Powerful Language To Use On Your Hubby/Submissive

Powerful Language To Use On Your Hubby/SubmissiveAs much as the dominating things you do to your sub make him feel more submissive and you more dominant, it is important to learn how to use the right language.The words that come out of your mouth while you dominate him have an even stronger impact on the psyche of the male than the actions you are performing. Doing one without the other is fine, but if you want to truly get into the mind of the sub and make him your obedient house bitch, then you need to truly understand his inner desires to not only submit to you, but to feel completely owned by you.In this blog we will show the “beginner – intermediate” dominant woman how to really take her game to the next level. Your male sub will thank you for it, and you will begin to sense more power. It may even make you wet to know just how far your male sub will go to please you when you use the right words against him.Regular Daily SpeakIt is perfectly normal for you to wish to be polite to your man, after all he is changing his life around so much to focus his attention and service to you, so this is completely natural. However, you should refrain from using some of these polite words, (at least when you are alone with him).Here are 2 words you should completely remove from your vocabulary to your submissive male:Thank you, and please.If you want to use these in the presence of your c***dren, or other people, then fine if you must, but try and learn to EXPECT compliance with all things requested from him. If you EXPECT compliance, then there is no need to say please or thank you. It is simply his job to be obedient to you, and you should get used to it. This is one of the greatest perks for the woman in a FemDom relationship.Replace “please” with “now”.Instead of “Honey, can you please take the garbage out?”Replace with “Honey, take the garbage out now”Once you get in the habit of this, it will become easier, and his response time should be measured and he should be punished if he is does not react quickly enough. Training your sub to obey to your will means speaking in a tone that shows you expect him to do this, and right away. Him not complying quickly should lead to punishment. The güvenilir bahis punishment can be found on other articles of this site, but certainly the first step is to learn how to speak it so that he complies.When it comes to what you expect from him when he speaks, it is a completely different story though. He is to always use words like please, thank you, Yes Ma’am, Yes, Mistress (or other title you dictate) and to be polite and respectful at all times.This means, that you can also train him to speak to you better through your own language to him.A very effective way of really getting a man turned on by your authority is for you to tell him to thank you when he does something nice for you. This may sound a little odd to you, but it is really powerful for the male sub to hear you say things like:“Honey take the garbage out now?” and then when he goes to take it out, while he is taking the bag out of the garbage can, say something like:“What do you say?” with an expecting devilish grin on your face, the only correct response from him is “Yes Ma’am”You see how this works?Instead of thanking him for taking the garbage out, in the end, he needs to be obedient and respectful acknowledging your dominance.Learn how to make this work for you in almost every task you delegate to him. He will learn to associate your sexy authority with him doing chores, and he will be better, faster, and more compliant doing them. You will feel more and more satisfied that your training is working so efficiently by using this kind of language on him.For the next several weeks, make a very conscious effort of speaking to him this way as much as you can comfortably for the situations and people around. Gauge his response and react accordingly. If he hates it when you do this in front of other people, but loves it alone, then respect this. At least for now. As time progresses he will learn to be this way no matter who is around, and this will please you more, but for the time being, make these changes based on the reactions of your sub. Some discomfort in talking to him is needed, but gradually work this in.In the bedroomThis is where you really can have long lasting impacts on how he is out of the bedroom perabet with not only the things you do to him, but specifically the things you say to him.When you combine highly dominant acts where he is in a very submissive WILLING state, this is the time to use language to completely own him, train him to be whatever you want him to be.Here is some examples of how to speak to you sub in specific instances in the bedroom.When you want him to orally satisfy you, instead of “Honey can you please go down on me” say “Darling, get down here and start licking”. Grab his head and force his head into your pussy, and before he gets started say, What do you say?At this point, “Yes, Ma’am” or “Yes, My Queen” appropriate. Take what you learned outside of the bedroom, and turn it around that so all of your sexual pleasure he is to absolutely to respect you for being allowed.Now let’s take this up a notch.If you are into Strapon play, this is one of the best scenes for your Hubby/Submissive, and he desires what you say much more than he desires the Strapon in his ass. Remember, this is psychological reinforcement as well as physical reinforcement. In fact, if you are doing it right, he will not be that comfortable when you are taking his ass. He will feel vulnerable, silly, and a bit embarrassed. This is what he wants to feel more than the sensations of you riding him like your personal bitch.So, this is where you can really make him your obedient house bitch.Put your strapon at the edge of his asshole, and ask “What do you say?”At this point, don’t be happy with please, make him say things that truly shows he wants your authority. Make him beg for it. Say “Beg me for it” If he resists, keep it up, rubbing it against his lubed anal cavity and say that if he wants you to dominate him, he must beg for it.When he does, enter him and wrap your hand on his cock, and start pumping it while you are working his ass.Make him say thank you.Dominating QuestionsHere are some other statements you should try and learn and mix in this scenario”What are you? Are you my little house bitch? Are you my man toy? Do you like it when I fuck your ass?Dominating StatementsAs your Hubby/Submissive response perabet giriş respectfully, you can then confirm with dominating statements.Thats right, be my good little bitch. I own you. You will do whatever I say from now on. Take my cock. Take it all and say thank you. Realize now that from now on, you will be my house bitch. You will serve me whatever I want when I want it. That’s right take it. Take it deeper. I am going to train you to be my bottom bitch. I am going to fuck your ass raw. Be a good little bitch and say fuck me harder. That’s it, good girl.You don’t have to say these things just like that, but understand the psychology of it, and then no matter what you say, it will work. This psychology is vital and key to a successful domination/submissive relationship. The idea here is transition your Hubby/Submissive’s mindset so that he understands that he is now the subordinate in this relationship. It does not mean he is gay, or that you have to sissyfy him, it simply alters his psyche to be more appreciate of you the dominate. You cannot truly get your Hubby/Submissive to submit to you until you have turned the tables on him completely. If you have ever been fucked by a man and he used this language on you, and it turned you on, then understand that done correctly, this will have the same effect on your Hubby/Submissive partner. Your man wants to feel owned. He wants to feel like your pet. He wants you love him, but to degrade him a little bit.This is a true transfer of power, and your relationship will be much better for it. We recommend that every woman on the planet learns how to bend their man over, and to take their ass, and turn him into their personal bitch.Doing acts is fine if that’s all you want. If this is all pretend for you, this is fine too. However, you might find that when you do this, and it becomes real, that you might just stir up incredible emotions and feelings that have been buried for a long time.Women can be beautifully dominant. Men can serve their Dominatrix. Men need to be disciplined and trained, and you can do this through the physical acts of a FemDom relationship, but it truly will not become real, until you learn to use your language consistently. Language and the way you speak transforms your reality and your Hubby/Submissive’s psyche. Speak as a dominant woman how gets what she wants from her man, and it will become a reality, specifically if you have a willing male.

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