Please, Be Gentle


Zoe had been thinking about it for months. Was it going to hurt? How painful would it be? Would she be able to walk right afterwards? Would there be any bleeding or tearing back there? Of course, the subject that raced through her mind was anal sex. She had read all about it and seen videos online, both educational and erotic, on the subject as she and Alex had talked about it in the past but she was worried about having anybody putting anything inside her rear end. Sure she had masturbated a lot, and with several different object but she never went “back there.”

She always had an interest in the subject but never knew how to approach it with her husband so she dropped subtle hints during their lovemaking. When he would perform oral sex on her she would tell him to slide one finger into her anal cavity. When she was on top during sex she would whisper for him to slide a finger in her back door but that’s as far as it ever went. She knew Alex was an “ass man” as he was always grabbing at hers everywhere they went; movies, dinner, walks, etc. He would spank her during sex, before sex, and even after sex, he just couldn’t get enough of it but he knew not to bring the subject of anal sex up too often as it would sometimes upset her.

Alex had just finished off in Zoe’s mouth as the two slammed back down on the bed together as she placed her head and hand on his chest as she stroked his pecs as they were both covered in sweat. They had done some butt stuff during the evening but they were both satisfied with the results. She looked up at him and smiled as he leaned down and kissed her on top of the head as they said “I love you’ to one another before she went back to tracing his nipples with her sharp fingers.

“Alex, I’ve been thinking and I know this is something you’ve wanted for a long time and I think I’m ready to give it to you,” she told him as she sat up in bed.

“What is it babe?” he asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“I know you like doing stuff to me back there, and I really like it too, but I thought it’s about time we took it up another level. I want you to take my anal virginity,” she said with a sly smile.

“Are you sure about this babe? I don’t want to pressure you into anything that you don’t want to do,” he said obviously excited over what he just heard his wife of three years tell him.

“But you have to promise to be gentle with me. I’ve seen how hardcore some of the men in the videos can be and I don’t want you to be like them. At the same time, I know you’ve had anal sex with past women so you need to go slow and prepare me so it won’t be messy,” she said as she looked down at the bed sheets

“Babe, I will make it worth the wait. I will be very gentle with you, and if you follow me, I can get you prepared right now,” he told her as he got off the bed and extended his hand.

Alex grabbed her hand and led her to their bathroom where he walked into the large shower area and turned on the water so it was just the right temperature He turned on the shower radio to the jazz station so they could have some light background music which would put Zoe at ease. They began to kiss in front of the shower before he invited her inside and closed the large glass door behind them. Zoe’s large 36DD breasts were pressed against Alex’s muscular chest as the two of them began to make out like horny teenagers.

The warm water cascaded down their bodies as Zoe’s nipples hardened at the tongue that was swirling inside of her mouth. She let out a soft moan as Alex grabbed both of her ass cheeks and gave them a playful slap as they both giggled. Alex turned her around so that her backside was now against the front of his body. She could feel his growing erection nestled in her canlı bahis şirketleri crack as she placed both hands on the shower wall and closed her eyes as she prepared for him to enter her, but he had other plans.

Alex grabbed a bottle of her favourite shampoo which made her smell like pineapples when she was done. She heard him squirt the gel into his hands as he rubbed them together then began to massage her scalp as she felt the shampoo run down her hair, back, and into her crack which now had a large, hard object pressed right against her hole. She pushed her buttocks back against Alex’s erection as they both moaned while he continued to wash her hair.

Alex turned Zoe around so she was facing him again as she leaned her head back to rinse out her hair. Alex looked down at her chest and couldn’t help himself as he took her left nipple into his mouth and made it harder than it already was. The shampoo was gone from her but she enjoyed what Alex was doing to her so much that she stayed in that positioned for another minute or two to get the maximum pleasure from his nipple sucking.

