Possession is 9/10ths the Law Ch. 02


Aaron and his demon add a few more to the harem, oh my! Poor Aaron is going to busy for a while it seems poor guy. Tell me if you like this installment and any suggestions are always welcome. Votes are also welcome too, thanks and please enjoy…

I watched my mom walk up the stairs and damn what a sight! I guess that’s when I began questioning the entire thing. What had happened with Alexis didn’t bother me at all she was my stepsister. But I had just fucked the living hell out of my mother and enjoyed it. What the hell was wrong with me? Why had I done that?

‘Me,’ the succubus chimed in.

‘Of course it had to be you. Why did you do that?’

‘Look at her and tell me you really didn’t enjoy what had passed between the two of you. I mean honestly.’

I had stopped halfway up the stairs and my mother was at the top looking down at me smiling. She was happy and all the worry in her life had been wiped clean after the few hours of love play. The demon was right, deep down I did enjoy the sex with her.

‘Damn it I can’t lie I love the feeling of her wrapped around me.’

‘All you needed was a little nudge is all,’ she purred. ‘And she wants more of that fine cock of yours you know it.’

‘Yes she does and why should I deny her.’

‘That would be cruel wouldn’t it?’

‘Yes it would.’

When I got to the top mom pulled me into her embrace.

“You look a little tired,” she whispered into my ear. “Why not take a shower and a cat nap. We still have a lot of time left and you have already fulfilled most of my needs. I have a few phone calls to make. Let me wake you up proper like and put a suitable smile on your face Master.”

“How can I say no to that?” I replied.

“Good, I will see you soon,” she said and kissed me lightly on the lips to seal things. Then she was off to her own bed room.

‘She is up to something,’ I said to the succubus as I turned to head to my own bedroom.

‘Of course she is, she is a woman,’ the demon replied.

‘I can’t wait.’

I took a quick shower. Wrapped a towel around me and flopped down on my bed. I stared at the ceiling pondering. The demon broke in on my thoughts.

‘Why are you going to waste time using the Internet to look for information on bondage when you have a demon who practically invented it in your head?’

‘I am an idiot,’ I shot back.

‘Yes Master in this instance you are,’ she purred. ‘May I help you?’

‘Sure, but no funny business alright,’ I said.

‘Yes Sir, no tricks I am just going to use my own memories to help you is all,’ she moaned. ‘Now close your eyes so I can better access our connection.’

‘Okay,’ I said as I quickly fell into a deep dream filled sleep.

Chicago: 1920’s

The snow is falling fast and heavy as the man in the heavy coat walks briskly towards his destination.

“It’s not far now,” he mutters under his breath.

‘No Master, not far now,’ the demon whispers hotly in his ear.

“Are you sure she is going to be here,” he growls.

‘Oh yes Sir,’ the demon reassures him.

“The men I work for don’t want to be disappointed,” he says.

‘Trust me,’ she purrs.

The man walks up to the dilapidated home and knocks on the door. A voice calls from within, a moment later a gorgeous girl answers it. The man locks eyes with her and she drops to the ground moaning. Even though she is dressed in rags and she is dirty her beauty is undeniable.

“Well done demon she is everything and more,” the man praises.

‘Thank you Master,’ the demon replies. ‘We should hurry.’

“You are right of course. Tell the driver to come around.”

A minute later a car pulls up and the lady driving it steps out and opens the back door for the man and his latest acquisition. The man scoops up the girl and carries her to the car. Once inside the driver closes the door and they are on their way to the Dungeon.

The Dungeon is the most discreet of the speakeasies on the East Side. It not only offers alcohol but a lot more for those willing to pay. The man in the coat arrives and hands the girl off to a tall slender woman who knows just what to do. The girl is taken to the Pit. Here she is stripped, bathed and then brought before the Master and his closest friends. If she is a virgin she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If not her beauty could earn her a spot in the Far East as a sex slave. Otherwise she will just end up here in the local show as a bondage girl like the others.

The girl is placed into a brilliant spot light that shines from the ceiling. Here she is admired by the Master. Her beauty is dazzling and undeniable as the others murmur and jests. The Master rose and walked around her taking in her beauty from all sides. Her hair was like a waterfall of darkness rolling down her back. Her breasts large but firm and her nipples were as hard as little rocks. But gods it was her angelic face that drew everyone in. It was heart shaped with dark blue eyes, high cheek bones and full kissable lips. She must have noble blood in her veins everyone thought.

‘Is she a virgin,’ the Master asked his pendik escort demon.

