Plundering Rose


It was on a rainy, chilly afternoon in late January when I met Rose for lunch, ended up back at my place for a couple drinks, and fucked her ass for the first time. We’d been flirting at work for weeks, which graduated to even more flirtatious text messages, and then the offer to meet for a late lunch that Thursday. You’d even texted me a rather sexy pic from the ladies room, which teased your tanned C cup cleavage, lacy bra with a hint of hard nipples and puckered areolas. I had replied back that I wanted to see the matching thong. Rose had then texted: Maybe you’ll see more than that later. 😉

Rose and I worked in the same building but different departments, so while we didn’t work together we saw each other frequently, in the halls, or usually on our lunch breaks. She was newer, but I’d been immediately attracted to her physically: five three, green eyes and long straight brown hair, full lips, tanned skin, and for someone relatively petite, sizable bust. And hips and ass to match. But her personality was what grabbed my attention equally to her striking beauty. She always said what was on her mind, whether the boss was being a total dick, or the book I’d been reading on break looked pretty freaky, but cool.

That’s when we first met, a few months ago. She walked into the break room as I finished my ham sandwich, my attention focused on the Stephen King novel, but my attention diverted to the clack of her heels on the linoleum and the heady, subtle flowery fragrance of her perfume wafting into my nostrils. She sat down across from me with her lunch and we’d started a conversation about our day, books, and after I’d mentioned being a writer, and Rose expressed an interest in hearing more, we’d begun our friendship. It hadn’t taken very long for the flirting to start.

A few days later, after exchanging phone numbers, I’d emailed Rose one of my short stories, which I’d warned her was pretty dark, not to mention fairly erotic. But she’d read it and said it was good. She offered a few bits of feedback, which earned her brownie points for not giving me a glowing review for just liking me as a work colleague. She’d been honest, genuine, although admitted to not being as big a book reader like she’d been when she was younger.

Rose had also texted back, late that night, that some of the sex scenes in my story, had made her hot. Especially one in particular. I knew which one she meant, and I’d be lying if reading that text, while in bed in just a T shirt and boxers, hadn’t made my cock hard. My mind conjured up an image of Rose also in bed, scantily clad or even naked, and aroused by my story.

Fuck, I wanted Rose from that point on, and our intense teasing back and forth, mostly via text messages, had commenced. We flirted at work, but carefully, mostly professionally, as workplace relationships were strictly prohibited. What two people did outside of work was no one’s business, right?

The office was closing early that Thursday because the owner was having most of the building repainted, so he let everyone go early, and of course we had Friday off. After making sure all the departments had moved desks and filing cabinets away from walls, covered up desktop computers with tarps, we all cut out for a long weekend. Rose and I had other plans. We’d been talking about trying out the new Mexican place down the street, and by the time we dodged the steady fall of chilly rain to get inside, we were starving and craving something to drink to ease our nerves. Rose eryamandaki escortlar ordered a traditional margarita, and I got a beer. We shared a bowl of chips and salsa, hands and knees brushing against each other, talked and laughed, but not flirting really, although I could see it just behind her green eyes. It was barely there, but I could tell. She wanted me, but I wondered if she could detect the same restrained lust for her coming from me?

Halfway through our lunch, Rose said, “Let’s finish up and go back to your place. But I want to stop on the way for more drinks…unless you have stuff.”

I told her I did, and what, and she said that’d work for her. I offered to let her ride with me to my place, but what she said next, as we prepared to leave the restaurant, made my cock throb and ache in anticipation.

“That’s sweet, but I’ll follow you. Besides,” she said with a wink, “if I stay the night, it’d be much easier if my car was there, don’t you think?”

Needless to say, from that point on I could hardly contain my simmering lust for Rose. By the time we got to my town home apartment, and fetched two icy cold bottles of beer from the fridge, Rose had removed her jacket and stood perusing my stuffed bookcases in my living room. She smiled and sipped her beer after we clicked bottles in mutual cheers, and settled to sit on the adjoining sofa. She downed nearly all her beer in three swallows, put down the empty on the coffee table, and reached for me. My gaze traveled from her tight short sleeved sweater shirt to her slender toned legs half-revealed under a knee length skirt. She wore stylish brown leather boots.

