Pleasing Mr. Welston Ch. 04

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I walked quickly to my bedroom leaving Casey to go cook breakfast; as soon as the door closed I had my phone in hand calling Demian. Demian, his brother Greg, and I were in the military together before I got out and became a custom home builder. They stayed in for a while longer, but eventually went reserve and opened their own company doing private investigations and security.

For the last two months I had Demian, looking into the situation with my wife. Most of his business was done back in his home state, but he flew into parts of California and Nevada a few times a month to do business for celebrities and other VIPs.

He had been tailing my wife the few days before we left and luckily wasn’t flying out until tomorrow. Between his busy schedule and living primarily out of state he had only been able to come out twice to get info on Ruth.

It had taken me more than six months from the time she started working with her client to finally wake up, realize she was cheating, and then a couple more to actually take some action. Part of me thought I would hold out until my daughter Cara left for college and I had been working nonstop on a huge custom home project up until about four months ago, so I wasn’t around much anyway. It was after I completed the home and was around more to see how drastically Ruth’s mood changes were affecting Cara as well as how miserable I was in our marriage that the desire to get the hell out hit me.

I had called around to a few different private investigators, but didn’t feel I could really trust any of them. Finally I called Demian.

“D, I need you on my wife today asap. My daughter Cara called approximately 15 minutes ago and she’s on to Ruth. She’s going to track Ruth through her phone and get pictures. I’m at the beach house right now with no fucking car and I need her stopped before she sees anything or worse gets herself hurt.”

“Son of a bitch Mark! You need to call Cara right now and tell her to stay the fuck out of this! Shit’s going down you have no idea about.”

“Do you not think I’ve tried calling her? She’s not answering her phone. That’s why I’m calling your ass telling you to get on Ruth asap and intercept Cara. What in the hell is going on, what shit don’t I know?”

“Alright, shit! Where is Ruth now?”

“I don’t know!”

“Is Cara at home?”

“She was when she called, I don’t know if she left yet.”

“Give me her cell phone number and I’ll try to track her and Ruth.”

I gave Demian Cara’s number, I had already given him Ruth’s number before when he took on the investigation.

“Alright man I will get on this and call you back in a few.”

“Wait D! What the hell were you talking about? What shit don’t I know?”

“Mark man, this isn’t a good time. Let me find Cara first and get her safe then I’ll tell you.”

“Fuck that, that’s my little girl you better tell me right fucking now!”

“Trust me man!”

“I’m calling a driver now to come get me and I’m coming home.”

“MARK just trust me. Let me track this real quick and get on the road at least and I’ll call you and fill you in, but stay there it’s not safe you coming here right now.” And he hung up

“FUUUUCK!” I yelled and slammed my fist through the wall. “UGGGHH!”

I couldn’t remember the last time I was this pissed off and scared. I hated not having control of things and being stuck away from home with no transportation made me feel helpless, which pissed me off even more. First chance I got I was buying an extra car just to keep at this fucking house.

I started looking up the number for the closest car rental place. The closest one was the one Cara had been trying to take Ruth to when Ruth decided to bail on our family vacation. There was a slight knock on the door and Casey peeked he head in.

“Hey Mr. Welston, breakfast is ready.” She looked at me for a moment then asked. “Are you ok?”

“You need to get both your and Cara’s stuff together right away. I’m calling the car rental place to bring ua a car and we are headed home. Thank you for breakfast we’ll eat it while we wait. Right now, I’m waiting on a phone call back so you go ahead and get ready.” I was still pissed off and it sounded in my voice.

“Is everything ok with Cara?” She asked in a small soft voice.

Without even looking towards her I replied. “Casey, right now I need you to hurry and pack.”

Casey quickly left the room headed towards the girl’s rooms. The sound of her moving and packing things echoed down the hall. I placed the call to the car rental place and ordered a car to be delivered within the hour. Not two minutes later Demian was calling me back.

“You ready to tell me what the hell is up?” I snapped.

“I tracked Cara’s phone and she is already on the highway heading towards your wife. I tracked Ruth’s phone and it shows she’s at one of the hotel’s downtown. I’m headed that way right now. I should beat Cara there.”

