Below is my second attempt at writing something creative. Hope you enjoy! Also it involves sexual things between two boys, so if you are not into this or it is illegal for you to have access to such content, please leave.

Being a treasure trove of all kinds of pervert and taboo stories that fuel our nightly fantasies on almost a regular basis, I am sure donating to such a wonderful source is only FAIR!. You can do so here it doesn”t take that long

Also note that these are all going to be short stories. Meaning they would portray a slice of life for different people in different stories. The central theme is incest in this one, but may change in other stories depending on my mood. Also I may decide to continue some of them if I find them interesting (and more relatable 🙂 )

As much as I want to write more, I just can”t seem to find time to do so. Hence a short chapter this time

Pleasure tool : Chapter 3

After satisfying himself and giving me a long kiss, Ron went to the bathroom. I just laid on the bed thinking about whatever just happened. “Was Ron gay?” , “No, perhaps bi”, ” But this is incest, as pure and unadulterated as it can be!” thoughts like that running through my head. But shit! that was one hell of a fuck session. Nothing I had ever experienced or done came close kocaeli escort bayan to it. Perhaps it was because of the “monster dick” he had? I still felt a bit sore though. He knew exactly what all points needed to be pressed to give me all that I needed, certainly didn”t seem a work of a novice. “Has he tried this with someone else?” and again my thoughts drifted to the different possibilities. I had a mountain of questions that needed answers but now was not the time. Perhaps sometime later.

Ron got out of the bath. He stared at me and then came to sit on the bed. He had dressed, while I was still naked, NAKED!, I suddenly felt embarrassed, despite the glaring and most obvious fact that I was just fucked.

“I am sorry Kyle, but.. Fuck!, yes I admit!!.. I have been experimenting with guys.. and when I saw you I just wanted it so bad! I am sorry..”

He genuinely felt sorry for giving me the most amazing experience?!. I could have tried to manipulate him then but I decided not to. I hugged him and assured that whatever happened would not be known to anyone else, to which he thanked me and said sorry again.

“Ron, please don”t be guilty. I didn”t want to admit it.. but that was the most amazing fuck I had ever received” I said out.


I nodded.

“So do you prefer to bottom?”

kocaeli sınırsız escort

“Not really, but I might try after today” I answered honestly, perhaps a bit too honest. Ron grinned. I told him I needed to clean up and went for the bathroom. “Fuck! I should have asked more about him” I thought not knowing when the next chance would come. After I took a bath, I went down and saw Ron sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Do you know when mom and dad would be back?”

“Not for the next two hours”

It was already 10 though. I didn”t feel sleepy as I had already slept in the evening. I seated beside Ron. Seduction was not my thing as I knew not many men would take it in the intended way. He was watching some football match. And admittedly TV was the furthest thing from my attention. I kept stealing glances of Ron and I thought he noted it too as he moved his hand to my thighs slowly caressing it. I was getting hard again. He slowly crept near to me. Damn! I was hard again. I couldn”t contain it as I let my hands explore his body. I took off his shirt and he grinned and then we kissed like some horny couple making out on there first date in some deserted spot. I was instantly reminded of how good a kisser he was. I let my hands roam his perfectly shaped abs and stomach until I felt his throbbing izmit anal yapan escort dick. It was HUGE and hot. I thought we would have another fuck.

Ron grabbed my shorts and I got up and helped him to pull them down. My cock, though nowhere near his dimensions, was decently sized (8 inches). He got up and sat near my feet. “Is he going to suck me?” I thought, but I didn”t have to wait long as he soon took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me up and down. There was no way he hadn”t done this before like 20 times. I never felt myself approaching orgasm as quickly. I tried to stop him, but his sucking was as relentless as his fucking. I could only moan and look at his head bobbing up and down. I grunted and then the inevitable happened, I came in his mouth. It seemed every new experience I was having was surpassing the previous ones. I thought that he would fuck me now, to which I wouldn”t have mind, but he didn”t. He simply got up and kissed me as we shared my cum back and forth until he swallowed it.

“I could at least do that much”

“Please don”t think like that, I enjoyed it as much as you did, maybe perhaps even more” I said and grinned.

“You are one hot piece Kyle”

“I know” I said with a chuckle. The rest of the time we just cuddled together on the couch with him spooning me. It was really nice and comforting. Time to time he would nibble on my ears or kiss my neck and I would reciprocate back.

“So how long have you been with guys?” I managed to ask finally.

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