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Mavis always said that if I ever wanted to use her pool I was welcome.

“Heavens knows, it never gets used, not since the kids left home.”

The day was a stinker, so hot that eggs would have cooked on the pavement. I knocked on her door. When she opened the door I explained and asked her whether it was ok for me to accept her offer.

“You go right ahead,” she said, “I might join you.” I was hoping she wouldn’t, I mean, I only wanted a bit of a splash. I’m not the world’s greatest swimmer. I’m not that photogenic either, not that any photos would be taken, but my exhibitionist days were past me. I went to the pool, stripped down and got in. I figured the sooner I got in and got on with it, the sooner I could politely leave.

It wasn’t long and the screen door on the back of the house slammed shut. I looked up and Mavis was coming, with a towel wrapped around her and two large cups in her hands.

“I’ve brought something to drink,” she called to me.

“Ok,” I called back, and added, “Beautiful,” as though I was enthusiastic. It’s best not to be condemned by offering faint praise. She put the drinks on the table. As I watched she took the towel off and dropped it on a chair. I was surprised that she was in a red bikini. She approached the pool, stooped and with her hand, scooped up some water to splash herself with. Then she stood on the edge at the deep end and jumped. Water erupted around her and when she surfaced she was laughing.

“I didn’t expect you to do a bomb,” I said.

“Why wouldn’t I,” she said, “It’s fun,” and with her hand she skimmed water at me. Then she ducked down under the water and stayed there for some time before bouncing back up gasping.

“I haven’t used the pool for ages,” she declared, “I’m so glad you decided to come.” She got out and did another bomb. Tidal waves washed over the wall of the pool, and she shrieked with laughter when she emerged. I got out and did a belly flopper that helped to empty the pool too.

“Didn’t that hurt,” she asked, “Why don’t you do bombs instead?”

“I’ve never done a bomb,” I said.

“I’ll show you, like this,” she said, as she jumped. When she surfaced she insisted that I try. I stood at the edge of the pool and had a go, I jumped but wasn’t quite organized enough to draw my legs up. She laughed at my feeble attempt and urged me to have another go.

“I’ll show you again,” she said. After several more goes I got it right. We both stood at the side of the pool.

“Looks like we’re lined up for a race,” I said. It was a stupid thing for me to say.

“Ok,” she said, “To the other end and back.” I thought eryaman escort it would be wisest if I did the countdown fast.

“Ready! Set! Go!” I shouted and jumped. My dive wasn’t wonderful but I knew I had an advantage. I did my best but it wasn’t enough. On my right Mavis powered past me. I saw her turn at the wall and kick off. I stood as she raced past me. I don’t know why but I put my hand out to stop her. It slipped past her shoulder and somehow it was under the back strap of her bikini top. I should have grabbed her leg but with the strap in my hand I wasn’t going to let go. Suddenly she broke free. I let go quickly. As she continued to swim I watched. Her bikini, with its back strap torn, fell off. I could have died, I was so embarrassed. She arrived at the wall and breathless, laughing, she shouted,

“You cheat! I was so grateful she was laughing. She saw the bikini top floating on the water, swam to it and after a quick look she threw it onto the side of the pool.

“Who needs it anyway!” she laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “I don’t know why I did that really. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry. They’re old and I guess the fabric had rotted. Chlorine can do that you know. It’s not your fault,” she said. “Let’s do more bombs.”

“Ok, I agreed. We both got out and stood at the edge of the pool. It was difficult not to look at her breasts. They were big and full, not perky, not pendulous but somewhere in between with large brown nipples that were enticingly beautiful. I went first, eager to display my improving skill. Then she jumped and I watched. Her breasts were amazing. When she jumped they heaved and shuddered. When she hit the water they seemed to stretch up and filled out like parachutes with her nipples on top.

“That one wasn’t so good,” she said, “I was leaning back too far.” I went first again and she watched. I was a little off balance judging from the splash which went to my left. It was my turn to watch her and from a low crouch she sprang, her breasts rebounded and as she hit the water they were flattened against her chest. It was rapid and would have been good to photograph and replay in slow motion. We did a lot more bombs and watched each other. I was improving and it was going to take a lot of water to refill the pool.

“Let’s have a drink,” she said. We went to the table and dried ourselves. I watched while she bent over to let her breasts hang as she dried underneath them. Then we picked up the cups. “Sorry they’re plastic, but I don’t use glass around the pool. It’s got a little gin in it,” she said, smiling at me. I wasn’t sure that she was smiling at what she sincan escort had said or because she’s caught me looking at her breasts.