“That’s awesome, now you want to tell me what you meant ankara eryaman escortlar when you said there is shit I don’t know?” Sarcasm and tightly controlled rage tinged every word as I spoke.

“Mark look, I didn’t tell you this before, because I was asked not to by a friend of mine that’s a fed. Right now your wife’s client is under investigation for some pretty heavy shit. Everything you can think of this guys is into: drugs, gun, trafficking… you name it and because your wife is fucking him, she is now right smack in the middle of it. The feds don’t know how much she is involved, but because you are her husband they didn’t want me to say anything until they cleared you too. I knew you didn’t have anything to do with all of this mess. They got you cleared yesterday morning and my guy gave me the heads up. I was going to tell you man I swear, but I had to wait. I know we are friends, but I had to play this one by the book. If I had known earlier about this crap with your daughter…”

He didn’t finish the last sentence, but I understood.

“Just get my daughter the hell out of there ok! Call me as soon as you get her and I want as much info as you can give me on this guy and I want it now. I’ve got a car headed to me now and don’t fucking tell me no I’m coming to get Cara out of there.”

“Shit! Ok. I’ll have Greg send everything we have over now, but you need to keep it to yourself. I’ll call you with updates and you call me when you get close so we can figure out a plan.”

I could hear his concern and frustration. He was lucky he wasn’t within touching distance at the moment or I would have knocked that attitude right out of his mouth. Even though I understood why he had held out on me it still pissed me off and put my daughter in danger.

“Just send the shit.” I snapped and hung up.

My bags were soon packed and I headed to the kitchen to eat. Casey was in Cara’s room finishing up packing her stuff.

“Come on let’s eat.” I called as I passed by the room not waiting to see if she followed.

What the hell was I going to do with her while I went to get Cara? I hadn’t even thought passed the fact that I couldn’t leave her here at the beach house. Her parents were still out of town and it wasn’t safe to leave her at our house. I was just going to have to bring her with me.

I was already sitting at the table eating when Casey walked in and made herself a plate.

“Is it ok if I take this back in the room while I finish packing Cara’s stuff?” she asked.

I looked up into her face and saw that her nose was all red like she had been crying.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to get everything together so we are ready to go when the car gets here. You are obviously in a hurry to go and I don’t want to hold you up.”

I sat there studying her beautiful face. She tried hard to look closed off, but I could tell it was an act. I felt a twinge of guilt for how short I had been being with her.

I stood up and walked over and put my arms around her tilting her chin up so that I could look down into her eyes.

“Casey, I’m sorry. I’m scared for Cara and I’m pissed off at her and even more so at Ruth. I just need to figure everything out and while I’m doing that I’m all up in my head and I just need you to know that if I’m short with you, it’s because I’m trying to figure shit out not because I’m mad at you ok beautiful?”

“OK.” She whispered.

I took her lips with mine and softly pressed, just holding there, eyes closed savoring the feel of her. My head turned to deepen the kiss and her mouth parted. My tongue traced the edges of her lips before it slipped deep into hers. A soft groan sounded in her throat and I pulled her tighter into me before ending our kiss. My nose slid across her cheek and I whispered in her ear.

“Thank you for breakfast, it was delicious! You eat and I’ll finish up in Cara’s room.”

Ten minutes later I had all of our things stacked and ready to go by the front door. Casey came in from the kitchen.

“The car should be here in about 30 minutes. Are you all ready to go?” I asked as I walked up to her. I took her by the arms and she looked up at me her eyes sad and somewhat unsure.

“All my stuff is, but I would be lying if I said I was. I want Cara safe and I’m worried about her. I wish she was here with us, but I don’t want to leave. I don’t want this to end.” Casey said as she stepped into me putting her arms around my waist.

“How about we make the most of the next 30 minutes?” I grabbed her and slung her over my shoulder and headed back to the master bedroom. I couldn’t help but smile as she shrieked out her surprise. As soon as I got to the bed I threw her down on the mattress and pealed my shirt off before falling on top of her. She reached down and squirmed as she pulled her shirt over her head and threw it towards mine. Her soft hands pulled me up towards her. Our bodies slid across each other and the feel of her warm satin skin beneath escort etimesgut me had my head spinning.

