Pleasure before Business


On one side, Katie Spades. 32D cup, long ginger hair and hazel eyes to compliment it. A sexy body practically made of curves and a beautiful face like an angel. The woman of my dreams, and my boss. On the other side, me, Ciaran Lund. 7 inches, short brown hair and bright blue eyes. A slightly podgy stomach and less-than-average looks. Someone no woman could possibly dream about, but I was second only to Katie in the office.

Me and Katie had almost nothing in common, except that we both worked in the same office and lived on the same street. Katie was always a business before pleasure person whereas I always mixed the two together. We had regular contact, seeing that I was one step below her, but it was always about business. It was a strictly-business type of relationship, one that I hated being a part of. I didn’t expect for a moment that she felt the exact same way, not until Valentines Day 2008.

Everybody in the office had a cubicle that nobody could see inside-they were made of the same glass that limo windows are. I always kept mine locked so that nobody could enter unless they asked me first. Whenever I thought of Katie, and her awesome body, I could never stop moving my hand down and jacking off to the thought of fucking her. Until that day, I thought that I had no chance with her. Until that day, I thought that my fantasies about her were just that-fantasies.

I got a phone call from her while working on a spreadsheet. She said, in her crystal clear voice, to come down to her office as soon as possible. I finished off the spreadsheet with a little bit of dread in my heart-she sounded like she wanted to fire me. I trooped up to her office (one floor above mine) and knocked on her door with my heart hammering against my chest. “Come in” I heard her voice say, I opened the door and she greeted me with “Ah, Lund. You took your sweet time getting up here.”

“Sorry Miss Spades, I had a spreadsheet to finish off that predicted the direction our companes going to take next eryamanda yeni escortlar year.” I replied, closing the door and feeling a little annoyed. She always asked to be called Miss Spades to reinforce the fact that she put buisness first.

She smiled slightly “I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it predicted profits next year-but that’s not why I called you here. This is normally above you, but we need to make an exception for today.” she leaned forward, showing a little bit of cleavage in her shirt. “Unfortunately, Mr Aaron is off sick today and he needed to find something in the archives this afternoon. Since you’re probably the most perceptive person under this roof except Aaron, you need to find what he needed to.”

“What am I looking for?” I asked, averting my eyes from her cleavage as best I could. She didn’t lean forward like this often, which is why it was so hard not to look when she did.

“I’ve got the details here-” she informed me, handing me a small note “-and make sure you search everywhere in the archives. You know what the cleaners are like.”

I certainly did know what the cleaners were like. Especially since my papers ended up supposedly misplaced on a desk two floors below mine more than once. I had numerous words with them, the last of which one of them told me it was my problem, not theirs. He was rewarded with the sack for disorganization and sheer cheek.

I read the note, which told me I was looking for something that registered all employees since the end of 2001. “Just one register?” I thought to myself, as I walked down calmly to the archives in the basement “Easy.” I thought smugly. It wasn’t.

I had literally searched the archives for 1 and a half hours and I still couldn’t find the register. “Where the fuck is it?!” I asked myself, on the verge of giving in.

Then I heard footsteps, but I disregarded them as nothing-I had a job to do. It was only when the person behind me spoke that I paid attention. “Ciaran, I have the register sincan escort bayan here.” said a female voice, it echoed slightly in the massive room, which made it very difficult to tell who it was.

But the person handed me the register and I said “Yes, this is it!” It was then that I realized that it was Katie behind me.

“Ciaran.” she now spoke clearly, even in the echoey room. She pressed her front against my back and continued “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you staring? Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you looking all these years?”

“Miss Spades-” I started.

“Call me Katie.” she interrupted, pressing her body even harder against mine. I could feel her breasts pressed against my back, it was a strange yet wonderful sensation.

“Katie, how could I NOT look? You’re a woman hotter than a-” but I paused here, trying to find an appropiate metaphor to use for comparison.

She smiled in response “You know, you’re not so bad looking yourself. I won’t lie-I find you pretty damn handsome.” she whispered in my ear, moving a hand down to my crotch.

I felt my 7-incher twitch in my pants. “Is this really happening?” I thought to myself “Am I really going to fuck the woman of my dreams? The woman who I’ve fantasised about for 5 years?” The answer was given when she felt how hard I had gotten at her words.

“All fired up and ready to go? I like.” she commented, moving her hand into my pants and stroking my dick. It was an amazing feeling, she made sure to reach the very bottom of my dick before moving to the top and stroking it again.

I unbuttoned my shirt as she stroked my cock, she kissed my exposed neck and took off my belt with her other hand. My trousers fell to the floor of their own volition and I took off my pants as Katie started to undress herself. She started with her shirt, and I immediately saw that she had planned for this day-she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She took off her trousers and her panties while ankara escort I marvelled at her perfect body. Perfect isn’t an overstatment or an exaggeration-it was the truth. I stroked my cock to keep it rock hard before she got to her knees and stroked it herself again.

“You like this, don’t you?” she asked.

I didn’t need to give an answer, nor did she wait for one before licking the head of my hard dick. It seemed to swell slightly in response, and she started sucking it while massaging it with her tongue. It was pure bliss, it wasn’t my first time, but I knew that it would be my best.

She moved her lips further down my dick, circling it with her magic tongue, a moan escaped me and it seemed to sped her up. She took my dick in her mouth, inch by inch, and I knew that she was enjoying it as much as I was.

She reached the bottom of my cock and her tongue did all the work from there, I had just started breathing heavily when she took it out and told me “Don’t even think about it, we’re just getting started.” She was wearing a smile that made her look like she was plotting what to do next.

“Yes, Katie.” I breathed, barely able to believe that this was actually happening.

“Lie down, let me do the work.” She smiled at me.

I could see that woman-on-top was her favourite position, which was a coincidence-since it was mine as well. I lied down with my dick pointing straight into the air. She perched her pussy, dripping wet, on top of my dick, then thrust it into herself whole. I literally lost track of where I was or what was happening for a moment, all I knew in that split second of bliss was unimaginable pleasure.

She moved her body up and down my 7-inch cock, making sure to fill her pussy up with it on every push. She sped up and started moaning, I knew she was going to cum and I started panting slightly. She went even faster and within a minute I felt her shake all over and positively scream with delight as she came all over my dick.

It wasn’t even a minute later that I felt myself explode inside her sopping wet pussy. We looked at each other, with my dick still in her cunt, and smiled at each other, telling each other things that words cannot. There was nothing to be said, and we were too elated to say anything anyway.

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