Still holding my half empty bottle, we embraced and kissed. No tentative lips touching, but full on passionate and hungry kisses, tongue probing, lashing, tasting and devouring. Rose wrapped her forearms around my neck, fingering the longish locks of my hair, pulling me down onto her. I pulled away to place my bottle on the edge of the table and she leaned down to unzip her boots. She wore no socks and her tanned toenails were painted burgundy red like her fingernails. She grinned lasciviously, licking her lips as her gaze fixed on the obvious bulge under my khakis.

“Mmmm, someone’s excited,” she purred. She leaned back against the cushions, parting her skirted thighs, teasingly pulling it up above her thighs, but barely concealing the delicious view beneath.

“How about you find out about my thong now, Kevin?”

Grinning, I leaned over, my hands rubbing the tops of her feet and sliding under to caress her shapely calves. Rose moaned as my fingers brushed over her thighs, pushing them further apart and her skirt rode up higher, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of her tourqoise colored thong.

“Mmmm, baby,” she cooed huskily. Her hips moved, beckoning me.

I shoved the skirt up to her lap and immediately noted the dampened patch of silken thin material where her fleshy pussy lay barely clothed. She was very wet already and her musky sweet scent made my cock twinge against my boxer briefs.

My hands framed the inverted V of her wet sex, pressing slightly, and as she moaned and writhed against me, I deftly slipped my fingers under the thong to peel it aside. Her inner labia lips were fleshy and full, ruffled and a bit darker in flesh tone than her pinkish outer lips. Rose was completely shaved.

“Eat me, Kevin.”

Eagerly, I obliged her, and lowered my face to run my tongue along those luscious lips, up and etimesgut bayan escort down and swirling around her swollen clit, lapping at her, probing inside. My chin and cheeks became slick with her sweet juices, but I didnt care because I was utterly absorbed in pleasuring her with my tongue. I sucked her lips into my mouth until she grabbed my shoulders.

“My turn, baby, show me that big hard cock,” Rose muttered, her eyes half lidded with her arousal. Gently but firmly, she pushed me back and I quickly unbuckled my belt and tugged down my zipper, and Rose helped pull me pants down and off. My cock strained hugely at my underwear, already forming at quarter sized damp spot from my own arousal.

Rose reached up and slid down the waistband and my thick erect member bobbed out. Her fingers cupped it, closing around it to stroke me up and down and around my swollen cockhead, and gliding along the underside to cup my full, heavy balls. Thankfully, I’d groomed myself recently.

She leaned down and opened her mouth, engulfing me completely, sucking me in all the way, licking and sucking slowly, savoring every taut, veined inch. I gasped, my hands grasping her head, sinking into her long hair. She moved her mouth and lips and mouth over me with expert precision, making her own noises despite her delicious mouth being quite full, and those vibrations only enhanced the act. I slid one hand beneath, fingering her drenched pussy as she devoured my cock…

…and suddenly she released me with an audible pop, pushing up to her knees and straddling me, and before I could resist, not that I would, Rose reached around behind her heart shaped ass and guided me inside. Simultaneously we groaned as one, the fit slick and tight and perfect.

To say she fucked me and I just sat there and enjoyed it wasn’t true, not entirely, at first. After about a minute or two of her pumping up and down, my hands grasping her hips and ass, I moved them around and under her sweater, deftly pushing up her bra to cup her C cup breasts, pinching and tweezing her erect nipples. She paused for a moment to yank off both garments, dropping them to the floor with my own, as I’d removed my long sleeved shirt and undershirt. She resumed riding me but harder as I squeezed her tits, as tan and luscious as the rest of her, and then craned my head forward to suck and lick them.

Thrusting up to meet her down thrusts, I knew if we continued this I’d cum soon, and I could tell she was close herself, although I did wonder if she’d cum once before when I went down on her minutes ago. She’d still wore her tiny thong, but had it peeled to one side as she fucked me.

Rose stopped and climbed off, tugging me up off the couch.

