Subject: Power Book 2 Lust and Desire Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction that involves sex between two consenting adults above the age of 18. The characters in this story are based off of real people, however, the story is fictional. The author through this story does not imply any knowledge of the sexual orientation of the persons mentioned herein or any event mentioned herein. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Also, Power Book II: Ghost is a registered trademark of the Starz corporation. I do not own or claim any rights to this show, characters, etc. Let’s support the Nifty Archive by donating fty/donate.html Power Book II: Lust and Desire ———————————————————————— “And CUT! Great work you all. Take a much deserved break, and I will see you all back on set in a week!” yelled the director. The cast of Power Book II: Ghost had been working nonstop for the past three weeks filming the new season, and they were exhausted. As Daniel Bellamy was packing up he heard a loud banging on his trailer door. As Daniel is walking to the door he exclaims, “What the FUCK do you….” He stops mid sentence as he sees his co-star Woody McClain, who was six years older than him standing on the other side of the partition laughing. Daniel shakes his head, smiles, and lets out a soft laugh. “Yo, what are you about to get into?” questions Woody “Maaaan I don’t know. I’m so fuckin tired I was thinking about heading home and getting some rest.” Daniel replied “Dude, I’m older than you! You are too young to be worn out!” laughed Woody. “Anywaaay, I’m going out to the club tonight. Go home, get changed and come hang wit cha boi!” Daniel really did not want to go. His new found fame always had him being recognized in public and although he loved his fans, for many of them they did not know boundaries. In the moments where he wanted to be more low-key, it was difficult because people would constantly be in his face. “I’ll go with you if we can go to a lounge instead. I’d rather go somewhere more discrete.” suggested Daniel. “You’re such an old soul, but aight bet I can do that. How about we meet at your place around 8 o’clock?” asked Woody Daniel agrees and heads home. On his way home, he was deep in thought about how much his life had changed since being casted as Zeke on Power Book II: Force. One of his biggest irritations was that people could not separate him from his character. In the show, his character is not the brightest, and people often treated him like he was Zeke. Additionally, he had to be cautious about inviting people into his life, especially his love life, because he did not want to be taken advantage of. So he did not date. When Daniel arrived at his apartment, he took all of his clothes off, unpacked his suitcase, separated the clothes and began working on doing laundry. As his clothes washed he went into the living room to watch some TV. After flipping through various shows, he found a movie, Moonlight, that grabbed his attention. As he watched the movie subconsciously he began to massage his dick. Before he knew it he was at full mast boasting an impressive thick 8.5 inch cut dick. Because he jacked off so often on the couch he kept a small bottle of lube in one of the hidden compartments. He squirted some in his hand and began to slowly work his hand up and down on his shaft. With his free hand he began to rub his nipples. He let out a soft moan. He slowly worked his way down to his large balls and gently massaged them. He pressed his middle and ring finger into his taint All of a sudden he heard a loud knock at the door. He looked back over at the clock on the stove. “Fuck” he said to himself Woody was early. Daniel quickly ran to his room to grab a towel and went to answer the door. “Damn mersin escort dude, took you long enough!” Woody laughed. “Why ain’t you dressed yet?” “My bad bro, I ended up…falling asleep.” Daniel replied. “Yea…riiiight.” Woody said in a slightly confused tone. Woody walks past Daniel to head to the living room and Daniel goes into the bathroom to shower and get ready. When he looked in the mirror, he noticed that his dick was still semi-hard and left a noticeable tent in his towel. He wondered if Woody noticed, but did not think much of it. He showered, and got dressed. He and Woody took an Uber to the lounge. It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere. Great music, good food, and strong drinks. About 2am they were both really tipsy and left and Uber’d back to Daniel’s apartment. “Aight, I’m bout to head home.” Woody said. “Nah bro, you can crash on my couch. You shouldn’t drive.” Without much protest Woody follows Daniel into the apartment, takes his shoes off at the door and goes to sprawl out on the couch. Daniel joins him and cuts on another movie. After about 20 minutes Woody breaks the silence, “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure, what’s up?” “Why don’t you date? I know I haven’t known you super long, but you don’t talk to anybody.” Daniel sits silent, almost like he was ignoring the question. Woody, with his leg, hits Daniel. “Did you hear me?” Daniel finally responds, “Because I am looking