Poolside encounter with mature lady in Gran Canari

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Poolside encounter with mature lady in Gran CanariI was on holiday at the “Suite Princess” hotel in Taurito, Gran Canaria a few years ago, when I managed a sexy encounter with a mature German woman.Any of you that are familiar with Gran Canaria will know that there is a thriving swinging scene in the dunes up at Maspalomas, but we were miles further down the coast near the picturesque resort of Puerto Mogan.I had let my girlfriend at the time book the hotel, so had I no idea what to expect when we got there.We got there quite late, so I didn’t really get a feel for the place until the next morning. When I went for a trot round, I found that the hotel was right on the sea front, looking down onto a small beach. There was a couple of pools and sun bathing areas, with plenty of loungers and tucked away, I found a small gate, giving access to a sloped walkway down to the beach. Just inside the gate was a shower for foot washing and so forth and the gate was controlled by card access, which worked with the room key cards.As it was early in the year, the weather wasn’t as warm as it might be, so we were happy to lounge by the pool rather than use the sea, which was a bit chilly.Anyway, on day one, we were there enjoying the sun, when I noticed a middle aged woman, sitting close by us. She arrived in the morning, with a sundress on, which she took off promptly, and spent the day topless, wearing just her bikini bottoms. She was past the prime of her life and had a saggy pair of old milkers, with big red nipples, pointing a little further south than I might have liked. I guessed she was not British as it is not uncommon to see Europeans being a bit less conservative than us Brits and I enjoy watching these old girls wandering about with them all swinging about.What made this woman different from the rest, was that she would get up every now and then, toddle off down the beach for a quick dip in the sea, then come back up and, hiding in a towel, she would change her bikini bottoms, then put the wet ones to dry in the sun. She was sarıoğlan escort quite careful with her towel and made sure she covered up, so I couldn’t see her pussy, but I have been in these situations before and I know that patience is a virtue.So, as the week progressed, I kept looking and modifying our seating position, to get the best view. All this is done without the knowledge of my girlfriend, so I’m changing the time we go the the pool to make sure this woman’s already there when we get there and then picking a bed that allows close proximity and all that stuff, but after three days, I still haven’t seen her pussy.On day 4, we got down there and there was no sign of her at all and I got to thinking that she might have ended her visit and gone home. Half an hour later though, she appeared and sat right opposite me, so her feet were facing ours and she was about 5 metres away from me. First class position for not only some perving, but also some flashing.Within minutes, her titties were swinging free and I was enjoying the view through my ray-bans and over the top of my book. After an hour or so, she went for her first dip and sure enough, wraps the towel round her and wriggles out of her pale blue bikini briefs, then proceeds to dry all her crevices by patting the towel down all over her arse and the insides of her meaty thighs. She then bent and rifled through her bag for her fresh pants, before tucking the towel under her chin and stepping into them. As much as I kept looking, I still didn’t get a glimpse of her pussy. She unwrapped the towel and eased back into her lounger.As she lifted her first leg, I got a really good look at her gusset and there was the first sight of a few tell tale pubes sticking out either side and a great view of her pussy lips, pouting through the fabric.My girlfriend was laid with her back to me, getting the sun on her face and reading a magazine, so I decided to have a bit of fun.I eased my hand up the leg of my swim shorts and adjusted my cock and balls a bit, releasing them from the lining. I then spread my legs a bit so the old lady could see right up the leg of my shorts and have a good look at my package. I’ve done this a few times and you never know what reaction you’re going to get, until they spot it. Having seen her pubes and staring right at her tits, added to the buzz of flashing to her, I started to get a hard on and the end of my cock grew big and red enough to be clearly visible to her.She didn’t have any sun glasses on, so I could see where she was looking and after a few minutes, I saw her look right at my groin and then directly at me. I smiled at her and did nothing to cover it up or even let on that I knew she could see anything. She grinned and started to put on some sun cream. When she got to her legs, she had to do the old adjusting the knickers routine and I got a better look at her bush, as she fiddled with the leg lines and adjusted it about.By this time, my cock was getting good and hard and clearly hanging out of the leg of my shorts, by a couple of inches, with the helmet right out and shining in the sun. She looked a few more times and each time smiled. After the third time, I reached down and pulled my foreskin right back, between my first two fingers and eased my shorts to the side so my balls were showing too.I had to stop then and cover up as my girlfriend turned over and started chatting to me about some boring old shit, before suggesting we go for a wander down the beach. I agreed as I knew there was little to see for a bit, until the old bird went for a dip again.We’d been down on the beach for a while, watching some bloke trying to launch a paraglider, when I turned round and noticed the old lady wandering along the water line, as always just in her bikini pants, dipping her toes in and gradually getting in further and further.Now, I know each time before, she had spent between 5 and 10 minutes in the sea, probably having a piss, so I suggested we wander back up. I had the bones of a plan forming in my mind and slipped off my sandals and wandered into the water myself. My girlfriend kept hers on and we slowly walked back towards the hotel. As we got to the top of the slope, I saw the old woman start up from the bottom. I opened the gate and we went inside. I told my girlfriend that I would wash off my feet under the shower, then go for a piss, so I’d see her back at the sun loungers in a few minutes.I started rinsing my feet then hung around messing about under the shower, with my back to the gate, waiting for her to appear. After a minute or so, I heard the click of the gate mechanism and turned round, at the same time pulling my shorts down, as if I was washing, but exposed my shaved cock and balls to her fully for a second or two. She did a double take as she stepped through the gate and came right over to wash her feet. I just stood there washing myself, with one hand inside my shorts, clearly wanking and all this time she was less than a metre away. She looked right at me and then down at my hand in my shorts, as she stood up and turned on the top shower and started to wash her big saggy tits before pulling the front of her knickers forward and down, so I could see her pussy properly.With that, I pulled the waistband of my shorts down with my thumb and released my cock and balls. I pulled my foreskin back and there was my shiny helmet, pointing right at her, with the shower water splashing all over me.She smiled and slipped her hand into her knickers again and showed me her pussy some more. I responded by openly wanking my cock and squeezing my balls with my other hand.After a few seconds, I shot my bolt and a couple of flops of jizz shot out and onto the black lava rock that the shower surround was build of.”Do you like it”? I asked her.She replied with some words in German, which meant nothing to me, but smiled, then reached out and gave my cock a very quick squeeze, which made me quiver, as I had just cum, before turning and wandering off up the slope to the pool. I gave her arse a quick smack as she walked away and she looked over her shoulder and smiled again.I made my way back to the sun lounger trying to decide on my next move in the game.

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