using only my fingertips, stroking her labia and opening her so that her swollen clit is exposed..I tell her how beautiful she erotically sexy she looks.. How much I like to watch her become swollen for me..I want to look at all of her..I release her knees and sit her back into her chair, open a few buttons on her shirt to allow her breasts out, and tell her to pick her feet up and set her heels onto her chair cushion, and hold her knees open I push my chair back so I can get a full veiw of her .. We both sit to each other, slowly touching ourselves while watching each other.. The mood is intense.. She notices that I have begun to drip ..Your dripping, Yea, don’t you see how much you excite me…I’m dripping for you my love..She says she feels like she shouldn’t , that she had been raised to not behave like this..But I know it excites her..just as me .. I encourage her by telling her to enjoy what feels good and is exciting. To not resist the temptation. But to embrace it .. That I get a rush by being bad ..especially with her..Our interlude is disrupted From the yard below the deck. Our neighbor is working in his yard ..she likes to watch men work..I urge her to go out onto the deck, but she insists on putting on a short silk robe.. I’m first, going outside with just a towel around my waist..We acknowledge the neighbor, and he comes into our yard to have some neighborly chit chat..I know she is excited to be in front of him dressed as she is, and I feed on her excitement. We are both full of vodka and feeling loose..The chit chat goes on , and I continue to supply her with a flow of’s now noon, and we only have to 2:30, when she plans to pick up our c***d from school early ..I do my best to intercede the neighbors chit chat and efficiently but politely guide our chit chat to an end..I think to myself, it’s time to stop fucking around and get down to the business at hand..Our neighbor returns to his yard, and I embrace her before she has a chance to get back inside..She responds by plunging her tong into my waiting mouth..I break from her and pull her to me to lay down on the deck with me..let’s enjoy the sun sexy..She resists, Saying the neighbor can see .I reassure her that he can not as I open her robe and unbutton her shirt, letting both fall to her sides and exposing her body to the heat of the midday sun..Close your eyes sexy..I move her hand to my stiff cock again, play with me baby…She gently grips me and begins to stroke me, pausing to massage my balls on every other stroke..the heat of the sun and her warm hand excites me further…I struggle to hold back my orgasm..I softly caress her whole body..up and down from her legs to her neck..goosebumps grow upon her skin despite the hot sun..her nipples redden and grow stiffer and longer than I have ever seen before..I place my hand between her closed legs, and again, pulling her legs up, bending them at her knees, clasping her feet, opening her legs so she feels the hot suns rays upon her most sensitive parts.. She moans in approval..I continue to stroke her entire body, but now including her inner thighs, ass cheeks, and areas that surround her anus and labia.. I’m carefully only allow my hand to ever so gently graze her now large and swollen clit as I move my hands on her.. slowly and as gently as I can, I pause at her opening and enter her just beyond the walls of her, slowly but firmly making small circles, gently moving side to side, up and down, encouraging her body to open itself to me…her breathing becomes panting..our tongs are intertwined and massaging eachothers..I move to help her up and into our towel and her robe drops to the floor as we step inside.. I close the curtains behind us. Leaving the door open.. And stop her at the kitchen counter..turning her so she can rest her hands on the counter as I bend her over by pushing on her back ..I nudge her legs open with my knee. She rises onto her toes and pushes her ass up to swollen cock enters her soaked and swollen pussy for the first time that day..we both moan in Pleasure together. I use all restraighnt to enter her as slowly as possible, as little as possible, before pulling out, massaging her clit and labia with my soaked cock, and then back into her, but each time, slightly almost I in-perceivably deeper with each cycle, until my entire length his inside her, stretching her open, wider and wider…My pace quickens, thrusting as deep into her warm body as my length allows. My orgasm is close..I’m Dripping inside her, I’m pulsing and throbbing in excitement..she is as wet as she ever has been..I know she would cum if I reached around and rubbed her swollen clit..Not yet… I don’t want it to be over so soon…I slow down my pace and pull out of her, feeling her labia caressing my entire cock..I lead her to our couch and sit her down. She instinctively opens her legs to me and begins to play with her pussy, her fingers showing me the expertise that I can only hope to achive…I love Don’t cum baby..keep playing but control your orgasm…I turn on our tv, tuning it to her favorite porn site.. Watch them my love.. I want you to watch the men make her cum with me..I want you to imagine you are the woman..and I am the men..I choose a movie just for her, several men having one woman at once always makes her cum so easily..She continues to play as her eyes transfix on what the men are doing to the woman..And I sit below her on the floor, between her legs, trying to alternate my tong, my fingers and hers on her other hand is pleasuring my pulsating cock as my pre-cum drips uncontrollably from me..She tells me “I’m going to cum”. I immediately stop touching her, watching her pussy spasm in pleasure, and watching her struggling to hold back her orgasm as I stroke myself below her and she continues to watch the total perversion on our tv with me..After a few minutes, I again put my mouth on her, lovingly taking her swollen and engorged clit into my warm mouth, stretching and holding her pussy open with as many fingers that fit, edging her closer and closer to orgasm again..I’m going to cum if you don’t stop..the intensity in her voice makes me want to cum..but I resist with her and pull myself away from both of us, we watch our muscles pulsate themselves and drip of pre-cum from pure arousal..A few minutes later I begin again, but this time entering her with a large very lifelike dildo, and handing her her favorite massager..I slowly stroke her pussy with this cock, stretching her open each time.. She lowers the massager to her engorged clit.. Within seconds she tells me again, I’m going to cum, her voice now shaking in excitement….. And this time I tell her to cum with me..Cum baby, cum with me..focus on my eyes baby.. Look at nothing but the depths of my eyes..I want to see your soul orgasm…Her entire body stiffens as she struggles to not break our eyes connection..the emotional connection between us becomes intense…she is squinting, just barely able to keep her eyes open, but she does not break eye contact..Stare into my eyes while you cum bsby..These are my memories, a taste of what I think about throughout my days..the memories I hope to have to my last day..Memories of lovingly giving eachother the gift of pure love, of primal pleasure..And so I ask again, When can we have another play date

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