PollyNon FictionI was working a construction site doing some HVAC work. The general contractor was a golfing buddy and this was the first time we worked together.He was doing an addition to a farm house and Polly was the owner. She is very outspoken and to the point. Jack told me in the time he was working there she expressed more than a business interest in him and he kept telling her he was happily married. Knowing his wife as I did, she would have done a Lorraine Bobbick on him in a heart beat had she found out.One day, while having lunch, Polly came out to us madder than all get out. She had a bag in her hands and went off on her boyfriend. The bag contained numerous men’s magazines. Keep in mind, this was in a time before the internet. Let me describe Polly. 5′ 9″, short brown, hair slim figure with big full breasts which she regularly made everyone aware of with her tight shirts and skimpy lacy bras, when she wore one.As she was going off on her boyfriend she asked us why he would do this to her. She loved sucking his cock and would do anything sexually he wanted. She proceeded to refer to him as anything but human and after she spouted off, she went inside, put all his clothes in trash bags, his other stuff in boxes and took them to the end of her driveway with a sign for him to find another place to store his smut!She calmed down a bit later that afternoon and when we were cleaning up for the day, she brought us each a beer and apologized for her actions. Jack stayed quiet but I said no worries as it was his problem and not hers. She asked me if I was married and I said nope. Been there done that and I like my freedom. She smiled and after the beer, we both went on our way.Jack called me later to ask me to stay away from her for fear she would do a harassment thing and not get paid. I told him our friendship was worth more than a piece of ass. Besides, his wife would kill me! We finished the job and everyone was happy. illegal bahis I got a service call to go to her place a couple weeks later as her AC was not working correctly. I got there at 8:00 am the next morning and had to go into her basement to check out the blower unit. I went down her cellar steps, blower on the left and her washer/dryer in front of me. She came down the steps in her pj’s with only 2 buttons fastened at the top. I could not help but notice and immediately said “Polly I appreciate the attraction and under other circumstances I would not hesitate to make a pass at you. But, this could get me in trouble as I had other service calls to make”. With that, she bent over to pick up her basket and she noticed my eyes looking at her tits. Very full and her nipples were already aroused. I looked at a bra she had laying on a table next to the washer and it said 36D. Damn that is nice I thought. Well, it was not a silent thought and she smiled as she stood up with no buttons fastened and partially exposed tits. I again told her i had other calls to make and she told me the AC was fine. It is her box that needs cooling off. She saw the bulge in my shorts and she said she I needed cooling off as well. With that, she got on her knees, undid my belt slowly as well as unbutton them, pulled down my zipper and saw how hard i was. She leaned back a bit and asked me to slowly take them off. I did as asked and she removed her shirt playing with her now enormous tits, licking her fingers and twisting her nipples with them. She then asked me to slowly remove my brief underwear. When my cock popped out, she moved closer and took me in her mouth, slowly sucking on me. She would suck the head a bit, lick underneath and then take me fully into her mouth. She grabbed my ass and moved me in and out of her mouth, moaning and wanting more. She stood up, grabbed her clothes and told me to follow her up the stairs to her bed. I grabbed illegal bahis siteleri my clothes and we went to her bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and called my boss to tell him the AC was fine as a breaker had tripped due to a storm we had the night before. She asked if she could borrow me for 30 minutes to help her move some stuff in the barn and my boss said sure. Just make sure I got to the next call on time.She got undressed and picked up where she left off. She had me rock hard and I stopped her before I blew my load in her mouth and pushed her down on the bed. She looked at me somewhat puzzled and I told her I had day dreams of this and please allow me to do this. She spread her legs and I was amazed at how wet she was. As she never had any k**s, she was tight and felt really good. I went slow at her request and moved inside her a little at a time until my cock filled her. After a few slow strokes, her hips moved a little faster and she said “pound my pussy. Fuck me hard. I am ready”. I did as she requested and before long, she came hard and her hands where still on my ass wanting more. Within what seemed like seconds, she came again and I was near shooting my load when she stopped, told me to get on the bed and said she wanted it on her tits. She got down on her knees with my legs over the side, and put my cock between her tits and started fucking me. A few times she spit between her tits for lubrication and continued fucking me until my pumping got faster. She asked if I waned to cum and I told her yes, yes yes…..don’t stop now……with that, she looked down watching the head of my cock coming in and out of her tits and when I told her I am going to cum, she watched as load after load shot out, trying to catch it in her mouth. We both needed a shower and as we where washing each other she asked if my daydreaming was as expected. I said almost and with that, I got on my knees and sucked her clit till canlı bahis siteleri she came one more time. She went berserk on me and I thought she would fall over when she came. Still holding my head between her legs, she told me that was her daydream.A year later I was working at a job site 3 houses down from Polly. We had been doing a renovation/add on to a home with about 8 workers there all the time. Plumber’s, carpenters and HVAC people. I was there to do some plumbing work and my first job was to dismantle the piping under the kitchen sink. I was there solo with my company and my boss told me what needed to be done, so I went right to it.I was under the sink, lower torso extending out and after a few minutes I felt a bump on my legs and gave it no thought. A few seconds later, I felt it again and looked out to see the foreman making hand gestures to come out. I came out and was motioned outside. I had no idea what was going on and followed his lead. While on my way outside, I noticed the owner of the house walking around in a teddy.Some people look good in teddy’s. And some do not. She was the latter. Lets say her best years where pasted a few decades back. She paraded around the work area inspecting things. I right away knew this lady wanted a freebie and was hoping someone would do or say something inappropriate. My personal assessment was simple. What she was advertising was like a pamphlet for North Korea. Everyone knows where is it at, but no one in their right mind want’s to go there.After a few calls, we went back to work as the husband was notified of the work stoppage. End of the day, I was cleaning up and loading my truck when Polly pulled up and when she saw me she came over and gave me a hug and a tug. Apparently she was friends with the owners and she wanted to see the progress on their home. She was getting the dime tour and I looked up to see her and the owner looking at me and giggling a bit. I felt the need to hurry up and get the flock out of there. Polly had other thoughts. She asked me if I had time to check out her furnace. I could not deny the request and she said goodbye to her friend, hopped in her car and off we went for another good time.

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