Pregnant Louise X (For ‘R’. xx).

Pregnant Louise X (For ‘R’. xx).Louise: Heavily pregnant former, next door neighbour.Lisa: Busybody friend of Louise.Larry: ‘Me’!Italics: my thoughts/memories.Ginger breathlessly and slowly, straightened her legs and slowly straightened her legs. As she stood, my semi hard cock schlupped out of her cunt and immediately, cum gushed from her stretched hole; over her puffy, glistening cunt lips. The gooey mess began to trickle and wet my ballbag with the glistening, thick sperm. Blondie and Brunette ‘ooh’d’ and ‘aahed’ and immediately began to greedily lick the thick, salty mess that was trickling down my shaft and pooling in my balls. Ginger kissed me, “Phew! That was some load – I’ve never spunk shoot up me before – wow”! At that point, Blondie and Brunette took it in turns in licking Ginger’s twat; savouring the blobs and rivulets of warm cum which trickled from her gaping hole…”I’m perfectly capable of finding the bathroom, thank you”! Lisa tried to pull her her wrists from our sweaty grasps. “No Lisa, you don’t understand…” we pulled a struggling Lisa over the landing and into the bathroom. The toilet seat was closed and I sat on it; just the top button of my jeans buttoned; my flaccid cock still drooping from my fly. “Damn you, Larry! I’m bursting for a pee – move, will you – I’m desperate”! I smiled up at her and shook my head as she pushed both hands into her groin. She chewed her lip as she squirmed and pushed her smeared glasses up the bridge of her nose. “Please, Larry – I’m bursting”! Louise gently placed both her hands on Lisa’s shoulders from behind and said softly. “I need to pee too, Lisa. But here’s the thing; Larry here likes being pissed on”! Lisa turned her head sharply and stared at Louise in amazement. “W…what? You mean…he’s some kind of pervert? He likes…” Louise gripped Lisa’s jaw firmly. “No, Lisa! Besides, you’ve proved that you’re just a skanky slut anyway…” It was Lisa’s turn to deliver a stinging slap across Louise’s face! Louise gasped and after a moment, spat in Lisa’s face! “Yes you are, Lisa! A fuckin’ skank who wanks old men off and swallows their cum! If that’s not a skank, I don’t know what is”! Lisa swallowed, “Please, Larry, bursa escort please! I’m going to wet myself…” Louise nodded at me and I stood up and taking a couple of steps, knelt in the bath opposite and Louise lifted her leg and placed her foot on the wall behind me; her hairy twat just inches from my face. “Do the same as me, Lisa”! Lisa looked confused but followed suit and as soon as her foot was against the wall, she began to piss on me! “Oh…oh…sorry, Larry…I just couldn’t wait…” Louise now began to piss too and I sighed as two torrents of clear piss began to lash my shirt and jeans as I knelt in the bath in front of the girls, mouth open and enjoying my impromptu shower! I was soaked in gorgeous piss; my clothes stuck to my body and my hair was matted to my scalp. My cock was hard again and as I stood up, it sprang out in front of me. Lisa gasped and pointed at my hard on. “Already? Oh my, Larry! It looks as though you’re ready to…have sex…again”? Louise rolled her eyes, “Fuck’ Lisa, he’s ready to ‘fuck’ again…got that”? Lisa nodded open mouthed, not really hearing what Louise said. Louise cupped her hand to my ear and whispered. Lisa folded her arms, the buttons of her Summer dress had been ripped off by Loise and myself as we scrabbled for her firm little titties which now jutted in front of her. She pouted and said, “It’s rude to whisper…not fair”! Louise smiled at Lisa and smiled gently, “Oh darling…it’s going to be a surprise for you, that’s all”! Lisa clapped her hands together and said excitedly, “Oh goody! I do so love surprises”! She pulled Lisa forward and planted a kiss on her lips. “Listen…I’m just going to get a couple of things from my bedroom, okay”? Lisa beamed and nodded eagerly. “In the meantime…why don’t you to have a bit of a play, eh”? Louise opened the bathroom door and padded across the landing.When Louise walked back into the bathroom, Lisa was lying on the floor and her dress up around her waist, with me buried deep inside her! She was loving it as I pounded my cock in and out of her! “Ooh Sir…” she gasped as I fucked her deeply, “…oh Jesus…oops…taking the Lord’s name in vain…or should that be ‘vein’…oh…God…”! escort bursa Louise snapped down at