“Poodle Girl” and the Rainstorm

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I love running. It’s the endorphins, really. They are an addiction to those of us who enjoy it. It keeps me in shape and the charity races are always fun. Every week I run at a certain park. It has wide paths, fields of seasonal wildflowers, and shade trees. Just like a gym or a bar, there are regulars. They are the people you see ever week or so with their dogs, children, and their cells phones.

Many people walk at the park while talking on their cell phones. That is what “Poodle Girl” does. I see her just about every day. She is a beautiful sight: dark, straight hair with soft highlights cut in a very trendy bob, medium brown mocha skin, and French manicured nails. I notice her nails because she waves at me. She wears fashionable sportswear complete with running shoes all to walk her black poodle and talk on her cell phone. Every time I see her she is on her cell phone. I had never seen her eyes. They were always hidden behind the large, trendy sunglasses she has. That is until the day it stormed.

It’s summer in the southwest; it is mostly hot and sunny. We joke that we get our monthly rain in ONE afternoon because it comes down so hard and fast. It was on that afternoon I was jogging thinking I can bang out some miles before the skies opened up. I passed Poodle Girl going the opposite direction as me a few miles into my run. Her cell phone was in one hand, her dog’s leash in the other. I smiled and waved as we passed her two fingers on the dog leash waved back. I kept going to my ½ way point, turned around to go back, and then heard the loud crack of thunder. The dark clouds were moving fast in the wind. It was time to get back, fast.

I sped up. More thunder, then the rain caught up to me like a wave at the beach. And down it came. The cool rain felt good, but the lighting and thunder were a concern. As I rounded a curve I recognized the black poodle on orange leash heading towards me on the path. I blocked her path which caused her to slow down enough for me to scoop up. This dog was shaking and my words of reassurance were only slightly helping. Thunder cracked again as lightning lit up the trees around me. I felt some warmth on my shin. Dam it! I held the dog out away from me and discovered she was a girl. My good deed for the day was rescuing this scared, peeing dog. But it was Poodle Girl’s dog. And as I held this scared peeing pet at arms length away from me Poodle Girl rounded the curve, moving faster than I have ever seen her move.

She ran up and took her dog from me. “Thank you so much, she is scared of thunder.” “You are welcome, I could tell, good thing she is light”, I replied smiling. Lightning flashed and the ground shook with thunder. Little black paws started flailing and soon she was free again. This time she headed at full speed down a dirt trail that headed slightly downhill. Poodle Girl and I glance at one another, shared a shocked look and together gave chase. I knew this trail, it went downhill a short distance before it entered a thicket with a small covered park pavilion under whose concrete picnic table we found a wet, shaking dog. Just as we got under the pavilion the rain came down harder with a deafening roar. All around us the rain came down in sheets. All canlı bahis three of us were soaked to the bone. With a bit of irony, I pulled one of my water bottles from my hydration belt.

“Does she need any water? I think she lost it all on the trail when I caught her. She let loose her bladder on me.” I looked down at my leg that was not washed “clean” from the rain. Poodle Girl looked appalled.

“I’m sorry, I think she is ok. She likes to be under something during a storm and I think this table is helping her. Oh, I’m Gina.”

We shook hands.

I smiled and introduced myself, “I’m Chris. I know I often see you walking…what is your dog’s name?”

Gina smiled, “Farah, like the actress.” She looked around at the still pouring rain, “Is it safe to stay here?”

“Yes, pretty safe. We are lower than the trees on the hill and above the main creek bed. We might need to hang out here until the rain slows up.” I hopped up on to the table top resting my feet on the bench. “Do you need to call someone?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Gina reached for her cell phone. She has placed it in her waist pocket of her black spandex pants. I tried to look away; is not polite to stare, but it was hard to not admire her waistline and her abs. Gina tapped her phone’s screen a few times. “Looks like it is not ruined from the rain, but I’m not getting a signal.” I offered her mine. “No, that’s ok.” She tied off Farah’s leash to a bench and hopped up on the table top too. The motion caused some of her dark, wet hair to stick to her face. Gina squeezed out some water from two handfuls, then pushed as much of it behind her ears as she could.

“Have you ever been caught in a storm like this?”

“Yes, several times. I just find a place to ride them out.” I turned and looked her way. “Do you need any water? I think I have a power bar if you need one.”

“No, I’m fine. I am a bit cold from getting soaked.” I can see why. Although she was wearing spandex pants, she was only wearing a sports bra up top. Her shoulders were covered in goose bumps. Nothing dispels the afternoon heat like a cool summer rain. I took my shirt off, wrung it out and offered it to her.

“I’m not sure if this will help too much, but it is that synthetic fabric that dries quickly.”

She smiled, “You are too kind.”

“I am just trying to be ‘gentlemanly'”.

She stood up and put it on. When she sat down she did so closer to me. We exchanged some small talk. I asked about how long she had Farah and if she had other pets. After a while I noticed she brought her legs closer to her chest.

“Are you still cold?” I asked.

“Yes, I still am. It is normally so hot, but I guess when I am this soaked.” The moment got uncomfortable.

“Ok, um…”

I gingerly rubbed both her shoulders with my hands. I scooted closer to her, our thighs touched. I put my arm around her, she did not resist.

“Is this helping?”

“No.” she said softly.

I moved behind her so that her back was against my chest. She drew her legs up and I reached around them. Neither of us said anything. Despite my inner euphoria, it was awkward. Minutes passed in silence. I could not believe I was sitting here with her. bahis siteleri Despite being drenched from the rain there was a subtle remnant of her nice smelling perfume. The beautiful woman I admired for months was right here, curled up with my arms around her. Her wet hair was still slowly dripping as her head rested against my chest under my chin.

