Playing with my Ass

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I have always liked playing with my ass, but due to a busy schedule I seldom have the time for a truly satisfying session. A busy schedule without much time to spare means that most of the time my anal play is limited to slipping a finger back there while rubbing myself to orgasm and while that is fun and all, it just isn’t enough to really satisfy the craving.

But today I have the time. As strange as it might sound I have set aside time specifically to make sure that I can have a relatively long session of anal play, including time to prepare and get everything ready.

I now that, to some, preparing for anal and making sure everything is clean and ready back there is a chore to be completed as fast as possible, but to me it has always been part of the play.

I start as soon as I step in the door. Going to my bed and pulling out my “toy chest”, which is what I like to call the box I keep my sex toys in. I open it and start pulling out the different tools I feel I might need for my play.

First the all important anal lube. I know some people go for lubes with special effects, such as warming or cooling effects or maybe a numbing effect to decrease sensitivity. I have never really been into any of that. To me a simple lube to get things slippery is all that is needed.

After the lube I find my butt cleaning tools. I have a relatively simple set consisting of a rubber douche with 3 different attachments. One is shaped like a narrow penis with a broader head at the end, one has a ribbed spiral pattern and the last one has a slight curve.

Next comes the toys themselves. This is where the fun really begins, considering which toys to use and imagining the feelings that they will elicit. A large part of the fun for me has always been in the mental build up. In imagining what I am going to be doing to myself.

I quickly push aside my 3 butt plugs. While there is a lot of fun in having one of those sitting up there, especially the one that vibrates, I am looking for more active fun today.

I end up picking out 2 toys, a small motorized wheel thingy with a bunch of rubber tongues which are meant to simulate the feeling of a real tongue and a pulsating dildo.

Next it is time to get undressed. As with everything else, I like to take my time with this and imagine that it is someone else’s hands running over my body, someone else’s hands pulling off my clothes.

I start by unbuttoning my shirt, making sure that my hands make frequent detours to give my breasts a small rub. My nipples are already hard and throbbing and part of me wants to stop and pay them some more attention, but I know that the end goal is so much more satisfying, so after giving them a few quick rubs and a light pinch, I continue opening the buttons.

After the shirt is off, the bra quickly follows, freeing my breasts to the cool air of the room. Unable to stop myself I start gently massaging them, feeling my pleasure building. But I must pull myself away. I must continue towards the main event. With a last gentle tug and a promise to myself to play with them more later, I leave my nipples and the rest of my breasts and move on to my skirt. The skirt is a simple one with a zipper that I quickly open, letting the skirt fall to the ground.

Now I stand, just in my socks and panties. I once read an article saying that women have better orgasms if their feet are warm, so I usually leave my socks on when I play with myself.

I take a second to admire my white panties, especially making note of the growing wet spot in the front. Part of me really wants to just push the panties aside and push my fingers inside myself, but I know that if I do so I’ll end up on the bed unable to stop and, as satisfying as that would be, it is not the goal of today.

Without giving myself too much time to think, I grab the side of the panties and pull them down, letting out a small gasp as the fabric briefly clings to my wet skin.

I quickly grab my cleaning set and the lube and set out for the bathroom. Once there I set down the cleaning set on the counter and unseals the lube.

I scoop some lube onto my index finger, making sure to get a good amount and, with my other hand, reach back and grab my ass cheek, pulling it aside and opening up access to my back door.

I move the finger with the lube back there and gently make contact with my opening. As my finger first makes contact a shiver runs through my entire body. Even though I am barely touching it, it already feels so so good. This is why I love building up anticipation, it means that once I start, every touch feels so much more…more.

I gently rub the lube into my opening, making sure it is nice and covered, before venturing the finger inside. The feeling of the finger pushing at the slight resistance of my hole, before it yields and allows my finger entrance forces a small moan from me, my mind immediately imagining what it will be like when it is something larger going in there.

While güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I am tempted to just start moving my finger in and out, I remind myself, that the finger is just there to prepare the way, so I quickly swivel the finger around, spreading the lube, before pulling it out again.

The feeling of my hole closing after the finger sends another shiver through my body and I can’t stop myself from letting the finger slide back in and out again a couple of times.

After the third time I pull myself together, pull my finger out my ass, literally, and gets back on mission. I grab the douche and fill it with water and then, after a moments deliberation I grab the ribbed spiral attachment and attach it to the douche.

I scoop some more lube up onto my finger and start rubbing it into the ribbed part, getting it nice and slippery. Part of my mind always imagine that this is a real penis attached to some guy rather than a piece of plastic. I imagine what it would be like to spread the lube over his cock, maybe giving the tip a playful lick in the process, watching him fighting himself to keep from pushing the cock in my mouth, knowing something better is waiting for him if he can stay patient. Alas it remains a fantasy. I have never tried having an actual man stick his cock up my behind, always being too afraid of what he might think, always being too afraid of seeming too forward.

I shake those thoughts and get back to the task at hand. At this point the ribbed attachment is well and truly lubed up. I move it back to my ass, using the same hand as before to pull myself open. I push the plastic tip against my opening and gently start pushing it inside.

I feel myself opening to allow it in and feel the grooves in the attachment slide against the sides of my opening. Each groove sending a shiver of pleasure through me. I spend a few minutes just enjoying the feeling of sliding it in and out, fucking myself with the attachment, but, once again, I eventually remind myself that it is just a small preview of the pleasure to come.

I push it as far in as it goes, until I feel the rubber of the water container against my skin. I then squeeze it, pushing the water out of the tip and into the depths of my ass. As I push I can’t help doing it in small squirts, imagining that it is a guy shooting his semen into me and not just the water from the douche.

After I have pushed out all the water, I sit on the toilet and gently pull the douche from inside me. As it slips from my opening I clench my asshole shut, keeping the water inside me for a few moments, before releasing it into the bowel of the toilet. Again, in my mind, it is not water, but the cum from a guy that just finishes inside me, that is flowing from inside me.

Once the water is out, I stand up and refill the container of the douche. I also add a little extra lube to the shaft, to make up for what the water has washed off.

After it is ready I return it to my asshole. This time being less gentle when pushing it in, in a hurry to get another “load” up my ass. The quick insertion comes at a price as a small sting of pain comes from my ass. Not enough to make me stop, but enough to make me slow down and remember to be gentle with myself.

I again spend some time pushing moving it in and out of my ass, enjoying the ribbed length moving in and out and the feeling of repeatedly being filled and emptied. At this point my breath has started accelerating and my arousal has caused a small leak of fluids from my vagina to run down my leg.

Reminding myself of the better things to come, I again convince myself to stop and move on, shooting the second “load” deep inside my ass. Repeating the process from before, I sit on the toilet and let the water escape my body.

I repeat this process another 3 times, though the last two were likely more for my pleasure than because it was really needed.

Lastly I grab the shower head and, sitting on the toilet, use it to clean myself, making sure that everything is clean and ready. When the water from the shower head hits my pussy I release a loud moan as a wave of pleasure flood through my body.

I am so close, if I just leave the shower head in place for a few moments the release of orgasm will rock through my body, but no, I am too close to the main event to let myself be sidetracked. I turn off the shower and grab a towel to dry myself off. Of course the feeling of the soft fabric of the towel against my sensitive skin is also quite interesting.

Putting the towel down I grab the lube from the counter, leaving the cleaning tools behind. I move to the bedroom, where my chosen toys are waiting on the bed.

I get on the bed, laying face down with my legs spread apart. I reach back my arms, grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them apart, opening my asshole to the air as much as possible. In my head I imagine what I would look like to someone coming in the door, my ass spread güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri open and my pussy already glistening wet again.

In my fantasy the person entering the room spends a moment just looking at me. slowly moving closer until they are standing at the edge of the bed. I imagine them moving closer until they are just behind me, close enough that I can feel their breath against my open asshole. In reality what I am feeling is only the slight breeze from the open windows, but the feeling, along with the image in my mind is enough to make my lower parts clench together and a moan escape my lips.

