Poker Night Ch. 02


“Daddy,” Kelly asked in her sweetest voice, I knew instantly that she wanted something.

“Yes sweetheart,” I asked dreading what could come out of her mouth next.

“You know how it is your turn for the poker night soon?” Kelly asked leaving me to wonder where this was going.

“Yeah, I remember, what’s on your mind?” I responded attempting to get this conversation on track.

“Well I was telling my friend Minttu about it,” Kelly spoke.

“What did I tell you about telling anyone?” I spoke in a firm voice.

“I’m sorry daddy, it’s just that I was so excited and she is my BFF,” Kelly spoke in her sweet voice again.

Minttu has been her friend for many years, she is originally from Finland and at 22 has blossomed into a good looking woman she has beautiful long dark hair, sexy chocolate brown eyes. Her smooth brown skin gives her a sexy exotic look. Minttu is a curvaceous and sexy woman; she stands 166cm and weighs about 62kg. I have found myself more then once stating at her 36B bust. My mind was racing with the possibility of getting to fuck her, or the possibility of watching her and my 21 year old daughter Kelly.

“Well when I told her about it, she asked if she and her dad Timo could join in?” Kelly continued.

I have met Timo on a few occasions, he is would be in his early to mid 40’s and 182cm and 105kg darker skinned and short dark hair. I felt a little uneasy about letting him into the group, but I find it impossible to resist my little princess.

“You can invite both Minttu and Timo over and we will see what happens from there okay,” I responded with reluctance.

Kelly let out a girlish squeal, and gave me a big hug; it was hard not to feel her bust press against me as she squeezed me tight. I watched her ass as she ran up the stairs to her room, no doubt to call Minttu and tell her the news.

Lisa had organized a girl’s night out for the Friday, leaving me to entertain Timo and Minttu. I was a little disappointed but if things work out okay I anticipated more opportunities for Lisa to join in the fun would arise.

Kelly was fluttering about like a busy bee on the Friday afternoon, unable to contain herself, on more then one occasion I reminded her that nothing is certain, and that she shouldn’t get her hopes up too high. Although I admit that her smile was intoxicating and I was excited about the opportunity to see Minttu in all her glory. Kelly came down the stairs wearing a white singlet top and a pair of tight jeans, her long hair spun as she twirled about for me to see, as I was about to comment on how lovely she looked we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Kelly ran to the door and greeted Minttu and Timo, I followed behind and I caught sight of Minttu first, she had put blonde streaks through her ataşehir escort bayan thick dark hair. She stood in the door way with a huge smile on her pretty face, she wore a dark brown low cut singlet top exposing a deep sexy cleavage her midriff was exposed; she wore faded black jeans and a thick white belt. My eyes were instantly drawn to her cleavage, but soon I was unable to stop staring at her dark sexy eyes. I pulled myself away to actually greet them. Timo and I exchanged a firm masculine handshake while Kelly and Minttu hugged and kissed each other on the check. Minttu and I as well as Timo and Kelly exchanged handshakes.

As soon as they entered the house Kelly and Minttu disappeared upstairs while Timo and I made our way to the kitchen, Timo and I shared a beer and general chit chat before the girls came down stairs very giggly. They pulled up a seat each at the table; Timo and I were each flanked by the girls. You could feel an uneasy tension in the room, we all wanted the same thing but no one was game to make the first move. So we sat and continued our general chit chat.

I felt Kelly’s hand riding up my thigh, her slender fingers brushing against my ever swelling cock tip, I was finding it hard to concentrate, and then I felt Minttu’s hand gliding up my other thigh. My cock was starting to throb as both women rubbed my thighs and toyed with my cock. I could see by the expression on Timo’s face that he was getting the same treatment.

“Daddy, why don’t you show Minttu that big juicy cock of yours?” Kelly asked in a sultry tone.

“Yes, please let me see that cock of yours,” Minttu asked.

“Minttu, you are the guest, why don’t you offer something first?” Timo spoke to Minttu in a stern tone in before I could stand up.

Without another word, Minttu pulled her top over her head and revealed her firm but soft breasts, her areola a nice brown tinge and sitting in the middle erect tan nipples ripe for the sucking. I was ready to release my throbbing cock when Minttu stood up, unbuckled her belt and slid her jeans down her sexy thighs, my jaw dropped as I caught sight of her tight bald pussy

Minttu then reached down and unzipped my fly; my cock sprang forth through the slit in my boxer shorts. Minttu’s soft hand wrapped around my shaft and she began to slowly stroke me. Meanwhile Kelly and Timo had stood up to get a better view of the action, Kelly slowly lifted her singlet top to expose her bust, her areola and nipples were a light pink in comparison to Minttu.

I watched as Kelly removed her jeans and exposed her pussy with a thin well manicured strip of hair, before I could focus on Kelly and Timo, Minttu slipped my cock between her plump lips, the warm saliva and soft lips caught my attention instantly. I watched escort kadıköy as Minttu slowly bobbed up and down on my thick shaft. I felt her broad tongue as it wrapped around my shaft and flicked across the tip of my cock. With each bob my cock sunk deeper into her mouth, the slurping sounds did nothing to calm me either.