“The drink is wonderful, whatever it is,” I said. She smiled again.

“Time for the sunburn cream,” she said and I watched as she squirted some into her hand.

“At our age we’ve learnt how important it is to protect the skin.” She smeared it over her arms. She refilled her hand and applied it to her legs. With more she did her belly. Another handful and she did her breasts. I watched; she seemed to take longer to do her breasts; carefully she lifted each to do underneath. Then she smeared some over her face.

She held the bottle out to me.

“Can you do my back please?” I took it, she turned and I filled my hand. I started at her neck and worked down. She held her arms up as I did her torso.

“Don’t miss anything,” she said. I smeared it over the sides of her breasts and worked down; the small of her back and the backs of her legs. She took the bottle from me.

“Your turn,” she said. “Your back first.” I turned and felt her start at my neck. Down my back she went, down the backs of my arms and legs.

“Turn, please.” I turned.

“Hold out your hand.” She squirted some into my hand.

“That’s to do your face,” she said. As I did my face she did the fronts of my legs. Then she stood and with her hand filled again she started at my neck. Slowly she soothed it over my shoulders and chest. With more she smeared it over my belly. I could see her looking at my Speedos.

“Do you always dress to the left?” she asked.

“Mostly,” I affirmed.

“Mmm,” she murmured. Her hands were at the sides of my belly.

“You’re not in bad nick, are you?”

“I’m not too bad I guess.” She slid her hands around to the front of my belly. As they moved her fingers went under the elastic waist of my Speedos. When her hands met in the middle she slowly pulled the front of my Speedos out and peeked in.

“Interesting!” she said. “It seems only fair. You can see my tits.” She pulled the front of my Speedos down to reveal the entirety of my wedding tackle.

“Mmm. Nice!” she said. “It would be a pity if they were sunburned.” My cock was growing before her eyes. She watched its progress.

“You know, it seems crazy that we’re wearing anything.” I looked around.

“It’s certainly private enough.” She pulled my Speedos down, over my knees to my ankles.

“The boy looks like he wants something to do… Or, should I say someone?” She leaned forward and kissed his head. Her hand went round my balls as the boy, in all his throbbing batıkent escort exuberance, disappeared into her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times before she lifted from him.

“I think he’s very handsome- and that he’s ready.” While one hand circled the boy and his balls she pulled down her bikini bottoms. As we both trod our way out of our bathers she pulled the boy closer to her. She sat on the edge of the table and we saw that it was just the right height. As she lowered herself backwards on the table she pulled my excitable boy into her. She was determined that he wouldn’t escape.

I started to fuck her. She moaned and sighed. Her hand went to her clit to promote her own excitement. Her legs were up, her knees on her breasts; the table shook with every thrust. We weren’t short of enthusiasm to fulfill our tender yearnings. I fucked her, as deep as the boy would go. Her hands alternated between fondling my balls and teasing her clit, as I took her nipples in my fingers to roll and tweak them.

“Don’t stop, please, don’t,” she murmured and her hips began to flex against mine. Then her legs wrapped around me and stayed there as she started to stutter.

“Nn, now! Now!” and she reached to my hips and pulled them to her She juddered on the table discordantly and I felt the flow of her juices bathe my balls and splash down my legs. The boy, in deepest, sweetest girl, pulsed and I felt the power as he wrenched my juices up and shot them into her. Breathless, our nerves amplified our pleasures as they tightened our muscles. Locked together we listened to each others’ breathing as slowly the usual rhythms were reestablished. We felt the cooling of our sticky emissions take away the heat and the boy began to shrink.

She unwrapped her legs from around me and with her hand hit the table beside her.

“Quick! Get up here. I want to watch the boy.” I climbed onto the table beside her and as she watched my boy I watched her girl. As her fingers traced around the boy and his balls with loving tenderness I touched her girl and felt the slick of our juices. The girl seemed to gasp as she shrank. Her opening was slowly filled by the push of the surrounding flesh. Slowly the girl was reduced to being a slit between Mavis’s legs. The wash of our juices clung to her as I knew they did to me.

“Pass me my drink please,” she asked. As I reached for it I felt her mouth take the boy inside and suck him. It was no effort to fit the flaccid one in her mouth. She kissed him. She propped herself up on her elbow.

“That was beautiful,” she said. “You know, the forecast for tomorrow is that it’s going to be even hotter?”

“I know.”


“And I’m going to come and knock at your door.”

“Yes. And I think your boy could… knock at my door and come. That’s if he wants to!”

“I think you’ll find he wants to.” We both giggled.

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