I let go of my ass cheeks, grabbing the wheel of tongues and the lube, preparing for the next part of my fantasy. I lube up the rubber tongues and turn it on on the lowest setting. This causes the wheel to rotate and gently vibrate. This should simulate the feeling of a real tongue, lapping against the skin. Never having had anyone lick my behind, I can only imagine that it is the same thing, but, having tried the toy on my nipples and pussy, I can say that, aside from the lack of variety, it feels close to the real thing.

I use one hand to pull apart my ass cheeks and, with the other, push the toy against my asshole, causing the tongues to start gently licking my opening. I imagine the tongue belonging to the person behind me rather than a toy. My mind cycling through a number of male, and female, faces before settling on a nameless idealized man. Sometimes I prefer fantasizing about specific people, but there is also something about fantasizing about having a stranger in my bed.

The image of his face pasted against my behind, as well as the feeling of the tongues is enough to send a shiver through my body and cause my breathing to speed up.

I spend a few moments just enjoying the fantasy and the feeling, before my eagerness pushes me on. In my mind I imagine my fantasy man speeding up his licking, wanting to please me and get me in the mood for more. I use one of the fingers on my hand holding the wheel to push the button to increase its speed.

Feeling it respond and the licks becoming more frequent, i involuntarily press back against it, causing the tongues to push open my opening and slide a tiny bit inside rather than simply stimulating the opening.

While not planned, the feeling of the tongues sliding in and out of my asshole is highly stimulating and I feel arousal start building, my breath coming even faster and sparks of pleasure starting to fire through my body.

I adjust my fantasy to fit the change, now imagining my nameless man pushing his tongue in and out of my ass, trying to fuck me with it like he really wants to do with his cock.

Once the thought of his hard cock enters my mind I can’t get it out of my head and I decide to move on, figuring I can always move back to the tongue later if I feel like it.

I pull the wheel away from my behind, putting it aside and picking up the dildo. Holding it in my hand I imagine it being attached to my imaginary man, picturing him gently stroking himself with one hand while grabbing the lube with his other hand.

I grab the lube and scoop a generous amount onto the dildo, letting my hand slide over it to spread the liquid. When I feel it is sufficiently lubed up, I use my finger to smear another generous helping of lube onto my asshole, shivering as the cool liquid makes contact with my hot hole.

In the past I have had some issues using this dildo in my ass, it being on the larger side, so me making sure there is a large amount of lube present is more than just play.

Once I am sure there is enough lube, I reach back and grab my cheek to pull myself open again. With the other hand I place the tip of the dildo at my opening, first simply rubbing it against it.

I imagine the man, standing behind me, his muscular body glistening with sweat while his hard rod rubs against me.

I start pushing the dildo against my opening, making sure to be gentle and simply apply a slow steady pressure rather than try to force it in. I feel the tip pushing itself inside me, but only the tip, the pressure I am exerting, not enough to open me enough for the rest to enter.

I take a deep breath and increase the pressure. I feel my asshole resisting for a second before succumbing to the pressure and opening for the dildo. I gasp at the sting of pain that accomplishes the sudden entry, but the pain quickly subsides and is replaced by a wonderful feeling of fullness.

My initial push caused about a third of the dildo to slide inside me. I take a few moments to get used to it and take a few deep breaths getting used to the feeling.

At the same time my fantasy sees my partner stand with a focused look on his face, his pause caused by the need to avoid prematurely shooting his load at the feeling caused by his cock sliding into my ass.

After getting used to the feeling I start slowly pulling the dildo out, güvenilir bahis şirketleri pulling it till only the tip remains inside and then I slowly reverse direction and push it back inside. I continue doing this, pushing a little deeper with each round.

The feeling of continuously opening and closing and slowly being filled more and more causes constant pulses of pleasure to radiate from my ass through my body, concentrating in my nipples and pulsing back down to my wet pussy.