She broke the silence. “Do you have a wife?”

“Umm…no”, her words brought be back from fantasyland. “Do you?” I playfully asked.

“No, not a wife or husband” she chuckled.

“I always see you on the phone; I figured your husband was on the other end”.

“No, it’s usually my sister.” She tilted her head to look back at me.

“Really? Your sister?”

“Yes, or my mom.”

I looked in her eyes, oh man. My willpower was fading. I had to go for it. I kissed her. She did not resist. We tenderly kissed, her soft lips met mine. She turned to face me, put her arms around my neck and we continued our make out session. I thought thank goodness the rain had somewhat washed us clean. I worried more for her than myself. She could still be hot and sweaty and I would not care. Her lips tasted sweet to me. I was really enjoying this.

Running shorts are great, for running. I follow the old adage of ‘If you think the running shorts are too short, they are.’ However, even my sensible running shorts were starting to have a problem concealing my bulge. Our closeness caused her to bump up against it which only made things worse. She shifted again and her side rubbed against it. I moved back only to have her shift her body again and make contact.

We stopped kissing and Gina gave me a coy smile.

She stood up, reached for the water bottle I offered her earlier, and then using her other hand stroked my bulge through my shorts. Soon the right leg of my shorts was moved over exposing my now very erect cock. Another coy smile and she poured the water bottle all over it. I heard “Thank you for saving my dog” before ecstasy. Her warm mouth kissed the head of cock. I could feel her tongue tease the head of my cock. Her lips parted again and an amazing warmth engulfed it. She continued the pattern of teasing me with her tongue, then following up with her lips firmly moving up and down my shaft. I ran my fingers through her hair. I was so hard. The roar of the rain, the dark sky, the occasional roll of thunder and getting “thanked” by the woman I had admired from afar for months it was too much. I closed my eyes and moaned. She stopped.

She reached for both my hands, her fingers interlocked mine and she guided me to sit on the bench, my back leaning against the tabletop. She stepped back, smiled at me, then pulled down her spandex pants to her ankles. I was fixated. Gina’s legs were a beautiful. They were almost the same color brown of my favorite latte. They were smooth and shapely, not sinewy like runner, but fit like the dedicated walker she was. She slipped off a shoe allowing her to pull one pant leg off. Then she stood up again, pulling the other spandex pant leg back up. I smiled as she looked up at me, her foot sliding back into her shoe. I quickly slipped out of my shorts and put them underneath me.

We interlocked bahis şirketleri fingers again as I guided her to my lap. She straddled me. Her body was warm on my legs. I started kissing her neck and once more enjoyed the faint hint of her perfume. Our lips met again and I released her hand and put my right arm around her. Without saying a word, I reached my left hand down to guide my cock into her. Gina used her legs to raise herself slightly. The head of my cock rubbed against her pussy. I pressed it against her, sliding it up and down, smearing her juices upon it. She slowly came down taking all of me inside her.

We locked eyes as she started riding me. I moaned. My hands reached up, caressed both of her cheeks and guided her beautiful face down so I could kiss her deeply. She rode steady, her legs moving her pelvis back and forth. I moved my hands to her hips to guide her gyrations. After a few minutes I could not resist. My right hand moved down to her clitoris. My thumb began to every so lightly rub. This time it was Gina who moaned. Her shoulders motioned back and forth slightly as a smile came to her face. She kept riding me, I kept rubbing her. I was so hard and I could feel her tightening on my cock. Gina moaned again, this time longer. She was building. I wanted her to cum. I wanted to watch her face when she came.

“Ooooohhhhhh” she vocalized.

“Ooooohhhhhh Chris”.

She inhaled deeply, closed her eyes, and let out a very sexy yelp. Her pussy tightened up, clamping down on my cock as her hips froze. She shoulders swayed slightly, her body shuddering with her orgasm. I loved watching her face as she came. A woman is very beautiful when she has an orgasm, even when her face is partially hidden under wisps of wet hair.

I sat up straight, kissed her deeply, put my arms around here, and then gently laid her down on the bench. Gina grimaced slightly as her head was not supported on the concrete bench. “Sorry”, I said, pulling my hydration belt from the table and put it under her head, its padding was better than nothing. I tried to continue our love making in the missionary position, but found it was not working. She was unable to open her legs enough to lie flat. This was not comfortable for her. I moved my body upright, guiding her legs together so they aimed straight up, my left arm holding them at her knee. Her feet were just off my left shoulder. This position worked.

With Gina’s legs together like this I was not going to last much longer. I’m like every guy. When you are making love like this and it feels THIS good you speed up. I looked down at Gina, still wearing my red shirt from earlier. I smiled at her, my eyes advertising my happiness. With every thrust I was building. “Gina, I’m so close.” She pulled up her shirt tail exposing her stomach and those abs I had admired for months. It was time, I pulled out, parted her legs and started coming. Gina propped herself up with an elbow and used her free hand to finish off my orgasm. I moaned as she tugged my cock with her well manicured hand which soon became coated in my cum.

I took my eyes off Gina and looked around. The rain had turned to a gentle, steady shower. I turned back at Gina, looking deeply into her warm brown eyes; I leaned down and kissed her softly. It took a rainstorm leading to a passionate afternoon for me to finally see her without her sunglasses on. We dressed and spent the rest of rainstorm in each other’s arms.

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