for the right person.” “But how do you expect to find the right one if you never talk to anybody?” “I don’t know bra.” Daniel replied annoyed “Does it have anything to do with that interview?” Daniel was visibly irritated with this line of questioning. He was still angry about the podcast and the rumors that came as a result of it. He was so aggravated that he wanted Woody to leave but since he was intoxicated, and it was really late, he knew it would not be right to put his worsome friend out. Irritated, Daniel gets up from the couch. Woody grabs his arm and pulls him back, but he breaks free from his grip and heads towards room. Suddenly he feels Woody behind him as he enters the threshold of his room. Woody grabs his shoulder and turns him around. “BRO, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?” Daniel yells angrily Woody stares at him inquisitively. “You” Woody says quietly. Woody moves forward and his lips meet Daniel’s. Daniel is shocked by this and pulls away. He looks at Woody is complete shock. Woody, expressionless, just stares at Daniel. Then Daniel thrusts lips back into Woody’s. Woody reaches around and grabs the back of Daniel’s head as the two men flick their tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. Woody pushes Daniel into the bedroom. Daniel lays on the bed and Woody slides in between his legs. Daniel sucks on Woody’s neck and he lets out a loud moan as they slowly grind their hips into each other. Both men take off their shirts simultaneously revealing both different but equally beautiful bodies. Woody had a well defined chest, arms and six-pack abs. You can tell that he spends hours in the gym. Since he was also a dancer, his body was very important to him. Daniel, although not as defined, was still very muscular. He too spent time in the gym exercising but he had a body similar to a football player. Both men out of breath just take in the moment to appreciate each other’s bodies. Daniel gently traces the outline of Woody’s abs. Woody leans forward and gently sucks on his nipples. Daniel lets out a loud moan. He grabs the back of Woody’s head and pushes it into his nipple. He uses his teeth to carefully give attention to each nipple. The sensation was so much that it caused him to lift his legs and wrap them around Woody and pull him closer. He kisses down to his stomach and reaches the button on his pants. Woody unbuttons Daniel’s pants and pulls his zipper down. Daniel lifts his escort mersin hips off the bed and Woody slowly pulls his pants off leaving him in a pair of boxer briefs. His 8.5 inch dick was tenting his boxer briefs. Woody began to massage the fabric which was soaked with pre-cum. Woody smiles with an evil grin on his face. He releases Daniel’s dick from its confinement, leans down and gently kisses the tip then takes the tip into his mouth. He opens wider and massages the dick in and out of his mouth. He used both hands to massage the shaft as he sucked the dick. He put the large balls in his mouth and Daniel squirmed while moaning loudly. He spit in his hand and rubbed it over Daniel’s tight hole. Daniel flipped Woody over on his back and straddled his lap. He slowly grinds his hips into the other man’s lap. His dick rubbed on the other man’s well toned stomach. Pre-cum pooled in his navel. Daniel leans forward, and sticks his tongue down his throat. He could taste his own pre-cum in his mouth. It was slightly salty but pleasant. Woody reaches back and cups Daniel’s soft but muscular ass cheeks in his hands and pushes him down into his lap. Daniel sits up and unbuttons his partner’s pants and in one swoop pulls down his pants and boxer briefs revealing a thick 9 inch cut dick. His mouth dropped because this was the first dick other than his own that he he was about to touch. But he wanted it so bad. In his mind, he imagined how he would want his dick sucked and figured that is what he would do. He started at the balls. There was a man scent that he could smell on Woody that heightened his arousal. He inhaled and licked the balls. Woody let out a soft moan which was a cue for him to keep going. He put the right ball then the left one in his mouth and began to suck on it. Worked his way up and licked the shaft and put the tip in his mouth and began to suck on it. He pushed further and further down on it. “Ahhhh watch the teeth!” cried Woody. Daniel opened his mouth wider and pushed until the dick hit the back of his throat. He tried to push it in his throat, just as Woody had done, but he immediately began to gag. He put the dick back in his mouth and used his hands to massage the shaft just as Woody had done. Woody sits up and gently lifts him off of his stiff meat. Daniel looks him in his eyes and Woody leans down to kiss him on his forehead. “Lay on your stomach” whispers Woody. Daniel nervously complies. He lay there not sure what was going to happen next. It was about a minute, but it seemed like an eternity. He felt Woody grab his ankles and push his legs open. Suddenly, he feels soft kisses on his inner thighs. This sent shivers up his spine. First the right side he kisses up to the base of his booty, then he repeats the