After what feels like an eternity and yet like way too short time the dildo is all the way in, I continue the steady strokes, sliding the dildo almost all the way out, before pushing it all the way back in.

I imagine the way my partners hips thrust back and forth as he pushes himself in and out of me, his muscles tensing and releasing with each thrust.

I continue this for a few minutes, feeling the pleasure building. I know from previous experience that my orgasms are best if the anal stimulation is mixed with other pleasure.

To accomplish this I release the grip my hand had on my ass cheek. This causes my hole to slightly tighten. Not enough to make the thrusting uncomfortable, but enough to make me slow down a bit. This is not what I wanted. Luckily the release of my cheek is only a temporary thing, allowing me to switch the hands holding the dildo.

Now with my other hand holding the dildo, I push it as far in as it goes and then, using the controls on the end, turn on the pulsation. For those of you not familiar with pulsating dildoes, the difference between a vibrating and a pulsating dildo is that the pulsating dildo is made to simulate thrusting. So when I turn on the pulsing the dildo slowly start thrusting itself. The thrusts are not as long as the ones I can do manipulating it directly with my hand, but it is worth it in that it frees my hand from having to move it manually. This means that I can use the same hand to pull my cheeks apart and hold the dildo in place, freeing my other hand up.

I slide my free hand between my legs, finding my throbbing clit and gently start rubbing around it. I avoid touching it directly, wanting to prolong the pleasure.

Even with the dildo on the lowest setting and my fingers being careful, I can feel the orgasm slowly start building inside me, my vagina continuously making small contractions and sending slowly building waves of pleasure through my body.

Deciding to give up on taking it slow, I use the hand holding the dildo in place to turn up the pulsing to the max. The sudden increase is more than I anticipated and the feeling briefly overwhelms me, making me gasp for air. It is almost too much, the quick thrusting in my ass, making the muscles in my asshole tremble, continuously closing and opening around the dildo.

I imagine the man behind me, his pleasure coming to a head, making him lose control and pound away for all he is worth. His face contorted in a grimace of ecstasy, his breath coming in small grunts.

Of course in reality the grunting gasps for breath are mine and I am sure if I could see my face it would be showing the pleasure I feel.

I let the fingers circling my clit slide onto it, still only touching it lightly, knowing from experience that a too rough touch at this point will be uncomfortable.

The pounding of my ass, coupled with the gentle stimulation of my clit is making the waves of pleasure build faster and faster, my entire body starting to shake.

As my orgasm starts, my pleasure clouded mind decides that the stimulation from the pulsation is not enough and I use the hand that was responsible for holding my ass open and holding the dildo in place to grab the dildo and start thrusting it in and out of my ass as quickly as I can.

I bury my face in my pillow as my gasps are replaced by loud moans, bordering on screams. My body moving involuntarily, pushing back against the hand holding the dildo to force it as far into my ass as possible and pushing against the hand rubbing my clit.

The explosions of the orgasm rocks through me, the pleasure continuing to build till the point where it feels like my mind is starting to drown in it.

When my head starts clearing of the pleasure, I find myself lying on my side, curled up with my knees pulled up towards my chest. The hand that was holding the dildo in place is now in laying limp in front of me on the mattress. The dildo is still inside me, pulsing away in my ass, sending small continuous waves of pleasure through me. My other hand is cupped over my pussy, the thrusting in my ass, making me gently rub against it.

I lay for a couple of minutes, simply letting the waves of pleasure flow through me, before retaking control of my body and reaching my hand back behind me and clicking the off button on the dildo.

I take a few more minutes to calm down, my breathing slowly going back to something close to normal. I then gently start easing the dildo from my ass. As the sides of the dildo slide against my asshole I feel a slight discomfort, the price from my previous vigorous thrusting. It is however a small price to pay.

I slide the end of the dildo out, feeling my asshole opening and closing at the sudden emptiness, sending a few final waves of pleasure through me.

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