The final buzzer sounded. The game was over. The announcer’s voice rang out over the screams of the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for attending tonight’s matchup. Final score, Trojans 20, Spartans, 24. The -“

Eric couldn’t listen anymore. They were so close. So close. They could’ve clinched a birth to a bowl game for the first time in 50 years.. Eric thought back to the last drive. Down by four,

They had driven from their own 20 yard line with 3 minutes and no timeouts left, down to the 8. It was first and goal, 45 seconds left. Eric had thrown four straight passes to get them down here, he was on fire. He shouted the cadence.

“Down!” The linemen dropped, ready. “Set!” The receivers checked with the referees to confirm they were not offsides. “Red 80, red 80, hit!”

Eric watched the ball into his hands. Textbook. 70,000 fans screaming, he didn’t hear a thing. As he lifted his head to scan the field, his fingers found the laces they had been on all season.

Perfect. Sensing pressure from his blind side, Eric planted his right foot and sprung forward, felt the fingertips of the rusher brush his jersey as he did so.

Easy. Scanning the coverage, Eric saw a hole. Saw his receiver running right to it. Saw the defender chasing his man, too far behind. Saw the next closest defender, too far away. He let it fly. Saw the ball soar through the air.

Saw it hit right into the hands of the waiting linebacker. Saw him grin and take a knee. Done. Eric couldn’t believe it. He had completely overlooked the defender crouched in coverage, waiting for him to throw it. Baiting him to throw it. And he did.

“Good game, kid. You got heart. We’ll look forward to playing you next year.”

The opposing coach’s voice snapped him out of his flashback. He mumbled a thanks to him, then he jogged to the locker room, following his teammates.

He sat down in front of his locker, and stared at the floor. At least he thought it was the floor, he couldn’t be sure. Everything was blurry. Tears were pooling in his eyes, then running down his face. He wanted to scream. But instead he just stared. Stared at nothing.

Minutes flew by. Players took off their gear, Seniors taking it off for the last time, tears in their eyes too.

In twos and threes, Eric’s teammates left the locker room little by little. Some tapped him on the shoulder pad, some said small words of comfort, some went right by. He ignored them all.

The locker room door shut, startling Eric. He blinked and tears fell onto the floor. Tonight Sucks. He had lost track of time. He wearily stood up and took off his shoulder pads. Then his cleats. His other cleat was halfway off when he heard a girl say

“I thought you’d be in here.”

Eric bolted up, hitting his head on his open locker door, bringing tears to his eyes again. ankara eryaman escortlar Cursing, he looked around for the intruder. Natalie stood awkwardly at the end of the row of lockers, giggling. Embarrassed, Eric said a bit too loudly

“What are you doing here??” too his dismay, this only made Natalie giggle more. Eric and Natalie had been friends since high school. She was one of his first friends.

For the few years of their relationship, they had just been reasonably close friends. But over the past two years, after ending up at the same college together, they had become very close, on interesting levels. Eric found her attractive, and she him. They didn’t hesitate to let each other know either.

Eric was 21, had short black fauxhawk, cute cheeks and big eyes, which was contrasting with the rest of his body. He was six one, around 180 pounds. He wasn’t buff, he was lean. His muscles weren’t bulging out like body builders on tv, but they were there, and they were noticeable. But the girls loved him for his six abs, perfectly sculpted, and that v line below. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. Why would he, he was a top NFL Quarterback prospect.

Natalie was also 21, and had a very pretty face, with a perfect length of dark brown hair, and an arguably better body. She had played tennis since elementary school, and was naturally athletic. At five four, 115 pounds, she had legs to die for. Long and so perfectly toned, they lead up to a stomach bearing a hint of abs, and perfect 32BB breasts that any pair of hands would fit perfectly on. Eric was attractive, but Natalie was downright hot.

Eric found himself trying to discern these features for himself as he glanced over her. She was wearing white heels, a white leather skirt that barely made it to mid-thigh and a mint strapless crop top exposing her belly. My god her breasts look amazing. Natalie knew the effect she was having on Eric. After all, the football game had left testosterone and adrenaline raging through him.

So she put down her bag and walked slowly over to him, stepped over the bench, pushed him against the locker and kissed him. Hard. Eric returned enthusiastically, sliding his tongue into her mouth to find hers. Her hands went from his muscled chest, down to his abs, and grabbed his shirt and pulled it up.

Eric wasted no time in helping remove it and once it was off went right back to making out with this beautiful young woman in front of him.

As they got more heated, his hands began to wander down her back, across her ass, and then back up inside her skirt, making her jump slightly and bite his lip. His hands cupped her ass, then went to play with the little thong that split her cheeks.

Meanwhile, one of her hands held his head down and the other went South, cupping his hard on, which she began slowly stroking with escort etimesgut her hand and then her fingers. Both were now whimpering into each other’s mouths as they kissed.