Alex grabbed the light blue lufa sponge and covered it in shower gel as he and Zoe smiled at one another as he started to clean her body. He started by lightly rubbing her neck before he planted a few kisses on it, then he made his way down to her breasts where he took each nipple in his mouth before he moved down to her flat stomach. He kneeled down on the floor and began to wash her from the feet up making sure not to touch her sweet spot between her legs altogether as she could feel the excitement building inside of her.

Alex stood back up and whipped Zoe around so that her backside was now nestled against the front of his body once again this time he pushed her farther away so he could clean her. He began at the back of her neck and trailed the sponge downwards as she gripped the shower wall once again but this time he bypassed her buttocks and washed down her legs and to the soles of her feet. On the way back up he didn’t stop. He took the sponge and lathered her buttocks with it until they were completely covered in soap.

Alex stood back up to his feet and wrung out the sponge at the top of Zoe’s ass crack as she could feel the warm, soapy water run down the back of her legs and down the drain in the centre of the shower. Alex took his right finer and circled it around her tight brown hole which made her body tense up like it usually did when he played around back there.

Alex whispered for her to relax as he nibbled on Zoe’s earlobe which he knew always drove her wild as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. He circled his fingers around her back door some more until his index finger slowly glided into her butthole. She had felt it numerous times back there but she knew this time was different as his finger wasn’t going to be the only thing to enter her backside. He took his finger in and out of her a little more each time so she would feel more relaxed and it would stretch her a little bit so she would be ready to accept his large member.

As Alex continued to finger Zoe’s rectum, his other hand reached around and started to finger her pussy. He did this because he knew the stimulation would get her mind off the discomfort that was still to come. He removed both fingers which caused his wife to whimper that both of her holes were void of any pleasure. She turned her head over her shoulder and watched as he grabbed a bottle of baby oil and poured some in the middle of his hand before he rubbed them together.

Alex rubbed his oil clad hands in between Zoe’s cheeks paying special attention to his real target. He made sure his fingers were as lubed as they could be. Alex put the baby canlı kaçak iddaa oil bottle down and got closer to his wife as he easily slid a finger into her butthole. She tensed up once again but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sometimes was. In fact, she relished in the fact that her ass had accepted his finer so easily. She became a little more worried when he managed to slip a second finger into her anus.

Alex reached around an once again had a finger glide up her vagina as he continued to penetrate her back door with this two oiled up fingers. Zoe began to relax but warned her husband to go slow and not to stop and that if she felt uneasy about anything that he promised to stop. His two fingers were know knuckle deep, he focused on bringing her to orgasm with the finger he had stuck up her pussy.

Zoe started to shudder as her knees weakened as the first of two orgasms were brought on by a single digit. She screamed as she pounded on the wet shower wall as Alex went faster in the front, and slower in the back. She bucked her hips backwards causing Alex’s fingers to go deeper into her behind. During her second orgasm she bucked even more violently against the two fingers that invaded her asshole as he started to move them in and out in a quicker motion which almost brought on a third orgasm as her butthole clenched around his fingers and he began to think they were going to be crushed.

Zoe’s second orgasm ended as she tried to catch her breath with her third orgasm began to fade away as she placed her head against the wall. Alex’s two fingers easily slipped out of her rectum as she began to gape ever so slightly which was something new to her because her back hole had never been stretched or opened like that before. Alex stood up and put his hands on her shoulders as he shut off the water and told her to exit the shower so they could dry off.

Alex took Zoe by the hand once again and led her to the bed where she was instructed to lie down on her stomach as he joined her on the king sized bed. He made her spread her legs slightly as he took in the gorgeous view he had of her entire body. He started to caress her inner thighs and moved them closer to the throbbing pussy but stopped of her wetness and instead began to massage her buttocks which caused her body to break out in goosebumps which he noticed immediately.

Alex leaned down and began to kiss Zoe’s left butt cheek paying an equal amount of attention to both of them. He planted kisses and licked her fleshy back mounds as she grabbed onto a pillow and moaned as he teased her by darting his tongue along her butt crack as he used his hands to slowly part her cheeks away from each other so he had a better view of what he was about to enjoy. Alex licked his lips as his tongue darted in and out of her butthole as she lifted herself off the bed and began to rub her engorged clit as she moaned at the top of her lungs.