‘Sadly no Master,’ the demon said.

‘Excellent,’ he gloated. ‘She is all MINE!’

“Take her away,” he called to the Madame.

“Where Master,” she asked.

“Why to my rooms of course she is to be broken,” he said with a viscous smile.

There were murmurs of ‘selfish bastard’ and the like from his friends and others of ‘can you blame him look at her’.

The Master cut the evening short and rushed to his rooms to be with his latest toy. The girl he had just acquired. She was already in her leather restraints and wearing her collar with its steel ring in it. The girl was chained to the floor like an animal.

“Welcome to my inner sanctum,” the Master said to his prize.

“Thank you Master,” she said as if in a dream so powerful was the demon magic in him.

“Tonight I remove the constraint and break you on my own,” he said with a wicked grin.

“I don’t understand,” she said.

“Oh soon you will. Right now you are in the thrall of a demon but after tonight you will be in mine alone.”

“Yes Master…” she said then she blinked and looked around. “Where am I?”

“You are in my dungeon sweetness. Tonight I break your will and make you mine?”

“NO… where is my William… where is my family?”

“That is a thing of the past, you belong to me now,” the Master said.

“Please let me go… I’ll do anything.” She begged.

“Oh you’ll do anything to stay at the end of this.”

“You’re insane… I want my husband!”

“Not after you’ve tasted the delights of my cock you won’t.”

“William, Anyone… HELP…”

“Scream all you want no one can hear you,” the Master said. “Now be a good little girl and crawl over here to me.”

“NO… I won’t…”

“If you don’t I will have to hurt you,” he said smiling.

“Hurt me… how…”

“Oh I don’t know… paddle your ass… punish your naughty nipples… spank that pussy of yours… whatever I fancy you belong to me now. Now crawl over here.”

The girl was drug kicking and screaming by her chain over to the Master. Then bent over his knee and paddled until her ass cheeks were bright red. Then he inserted two fingers into her exposed slit and the kicking and screaming began again. He paddled her tender ass again and the fight left her a bit quicker now. Once more the fingers slid into her this time she only cursed at him as he violated her.

“It appears you aren’t fighting me anymore I wonder why,” the Master said.

“What’s the point,” the girl said.

“What’s the point indeed,” the man said with a snarl of triumph. “Tell me darling do you like sex?”

“That’s a stupid question of course I like sex with my husband,” she moaned.

“Sounds like you are enjoying my fingers little girl,” the Master said.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I won’t deny it.”

“Did you really like fucking your husband,” he asked as he freed his cock with his free hand.

“Of course I… dear god it’s not even all the way hard… I mean…”

“You do like other men’s cocks don’t you my dear, admit it,” the Master demanded as he thrust his fingers faster and harder now.

“UNNN UNNN UNNNN god damn you… yes my husband is a poor lover… are you happy now…?”

“No tell me what you did to make this pussy of yours happy,” he asked as he withdrew his fingers.

“I…” she said panting now her cheeks flushed with lust. “I found other men to satisfy my hunger.”

“That is an honest answer but I prefer a better wording to that,” he said as he repositioned her.

“I don’t understand,” she said her eyes were now locked on his hardening member.

“I want a piece of trash like you to say it like the whore you are,” the Master said.

“Oh…” she said licking her lips. “I went out looking for men to fuck my hungry pussy. Is that what you meant, Sir?”

“Precisely you filthy little cunt, do you like my cock?”

“Yes, it is very thick and very long,” she said moaning. “Are you going to fuck me with it?”

“No,” he said. “You are going to fuck me. I want to see what talents you possess. You are going to suck it and then wrap that pussy around it.”

“Yes Sir,” she purred eagerly.

“You are very eager slave,” he said. “What happened to your husband? What about him?”

“What about him? His is a third the man you are! I want your cock! I want to feel it so bad I can’t stand it!”

“Perhaps I should make you wait?”

“NO, please Sir don’t do that, think of how wet and tight my pussy is. Think of how much pleasure it will give you.”

“What an argument for the girl who was so little time ago wanting her freedom,” the Master purred. “Do you want your freedom slave?”

“No Sir…”

“I am not Sir… call me properly or else we wait twenty four hours.” He whispered.

“Please Master… I need your cock now.” She begged falling flat on the floor.

“Show me how much you want my cock. Prove to me slave how much you want me inside of you else I will have to punish you severely.”

