Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1


Playtime Stories Ch 9- Theater Play pt. 1Trust me- its long, but super hot… enjoy and comment!!!9.A good night at the theater can usual ease my naughty cravings. Of the cities I play in three have full size adult movie theaters. One city has a big screen TV theater in a large dark room and another has a mini-Cineplex of carnal delights.My favorite theater is an old classic theater with a number of personal side theaters and an arcade called The Grande (sic). It was the state of the art in about 1948. Over the years it was modernized, but the surrounding area just stopped attracting theater-goers.. The owners sold it to a real-estate company owner, who I’m told really wanted to do real theater productions, but the crowd came and then went; some were put off by the burgeoning gay crowd in the area.In the 1980’s the area around the theater area died out for a while and was then revitalized to become a nightlife area, with several businesses becoming more “adult” and racy. An old hotel turned into a gay bath-house and two blocks away another became a swinger’s club. The area isn’t exclusively gay but certainly isn’t straight, but this is definitely one of the places I feel quite comfortable parking a few blocks away and walking to the front door. Truth be known, I have even blown a guy just off the street in a doorway on more than one occasion. Don’t even get me started on the alley-way fucks that I have experienced or walked up on…The Grande’s huge main lobby has been converted to an adult store that sells movies, toys, lube, condoms, and magazines. The box office is the sales counter and a really crappy snack bar.From the main counter you turn right and choose to go to the restrooms or down stairs into the basement and enjoy a spacious arcade. At the bottom of a long staircase there is a hallway with set of large display cases that show what movies are being shown along both walls. The hallway leads to a maze of personal movie booths. Some of the booths have semi transparent “buddy screens,” some have waist-high glory holes, some are extra large booths that fit about three or four, and a few are a small personal space with a chair that are just large enough for someone to watch a movie all alone. Going left from the box-office leads you up a long flight of stairs to the old balcony area where you can still watch the main movie in the theater in what used to be the main center section of the original balcony area. The sides of the old balcony seating area are now side theaters that can be rented by patrons to watch movies of their choice. Each side theater is actually designed for a small group to comfortably watch a movie of their choice in privacy and has both wide bench seating and a few chairs. These rooms are great for small orgies. The upper level is also great for voyeurs or those too nervous to join in the fun to be had in the main theater area, not to say I haven’t seen and done things upstairs, but the main area is very busy. Just to the left and in between the balcony stairs and the box office is a set of three or four large red and black velvet curtains. It is the entrance to a long hallway which leads to the main theater.The hallway is also lined with thick black curtains that I bet are filthy and sticky from all the spontaneous liaisons that have occurred in that hall over the years. When you step through the curtains you smell the heat and sex of the corridor and can often hear a blowjob or the heavy breathing of a person bent over and getting fucked…sometimes it might be me! The velvet curtains along with another set about twenty ten or fifteen feet deeper and at the threshold of the main theater area seal off the bright lighting of the lobby and the movie screen. There are a couple of benches along the walls where people perform handjobs, blowjobs, and fuck in complete darkness. I found out that the hallway was actually added on by the owners and is meant to extend the length of the balcony into the main theater area and section off seats on each side and provide some level of privacy and also serve as a couples-only area on the right and a large play area on the left complete with several couches and a padded elevated table for group play and gangbangs. I love this area and have been bent over on that platform almost every time I have gone to The Grande. The only light in the theater is provided by the movie screen, four barely lit chandeliers, and three exit signs. The rear and right side of the theater is a roped off area seat aside for couples and invited guests. The theater slopes downward and meets a ramp that leads up to a small stage that is from the live theater days. Now the stage has a couch, a couple of heavy steel chairs, and another large padded platform the stage and occasionally has some really live theater from time to time. The stage is covered with short dark carpet laid over what must be the best carpet padding in the world. To go anywhere beyond just the store you have to become a “member” of The Grand’s Private Club.” For ten dollars and a signature you can join for twelve hours. The owners are released of any liability and insure that public laws of decency do not apply in the private establishment. How convenient.When I discovered the place I was in my business clothes and not really as prepared as I would have preferred. I ended up having a great time anyway. I became a bitch-boy and sucked and fucked for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I was even fucked by a tall white well hung T-girl. Of course, my knees were impossibly stained so I had to buy a new pair of slacks…On my second visit to the city I went to The Grande dressed like a whore five glorious times. Starting on a Wednesday night and every night for the remainder of that week I was there each night till I got my fill of fucking and sucking.The Saturday