us on the floor, rutting, “Hey…you dirty pair of fuckers…don’t you dare get cummin’, you randy bastard…” She dropped the holdall she was carrying and grabbing me by my hips and pulled. My cock slid out of Lisa with a slurp and I knelt up, breathless, my glistening cock jutting out in front of me. “Oh…Sir…give it to me again, please…I need it…I need more of your cock in me…”! Lisa stood to her feet, legs shaking. Louise smiled, “Now Lisa, I want you to hold onto the taps on the sink…” Lisa frowned but turned round did just that. “I…I’m…not sure why? What’s going on? Why do I have to do this”? Louise quickly leaned over and snapped a handcuff over Lisa’s wrist and snapped the other loop over the base of the tap. “There! Now the other one…” Louise then cuffed Lisa’s other wrist to the tap! “What…what on earth are you doing…why are you…” Lisa bent her neck and pushed her cum smeared specs back up on her nose! “Why are you doing this…I demand to know”! Louise sat on the toilet lid and I leaned against the bathroom wall slowly rubbing my swollen cock. Louise smiled and gently said, “Well, my darling Lisa…Larry is going to fuck your arse! It’s wonderful, you know…you’ll love it”! Lisa blustered, “W…what? You mean…you mean…he’s going to bugger me…no…no surely…” Louise laughed. “Oh yes! Clever girl! Right…up…your…arse”! Lisa gasped and stammered, her voice raised, ” No! No! Sodomites are all to burn in hell…it’s in the good book…perverse, I tell you…” Louise looked at me and gave a withering smile. “Listen, hun…I’m going to lube you up and start with a little dildo…trust me…besides, you can’t go anywhere”! Louise reached into the bathroom cabinet and handed me a tube of lubricant and I popped the cap and squirted some onto my fingers, giving them a thick coating of the gel, rubbing my thumb and forefingers together, warming the gel. “What…what the hell are you doing? Don’t you dare…” a flushed Lisa hissed angrily over her shoulder as my hand reached out and cupped her arse cheek, my fingers görükle escort glistening with a thick layer of gel. Lisa was only weighed about 8 stones soaking wet and so her arse wasn’t really that fleshy, but her hips had been great to hold on to when I fucked her from behind! My slippery fingers slowly slid between her buttocks until my fingertips touched her pucker and probed gently. Lisa, through gritted teeth hissed, “Don’t you dare…you filthy…lustful demon…not my…”! Lisa arched her back and cried out as my fore and middle fingers slid gently inside her back passage! Louise had smeared a blue, knobbly dildo with lube and turned the base and immediately, the plastic phallus began to buzz! I gently slid my fingers further into her anus and Louise gently pressed the tip of the dildo against Lisa’s puffy cunt lips and gently worked the tip against Lisa’s clit! Lisa gasped and once more began to sweat, beads of sweat trickled down her face as she panted breathlessly. “…oh…dear God…fuck…it’s not…it’s not supposed to feel…this good…surely? Oh…Jesus Christ…oh my…”! I began to slowly fingerfuck her arse; my fingers squelching in and out of her sphincter. Louise leaned in close and kissed my neck before whispering softly in my ear, “Now, slide your fat cock up her arse, Daddy! Fuck the bitch…ram it up her…” I don’t know whether Lisa heard her, but she gasped, “Oh Sir…bugger me….sodomise me…take me…fuck me…”! I slowly withdrew my fingers from her back passage and stood to my feet behind her, eager to slide my cock into her arse! “Wait a second, Daddy – we don’t want to hurt her now, do we”? Louise poured a big dollop of lube onto the palm of her hand and began to massage it into my veiny shaft and then guide my slippery shaft between her buttocks and suddenly my bulbous knob was pressing against Lisa’s sphincter! She howled as I gently thrust, “Oh, Sir!…yes…oh God, yes…”! I pushed further and suddenly, my knob was engulfed with the heat of her arsehole as my fat cock gently slid up her secret hole! I grunted and pushed deeper. Lisa wept and nodded as my shaft stretched her back passage, “Oh yes…oh yes…”! She cried as my cock was now all the way up her arse. Louise beamed, “Very good, Daddy! Now, give it to the fuckin’ whore…the fuckin’ little slut…”! I slowly began to gently fuck her anal passage with my gorged, massive cock…TO BE CONTINUED…

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