The nameless girl rose up maltepe escort her eyes blazing with lust; she gently took his member in her tender grip and began to stroke him. The Master moaned as she licked the tip of his cock. Then she ran her tongue along the underside tracing the bulging vein sending shivers through him. Only then did her mouth wrap around the head of his cock. She teased him with her tongue her eyes locked with his. Then slowly her head moved down her chains jingling as her head bobbed up and down.

“Dear god, not only are you the most beautiful creature I have ever seen but you are talented as well,” the Master moaned. “I will enjoy breaking your will after tonight.”

The girl never faltered as she sucked off her Master. His words stung her but she was determined to charm him no matter what. As her owner watch she displayed her secret skill. She pushed her head down lower and lower until her lips touched the base of his member. She heard his gasp of astonishment then she returned to pleasuring his cock.

“Damn child you are truly special! I will break you tenderly I promise. But nothing of your old life will remain… you must be mine forever!”

“Is Master ready for my tight little pussy,” she asked with eyes down cast.

“Yes, I am eager to see what you can thrill me with my dear.”

“Shall I face you Master or face away?”

“Face away,” he moaned. “I want to see that fine ass of yours as you fuck me.”

“MMMMMMM yes Master,” she purred.

The girl rose and turn away from him showing him her ass in all its firm glory.

“Does Master approve?”

“Oh indeed I do slave continue,” he groaned his cock at full staff.

The girl then grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to show her tight pussy as well as her brown puckered asshole.

“Can Master see how wet I am?”

“You are soaked little one,” he moaned. “Did my hard cock do that?”

“Yes Master, I ache for it so much. May I have Master’s cock now?”

“Yes you may,” he growled.

“I am backing up now,” she giggled as she took a few steps until she was in position.

Then she placed one foot on Master’s chair putting her pussy in his face.

“Oh dear me look what I have done,” she said her chain’s jingling musically.

“What a sight,” the Master moaned.

“Forgive me Master?”

“I will beat your ass later,” he said.

“Truly Master is kind,” she purred.

Then she placed the other foot on the other side of Master’s chair. She lowered her hips until the tip of his cock barely touched her soaked slit.

“Ooh that tickles,” she said. “Shall I continue Master?”

“You are a naughty girl,” he growled. “Yes continue you little minx.”

She let just the tip slip inside and he let out a moan. She was as tight as promised.

“More Master,” she called over shoulder.

“YES MORE DAMN YOU,” he called.

The girl smiled and dropped down impaling her pussy with his cock. His scream filled the room echoed by hers as she began to ride him slowly. When he reached up for her hips she slapped his hands away. She was in control and she would maintain it for as long as she could. He was panting in time with her movements now and he would cum soon. She began to squeeze his cock with her pussy when she lifted her hips and let go when she dropped. His moans of surprised delight were music to her ears.

“Dear god child you are driving me wild,” he moaned. “I am going to cum soon.”

“Fill me with you sperm Master,” she purred as she reversed her position. “Now I can see you.”

The girl grabbed the back of the chair for leverage. She settled her feet at the corner of the seat and was driving her hips fast now. Somehow she was still able to squeeze him as she rose up and they were both panting as they got closer and closer to climaxing.

“Cum for me Master,” she howled. “I can feel your cock swelling inside of me. Give it to me… Give me that cum…!”

“Oh God your pussy is fucking magic,” he screams as his orgasm gets closer. “I am so fucking close!”

“I know Master… I can feel it… almost there… almost there…”

Then she lifted up and with one last drop he cried out and shot deep into her. As his body shook in climax and she came with him. As he sat there drained she shoved the chair and tipped it over. The chains were in her hands and they were around his neck. The snap was loud and sickening. He was dead before the chair hit the ground.

“Pity you had an amazing cock but a contract is a contract,” the assassin said.

Wake Up Call:

I drifted in the darkness of the dream realm.

‘What the hell was that?’ I asked the demon.

‘You wanted to learn about bondage,” she purred in my ear.

I turned around and there she was. She was nothing like I was expecting.

‘Damn, you’re gorgeous,’ I said.

‘Aw you are too kind,’ she blushed. ‘You don’t find my wings distracting.’

‘Not at all,’ I said staring at her.

She was tall like some super model with those amazing uber long legs that went on forever. I wasn’t sure what quality I liked kartal escort the best. The long red hair that hit her ankles or her bright green eyes or those perfect breasts or cute little shaved pussy. Even the polished black glass-like horns and tail were damn sexy.

‘Do you like having your tail pulled during sex,’ I asked her.

‘I love that,’ she moaned. ‘But you need to wake up soon.’