trip was without canlı bahis a doubt the hottest time I have had there. I dressed in my usual black slutty clothing; a miniskirt and a tight vest with my black patent leather heels, stockings, six-point garter and waist cincher, my Lycra bra and panties, my shoulder length gloves and a purse full of cash, lube, lipstick, and condoms. I came in at quarter of nine, walking about two block along the road just after dark. I had a good omen walking from my car on the street to the door- a car full of straight young men did a double-take as they drove by probably going to some high school party. I paid my membership fee to get my “proof of membership” ticket and checked my coat. I checked out the store area as I walked to the bathroom to fix my deep-red hair. I carried my purse directly in front of my crotch to prevent viewing of my semi erect lump. In the bathroom I surprised a guy that was washing off his cock in one of the sinks. He quickly tucked himself away as I came in. I saw the toilet stalls and recognized that two anonymous men pleasuring each other through the glory hole in the stalls; one giving head and the other receiving. I smiled and wondered if the man at the mirror just finished?I stood at the mirror and confirmed I still looked as fuckable as I wanted to. I did. Standing next to the man who was also playing with his hair I dribbled some lube into my hand and then bent to reach under and add more wetness to my already soaked fuckhole. I moaned as I did. He watched me the whole time. I simply smiled and finished my business and winked on my way out. I went into the main hallway and in the momentary light that flashed as I opened the curtains I could only see a few men taking a break or waiting along the wall. I proceeded through the gauntlet to enter the theater. On the big screen a creamy black girl was just then receiving a load of cum from a huge white cock. The theater seemed very dark as I focused on her. The movie actually ended about a minute after I entered so could only see the exit signs. I did hear some serious sucking going on to my left. I tried to stand next to the left side of the curtain, but stepped on someone’s foot and then moved past him to rest on the wall. Just as another movie began I felt a hand on my ass and then a strong squeeze.I traced the hand to my left to another person standing there. I sought his crotch and found a nice hard seven inch cut cock. I licked my lips and thought, just what I’m looking for. I turned and knelt to suck my first cock of the night as new porn began. I put his whole cock in my mouth and sealed my lips around his base. As I tongued him I looked up and saw him watching me in the light from the movie. He wasn’t bad looking. He split his attention between me the screen and some other attraction to his left. I uncaged my own cock and stroked as I sucked. I felt so nasty. I already had a stranger’s cock in my mouth. He had good staying power and I gave him real quality and he finally let himself succumb to my incredible cocksucking. He moaned and then held my head to make me slow down so he could enjoy the orgasm. I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. It was warm and sweet. I figured him to be a nice clean closet bi who probably lied to his girlfriend to stop in and play. He came hard and his body trembled. Then he simply pulled himself out of my oral fuckhole and turned away zipping himself up. He walked down the main hallway into the front area of the theater where I lost track of him. I tucked my rigid slick cock into my panties and stood to see what he was watching besides me. I saw a cluster of about four men around a seated male patron who was getting sucked by someone on his knees in front of his seat. I looked around the theater and saw another guy blowing a guy on the left wall and some patrons enjoying that show too. I looked right and saw the couples section had about fifteen guys watching intently into the area obscured by the hallway. Then I focused much closer and saw the guy I had stepped on and saw him stroking himself while he watched me. I smiled in the dim light and politely reached over to squeeze his shaft to make up for stepping on him. I stroked him while I looked at everything again.Then I heard the porn starlet on the new movie yell out in painful pleasure as her pussy was fucked by a big black stud with a huge 10 inch dick. The movie was actually kind of hot. A young blonde with black streaks in her long hair was getting fucked from behind by a mocha-colored stud while she sucked another huge dark-brown cock. I stood there stroking the guy’s semi-erect cock and gave him a chance to get hard. I would have backed-up and fucked against the rear wall of the theater if he had, I was in a mood already, but he couldn’t quite achieve the firmness needed to pop my tight white fuckhole. I let go as I walked over to the couple’s section.The section was only six seats deep and about twelve seats wide with a walkway up the center. I edged my way between the guys and saw a chunky middle-age woman stroking her pudgy man and watching a younger couple mutually masturbate. I watched for a while and then I felt a hand on my ass. Then I felt another hand grabbing my cock out of my panties. I looked down but there was no light because of the closeness of the other voyeurs. Then I felt a mouth begin sucking me. It felt nice, so I let it go. I received a nice blowjob while I watched the man of the younger couple begin to shoot his cum. Then they just stopped, stood up and dressed. They were clearly done, so I eased myself back and saw it was an older gentleman sucking me off. I smiled and pulled away. I tucked myself as I turned to go back to the other side of the theater.I saw the crowd around the guy watching the movie had grown by a few. I walked over and got bahis siteleri closer to the crowd. I saw a young thin man who was nearly