Power Outage


He walked her to her door to make sure she got in okay. She was fumbling with her keys on the way to her door but he wasn’t sure if it was because she had had too much to drink or if she was her usual clumsy self.

“You’re sure you’re okay,” he pressed, watching her try to get the key into the lock.

She rolled her eyes with a smirk. “I told you, I’m fine. I’m buzzed but I’m not drunk. It’s hard to get the key in when it’s dark like this.”

He stepped forward. “Here, let me try.”

She handed him the keys rather than argue. Buzzed or not, she always had trouble with that lock.

Of course, it took him two seconds before he swung the door open and stepped in, hand outstretched for the light switch.

He flipped the light on easily, having been to her apartment thousands of times, but this time, there was no light coming on after he flipped the switch.

“Light bulb might be dead,” he offered as she crossed the room in the dark to the lamp beside the couch.

She tried it. No lights came on.

“Nope,” she shrugged, “The power’s out. Great.”

He could hear her throw her purse down on the couch and came back towards the front door where some street light illuminated the entrance to her home. He heard her chuckle.

“Thanks for bringing me home,” she smiled, “As always, another fun night.”

“No problem,” he offered, already feeling tired behind his eyes.

“See ya later,” she said, stepping in to hug him goodbye.

As they stepped close to each other in the dark, their lips brushed unintentionally. They both pulled back chuckling awkwardly. They’d never kissed in all the years they knew each other.

“Sorry about that,” she said casually, leaning in to hug him and not make a big deal about it.

This time, she turned her head just in case and sure enough, in the dark, his lips brushed her ear as he hugged her.

She pulled away slowly, now wondering if he had done it on purpose…. though this wasn’t like him. He’d never made a move on her before… though maybe she was thinking too much into it. She wouldn’t deny, however, how good just those little brushes of his lips felt on her.

As she stood back, his hands stayed on her back, not holding her to him but not letting her step farther away.

“Okay, okay, I’m going,” he said laughing, trying to downplay kissing each other in the dark.

He pulled her in for another hug and this time both their heads were turned, avoiding another awkward accidental kiss.

Relieved, she realized he hadn’t done anything on purpose and even felt embarrassed that she considered such a thought. They were friends. But then again… she hadn’t expected his lips to feel that good… and to think about what those lips would feel like again. She wondered if these thoughts were only coming to her because she was buzzed.

Their hug lasted longer than usual and when she pulled back, eryamanda yeni escortlar she didn’t go far, close enough to feel his breath on her ear. Just like his lips, his warm breath felt good.

Carefully, she turned her face to his. Her face was still tilted down, sure that if she looked up at him, he’d kiss her.

His deepening breath assured it.

She tried to think for a second, tried to think if she wanted to do it, to let him kiss her… but her head was cloudy with alcohol and wonder.

He was still, holding her where she was, hesitating as much as she was.

He heard her swallow and he leaned in, tilting her face up to meet his, lips descending on hers carefully, still waiting for an adverse reaction.

She looked up to meet his lips, finding them warm and soft, his hands on her back and waist tightening slightly as his tongue touched hers, tentative and cautious.

Her hands that had been resting on his arms after their hug, slid up along his arms to his shoulders and then to around his neck just as carefully, feeling as if at any moment, he’d pull away and leave.

Her pulse pounded in her veins and her breathing was shallow, as if any deeper, it would shatter the moment, jar them both back to reality.

He continued to kiss her, lips hot on his, as his hands gently brought her to him. Carefully, slowly, his hands on her hips drew her to his, pulling her against him where she swore she could feel him already hard, tight, and ready.

He hadn’t planned this but now that it was unfolding, he wouldn’t stop it.

Breathing deeply now, feeling her chest tighten with the thought of possibilities, his hands slid up along her back, bringing her chests against his, pressing her full body against him.

A gentle gasp escaped her throat as she leaned up, capturing his lips, bringing his head down to meet her, fingers curling into his hair. She’d never been this close to his warm, solid body.

A moan from him mimicked hers as he gripped her closer to him, lips working over hers, tongue entwining with hers.

Untangling her arm from him, she reached out and shut the front door, a move so bold she was proud of herself and it made him press his hips closer to hers, his hardness grinding against her.

Matching her boldness but not detaching from her lips, he began to walk them carefully towards her bedroom, still hoping it wouldn’t be the final move that toppled this all over.

Instead, she began pulling him with her, his daring actions making her pulse speed faster, blood pounding in her ears. She never thought she’d feel his lips on hers, his body against her like this or that she’d like it.

She pulled him back with her onto her bed in the darkness with not even an alarm clock to illuminate what was happening. Perhaps if there had been light, this wouldn’t be happening.

His hand was beside her, holding sincan escort bayan himself up, while the other slid under her back, sliding her up the bed so he could join her on it, lips finding their way down her neck in the dark, cool air.