I caught a glimpse of Kelly slowly removing Timo’s pants, I was able to see his thick shaft and purple head that seemed brighter in contrast to his darker skin. I wanted to watch Minttu bob up and down on my cock, but I also wanted to watch my little princes work her magic on Timo; I made a snap decision to pay attention to the lovely lady that was sucking my cock. I looked down as she was looking up into my eyes. Seeing her dark sexy eyes peering up as she took my cock was an erotic sight.

Before I was able to cum, Minttu slowed down to a complete stop, she left me for a second as I regained my composure, then she stood up and sat in my lap, I felt her moist pussy as it brushed against my cock tip. Every fiber of my being wanted to push my cock deep past her pussy lips and deep inside her pussy and feel it contract around my shaft. Minttu slowly gyrated in my lap; I felt her pussy grind against my cock. Each of her light moans causing my cock to swell a little more.

Past Minttu, Kelly was still bobbing up and down on Timo, I could see that he was focused on her, he bit his bottom lip, and I knew that he would soon fill her mouth with cum. I heard him grunt and moan and Kelly slurp, and I knew that he was shooting his load.

“Why don’t you go and shoot your cum inside Kelly too?” Minttu asked as she got out of my lap.

“I want to taste your cum as well as daddy’s cum from her mouth,” Minttu continued.

That was all I needed to hear, I quickly moved over to Kelly and Timo and jerked my cock, within seconds I could feel the hot cum spurting out into Kelly’s mouth, Kelly caught all of it and held it in her mouth with the cum from Timo. As I felt the last drops fall from my tingling tip, I could see Minttu moving in next to Kelly.

As I stood back, both Timo and I watched as Kelly and Minttu kissed, I could hear the sounds of the saliva and cum being swapped between both women. My cock began to stir as I watched them kiss for several minutes, as they broke the kiss; it was clear that all the semen was swallowed between both women. Timo and I had to pick our chins up off the ground.

“Not sure about you, but I’m ready again?” Timo commented as he stroked his cock.

“That’s good daddy, because I’m ready too,” Minttu responded as she reached up towards Timo’s cock.

Minttu got on her hands and knees in front of Timo, meanwhile Kelly positioned herself the same, both Kelly and Minttu faced each other while maltepe escort Timo and I were behind our respective daughter. Without a word Timo slid his cock inside his daughter, I could see by the expression on Minttu’s face that she enjoyed the feeling of the cock sinking deep into her pussy.

“Come on daddy!” Kelly turned and looked up at me.

I gave myself one last tug to ensure I was hard and good to go, then I slipped the tip between her pussy lips, Kelly let out a gasp, I continued to work my cock deep inside her pussy. I looked up and could see both Timo and Minttu were looking on at both of us with great interest.

As my cock sunk deep inside Kelly I watched as Timo began to rock back and forth, I followed his lead and began to rock back and forth inside Kelly, as Timo picked up the pace so did I, the room was filled with the sloppy sounds of skin slapping skin as well as the moans and groans of four adults in the midst of fucking.

With each down thrust I reached around and rubbed against Kelly’s 34C bust, Timo followed and with each thrust reached around to Minutt’s 36B bust, each time both Kelly and Minttu let out girly giggles.

As the pace picked up we both stopped reaching around to grope our daughters breasts, I held on to Kelly’s waist and proceeded to fuck her as hard and fast as I could, Timo was fucking Minttu equally as hard, I could see her breast” swinging with the motion, and only imagined that Timo had the same view of Kelly.

I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew that at any moment I was going to erupt deep inside my daughter’s pussy. Timo was still going, and didn’t look fussed at all. The sounds of both Kelly and Minttu moaning and groaning did nothing to help my situation, my balls tightened and I could feel my toes begin to curl, and before I could warn Kelly, my balls erupted, ropes of hot cum shot from my cock deep inside Kelly, just as I thought I was done, more cum spurted from my cock. Kelly moaned and clenched her pussy tight around my shaft, milking the last drops of cum from my depleted ball sack. As I regained my composure I slowly removed my cock from her pussy, I watched as a small amount of cum ran from her pussy.

Timo and Minttu were still going at it, with each thrust I could hear Timo’s balls slap against Minttu’s ass, Timo was grunting and groaning while Minttu was letting out light moans, it was clear by the facial expressions that both were in ecstasy, and both were nearing orgasm.

“Please cum on my tits daddy?” Minttu begged in a sexy voice.

Timo pulled his cock out, and Minttu quickly rolled over, Timo pumped his wet cock a couple of times then I watched as he let out a deep groan and ejaculated rope after rope of cum splashing over Minttu’s sexy bust. By the time he was done, her chest glistened. Minttu rubbed the semen in, completely covering her breasts; she paid special attention to her erect nipples.

“Timo, you are more then welcome to come and play with Kelly and me,” I said to Timo after we had cleaned up and he and Minttu headed out the door.

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