naked on his knees and sucking with a passion. He appeared to be fingerfucking the guy as well. A guy reached in to rub him and he batted the hand away. Then he said something stupid like “I already told you what the rules are, watch, don’t touch unless I say so…” I watched him go. That bitch-boi could really suck. He sucked the other guy well enough to make him cum about a minute after I started watching. Then that guy politely got up and left his seat to another man who then took his pants down and fed his cock to the naked cocksucker.At first no one noticed me and I just watched. Then a guy I was standing next smelled my body lotion and looked right at me. He turned his body so I could see him whacking off. I reached over and tested the firmness of his member. He was nice and stiff, so I sank to my best position, my knees, and opened wide to finish him off. I squeezed his shaft using my teeth and lips at the base. I swirled my tongue and a few head bobs later was rewarded for my effort with a shot of cum into my throat. He moaned and that brought more attention. I finished him off slowly and then watched him climb over the seat while zipping up.Then I felt a gentle pull on my shoulder toward another exposed cock on my right. This one wasn’t totally hard but with some work in my mouth he became stiffer than a board. I lubed my hand and stroked myself as I sucked. I felt like such a slut there sucking a nice hard cock in the anonymous darkness. I could see others crowding in. I felt several strangers’ hands on my falsie-tits and up my skirt to my ass cheeks and fuckhole. Someone else was vying to masturbate me, but I pulled my shaft away and won a discrete contest for control of my own cock. I wasn’t going to shoot my cum for just anyone…not this early…I felt the next man cum in my mouth as he pulled out to shoot all over the chair back. He finished and left quickly through the dense crowd of exposed cocks. Another man took his place and forced me to suck his thick uncut meat. I worked him with my hand as I sucked him. Someone else penetrated my ass with a finger, then another and began to fingerfuck me. At the same time someone else began fondling my balls. My ass was in heaven and I began moaning loudly as I sucked the guy off. I figured there must be about two or three behind me in the next row down reaching over, plus the four others I could see to my left and then whoever else was on my left. I was truly surrounded by cocks.The man I was blowing came in my mouth so I swallowed like a good whore and shifted to another nice hard cock on my right. I sucked him really fast and with fervor. The ass-play in my fuckhole was getting me close to cumming also. I thought to myself- I love it when I go wild like this. I made the next man cum and drooled his cum onto the floor and turned to my left to see a younger handsome guy who was semi erect. I leaned over to him and pulled his cock to my mouth at the same time I reached over to stroke a big black cock I noticed just behind the seatback. The guy in my mouth got hard fast. I worked him like a pro and in only a few moments he pulled out to cum all over the next row down. I kneeled on a seat and leaned against the seatback to relish the cut black meat I’d been rubbing.My ass was still being invaded by a talented finger-fucker. As I brought the heavy black to my pearly face I reached over my hip and pulled up my miniskirt to expose my creamy ass and let everyone know it was open for more than just finger fucking. I sucked him like a possessed demon starving for thick dark cock. Someone took my cue and moved in behind me.At that point I dropped any pretense that I would be selective about who I let fuck me. I was now a fuck-toy, and object, a slave. I kept my legs parted as I sucked the black man. Someone stepped closer and put his cock right against my cheek. I did my best to place a condom on my cincher, but I heard it hit the floor and knew that unless I stopped now I was going to get barebacked by a total stranger. I had to pull off the dark meat and look around and see what I was dealing with. I turned to see a white man’s silhouette and feel a nice hard six and a half inches of nice meat. My rule was that anyone who was smaller than me and hard had complete access, anyone larger…well I’d have to consider it… I opened my purse and got out another condom out. I held it up and leaned back into his arms and looked up to say to him, “Put this on and fuck my ass.” Then he tried to kiss me and I gave him my neck. He almost gave me a “hickie,” but I pulled away and put my mouth back on the black dick to finish my cocksucking. After several more head-bobs I felt my ass penetrated. Somehow, his cock felt much bigger than the six or so inches I had just felt in my hand. I nearly screamed into the dick. The cock in my ass stimulated my own and made me even harder. I was moaning with each thrust now. Someone took advantage of my predicament and reached in to grip my cock. I reached down to brush him away and take hold of my own cock. Then the black man moaned and exploded a huge load of thick cream in my mouth. He held the back of my head and filled me up instantly. Some of it went up into my nose from inside my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I felt the cock pumping my ass deeper into the ecstasy zone. I leaned down and really felt his cock plow me as I sucked the black cock a few more times to finish him off properly. The black cock pulled away and I looked up to swallow the cumload. I saw a couple of dark eyes and a bright smile. I opened my mouth as I got fucked deep and moaned as he turned to weave his way out of the crowd and vacate the “pole position.”I turned to watch the guy fucking me for a second güvenilir bahis and then another suitor lifted my chin and pushed his cockhead against my lips. I caught my breath for a second and then reacted like a Pavlov dog