‘So what happened to that guy,’ I asked.

‘He died,’ she said matter-of-factly.

‘So she was hired to kill him,’ I asked.

‘Yep,’ the succubus said.

‘And you helped her,’ I said.

‘Yep,’ she said.

‘You killed your Master, indirectly but killed him nonetheless.’

‘Yes I did.’

‘Will you do that to me,’ I asked.

‘No,’ she said.

‘How can I believe you,’ I said.

‘Because he abused my power,’ she said. ‘You my dear boy are afraid of it. I can see in you a certain level of desire and no more. You are a good Master.’

‘I hope you are right,’ I said.

‘It is time to wake up Master,’ she said with a smile.

‘Why,’ I asked.

‘You have company,’ she purred. ‘Have fun…’

I opened my eyes and looked up. There was my mom straddling me. She was looking down and smiling. While I had fallen asleep she had changed her appearance. Her hair was done in two pigtails and she was wearing glasses now. She was wearing a crisp white blouse and a short plaid skirt.

“I have been ever so bad,” she said in a childish voice.

“Have you,” I asked as she ground her groin against mine. “Perhaps I should find a punishment that matches the crime?”

“Oh yes please,” she moaned.

“You seem a bit eager,” I said mirroring the words of that dead man from my dream. “Perhaps I should make you wait.”

“NO Master,” she wailed. “Maybe I can make it up to you?”

“I don’t know… how could you do that?”

“I could show you what I have in mind,” she purred.

“Well that sounds promising,” I told her.

“MMMMMMMMMM,” she growled. “Come to Mama…” she said as she reached for my towel.

Just then the front door opened then closed.

“Mom… Aaron… anybody home?” my sister’s voice echoed up to us.

“SHIT,” my mom cursed.

“In the closet, let me handle this… enjoy the show,” I told her.

“Aaron you bad boy,” she giggled as she headed for my closet.

I adjusted my towel and walked downstairs. There was my sister Karen with a box in hand. Her eyes widened seeing me in just a towel. How much she reminded me of mom and yet in so many ways she was different. She was taller with those long legs and a much rounder bottom than mother. Her features were a bit sharper with higher cheek bones and a straight nose and thinner lips. And her breasts appeared to be a bit larger than mom’s under that blouse of hers, I would have to find out for myself I supposed.

“Hey sis what’s up,” I said.

“Not much, did I catch you out of the shower?”

“No just relaxing since I have the house to myself,” I told her. “So what’s in the box?”

“Just some business papers for mom to look over,” she said.

“Here let me take that,” I said as I took it from her our hands brushing.

Karen’s eyes went blank as I set the box down. I caught her as she nearly fell. I carried her upstairs and she came out of it halfway up the stairs.

“What happened,” she asked.

“You passed out,” I told her. “I caught you.”

“Where are you taking me?”

“My bed, figured you could lie down and rest,” I said.

“Your bed,” she asked blushing. “Is that a good idea?”

“You worried something will happen,” I asked. “Or do you want something to happen?”

“Aaron you are such a perv,” she said.

“I bet if I checked your panties they’d be wet,” I said.

“AARON,” she moaned. “That’s not true!”

“Then you wouldn’t mind showing me,” I said.

We had reached my bedroom I tossed her on my bed. She looked up at me and smiled cheeks all crimson. I grabbed her ankle and untied her shoe. Then I pulled off the shoe. She offered me the other foot. I untied the other shoe and she kicked off that one. I dragged her by her ankles so that she was near the end of the bed so mom could see from the closet. Karen was unbuttoning her jeans while I looked down at her.

“What am I going to find Karen,” I asked. “If they are wet… should I punish you?”

“Punish… what do you mean punish?”

“I mean spank your ass,” I said and she bit her lip and nodded.

“I guess if they are wet I have been bad and should be spanked,” she said softly.

“What if I find them soaked?”

“Umm… I don’t know Aaron… I guess you will have to punish me worse then.”

“Okay,” I said.

I tugged off her jeans and pulled her so that her ass was right on the edge. I touched her crotch and she moaned.

“They are wet,” I said. “A spanking you get.”

She sat up and unbuttoned her blouse and tossed that off revealing her white lacey bra. Her tits were a bit bigger than mom’s. She reached back and unhooked her constrained breasts and once free oh what a sight! They were a large, firm and perky sight to behold. She sat in my lap and offered them to me to adore as she tugged my towel away. So as I suckled her inverted nipples she stroked my cock. I wonder if she was trying to avoid her punishment, it wasn’t going to work.

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