same action on the left side. Then he kisses the right butt cheek, then the left butt cheek. He then blows a whip of air up his butt crack. “Spread your butt cheeks” Daniel grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them open. Woody slowly kisses his crack from the taint up to the top of the cheek. Then he gently licks the hole. Daniel lets out a soft moan. Woody then goes back to the hole and licks the outside. Daniel lifts his hips off of the bed while holding his ass cheeks open which was encouragement for Woody. He tried to slide his tongue inside his hole, but it was so tight he struggled to get it in. Daniel moaned loudly as the tongue went in and out. He spread his legs wider and lifted his ass further off the bed. Woody stands up and smacks the left butt cheek of Daniel. He let out a yelp. Woody lays down next to Daniel and kisses him. “Sit on my face” whisper’s Woody Daniel complies. Woody wraps his arms around Daniel’s hips and holds him. He pushes his tongue back inside the hole. Daniel begins to grind his ass into Woody’s mouth. He leans forward and mersin escort bayan puts Woody’s big dick back in his mouth as he is getting his hole eaten out. The dick hits the back of his throat. He gags, but slips the tip into his throat. Woody tilts his head back and lets out a loud moan. Daniel rolls off of Woody’s face, and opens the drawer next to the bed and pulls out one of his other discreetly hidden bottles of lube and sets it on the table. He then lays on the bed next to him, ass up and face down. He knew what he wanted and he knew who he wanted to give him what he needed. With no words spoken, Woody rolls out of the bed and grabs the bottle of lube. He walks behind the other man and begins to eat him out again and he begins to lube his dick. He slides in one lubed finger. Daniel winces. Then two lubed fingers. Daniel lets out a moan. “You ready?” “I think so” Woody lines his big dick up with Daniel’s virgin hole and slides the tip in. Daniel felt as though he was being split in half because it hurt so bad. Woody remains still and lets Daniel get accustomed to the large invader. Slowly, more, and more dick is slid inside of him. He did not think that he could take anymore because it hurt so bad. Suddenly he felt Woody’s pelvis against his ass cheeks. “You ok?” Woody asked Daniel did not respond. But he began to slowly rock back and forth on Woody’s large meat. Woody remained still as he let Daniel fuck himself on the dick. Eventually, there was pain mixed with pleasure as he continued to let the large invader work its way in and out of him. He moaned and groaned in pain and ecstasy as his walls were being broken down. “Go slow, baby” Daniel moaned Woody slowly began to match Daniel’s thrusts with his his own. In a protective voice Woody responds, “I got you.” As they continued to match each other’s thrusts, Woody leans down and pulls Daniel’s torso off the bed and kisses him. This change in position sent a new wave of pleasure through his body. Although he could feel the dick deep in his guts he could also feel it hitting his prostate. “OH FUCK!” yelled Daniel. Woody pulls out of Daniel and sits on the bed. Daniel straddles Woody’s lap and slowly slides the dick back inside of himself. He wraps his muscular arms around Woody’s muscular frame moaning in his ear. Woody lays back and the younger man follows his lead. Woody continues to thrust in and out of Daniel as he moans louder from the pleasure in his ear. Daniel kisses Woody as he continues to have his way with him.Woody rolls him on his back as he continues to thrust in and out of him. He pins his arms down, looks him in his eyes, and continues his assault. “I’m about to cum” Daniel in a trance without touching himself, feels the intensity of the orgasm that he is about to have from his body. As he begins to nut, his whole body tenses up. Simultaneously, with one last thrust Woody pushes deep inside of him and releases his seed. Both men moan in pleasure as Woody collapses on top of his younger co-star. The smell of cum, sweat, and pleasure penetrates the room as both men lay in each other’s arms gently hugging and kissing each other. As Woody removed his dick from inside of Daniel, he suddenly felt a sort of emptiness from a feeling that he was just getting accustomed to. As Daniel lay there, he hears Woody quietly snoring next to him as he himself drifts off to sleep in a tight embrace. The next morning when Daniel wakes up, the space next to him is empty. Reminiscing about the experience he had the night before, he hoped that it would happen again. Rolled out of bed, limped into the kitchen where Woody is standing, finishing a cheese toast. “Oh shit!” Daniel smiles as he covers himself “Bro, what are you doing?” Woody begins laughing at Daniel’s embarrassment “I thought you had left,” ignoring Woody’s question “Well damn,” Woody began slowly walking towards Daniel, “did you think you would be getting rid of me that easily?” Woody put his hand around Daniel’s waist and pulled him into a kiss. “We stink.” Woody whispered, “let’s go grab a shower.” “Right behind you!”

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