and opened my whorifice to let his meat feed onto my sperm coated tongue and push into my throat. This guy was really long. I could not take all of him in. I put a hand around the base of his cock and jacked him off in my mouth like real prostitutes do.From behind I heard my ass-lover hiss, “That’s it you fuckin bitch…suck that cock while I fuck your cunt…I’m gonna cum in you bitch!” Then he slowed his thrusts to then pump one last super hard thrust into my ass and cum. I pulled off the new cock in my mouth and hissed out, “Yesss, fuck me! I’m a fuckin fucktoy! Fuck me and cum up my cunt!!!!” Then I went back down on the guy in front of me. I sucked the smooth full cockhead in my mouth and felt the other man slowly ram me a few more times as he came. I could feel him throb as he came in my ass. I tightened and pulsed my hole a little to make it even hotter.The guy I was sucking in front of me grabbed the back of my head and tried to push himself into my throat. I strained to let him and felt him slide into my deep throat. I felt him close my throat off with his cock and begin to suffocate me. I was really turned on by this for a couple of seconds and then when he still did not pull out I relaxed my jaws on him and slightly bit down.“Whoooooah! Oh! Yeah!…you fucking slut, I love that you know what I need!” was not the reaction I was expecting. That resulted in him pulling out and shoving it back in and then repeating the whole suffocating process, allowing me to breath in between thrusts.I felt the freshly ejaculated cock pull out of my boycunt. Immediately another guy behind me moved in for some ass. I reached back to find a thick and heavy cock. It already had a condom and lube on it. The in front suffocated me again and the other man fucked into me, hurting my ass in a wonderful way. I let go of my cock and pushed back against him on the second thrust. Now the lube was doing its job and his cock felt good in my boycunt.In fact, he felt really good. I smiled a wicked smile to myself in the warm darkness of the dingy theater and then went down hard on the big-dicked stranger who was tearing up my throat. I worked him hard and my slutty frenzy built. I sucked him deep and side to side, timing my breaths with his throat fucking pumps. I circled his cockhead with my tongue while I was pounded in my ass by what must have been at least 8” of hard dick. I was being the slut I’d wanted to be when I was getting dressed in my motel about an hour ago…this was going a great night!I felt so nasty and decided to take it further. I pushed myself back off the throat fucker and stroked his hearty shaft. I looked up and said in my hot wanton femme voice, “Gimmie that hot cum! Cum in my dirty mouth with that big fucking dick!” I stroked him fast and his eyes rolled and head tilted back. I knew he was about to cum, so I sucked his fat cockhead in unison with my jack-off hand. In seconds he came, moaning loud enough to echo in the old building. He shot his load into my mouth.The guy behind me fucked me hard and fast and then pulled out to cum on my ass. I looked back and saw him peel off the shiny condom and then stroke his cock and aim at my ass. I felt his cum spatter on my ass and thigh. Then he nodded a silent thanks and stepped off. I took a moment and lowered my panties further out of the way to my knees then presented myself to the next cock to be sucked. I worked a solid seven inches fast and furious. I noticed that he was already lubed, a common sign of either masturbation or some previous buttfucking, but he didn’t smell like shit so I just enjoyed the extra moisture.I felt new fingers probe into my boycunt and then I felt the coolness of more lube being dripped into my hole. Someone tried to bareback into me and I felt him. I reached back and moved him away and reached into my purse without looking and handed him an ultra-thin “bareback” condom, thinking to myself, nothing but the best for my “strange” cocks. I heard him tear it open and put it on.By seemingly inconceivable chance the porn star on the theater screen yelled out “fuck my ass!” just for me. So a man I’d never laid eyes on and still might never see did just that. He thrust into me hard and deep. He began pounding my little wet boycunt fast and hard.In only a moment or so I knew was a “violent fucker.” His cock wasn’t big enough to end the night prematurely, but his powerful thrusts were shoving me into the guy that I was blowing. I kept hitting my nose and eyebrow on his belt. I pulled off and yelled like a bitch in heat, “Take off that fucking belt while he’s fucking my brains out!” I knew the whole theater had heard me and didn’t care one bit. I was consumed by lust. The guy in front opened his pants and stroked his cock as he put it back into my willing mouth. A few short minutes later both of them came in their respective holes. I sucked and fucked several more strangers. At one point I was working a cock in each hand, another in my mouth, and yet another dick in my ass. I finally made two guys cum almost simultaneously and was ready for a break. I drained cum from my horny mouth onto the floor and turned to sit in my well used seat. I was still surrounded by a few horny men, but I needed a short break. I was so close to cumming and wanted to hold out. I had only been there for an hour. I felt lube, and who knows what else, run out of my ass and smiled in the darkness. I am such a slut!I took a few minutes to catch my breath. I brushed off a couple of a few blowjob offers. I thanked some suitors for their complements like; “you suck cock really good,” or “nice fucking ass,” and “that was hot, I wanna suck your big dick.” I really loved the attention but I needed a break.I looked around the theater and saw the young control-freak fag-boi was alone and watching me with a pissed off look, so I grinned and waved.

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