His legs slid between hers, pressing his erection into her warmth, making her writhe and arch underneath him. He ground himself into her, pressing, and rubbing, giving her that delicious friction.

His lips worked down her collarbone, a sensitive spot she loved to be kissed. Her hands slid over his back, pulling him to her, his mouth hot on her skin. Her chest heaved as his lips explored, her hips pressing into his.

She didn’t want to say his name, didn’t want to acknowledge that she was in bed with her friend, wanted to keep it in the dark and not say it out loud… but she wanted him. And he knew it.

His hands traced down her sides to the bottom of her shirt, tugging at it, pulling it free as he lifted himself over her and slipped it off, settling back down against her.

She could feel his warm skin through his shirt, his lips back on her collarbone, licking and sucking down to the top of her breasts, feeling her pulse and biting gently.

Her hands grasped at his shirt, desperate to get it off of him, breathing becoming uncontrollable, thinking of only his skin on hers.

Before her hands succeeded in removing his shirt, he did it for her, tossing it away and sliding his stomach along hers, her bra brushing his nipples, making him twinge hard.

She moaned, his hot skin on hers, bringing his face up to meet her, lips colliding, tongues sliding. He groaned into her throat, hands sliding around her back, painfully hard erection throbbing against her.

The friction was exquisite but still she wanted more. Her hands fumbled at his jeans and he rolled off her so he could slide them off, fingers on hers just as fast, the sounds of their ragged breathing urging them both on.

He pulled off the rest of her clothing eagerly, slipping her bra off her, his clothes joining hers on the floor.

Her hands were on his skin, pulling back to her again, knees knocking as she moved to accommodate him, every touch heightened in the dark.

“God, I want you so bad,” he murmured against her ear, desperation in his voice.

His legs slid along hers, his erection bumping higher and higher up her thigh until it pressed where she was hot and wet.

She moaned, hips tilting up to him, begging him for it, pulling at his shoulders to make him get closer.

“How bad?” she murmured back, breathless.

He didn’t respond. He was painfully hard, as if his skin would burst if he wasn’t inside her.

He pressed and felt her warm wetness give way, making her gasp and her back arch to him. He slid, one tight, excruciatingly hot inch at a time, groaning through his teeth, back bowed, nestled ankara escort tight against her.

She could feel every ridge, every bump of his smooth thickness stroking her deep. She could feel the pressure in him and it throbbed inside her, touching the deepest part.

He slid out and returned into her hard, shivering, her hips rising up to meet him. His body slid along hers, rubbing, getting in her deep. God, she wanted this.

She shivered underneath him, nipples hard as his chest slid over hers, hands gripping him and pulling him closer, wanting more.

Suddenly, he pulled away from her, sliding out of her, on his knees before her. Finding her hand in the dark, he pulled her up and off the bed with him without a word.

Confused and still wanting his hot thickness inside her, her hands found his shoulders, his erection throbbing against her hip.

Before she could get closer, he turned her, hands on her hips, and bent her over the bed, her hands holding herself up.

His hands held her hips steady as he grasped himself and ran the head of his cock up and down her, sliding her moisture along himself and spreading it over her.

He began to press into her again and she pushed back against him, back arched as he slid his way in. She moaned when his hips met her butt. This angle was so much deeper, so much sharper. So much better.

He began to rock against her and she pushed back to meet him. His hand gripped her hip and her hand reached back to cover his and to steady herself. He entwined his fingers in hers and slid into her hard, holding her up, feeling her push her hips back to meet him.

He started pumping faster, harder and he felt the tingling that he was close. Still feeling her push her hips back hungrily, his hand slid down across her hip, under her, touching her, and teasing her while the other hand stayed entangled with hers on her hip.

A gasp fell from her throat, his fingers touching her in such a sensitive area, rubbing her as he continued to slide into her with such momentum she had trouble thinking.

As he stroked her, he could feel her tighten around him, tighter, tighter, painfully tight until she cried out and finished shuddering under him, gasping for breath.

Smiling to himself, he put both hands on her hips, drew himself out, and slid back in, this time, picking his pace and driving into her, surprised to feel her start to push back against her again.

He pumped into her fast and hard, faster, faster, until he burst, seeing white and his whole body feeling numb, shuddering, and holding her still.

Catching his breath, he chuckled, sliding out of her and helping her stand up.

He was thankful the power was still out so they didn’t have to look each other awkwardly in the eye.

He reached out and pulled her, still breathless, to him and wrapped his arms around her, still in awe of what they just did. Her heart pounded and the blood started to retreat from her ears, still too satisfied to feel awkward.

Stepping away, his arms fell around her waist as he pulled her into bed with him.

“I’d better stay here until your power comes back on,” he said playfully.

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