“On the floor, Kevin,” she panted. “Fuck me doggy style, baby…but take my thong off first.”

I let her lead me around the coffee table to the carpet in front of it and promptly lowered myself to my knees behind her. Rose had already got on her hands and knees, her thong clad ass facing me. I reached to grab her hips and ass, realizing in my haste to fuck her that I hadn’t removed her thong yet. As I grabbed the tiny strip around her waist to pull it down, I noticed the slight protrusion right where her anus would be.

“Take it off, but I should warn you first” she purred. “I’m wearing something, ever since lunch. I put it in me when I went to the ladies room.”

I knew what it was, or had pretty good idea, as I slid the ankara escort right silken blue-green thong down her thighs. The blunt, flared end of a bright pink butt plug poked an inch or two out of Rose’s pinkish red puckered anus. I’d never been with anyone who’d used one before, but obviously I’d seen those sex toys before. Before she reached around to grab it gently with her right hand, my cock ached to fuck her tight firm ass. It had been years since I’d been with a woman who loved anal.

“After I take this out, baby,” Rose said in a low tone dripping with lust, “I want your cock in my ass. But rub my pussy juice on your cock and my ass. I’m so wet!”

Rose had been right about that. When she’d been straddling me, I could feel her warm wetness soaking my lap, my thighs, squelching as my cock speared her. Her honeyed fluids glistened on my flesh.

She deftly removed the toy and placed it on the table like a tiny pink missile. I noted how her anus looked a bit looser than normal, but still tight, and I moaned. Reaching down with my right hand, my other hand holding her left hip, I rubbed her fleshy pussy, smearing her viscous juices over my fingers. Curling my fingers, I scooped up as much as I could and rubbed them over her ass, probing my thumb tip in to grease it up, too. Rose quivered, her whole body tense but eager for me.

“Fuck my ass, Kevin…plunder me, please!”

I grasped my still erect cock in my right hand and nudged my big cockhead against her slippery ass cleft, pushing slightly. My glans was twice the size of that sweet, tight aperture, and I didn’t want to hurt her using too much force. I pushed a bit harder, and the fleshy resistance gave way and my hard cock slipped into her ass nearly halfway.

We both gasped. Rose groaned, and hissed, “Mmm, fuck yes!”

“Fuck, Rose, your ass feels so good,” I panted, beginning to slowly and fluidly move my hips. My hands clenched her tanned ass cheeks to spread them apart as my thick cock plunged all the way to the hilt, then smoothly back out almost all the way to my crown.

“Mmmmm, fuck yes, baby, harder, please, fuck my ass hard!”

Gritting my teeth and hoping I wouldn’t cum too quickly, I pumped her ass as she begged me, my eyes fixed on that sweet, hot juncture, my taut and rigid manflesh bulging with veins and slick with her juices. My full, heavy balls slapped against her, feeling her hand caress my sack as she vigorously massaged her drenched pussy, fingering herself and stimulating her engorged clit. She grunted and cried out as I pummeled her, again and again, shoving her body across the carpet with my thrusts, her head tossing back as she arched her back.

I released my right hand and grabbed a handful of her long brown hair, glinting with auburn highlights, and pulled on it, not too hard, and she yelped gutturally, pushing back against me. She was completely getting off on this, so I let go of my left hand and spanked her left ass cheek, then the right, back and forth, leaving deep red hand prints as I fucked her ass with like a piston.

Suddenly, she shrieked, her body quaking and I felt her pussy gush, squirting fluid against my balls and upper thighs, and I could no longer hold off my own orgasm. I cried out hoarsely, grinding into her and shot load after copious hot cum load deep into her anal recesses.

Eventually, limbs trembling with the sweet and hot release, we collapsed on the carpet in a sweaty, tangled heap. We let our heart rate and breathing relax. Rose poked me with her elbow.

“Hey stud, how about you show me where your shower is,” she cooed. “Maybe take a short nap, then we’ll fuck some more. If you feel up to it, that is.”

I grinned at Rose, propping myself up on one elbow. I kissed her.

How could I say no to that?

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