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The late afternoon sun streamed through the dusty window, casting a bronze haze over the shelves of books in the remote part of the library. He watched the light fall across her shoulders. She stood with her back facing him, balanced on the rungs of an old ladder. He let his gaze follow the rays of sunlight down her body and took inventory of her petite frame. Her thick brown hair was tied smartly in a bun. The collar of her white silk blouse lay crumpled and loose from her neck, exposing smooth olive skin beneath a string of pearls. His mouth watered at the thought of kissing that nape, tasting the heady mixture of salty perspiration and the sweetness of her skin. He followed the lines of silky material to where it tucked into her black tight skirt. Her curves contrasted sharply with the straight line of books she adjusted. Hugging her hips, the skirt stopped just above her knees. His fingers twitched with anticipation as his gaze lingered on the slit in the material, wondering what treasures lay beneath it. A pair of short but shapely legs ended the inventory – a pair of firm legs he knew would feel like a vice around his waist. She tried to balance on one of her black spiked heels as she stretched to put a book away on the top shelf. The movement exposed more of her leg – the split moved up her thigh and he caught a glimpse of the lacy top of her stockings.

He silently moved toward her. He stood behind her, allowing only an inch to separate their bodies. He took a deep breath and inhaled her spicy scent – she oozed sex. Placing a hand on the back of her knee, he traced her black stockings up her leg and reached beneath the slit of her skirt. He was rewarded with the discovery of a soft, wet, warm cunt. He studied her, escort eryaman waiting for a scream, a slap, a kick, something to express her anger and surprise at his invasion. She amazed and pleased him by tightening her grip on the ladder and biting her lip in a seductive smile.

With this encouragement he continued exploring her pussy. He teased her lips, letting his fingers revel in her neatly trimmed hair. He smiled as he heard her set free a small moan. A finger slipped between her tight lips and found a pulsing clit. She responded with another moan, letting her hair fall across her shoulders. His free hand inched her skirt around her hips, allowing a breeze to tickle her exposed flesh. He stepped closer to her. Laying his head on her waist, he buried his face in her loose flowing hair, letting the soft tresses intoxicate him. Pressing his body into hers, he brought his finger to his lips and licked her juices – she tasted better than he had hoped. In an instant he was addicted – he needed her.

He inched her skirt up to her waist and gave her ass a little push. She took a step up the ladder and spread her legs for him. He loved a woman who trusted her instincts. He took a moment and stared at the beautiful ass before him and lightly kissed it, massaging her with his hungry lips. His fingers moved back to her wet pussy and probed, inspiring a torrent of whimpers and wiggling hips. In between moans he heard her whisper, “please.”

At the sound of her plea he almost lost control. Taking a deep breath he looked over his shoulder making sure the aisle was empty. He leaned closer to her, allowing his hot sighs to caress her clit. A shiver ran through her body. He closed his eyes and gingerly licked her clit, savoring ankara escort her unique flavor and then fought the urge to spend hours sipping from her beautiful pussy. The ache to be inside of her, to be consumed by her, outgrew his sudden addiction to her taste. He gave her pussy a parting kiss and then slipped his hand into his pants, quickly releasing his throbbing cock. He gently drew her down the ladder until her wonderful ass was an inch above his waist. He held her hips in place, preventing her from sinking into his lap. He wanted to hear her again, had to know she craved him as much as he needed her.

Sensing his need and being consumed by her own desire, she begged him, “please, please.”

He grunted his response and eased her onto his hard cock. Upon contact his mind reeled with the sensation of her flesh devouring his. He bent his head forward, buried his face in her hair, and pressed her body against the wooden ladder.

His right hand rested between her silk covered breasts, holding their bodies in place against the books she was straightening only seconds earlier. His left hand gripped her waist, holding her hips against his body, not allowing her to move. She wriggled against him, circling her hips while her pussy rhythmically gripped and then released his cock. He stood completely still and reveled in her gyrations. Not able to fight the wave of passion any longer, he quickly lowered his hips, allowing his cock to slide from her wet confines and then immediately pulled her down against him, thrusting deeply inside her.

She cried out, “Oh god, please, more, pleeeease.” Unconcerned about the pain his tight grip could be inflicting on her hips, he moved her body up and down elvakent escort against the ladder, pushing her up the rungs then pulling her roughly against him. He closed his eyes and lost himself in everything that she offered him – her musky scent, her tight grip, her whispered pleas. He thrust faster. Harder. Deeper.

She quivered and melted at the onslaught. He could feel her rushing to the edge of her orgasm and discovered he needed to watch her crash over the brink. She cried when he slid his cock from her dripping pussy. Dazed, she allowed him to turn her to face him.

He held her chocolate eyes with his gaze as he allowed her to lower back on to his cock, wrapping her legs around his waist. He watched her close her eyes as she savored the sweet sensation of being completely filled by his cock, resuming the ride to the edge of her orgasm. Pure pleasure washed over her face as she grabbed his shoulders, threw her head back and moaned. He could barely keep his own orgasm in check at the sight of her. Suddenly, he felt her pussy tighten around him and squeeze his cock so that all he could do was flex inside of her. Only then did he close his eyes and allow himself to explode within his beautiful, irresistible lover.

He held her close to him and ran his hands through her hair, as they both slowly came down from their mutual highs. It was his turn to moan when she lightly kissed neck. He felt his heart breaking when he set her on the ground and placed inches between their bodies. He gingerly rearranged her skirt, straightened her blouse and brushed her hair out of her eyes. She looked up at him then, drowning him in those tragically chocolate brown eyes. Again she surprised him by standing on her tiptoes and gently kissing his lips. She smiled at him and turned to leave.

Loneliness washed over him at the thought of never seeing her again. He reached for her hand and it was his turn to beg, “Please don’t go.” She turned, smiled and led him home.

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