“Casey you drive me nuts baby girl. I just want to be inside you. What the hell are you doing to me? How is it that as soon as I have you in my arms and beneath me everything else seems to fall away, but you? I need to be focused right now, but all I can think about is how warm and tight your pussy is going to feel, how good your arms and legs feel wrapped around me, the feel of your fingers in my hair, and your moan in my ear.”

Our mouths met in a greedy kiss. It was slow, deep, and passionate as hell. It blew my mind that this young girl could be filled with so much hunger and emotion. Our hips grinded into each other and I for a moment was vaguely amused that I was dry humping like a teenager. Then I remember I was with one and I had mixed feelings of what the fuck am I doing and excitement.

Casey’s voice yanked me right back into the moment when she gasped in my ear.

“I want you inside me please. I just need to feel you in me one more time. I want to cum all over your hard cock and I want you to fill me up. Please!”

Her hips were rocking faster and harder against mine when suddenly she pushed me up with surprising strength and started clawing at my pants button.

I knocked her hands away, tore open her pants and ripped them off of her legs taking her tiny thong panties right along with them. I reached under her legs, grabbed her butt as I leaned down and lifted her pussy right up to my face. I buried my mouth in between her plump soaking lips and ate at her like I was starving. I sucked her clit hard and deep into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it as I turned my head back and forth pressing my chin hard against her gushing hole.

My right hand moved to caress the bottom of her ass and I lifted slightly so that I could get it between her beautiful round cheeks. Her rosebud was slick from the juice pouring from her pussy and my finger slid in perfectly. I gave Casey’s clit another few light flicks and her screams filled the room. I lunged back and yanked my pants down just far enough to get my dick out and I slammed into her eliciting another delicious scream from her gorgeous mouth.

Her pussy was drenching wet and still pulsing with her orgasm. Tiny arms and legs wrapped around me like mini vices and she went wild thrusting her hips up harder and harder.

“Fuck me Mark, please. Oh God you feel so good!”

I started rolling my hips and grinding down hard into her prolonging her orgasm.

“Who do you belong to baby? Who’s sweet pussy is this? Who’s making you cum all over his cock?”

“Oh God Oh God Mark don’t stop.” She yelled

“Tell me baby, answer me right now.” My voice was harsh and deep even to my own ears. Something about this girl made me feel more possessive than I had ever felt. I wanted to possess her. I wanted to fucking own her. No words came out of her mouth only gasping and little mewling sounds. I picked up the pace hammering my cock into her tight quivering cunt.

I could feel my orgasm slowly building deep at the base of my dick when a distant pounding sound and a ringing bell registered in my head. I kept moving faster trying to hurry and cum, but the sounds stopped.

“FUCK!” I yelled and hit the bed with my fist.

I flew up, yanked up my pants and moved quickly for the door. Luckily I caught the rental guys as they were getting back into the cars.

“Hey!” I waved to them. “Get your asses back here. Give me 2 minutes and I’ll be out to sign whatever.”

I went back to the room and Casey was on her back spread eagle, eyes closed and breathing like she ran a marathon.

“Hey no napping! Car’s here we have to go.” I said wrapping my hand around her ankle and pulling her towards the edge of the bed.

“You didn’t finish!” Her voice came out in a half moan half whine.

“I’m sure you can think of a creative way to make it up to me later, but now, we really have to go Casey.”

I grabbed my shirt and headed back out to load up the car and sign the paperwork for the car.

Five minutes later the guys were gone and Casey was stumbling out of the front door as I loaded up the last of the luggage.

“Let’s go beautiful.”

I opened the door for her and she fell into the car. I made my way to the driver’s side and she was turned facing me as I opened the door and got in.

“Mark, take down your pants.”

“Casey, baby we have to go.”

“So drive, but take down your pants first.” She said smiling.

“Ha, so what you’re going to blow me as I drive?” I laughed, giving her a huge grin as I started the car and pulled out of the drive.

She leaned over and started undoing my pants. “I want to take care of you and you said I could find a creative way to make it up to you. Are you telling me you don’t like road head?”

I looked over at her searching her face. “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yes batıkent escort I want to taste you; I want you to come in my mouth as you’re driving down the road.”

