Pleasures on Washington Street–Part Two

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Pleasures on Washington Street–Part TwoLunchtime at the Pleasures on Washington Street usually presents the hottest opportunities for steamy, hard sex, so I dropped in today to see what might be going on. I paid my fee, signing the bottom of my receipt with a promise that I would not engage in any overt sexual activity—Ha! Once back in the arcade, I passed a few guys hanging around in the dark while I went to the back to check out the large booths. All three had their doors closed, so I began to look for other action.One guy leered at me and then groped my ass as I passed. So I backed into him and proceeded to grind myself against him. He reached around to feel up my tits which was pretty hot, so I slid my hand back and groped his meat through his jeans. He felt my dick the same way; in order to make it easier for him I pulled it out and started stroking it right there in the hallway. When another pretty good looking guy walked by, I made sure I bumped him with my hip. Since he rubbed up against me, I broke illegal bahis off my first encounter and followed guy number two. He went to stand by the wall, so I stepped into a glory hole booth by him and stroked my dick some more. But he didn’t move, and I decided to look elsewhere.When I got to the back of the arcade again, I noticed the door of one of the large booths partially open with a guy on his knees obviously giving a blow job. I slid into the booth, joining the blond blower and dark-haired blowee. Later I figured out that the guy giving the blow job enjoys three-way action. That was good; so do I.Both of the booths occupants were just about totally naked, so I stripped, too. They took notice of my eight incher cock which became the subject of the kneeling cocksucker’s attention. The kneeler stood up and I kissed him deeply and then leaned over to begin sucking his cock. Then I moved on to the second guy’s cock for a taste. He then surprised me by dropping down to take both available cocks in his illegal bahis siteleri mouth before I moved behind the blond guy to rub my cock on his ass while I groped his furry chest. He didn’t seem too interested in ass play so I was surprised a bit later to get a finger back to his hole and find it all lubed up. About then the dark-haired guy left and the blond guy confessed that the other one had come in the blond guy’s hand who then rubbed it on his own hole. Pretty hot. I leaned back on the bench and let the blond guy fuck my face. He was going at it pretty well and produced some tasty pre-cum for me, but then said he wanted to go out and look for another third and to get something to drink. So he dressed and went out but not before noticing a full tube on lube on the floor which he pick up and put on a chair.Once he left, I positioned myself at the door and almost immediately a younger and somewhat effeminate guy came in to join me. He locked the door, saying he wanted me for himself. He canlı bahis siteleri had a pair of the most delicious nipples that I’ve ever sucked regardless of sex—hard centers and wide dark areolas. Both of us were getting off on my sucking them while he fondled my big meat. But his intent was to get fucked. Normally I don’t fuck much in booths, but by this time I was really horny, so I reached for that left behind tube of lube and squeezed out a dollop. I lubed up my cock as he turned around and bent over. My dick slid right in his warm, soft pussy with little resistance. For me, a tight asshole is over-rated; give me a wet, loose one any day. As I gently fucked him, there was a slight knocking at the door. Pussy boi didn’t want any competition, but I felt that since it was my dick in his ass, I was calling the shots; so I unlocked the door. My blond friend came back in, delighted to see what was going on and dropped to his knees in order to feel my balls and suck the dick of the other guy. After a while, I pulled out and finished myself off with my hand. The blond guy wanted my jizz on his chest, so I gave him what he wanted. As I dressed to leave, the blond guy was bent over having his own lubed ass pumped. Hot action that was worth signing up for.

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