“Fuck my butt with your tongue baby, get in there nice and deep,” she growled as she began to thrust backwards as she rubbed herself to another orgasm.

Alex spread Zoe’s butt cheeks even wider to give him even greater access to the forbidden spot as his tongue darted even faster and deeper into her asshole. She began to rub herself harder and faster as her husband was pleased at how relaxed she was and that she was ready for him to take her anal cherry at any time but he wanted to savour the moment as he didn’t know if she would like it or not or if he would ever get to do something like that again.

Alex sat up and grabbed a bottle of oil he had sitting on his side of the bed. He placed a few drops on the top of Zoe’s crack so that it drizzled down to her pussy which caused her to jump not knowing how cold it canlı kaçak bahis was going to feel against her skin. Her fingers were now coated in oil as well as she rubbed herself to yet another heart stopping orgasm before she was commanded to get up on her knees and to stay in that position as he put the bottle away.

Alex got up on his knees and positioned himself behind her so that his semi-erect cock was pushed against her slick slit as he pushed himself inside of her.

“That feels so good baby, but that’s not my ass,” she said almost sounding disappointed he didn’t just “go for it.”

“I know it’s not babe, but I just need to get myself rock hard for you,” he said as he grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her which she made no complaints about.

Alex reached behind him and grabbed a bottle of lube and held it just above her tailbone and squirted some on his butthole and his thumb. It made her jump once again because of how cold it was. He used his thumb to smear the lube around her back door before he penetrated her with it as he shoved it in and out of her to the rhythm of his cock.

“Are you ready babe? I’m going to fuck you in the ass now,” he said as he beads of sweat began to develop on their foreheads due to excitement and nervousness.

Zoe didn’t answer but instead began to rub her clit as she buried her face into a pillow as he took himself out of her completely and covered his organ in more lube to make sure it was as comfortable for her as it could be. He placed the well lubed head of his penis against her back orifice and with one hand gently placed the tip of his cock inside of her asshole which caused her head to prop up from the pillow as she grimaced and made a growl.

Zoe placed her head back down on the pillow as Alex just stayed in the position he was and let her do the work. She began to slowly and gently rock back and forth taking him deeper into her butt with each thrust as he placed his hands on his hips and watched the action going down beneath him as he allowed her to have all the control as he was just happy to be a part of it. He then placed his hands on her hips as she began to move faster and take him deeper as she told him he could go faster and that she wanted him to go deeper.

Alex began to go faster and deeper just like Zoe had told him to do even though his cock was still only going in half way. He loved the sight of staring down and watching him stretch his wife’s butthole with his thickness as he could hear and smell how hard she was rubbing her clit as her moans filled their bedroom even though her face was buried deep into a pillow. Alex gave her a few playful smacks across each cheek as he threw all caution out the window and went harder, faster, and deeper much to the sudden delight of his bride.

“Fuck, I can’t handle it any longer babe, I’m gonna cum,” he shouted at her as he fucked her harder and deeper as she sunk three fingers inside of her pussy and made a huge puddle underneath her.

“Oh god baby, cum in my tight little ass, it’s yours baby, do it for me!” she screamed as she felt him explode inside of her as he convulsed while he ejaculated inside of her.

“Holy shit, that was awesome babe,” he told her as he rolled off and landed back on his side of the bed where she joined him.

Zoe placed her head back on his chest and began to chuckle when she heard how fast his heart was beating. She looked up at him and stroked his face as he smiled down at her.

“How was it babe?”

“It was great. It hurt a lot at first, but you were gentle with me, until the very end that is, but I would love to do it again, but it would be a special treat kind of thing, to spice up our love life,” she told him as she got on top of him and darted her tongue into his mouth before she grabbed a fresh pair of panties and wandered across the hall and into the bathroom for another shower as Alex laid there and stared at the ceiling with the biggest smiled splashed across his face.

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