“Alright take the wheel for a second.” I said then lifted my butt up off the seat as she took charge of the steering. I pulled my pants down mid-thigh and sat back down. My cock was already hard as a rock and straining high up towards the ceiling. I took back control of the steering wheel and Casey leaned over; her head going straight into my lap and her warm hand wrapped around my eager cock.

For a moment she just sat there hovering over it, teasing me with the feel of her hot breath on the tip of my purple head. She panted lightly then took a deep breath before exhaling in a hard erotic rush, brushing her bottom lip lightly against the rim and I swear I felt the tiniest hint of her little tongue. My cock jerked in her hand and I thrust upward trying to push into her enticing mouth.

“Fuck Casey! Put your mouth on me baby, come on. Quit teasing me baby girl or I’m going to explode all over that pretty face of yours.”

I gripped the steering wheel tightly and then rolled my hands back and forth. I was staring at the road in front of me so I jumped in surprise when I felt her wet velvet mouth wrap around my throbbing head. Instinctively I thrust up into Casey’s mouth and hit the back of her throat making her gag. My right hand moved to the back of her head and I massaged her scalp digging my fingers into her soft silky hair.

I pulled her head up by her hair a little and then pushed it back down slowly. Casey was rolling her tongue left to right around my shaft as I guided her head. She seemed content for a minute to let me be in control of the pace and she focused on moving her hand to follow her lips as I fucked her mouth. A rousing moan echoed deep in her throat and she enthusiastically took over working up and down my cock. My fingers untangled from her hair and I brushed my hand down the middle of her back. I loved running my hands all over her fit little body.

She lifted her head all the way up pulling me out of her mouth. I looked down and Casey was looking up at me a teasing smile on her face and she stuck out her tongue at me. She had the cutest sassy look about her. Casually she maneuvered my cock so the slit at the head sat right against the tip of her tongue and she waited there for what seemed like forever before slowly pushing her tongue inside scantily wiggling and fucking it in and out.

I tried to keep my eyes trained on the road ahead of me, but every little movement she made with her mouth was so seductive I found I was glancing up more than I was glancing down. I made a mental decision I wasn’t going to look down again and focused on the driving.

“Casey this is one of the best blow jobs I’ve had in a long damn time, but baby you are going to have to quit playing around or you’re going to make me crash this damn car.”

Her lips closed fast around the tip and sucked me fast and deep down into her mouth. I could feel her throat relax as I inched back further and further.

“Oh fuck baby girl that’s what I’m talking about. Swallow me.”

I grabbed her hair tight between my fingers and clenched my ass cheeks. Her left hand took over at the base of my cock pumping up and down with her mouth. She sat up a bit resting her weight on her right forearm and inched her fingers down to massage my balls. Oh my God did this girl have a talented mouth. I didn’t even want to think about how she learned to give head like this. A tinge of jealousy hit me and I felt my muscles tense at the thought of Casey ever getting anywhere near another man. I heard a choking sound and realized I was holding her head down all the way on my cock. I let go and she pulled off for a minute before going back down setting a fast hard pace. Her left hand was tight and her right fingers were making their way to the underside of my ball sac. She kept that perfect steady pace and when she hallowed out her cheeks I felt my cum start to rise up my shaft.

“I’m going to cum Casey, don’t stop baby. Keep sucking me just like that and I’m going to cum in that perfect mouth of yours.”

She started pumping up and down faster and then squeezed my balls tight in her hands. It was the perfect amount of pressure and I erupted into her mouth with a loud groan. My hips rocked back and forth as I pumped my thick cum into her swallowing throat. It took all of my concentration to not drive off the side of the road as my orgasm tore through me. Finally my orgasm fell off and I relaxed into my seat stroking Casey’s hair and back.

“Give me a kiss beautiful.” I said pulling at her hair.

Casey sat up and leaned over kissing me tenderly on the lips.

“Thank you baby, that was amazing.” I said looking down into her eyes.

“You’re welcome!” Casey had a small she grin on her face that made me want to pull over and take her in the back seat even though she had just swallowed a bucket load of my cum.

She sat back in her seat and looked down at my phone.

“Hey you have a few messages.”

I looked down at my phone and saw I had a text and an email.

“Oh shit those are from Greg. I need to look at those right now. Do you mind driving for a bit?”

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