Finally, Natalie broke contact and lowered herself to her knees, looking up at Eric seductively as she dropped. Eric leaned against the locker and watched her unfasten his belt and slide his pants and his girdle down. Her eyes never lift his.

He stepped out of his pants and girdle, standing only in his spandex compression shorts, which left little to the imagination. Very little.

Natalie leaned in and licked along his length through the shorts, tasting the sweat and smelling it too. It only served to turn her on more. She continued her oral assault through his shorts, driving him insane.

He tried to grab her head but she pinned his hands against the locker, then stopped his efforts completely when she slowly licked from his balls all the way up to the tip of his rock hard cock.

Eric let out a moan of despair as her mouth left, but he was quickly relieved when she pulled of his shorts, letting his cock stand free. She took it in one hand and began slowly, slowly stroking it, the other hand playing with his balls. She looked up at him again and their eyes made contact as she bit her lip, and if his dick could’ve gotten any harder, it did.

She then slowly opened her mouth, never breaking eye contact, and slid her head down onto him, and closed her lips. Eric let out a strangled moan and broke eye contact, looking at the heavens as she slowly slid her mouth up and down.

Fucking tease. She built up speed at a painstaking pace, until her head was bobbing up and down on his dick. The sucking combined with her tongue stroking his dick inside were taking it’s toll. Eric began to breath faster. He looked down and saw she had one hand on the base of his cock, and the other now up her skirt, fingering herself.

She switched hands, and he could see from her now free hand, that she was really, really wet. As his pleasure increased, so did hers, and she began to moan around his cock, pushing him over the edge. He was seconds away from cumming when she stopped.

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and sat up on the bench giggling as he regained his breath and his senses. He looked down at her smug face. Infuriated, he grabbed her and forced her down on the bench. She began to struggle but she quickly gave in when Eric’s hand cupped her pussy through her thong.

Satisfied she wasn’t going anywhere, he pulled off her crop top, and unclasped her lacy black bra, letting her gorgeous breasts come free. He lowered his mouth onto one, his hand on the other and went to work. Kissing and biting, sucking, stroking and pinching, eliciting moans and gasps from Natalie.

She began to squirm, batıkent escort and he began to kiss down her belly. He pulled off her skirt over her heels, and kissed from her ankle, along her calf, to the inside of her knee, and slowly up the inside of her thigh until he reached a lacy black thong that matched her bra which lay on the floor. He slowly inhaled, taking in her scent. Sweet. He kissed softly. Again.

But he wasn’t in the mood to tease. He was hungry. So he pulled off her thong, spread her legs, and ate her out. His tongue slid smoothly inside of her, and he could taste her sweet juices on his tongue .

He licked up, over her clit and over her smooth, waxed skin then back down again. This time, he lingered on her clit. He softly slid his tongue over her until he found it. Then he gently began to circle it and softly flick it, his lower lip kissing hers. He left her pussy for the inside crook of her thigh, his finger replacing his tongue, resuming the stroking of her clit.

“Mmmm fuck, like that… Mmmm more right there baby… fuck yes…” Her moans grew louder, and he could hear his name too. He came back with his mouth, and gently kissed her lips before going all out with his tongue, tasting, penetrating, licking, caressing, her opening, her lips, and her clit. Her groans filled his ears, punctuated by little screams, louder and louder. Unlike him, she started to cum. “oh shit, Oh shit OH SHIT…”

She grabbed his head and forced him onto her harder, as her legs wrapped around him and her back arched as she let moaned and pleaded for more. Finally, she lowered back down and she gasped for air.

She blinked stars out of her eyes and found him smirking down at her. She sat up and slowly stood up, back to the lockers. Gazing into his eyes, she slid her hand down to her pussy and said in in her most lustful, most seductive voice… “fuck me.”

He needed no more encouragement. Eric lifted her up by her thighs, leaning her against the lockers, and slid her down slowly onto him. They groaned simultaneously as his cock slowly slid into her. He gasped as her warm, wet pussy pulsed and squeezed his cock.

After they both adjusted, he wasted no time. He pulled out until just the head of him was in, then he thrust forward hard, slamming her against the lockers. She felt nothing but ecstasy. He picked up speed and rhythm, using the lockers for support as he thrust again and again and again. “Oh my god, Eric more! Harder, mmf, give it to me… Oh sh.. Oh shit… Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

Natalie couldn’t keep her eyes open. Her moans and screams were accented by each slam of his cock into her, and her nails dug into his back as she came again and again. Her juices ran down Eric’s cock and down her ass. Her heels dug into his sides as he continued to hammer into her. As she came, her pussy squeezed and convulsed around his cock, and it was too much.

With a feral moan, Eric came harder than he ever had. And as he rested with his cock buried in her pussy, sweat streaming down their bodies, panting and gasping for breath, he looked up and thought that maybe tonight wasn’t so bad after all.

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